Coco Arquette Wears Red Lipstick

06/27/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
London Ent/Splash News Online

Just when we thought Suri Cruise was the only celeb tot already experimenting with makeup, we spotted Coco Arquette rocking red lipstick while out in West Hollywood with mom Courteney Cox on June 23.

The fashionable 7-year-old, who wore a turquoise ruffle tank, cut-off denim shorts and a purple tie-dye purse, debuted her rouge lips just a week after showing off her new purple and blue highlights at her ballet recital.

According to her equally chic mom, little Coco has very strong opinions about style and beauty.

“I have to battle with her,” Cox toldย Harper’s Bazaarย in April. “I was walking out, and she goes, ‘I don’t want you to wear red lipstick.'”

TELL US: Would you let your daughter wear lipstick? If so, at what age would you let her wear it?

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Kat on

As a kid I actually had very red lips, and always got in trouble for ‘wearing make-up’. For all you know it is a red candy mouth.

I’m fine with my daughter playing with make-up at 7 yrs, just as long as it is play and not a constant.

abcdef on

There’s no harm in her wearing lipstick, in my opinion. She’s a kid. Let her have fun and experiment a little. It’s not hurting her or anyone else. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

i don’t think there’s anything wrong with it…i’d be more concerned if she was out and about with a full face of heavy make up…as it is, it could very well just be because of candy or a popsicle or something, but in any case i don’t think it’s going to far

Steph on

Once in awhile, a little makeup is okay…..I have bigger battles to ‘fight’!

Pamela on

Heck, my mother used to let me where my pirate Halloween costume out whenever I wanted…this is just a version of dress-up! I don’t see a problem with it!

criticaleye on

I don’t like this. Call me conservative, but on the one hand, everybody is afraid of sex offenders and looks it up, if there are any in the neighborhood. Then on the other hand, young kids are wearing nail polish, lipstick and clothes designed for a mature body.

Don’t get me wrong, a makeover party or b-day with princess makeup is okay. But that a child can blackmail her mom saying “If you want to get out with red lipstick, I want some, too” is beyond common sense. So what if Courteney want to have a cocktail? Will she give Coco a sip so that she doesn’t have a tantrum? Unbelievable.

Kids are growing up so fast anyway, media, peer pressure. Parents shouldn’t encourage the making of mini Lolitas.

cc on

I think it depends… as dress up or playing with mom’s make up, that’s fine, but I don’t think a 7 year old should wear make up to enhance their appearance when they go out to special events in the way adult women do. Playing around is fine and if they left their house in a hurry to run to the store or whatever and didn’t have time to wash her face, I see no problem with it. I do, however, see a problem with the idea that a 7 year old would seek out make up or feel like they want or need it all the time. Don’t know which this picture represents, so I can’t comment further, but it’s a fine line.

mommytoane on

Is she wearing lipstick? Or a little kid’s tinted gloss? At 8, my daughter owns several tinted glosses….mostly from Avon. I allow her to wear these around the house, but not out of it. Honestly, I dont think Coco is wearing any lipstick….and if she is, oh well. What little kid does not get into mommy’s purse…or swindle a little swipe when mom is applying hers. Its cute and girly…its not like shes wearing a full face of makeup…or is all dolled up like the girls for beauty contests. Now THAT I disagree with. But a tad of lipstick? Whats it hurt? Would I allow it to be a routine? No, but once in a while…sure.
To Kat….I hear you on that! Growing up, my best friend had these amazing thick, full, long lashes…..the kind every woman dreams of but barely any have….and she had these naturally rosy cheeks, so from the time she was little she was accused of wearing makeup…girl never touched it. She HATED the process of applying and cleaning it off, so she never touched it. Some girls are just born with that natural little extra touch. ๐Ÿ˜› Lucky gal.

c on

how do we know she’s wearing lipstick? did we see her put it on or are we assuming she is because her lips look red. i had very red lips as a child and so did my brother. i’m not going to sit here and endorse or criticize courteney & david’s parenting until you can show me more than what appears to be a normal aw picture of a child walking down the street.

Liz on

It is just lipsticks! Little girls like to play dress-ups, probably trying to copy Mom. My daughter likes to put lip gloss on from time to time.

criticaleye on

We know it’s lipstick, read the article.

Lipgloss, occasionally, is okay. But anyway, just look at the photo, this dark red makes her a clown. It doesn’t make her pretty or stylish.

And, of course when the “coolest” girls on the block all wear some makeup, the others have to do the same, not to left behind.

What hurts and what doesn’t? It depends. I wouldn’t buy a T-shirt which reads “bitch” even if it doesn’t hurt. Soemtimes accessories are more than just a piece of make up or clothing, they have underlying meanings, what in this case would be, it’s okay to make mini-women from kids. And for me it’s not okay.

meghan on

criticaleye,just because the article claims it is lipstick, doesn’t make it a fact. Does it make you feel good to call a child a clown?

SUsan on

I have twin daughters they are2 and when we go out I wear a light colored lip gloss that smells really good and when my girls see me put it on…i put some on them as well but just a little…there is no harm in it at all. As for the comment about sex offenders etc…if you teach your children right from worng and show them what is approraite and what isn’t you shold be confident enough they will make the right choices…Courtney dresses really well and what is worng with a daughter follwing in mommy’s foot steps…it is cute!

Shannon on

Whatever happened to lip gloss? lol

criticaleye on

Meghan, I did not say she’s a clown. I said the red lipstick makes her look like one.
Nice try, but I don’t bash the child, just the lipstick and its effect in that context.

Brooke on

I used to carry that lipstick that would stain everything on your person for DAYS in my little purse when I was a girl. She likes to play dress-up….No biggie.

Anonymous on

Red lipstick??? no. I do let my five year old play with her chapsticks and tinkerbell lipgloss. At home. I would not let my daughter go out in red lipstick at age 9. And probably not in HS either unless it was for a dance or something. My thoughts on makeup are that girls can wear a little light blush, light eyeshadow…natural looking makeup toward the end of junior high or beginning of HS. But, makeup makes girls look older than what they are, and that doesn’t portay the right image sometimes. My opinion. Be a little girl as long as you can…..girls grow up too fast anymore.

Jillian on

Just cause the article says it, doesn’t make it true. If it is true, big deal. Red lipstick like this doesn’t harm her. My daughter is younger and I let her wear some occasionally. It’s all fun!

Donna on

Looks to me like she’s wearing eye liner, too. May be wrong.

mommytoane on

Critical….did YOU read the article?? AT ALL?
โ€œI have to battle with her,โ€ Cox told Harperโ€™s Bazaar in April. โ€œI was walking out, and she goes, โ€˜I donโ€™t want YOU to wear red lipstick.โ€™

SEE THAT….I DON’T WANT YOU TO WEAR RED LIPSTICK. Cox says that CoCo says this to her…she says I was walking out and SHE GOES. Meaning that COCO is saying to Courtney HEY MOM, DON’T WEAR RED.

Wow really, learn to read if you are going to judge.

mg on

I have a seven year old. If she wants a swipe of my lipstick- it is no big deal. Part of being a girl. I used to love it!

Kresta on

She has very thin lips. It’s hard to tell if she is wearing lipstick.

JMO on

lip gloss/lip stick I think is fine but if she starts wearing eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and blush then we’ll talk!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

I think many of us are just answering Peoples question, “Would you let your daughter wear lipstick? If so, at what age would you let her wear it?” Not judging Courtney Cox and her daughter. Whatever. I know what I would let my daughter do…..

criticaleye on

yes, I read it. So why is Coco wearing red lipstick if her mom should NOT? Because in order to leave the house, Courteney gave Coco the lipstick as well.

But you know, never mind how it happened, I think Coco looks like a painted doll. And she’s a pretty girl, IMHO.

criticaleye on

BTW, here on the board everybody is oh so liberal, but I don’t think it’s representative.

Today at the playground, an eight year old was wearing mare Janes with heels-not very high but an inch. Though she was older than Suri, many stared at her. And here I always read “don’t judge, as long as the mom loves her, it’s all right, their business etc.”

Well, I have not seen many kids with red lipstick, so it may not be the standard yet, even if the majority says it’s no big deal, somehow it’s still not the trend. Thank God, I have to add.

Anonymous on

I agree, criticaleye.

A. on

“So what if Courteney want to have a cocktail? Will she give Coco a sip so that she doesnโ€™t have a tantrum? Unbelievable.”

@Criticaleye – talk about a slippery slope! Isn’t that kind of a wild assumption to try to prove your point?

criticaleye on

A., my point is, that even if many say here they would have no problem with it, non-celeb kids don’t go out with dark lipstick, high heels or black painted fingernails.

It’s different do defend something a.k.a. no big deal versus allowing to do it.

I also think it’s not the end of the world, doesn’t mean bad parenting, but it’s a bad decision.

Anonymous: ๐Ÿ™‚

Pat on

I feel sorry for that little girl. She has no lips. The next thing that will happen when she realizes this…who knows, maybe cosmetic surgery? Where does it all stop?

Mama on

I wouldn’t let her tell me whether I could wear lipstick or not!!!

tlc on

I think that little kids are being taught to grow up WAAAY to fast these days. Ten year olds with cell phones. Eight year olds with laptops. Six and seven year olds wearing make up/dying hair/high heels. It’s TOO fast. What ever happened to letting kids PLAY and be a kid? It’s no wonder so many teens are getting pregnant and dabbling in drugs and alcohol as young as 11 years old. It’s because their “liberal” parents don’t see anything wrong and let them do what THEY want. It’s not about parenting anymore, it’s about who can be the COOLEST parent IMO. Especially amongst celebrities. When is enough enough?

fuzibuni on

Pat, I don’t even know where to start with your bi-polar comment. First you put a child’s looks down, then you criticize her if she ever decides to have cosmetic surgery. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

As to the lipstick… I don’t really care what Courtney decides is okay for her child. But it’s kind of tacky for People magazine to post a close up of Coco’s face and make it a subject of public debate.

mommytoane on

Wheres the proof shes wearing any lipstick at all? If you actually take the time and look at past images of Coco, she has rather pink lips. Not to mention, the shading. I really doubt this child is wearing red lipstick.

criticaleye on

you hit the nail and head. Very well said. I also think that letting everything do, because “it does not do any harm” is not a good parenting style. Mommy as best friend-I don’t believe in that.

Jenner on

Right on, tlc. These children are hypersexualized and denied of a healthy childhood. And as for Coco, the lipstick and the purple hair streaks look terrible anyway!

Stella Bella on

I don’t feel comfortable with this debate to start with. This is a child whose parents’ marriage is totally up in the air. Poor Coco is most likely stressed out and imo maybe the makeup and hair streaks is reflecting a new inner world where she is having to try to understand some very adult concepts. I agree that publishing this photo and starting a debate was a poor move on People’s part.

Lisa on

I have two girls, ages 15 and 13 and I would LOVE if they would think about lipstick. Not their thing, both are super smart, super cute and big time softball players and I have to drag them for eyebrow wax and mani/pedis. It would be a pleasure if they took great care but I guess I should be happy that they are happy playing ball with ribbons and sparkle headbands!

Lisa on

As an aside, tlc should know that laptops are not an accessory, in my kids school starting at Age ten, ALL textbooks are online so if you do not have a laptop, you are screwed.

Marky on

I guess your answer depends on how you feel about the mom, as well as makeup. The other day, there was a blog in which people freaked out over the fact that Vivienne Jolie-Pitt was wearing nail polish. Coco seems to be getting pretty much a free ride and a lot of “no big deal”s, while Vivienne was apparently being poisoned and her life threatened because of the coat of nail polish. LOL It’s all silly; why is a child wearing colored lip gloss or lipstick, just fine and nail polish is almost bound to be fatal? Honestly, neither one is no big deal…….

A on

Aw, I think people have to remember what they were like at that age! I wanted nothing more than to play “grown-up”, playing with make-up and wearing costumes and heels, playing “shopkeeper” or “mom”, things like that. My mother wouldn’t let me wear make-up or heels or anything, but it’s just what girls want, to play! I don’t think I would ever let my kid wear anything like that outside the house though ๐Ÿ™‚

Renee on

I think she’s a little cutie. I love that she has a couple of coloured streaks in her hair and wear lippy like her mum. Big deal! I imagine my daughter who is 5 months old will ask to wear some of my lipstick in a few years. No harm done.

I played around with makeup when I was a kid and ended up becoming a Beauty Therapist- I’m glad my parents let me otherwise I may not have discovered this passion ๐Ÿ™‚

Kat on

When I was younger, my mom wouldn’t allow me to wear makeup until I was 10…and I wasn’t allowed to wear it at school until I was 13. She said she made me wait because she didn’t want me to look like a painted clown…and gave me three years to learn the “less is more” principle before she allowed to wear makeup in public. At the time it made me nuts, but now, when I see so many little girls wearing the wrongs shades, too many layers, and trying to look like older girls..I’m glad I was never allowed to do that.

I think a little very light pink/nude shades are ok for special occasions, but I don’t think makeup should be done up on little girls. They should look like they don’t have any on…even if they do. For example, if this little girl had a lighter shade on, this whole article wouldn’t even be “news”.

Anonymous on

tlc is right. Kids are growing up way too fast. I just watched my 11 year old niece for 3 days and I was shocked with how she wanted to dress, acted, her makeup and texting. It scared me. I have a 5 yr old daughter and we are raising her very differently.

tlc on

I understand that Lisa, but kids don’t “need” to have the laptop. What’s wrong with a computer at home that’s monitored by parents? If a laptop is a school supply (which here in my hometown it is NOT required – the school has computers) then it should not be taken out of the home after school. I just think kids are treated like mini adults these days and it’s affecting them. When parents start treating kids like adults, kids take on adult issues. Trust me, I DO know what I am talking about, I work in the Social Work field. (I am not a social worker however) The things I see with kids is atrocious! Kids need to be kids, not mini adults.

AmandaC on

OMG call CPS that child has lipstick (or lip gloss) on. She should be taken right away and put up for adoption! OK, seriously, she looks sweet! My daughter at age 5 would wear AVON lipgloss with sparkles and she lived ๐Ÿ™‚

Jenn on

I played dress up in my mom’s make-up as a little girl, and I went out in the front yard to show my friends how “grown up” I looked, lol. But I was never allowed to go farther than that. So I don’t have a problem with little girls playing dress up, but personally if I had a daughter I wouldn’t let her go out in public that way.

gina on

she looks soooo much like her dad in this picture!

Katherine on

She is such a cutie! Looks like her auntie Patricia Arquette.

Jillian on

Some say red lipstick is not okay, bu approve of Willow Smith and her hairstyle done with glue sticks.

Anonymous on

who cares? its just lipstick, its not hurting anyone! its better than some of the other kids in hollywood with full makeup at age 7. i let my 4 year old daughter wear nail polish and lip gloss on special occasions and she loves it! she likes feeling like “a princess.” so let the kids be happy

Anonymous on

If everything is done at such a young age…what is left for later? Kids are growing up too fast and parents should set better boundaries.

Aliya on

Honestly, it’s completley fine! She’s seven years old! Honestly, it looks fine. There’s nothing wrong with Coco wearing it. It’s just a little lipstick, honestly. There’s nothing to be overly concerned about.

Lipstick is the only makeup she’s using. I don’t see any harm in letting a little girl wear lipstick.

Alisa on

Normally, I wouldn’t have too much of a problem with it. BUT when you consider the town Coco is growing up in (Hollywood) and its OBSESSION with outer appearance, I would personally make more of an effort to steer my daughter away from “growing up too fast” in that area.

sky on

just an fyi, at the bippidity boutique in disneyland they put light make-up on girls starting at age 3 and up. it is all in good fun and dress-up/role-playing. i seriously doubt coco applies make-up on a daily basis. @tlc, kids are growing up faster and becoming more tech savvy. you have to adjust to the changing times, the world is a much different place than when you were young.

Lauren on

Is now a good time to mention that Coco looks EXACTLY like David Arquette in this picture, only with lipstick?

Anonymous on

THe bippity boppity boutique is a dress up boutique at Disney, this is real life. I let my daughter where a little Tinkerbell lip gloss and Hello Kitty Chapstick when she is playing dress up at home. And if we went to Disney, I would probably let her have a little makeup on with her costume, too. But….in every day life….No. My point is….kids are growing up too fast…yes, times are different, etc, etc….but, what aboout just being little as long as you can? I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable with my daughter wearing red lipstick in public. Yes, it’s Hollywood….so what? Her mom can still say No….if you do everything at an early age….kids are looking for the next thing to do….the novelty wears off. Call me strict, call me over protective…but, I have seen it first hand in my own family with nieces….and it isn’t good.

Michelle on

When I was Coco’s age, I was always sneaking into my mom’s lipstick and eye shadow. And she probably let me leave the house that way, too (but not to school). So, while I appreciate all the parents who say that this is a case of a child growing up to fast, let her stay a little girl, etc., I think that she IS being a little girl.

My friends and I would also get red lollipops and rub them all over our lips to make it look like we had lipstick, too.

But you know, lipstick is a gateway cosmetic, and within weeks we all were getting botox injections and breast enhancements.

Just kidding! We all grew up to be contributing members of society! Woo hoo!

Michelle on

Does anyone else remember the little lipstick samples you used to get from Avon, they came in a tube? My mom always gave me those to play with.

And I never spent a single day in juvie.

Anonymous on

She IS being a little girl by wanting to play dress up and wear lipstick while playing….the line should be drawn when she wears red lipstick in public, purple highlights, etc. As I said before….playing with lipgloss and a little makeup at home is fine….but a 9 year old with red lipstick on in public just isn’t appropriate to me. I wouldn’t let my daughter do that…..but, at home…for play, I would be fine with a little tinted lipgloss….

Anonymous on

it looks like lipstick and eyeshadow to me
such a cute little girl, but i am not a fan of the makeup
plus, what do they have to look forward to if they get to do all these things so young

ClaireSamsmom on

Don’t push your child to do things that are too grown up for their age. Let them be little as long as they can. Dressing up with a little makeup at home is okay, but keep it at that….not for out and about.

Lia on

It’s hard to tell if she’s even wearing lipstick or not, but to answer the actual question, no, I wouldn’t let my kids wear make up at that age. On occasion if they want to try it out, sure, but only a little bit and only very occasionally. There’s just no real reason for kids to be out wearing lots of makeup.

krewcat on

Everyone complains that children grow up too fast…but then we have people letting them wear makeup at 7..

I have 3 daughters (8,9 and 10) and not one of them have EVER worn ANY makeup…Of course they have asked. Its as easy as explaining it is for grown ups…and they aren’t grown…

Hea on

Sounds like they have some strange and silly “battles”…

smiavs on

@tlc: ‘Liberal’ does not equal allowing kids to do whatever they want. Most “liberal” parents I know are much stricter with their kids (no makeup, organic food, limited sugar, no pacifiers, etc) than “conservative” parents.

Also, perhaps you should watch that hideous TLC show, Toddlers and Tiaras. I can pretty much guarantee that the majority of those families don’t fall into the “liberal” category.

Karey on

My daughter and I started playing with make-up together when she was about 4. She had her own little play vanity table and loved to set it up next to me when I was getting ready for the day. I didn’t allow her to go to school with make-up on, but we had fun together at home and I have lots of funny pictures from those days (she is almost 9 now, and has lost all interest in make-up and only wants to fish these days LOL). Coco might be going to a recital or something because it looks to me like she has on eyeshadow, liner, and mascara too (and her eyebrows look groomed). Maybe her and mom had a spa day together. Anyway, I think make-up is fine to play with at Coco’s age, but I personally wouldn’t have let my daughter go out with it on. Coco’s looks almost professionally done, and I wouldn’t have gone for that either because I think they are too young. My daughter always looked like she fell into a vat of make-up – eyeshadow on her cheeks, lipstick smeared all around the edges of her lips, etc. To me, that is playing – not full-on pro make-up. However, just because I don’t agree with the choices Suri and Coco’s moms have made in regards to make-up and dress doesn’t mean they are wrong choices.

Jillian on

Tlc and smiavs, you really shouldn’t bring “liberals” into this. Quite ridiculous. And lumping them is such a joke! Of course all liberals act the same, just like all conservatives! Haha!

Smiavs, I am more liberal as are almost all of my friends. With that being said, none of us are more strict than conservatives we know. We all wear make up, so do they. We all eat a lot of organic food, but so do a lot of our conservative friends. We limit sugar for our children bc a lot is bad for them. So do the conservatives. We didn’t use pacifiers and either did they. You can’t lump a group of people. If I could define us, I would say we are easy going, laid back parents. That doesn’t equal whatever they want….there is a big difference.

smiavs on

@Jillian, perhaps I should have specified. The liberal parents whose methods I respect (and intend to look to when I have my own children) tend to be much stricter and don’t let their kids get away with whatever I want.

I don’t know where you’re coming from, but I was raised in the deep south, and many of the politically conservative people (who make up the majority of the population) there are proudly anti-organic, anti-recycling, etc. I’ve SEEN it often, so I’m not exaggerating, or, for the record, suggesting that it’s the case for every single conservative.

I currently live in France, where the overall outlook is much more liberal. I will restate exactly what I said in my previous comment “most liberal parents I KNOW are much stricter with their kids,” which in no way implies that it is always the case.

I’d prefer if you didn’t put words in my mouth, thanks.

ClaireSamsmom on

Really….what is right about a 7 year old wearing bright red lipstick in public? Is that really fine? If you are the parent of a little girl and want to protect her and keep her safe and treat her age-appropriately…don’t let her wear makeup in public. I think it sends a bad message…and there are alot of horrible people out there that I would want to protect my child from…and when kids have a face full of makeup….or even bright red lips…it makes them look older than what they are. Call me strict, call me over-protective…whatever. I just want my kids to be safe and stay kids for as long as possible.

Lans on

criticaleye You’re an idiot

Janina on

My 7 yr old daughter plays with my makeup at home but I would never let her wear it in public at her age.

Sadie on

She is just being a kid and having fun. Plus she looks adorable!

t4ffan on

I experiemented with makeup at that age. I say let the little Arquette be a kid. At least she’s not hurting anybody. ๐Ÿ™‚