Ian Ziering’s Blog: Meeting My Daughter Mia

06/27/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Mia and me on her birth day – Courtesy Ian Ziering

Please give a warm welcome to our newest celebrity blogger — Ian Ziering!

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum recently welcomed his first child, daughter Mia Loren, with wife Erin.

Ziering, 47, is currently in New York City working with Nu Skin, and will soon be appearing on Fran Drescher’s new TV Land show, Happily Divorced.

He can also be found online @Ian_Ziering on Twitter.

In his first monthly blog, Ziering looks back on 9-week-old Mia’s birth and reflects on his first two months as a dad.

It was a textbook birth experience. After 12 hours of labor, Erin delivered the newest Ziering, Mia Loren, on April 25. I was right by her side every second of the way. Erin’s mom and a picture of my late parents were also in the birthing room with us. The last hour seemed to pass in an instant, each contraction bringing us closer to seeing our girl.

I was in awe when Mia began to emerge. No matter what you have seen before — whether in biology class or National Geographic — nothing can prepare you for looking at your own child for the first time. The doctor put Mia right onto Erin’s chest, where her first cry was quickly soothed by her mother’s embrace. I’ve seen some incredible things in my life, but nothing compared to seeing this.

First time Mia threw up on me! – Courtesy Ian Ziering

After I cut the umbilical cord, Mia was taken to be weighed. 7 lbs., 6 oz. of pure love was then swaddled and placed in my arms for the first time. As I took a moment to gaze at my daughter, I was overwhelmed with joy.

I stopped in front of my parents’ picture, as if in some way I could show them baby Mia. I knew this was going to be a tough moment for me. I braced myself, stood basking in the love from their smiling faces and wept. They would be so, so proud.

Mia was named after my mother Mickie. It’s a tradition in my family to name children after the loved ones that are no longer with us. If we had a boy, we would have chosen a name to honor my father Paul.

I brought Mia back to Erin, where she stayed comfortably for the rest of the night. Both baby and mother slept the most beautiful sleep.

Mia and mama Erin – Courtesy Ian Ziering

Two days later we drove home. I have never driven so slowly in my life! As I looked into the rearview mirror, I saw Erin comforting Mia in her car seat. A rush of emotion overcame me and again tears welled up in my eyes.

I was looking at my family now. Not only was I a husband, but I was a father! I had started a new branch on my family’s tree. Erin suggested I pull over but I insisted these were tears of joy. “Baby, these kind of tears happen when love overflows the body — I’m okay,” I told her.

Now that we’re home and settling into our new life, we’re managing as well as can be expected. Thanks to my mother-in-law Nina, the first two weeks at home went really well. It was great having someone there who had experience with newborns.

Having three children herself, Nina showed us all the things you don’t learn in baby classes. I can now change a diaper with ninja speed, swaddle with Zen archer accuracy, and burp Mia with the delicate touch of a Wild West safe cracker.

Erin needed no instruction. She has taken to mothering like a fish to water. She is incredible. Erin is so loving, so caring … she is everything I needed in a wife, and everything I wanted in a mother to my children. My cup floodeth over.

Our hope is to have more kids in the future. I’d like a dozen more but Erin thinks the number will be closer to two or three … Yes, dear. 😉

Mia’s first red carpet! – Michael Kovac/Getty

— Ian Ziering

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Shannon on

Adorable! Love the dad bloggers 🙂

Steph on

Great blog- I enjoy the way he writes!

sandrah on

Very – pleasantly – surprised at Ian being a guest blogger! Love it, and loved reading the blog! Congrats again to Ian and Erin on your adorable daughter Mia (love the name, by the way).

Pamela on

He has such a nice way with words! You can really feel the love he has for his wife and daughter. I was too young for 90210 when it was out, but now I’d have to say I’m a fan of his based solely on this blog! Congratulations Ian! Your family is beautiful!

cara on

Gorgeous baby !

But, he is like Dorian Gray, he looks 27, I can’t believe he is 47, he looks so young.

Abbie on

Wow! That got me so teary eyed, beautifuly written. He should write for a living, that was really well done! Hope Ian makes further contributions to People.com

Kelly on

love when dad’s blog…hope this one is as great as Mark McGrath’s! I have watched Ian for a VERY long time..Always loved him!!!! Can’t wait to read more!

Shannon on

Ooh I like his blogging style. Cute pics and gorgeous family!

A. on

This blog was so well-written, it brought tears to me eyes! Looking forward to more of Ian’s blogs soon! 🙂

Vicky on

Yea!! IAN!! Congrats!! What a sweet daddy vibe! I was totally tear eyed! So sensitive and honest…great blog! Yea Ian!!! 90210 fan for life!!

Brooke on

Lovely blog….This should be fun to read.

Erin is a little, shall we say….Boobalicious in that pic. Yee-ikes.

Capri on

Cute, love daddy bloggers…Congrats!!

Cathy on

“…Yes, dear. ;)” = SO CUTE!

mommyof2 on

great way with words!!! look forward to reading more!!!!

marlee on

Wow! Ian is a fantastic writer! I felt like I was right there as he described everything- I got tears in my eyes as he talked about getting tears in his eyes. The love of a father is SO strong and wonderful- if only all Dads could be so loving to their children! Mia is one blessed baby girl- such a sweet family!

ForeverMoore on

Brooke – it’s hard to keep those puppies contained when you’re breastfeeding! I didn’t even try to flaunt mine but it was kinda impossible to keep ’em down…my mom teases me and says that they come into the room before I do! Whatever, they are just there to feed my son 😛

Love the way Ian writes…very relatable and he just sounds simply smitten with both baby and wife, so sweet!

Jen DC on

@ Brooke: Ha! You said it – I immediately reminded myself that she is breastfeeding…

This was a very sweet blog. Congrats to the new little family!

Sara on

I love hearing a dad’s view on the birth of their child, it always makes me teary! He described it beautifully.

They have a beautiful baby and I just LOVE the way Mia is looking at him in the last picture!!!

candice on

beautiful! i wish my husband wrote that way after our son was born 9 weeks ago!

Mia on

I love the name-it’s a great name.

I think she looks like her daddy-congrats to them!

Niche on

I love Ian.

His writing style is beyond words… you can feel the energy.

Love, amazement, and complete joy says it all.

Can’t wait to read more from him.

It’s refreshing to get a fathers point of view… 🙂 ❤

Amanda Baldwin on

I am so proud of you and Erin!!! There is no feeling in this world quite like, parenthood:) Welcome to the wonderful world of babies:) Gods peace and much love:) Amanda A. Baldwin.. Marquette, Michigan

huh on

Loved it! Really like the way Ian writes. I’ll be looking forward to more.

Elena on

Loved it!

Simone Johnson on

Congratulations to the Ziering family! It’s wonderful to get the new dad’s perspective on fatherhood. I’m so pleased to see another first time “older” new parent express their joy.

Leah on

Ian is adorable. I too love Dad bloggers and he’s precious talking about baby and mom.

jodi broglio on

that was so sweet. i couldn’t stop crying. such beautiful words and the part about his parents i just was so touched. they are beaming with pride. and what an honor to his mother. so loving.

Jenner on

So sweet! Wish my husband was like Ian!

Keisha on

You are a great writer, the way you word things is great. anyways, congrats on your family.. so beatiful..

Crystal on

My eyes nearly welled up with tears reading his beautiful blog! You can definitely tell Erin is breastfeeding. She looks wonderful and Mia is adorable! I look forward to reading more from the Ziering blog!!! 🙂

Leila on

Very touching! I am sure his parents are looking down and are so very proud.

Liz on

What a beautiful blog! The part about showing his new daughter to his parent’s picture made me cry. Ian, your daughter is just beautiful. Best wishes to your family always.

sat on

Congrats to the family! Erin looks just stunning!

Cynic on

Oh dear lord. That read like a 12 year-old girl’s fan-fiction story.

Rose on

How lovely, definitely brought tears to my eyes ❤

Alma Laing on

So happy for you. What a blessing. I have 12 year old QUADRUPLETS. I know the joy. Enjoy every moment.

Stephaie on

I loved readin this. I cried reading this. I was able to be there when my daughter gave birth to Madalyn. I got to experience everything I could remember when I gave birth. It is truly wonderful.

Samantha on

So sweet! I’m glad Ian is going to be a guest blogger. I’ve been a big fan since 90210!

Big Fan on

I have been a fan since you started on 90210. Your daughter is stunning. You are all so blessed! Enjoy it, the time passes so very quickly!

Ryan N. on

That first picture looks familiar….Hope all is well!

FC on

He’s happy no matter what Mia does—cry, spit up—you name it and he’s gushing. Hes an adorable first-time father, and I loved that first photo of him and little Mia. He’s got the tired new dad look down pat in that one.

And Mia is a cute little peanut.

Natalia on

Awww! What a great blog! I’ve always loved Ian from his 90210 days. When he had a baby on the show, he seemed like he’d be such a great dad. Happy that he finally found his gorgeous wife Erin and has his own beautiful baby girl now.

blessedwithboys on

Ian, great blog! I’m actually teary-eyed from it. 🙂 I was sooo in love with Steve Sanders when I was 15; Dylan and Brandon were way too pretty-boy for me! LOL

Oh, and BTW, your wife has AMAZING boobs. haha Thanks for the REAL pics and can’t wait for your next post.

alicia on

This was an overwhelming article, I am so happy for you both…Even in school Erin was such a loving and caring person i had no doubt that she would be a fantastic mother and that you will be a great dad, I dont know you like i know her but I am happy that you are both blessed and that your cup over floodeth:) congrats to you both and keep the blogs and pictures comin:)

Hometown East LIverpool

Maddie on

Wow, what a sweet first post! You obviously adore being a parent, and love that baby (and wife) to pieces. It’s always so lovely to hear parenting from a father’s perspective 🙂 Welcome Ian, can’t wait for the next blog, thank you for sharing these great pictures too

Jenna on

I truely hope my husband has this reaction when we have our first child!

April C on

Congratulations Ian! You have a gorgeous family. You were always my fave character on 90210 so I’m very excited that you are the new blogger on here. I lost my father about 18 months before my son was born so I know how you must have felt in the delivery room looking at the picture of your parents. I wish you and your family many happy blessings. 🙂

ecl on

Wow. Just wow. So female bloggers get raked over the coals and male bloggers get tears of joy. I actually found this to be the least relatable blog yet since it was over the top cheesy.

Alma on

Ian, you look very happy, congratulations you have a wonderful family, you are blessed.

Sun on

Adorable story and family — CONGRATS!

hrc on

Why not tell the whole story? Like how you said the baby looked like a monster during an ultrasound or that when they told you the baby would be a girl you stormed out of the room like an enraged adolescent?

jillian on

Hahaha Hollywood is full of such bullsh*tters. If only Ian told the ACTUAL story of Erin’s pregnancy and their relationship. Someone would be whistling a MUCH different tune – don’t fall for the crap, ladies. Anyone can sit and blog cheesy lies to make you cry. It’s just not real.

~Alicia~ on

I,The way you tell the story of princess Mia’s birth speaks volumes that you are going to be an incredible dad.You were lucky to find your soulmate in this lifetime and now you have an amazing little addition.Im so happy for you all to have one another.It takes just a man to be a father but someone really special to be a daddy…and in your words,when you speak of her,you are already that!congrats friend!!p.s.I think she looks like ur beautiful wife 🙂

Lorelai on

Ian – you are such a great father! your wife and daughter are very blessed to have you in their lives. Being a parent is the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had, and reading your – beautifully written by the way – blog brought tears to my eyes. God bless you and your family. I will def. keep reading your blogs. I’ve always been a fan. I’m very proud of you. xoxo

Lesley on

She’s beautiful!! always nice to hear Dad’s are sappy sometimes too. I cried all the way home out of pure joy for all three of my children : )

Susan Albert on

I truly know how Ian felt at the birth of Mia, because I was there when my grandson was born. I wept with joy also. All I can say wasit was awsome. Congrats to him and his wife. Ian was my favorite on Beverly Hill 90210.

JN on

Congrats!! Enjoy every moment, it goes by so quick!

Daffykins on

Loved the blog, enjoyable to read. Beautiful family.

Ady on


Susan Arlen on

I fell in love with Ian during his stint on “Dancing With The Stars.” He appears to be such a kind,sincere gentleman – with a very quirky sense of humor and a knack for self-deprecation. I am very pleased to know that he is in such a good place in life.

hrc on

Jillian I agree- I know the real story and the truth is that Ian is one of the biggest pieces of shit. He is a terrible husband- he cheated on his new wife within 3 months of their wedding, and he will probably be a terrible father since he is a complete narcissist. Actually he already is a terrible father, the only thing that baby is too him is a new way of getting attention.
Don’t be fooled by Ian Ziering he is a CHEATER and a LIAR and all around shitty person

Anonymous on

That was so beautiful! Welcome to the world of “Family” Having your own child and truly enjoying the love with each other as a family!! Is there anything more beautiful??
Welcome Mia……..Congrat”s Mom and Dad.

Renee on

that is very sweet….I will be experiencing my first birth next week and can relate to this story. I am 38 years old and my hubby is 41! Congrats to Ian and his wife!

Violet on

hrc and jillian – Must be nice to know everything about everyone. I guess the trade off is that you are both constantly negative and hateful – or so it seems in all your comments.

Congrats to the happy family

Anonymous on

Jillian and HRC sound like two incredibly jealous women with no lives of there own who have nothing better to do than bash someone during the happiest time in there life. I feel bad for them. They obviously have no friends or relationships of their own

jes on

Congrats to them both. His blog tears to my eyes as he discriped stopping at his parents picture. Thank you People for another Dad’s perspective blog.

Alyson on

I did enjoy reading this and the pictures are adorable, but I am also interested in hearing what hrc and Jillian have to say! It sounds like they do indeed know the truth. Even though I hope they are a truly happy family, things are not always as they seem—tell more!

Jamie on

Too, too, too cute!!! Beautifully written and heartwarming story…Congrats & best wishes to you and your new little family!

Katarina on

Love reading Dads talk about their experience becoming first time Dads. Thank you for sharing your experience on the birth of your first child. Beautifully written and excited to read more as the blog develops.

Barbie on

That was very sweet ❤ The baby looks just like her Mommy.

ND on

Did anyone else find this blog a big disconcerting?

It seems he has learned some skills for caring for and bonding with his baby – and those were good to read about.

There is a preoccupation with the mother caring for him and the baby that freaks me out a little, though. It’s like he’s the center of attention or something, rather than everyone in the family mattering. Also, there is no empathy for the mother, just a judgment that she is suitably caring for him and the baby.

There does seem to be a little empathy and attunement to the baby (describing how the baby was crying when first born and stopped in her mother’s embrace), but there is not the idea that he can soothe the baby as well and connect with her.

Also, I would caution people on the bio clock issues of having children with men in their 40s and older. Sperm banks don’t take donations from men over the age of 35 not just because of fertility issues like sperm motility but because of more serious issues of chromosomal deterioration of sperm as a man ages.

Mary on

Mia….GREAT name! It’s my daughter’s name too 🙂 Congrats Ian & Erin!!!!

Miguelina on

Congratulations; thanx for sharing your beautiful story!

Anonymous on

@ unsure- It is sad that you can’t see that this blog is an expression of his emotions about becoming a father and the joy of witnessing his new wife become a mother. It is not meant to be a justification of his bonding skills. Of course he writes it as the center of attention because IT IS ABOUT HIM becoming a father. He is sweet enough to mention his family and thank his mother in law. And how dare you talk about his daughter having problems because of his sperm. Many men and women over the age of 35 have children every day. It is like you are hoping there is something wrong with the girl which makes you a very sick person. Karma will come back for people like you. It always does.

hrc on

actually anonymous it is sad you can’t see through Ian’s bullshit.

@ unsure if you knew the whole, real story you would be blown away at what a lie this blog is. And I’m glad you noticed his preoccupation with the attention being all about him.

Ian is so psychologically damaged that he is unable to truly care about anything that does not benefit him. For him this baby is just someone who can give HIM love, not really someone he gives love to. He thinks he does, but in reality as soon as someone or something doesn’t work out exactly how he would like it to he completely disregards it and wants to get rid of it. A great example would be when he wasn’t getting enough attention from Erin while he was pregnant. One day he came home from a trip and of course wanted Erin to pay attention to him and love all over him, but instead she had plans with her friend to do something, when she chose to go with her friend to a pre-planned activity that he was initially supposed to join them in, he flipped out and screamed at her that he wanted a divorce.

What a good husband.

Alyssa on

Wow HRC, do you personally know them? You sound like a mental stalker.

Lauren on

Cannot believe that no one has mentioned the gigantic boob job boobs hanging out of the tank top. Didn’t she used to be a nurse? Why does she need fake boobs that big, and why do we have to see them?

Alyssa on

How do you personally know she’s had a breast augmentation? Maybe she’s normally a large-chested person, like me. Breasts usually go up 1-2 cup sizes while pregnant.

Maggie on

Lauren, she’s clearly breastfeeding and it was about time to nurse when that picture was taken. Look at any other photos and Erin’s chest is a normal size.

Lauren on

That’s fine– I was just commenting on how “out there” the boobs were, in the tank top. Just don’t feel like it’s a terribly classy photo is all.