Neil Patrick Harris and Elton John’s Shared Surrogacy Secret

06/25/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
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When Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka found themselves keeping a big secret — they were expecting fraternal twins via a surrogate — the couple never realized their only confidants had some equally exciting news of their own.

“Right before — like a month before — we were going to give birth, we were having dinner with David Furnish, Elton [John‘s] partner, and we were just busting to tell someone,” the How I Met Your Mother star, 38, revealed during a Monday visit to Conan.

“So we leaned over and whispered to him, ‘We have a secret to tell you. We’re expecting twins in October through surrogacy.”

Furnish’s reaction, however, was one neither Harris nor Burtka were expecting.

“He kind of blanched and his eyes got wide and he leaned even closer and said, ‘We haven’t told anyone this, we’re expecting a baby in December!'” Harris recalls. “So it was this great bonding session.”

Naturally, when the actor and Burtka later welcomed Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, now 8 months, and Elton and Furnish welcomed son Zachary Jackson Levon, now 6 months, a play date was immediately put on the agenda.

“First a whole SUV of dudes show up, then Elton shows up. So in our little house in the valley we have dudes with headpieces on kind of patrolling the area,” Harris laughs of the unique set-up.

“But they were super nice inside, they’re incredibly nice, doting dads and super cool people.”

So cool, in fact, that Harris regrets not making them a bigger part of Gideon and Harper’s lives. “I probably should have had them be our godparents … that would have been cool,” he jokes.

“We should have made them godparents then killed ourselves and they would have led an incredible life these kids. They’d have lived on jets. For the sake of the kids I really should have done that! Think of the yachts and the jets.”

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— Anya Leon

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Tee on

What a neat story!

Susanna on

Okay people, I just have to say what is on my mind right now. This makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meredith on

Amusing anecdotes from excited new parents make you sick to your stomach, Susanna? I think that you’re visiting the wrong site.

Crystal on

@Susanna- Ok if you are going to say that you have to elaborate. Why? I thought it was a delightful interview. NPH is super funny! He and Conan together is a riot! To say he and David should have made Elton John and David Furnish the twins godparents and then kill themselves was sooooo funny!!! A great interview to which I thoroughly enjoyed!

AllisonJ on

@Susanna – if you don’t like reading about gay couples having children, then don’t click on this article! Simple as that.

Cute story, love these two couples. Two men can raise a child/children just as well as a man/woman can. I’ve seen it in my own family.

M. on

How ignorant and rude Susanna.


Susanna on

Yes people. This does make me sick to my stomach as these children should be raised by a doting Dad and Mom, the way it should be. What is wrong with you people out there in this world?? As each day passes, everyone thinks that same sex couples getting married, YUCK, to them adopting children is so great, but it is not! This kids should be with a Dad and a Mom! I feel so sorry for the children in all of these lesbian and gay relationships. It is so not right!

J on

โ€œRight before โ€” like a month before โ€” we were going to give birth…”

I didnt know Neil or his partner gave birth to the babies. Wow.

You may not like what Susanna says but she’s allowed to, just as much as that troll some of you continually bicker with is. Lets just nnot read HER comment if it is so bothersome. Hypocrites.

JM on

one day people will look back on people like susanna in the same way that we now look back on racists during the civil rights movement. sad, ignorant, backwards people who have no place in a developing society. i say ignore them, let them live their sad existence filled with hate for innocent human beings.

Big City Lady on

All three babies are very, very lucky to have such doting dads…cute story he shared.

Noelle on

Sick to your stomach? How? Obviously their lifestyle isn’t for everyone but we’re all humans. They deserve happiness and family just like the rest of us. Not agreeing with their lifestyle is one thing, but sick to your stomach? That’s taking it to another level. Rude.

torgster on

Susanah, homophobe much? Attitudes like yours from narrow-minded bigots are what make ME sick to my stomach. You should be ashamed of yourself. I pity any children you may have.

Mimi on

@Susanna that goes double for me!

klutzy_girl on

Aww, this was a cute and hilarious story!

And I’m so thrilled that New York legalized gay marriage so now Neil and David can get married! I’m still flailing and excited about it.

Carey on

@susanna–right, like Mel and Oksana or Charlie and Brooke or Tiger and Elin–yeah because and MOm and Dad can be SOOO much better


heather on

I feel bad for the children of people like susanna

Christine on

I completely agree with JM. I was actually having a similar conversation with my friends yesterday. The majority of the individuals who were the biggest racists forty or fifty years ago are (or should be) ashamed of their actions. In fifty or sixty years, we or our children will be looking back and asking “How could people be so cruel? What were they thinking when they said those things? Were they crazy?”

Raising citizens who will be kind to others and contribute to society has NOTHING to do with the sexual orientation of their parents. Amazing people are born to heterosexual couples (married AND not married), homosexual couples, and single individuals.

Don’t worry Susanna, I’m sure your kids will someday simply pretend that you weren’t such a hateful individual.

Cate on

So, Susanna, if children should be raised by a mother and father as its “the way it should be” does that mean women (or men) in emotionally and physically abusive relationships should stay because children should be raised by a mother and father? Even if its detrimental to the health and welfare of a child? What about widows and widowers? Divorced parents?

If a child is happy, healthy and loved what does it matter if the parents are mother and father, mother and mother, father and father, mother or father. Hell aunts and uncles or grandparents?

Stop having such a narrow view of the world. Watch something other than Fox news and read something beyond the Bible.

Rachel on

Suzanna — I see children every single day in my work who are being raised by a mom AND dad whose lives are awful. I have three year olds raised in two parent (mother/father) households, who curse me out, spit upon me and say hateful evil things.

And then… I’ve seen children raised by foster parents, by grandparents, by single parents and yes, EVEN by homosexual parents whose lives turn out SO much better than some of the homes with a mother and father.

My point – It doesn’t take a mom and dad to properly raise a child… it takes LOVE.

In fact… we had a case where a child was taken out of a same sex foster care home and placed into the home of a biological family member. That woman is now currently in JAIL, where she will remain for 1-5 years, for severely abusing the child. The little boy, who had been thriving will likely need years of therapy to overcome what happened to him.

Again… all that should really matter is that children are being raised with LOVE.

Grace on

@Susanna- I am the product of a male and female parent, but I, like many others, never met my father. He split before I was born. How fortunate these children are to have two parents committed to raising them.

Momma2Leos on

Judging Others
Lk. 6.3738, 4142
1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24

Crystal on

WOW Susanna! WOW! There are no words to express my thought process at your ignorant and hurtful words. I respect every ones right to their opinion. However, to say things like “this makes me sick to my stomach”, “YUCK” and “children should be raised by a mom and a dad” SICKENS ME! Children should be brought up in a family that loves, supports and cherishes every single minute with them. A family does not just consist of a mom and a dad.

I would think in the 21st century we as a nation would be more accepting of how many different ways people become parents. I am saddened by not only your words but your mentality. It just shows me not only how far we have come but how far we have left to go.

Mavs2980 on

What a cute story. Especially Neil saying they should have named David and Elton godparents, then killed themselves off, so their kids could live the high life!!

I normally wouldn’t respond to people like Susanna but I just can’t help it. YOU Susanna make me sick to my stomach. YOU are what is wrong with the world today. You don’t have to agree with the way gay and lesbian couples live their life (it’s their life not yours, and I’m pretty sure they don’t give a flip about the way you live your life), but you can still be tolerant. What kind of world would we live in, if we were all cookie cutter versions of each other? It is our differences that make us unique, and what makes this world go round.

I’m sorry but a child does not need a mother and father to flourish. All that child needs is LOVE. It makes no difference if that LOVE comes from a man and a woman, two men, two women, or just a single individual. My wish is equality for all, and I hope other states follow NY’s example.

showbizmom on

I have two dad’s and I’m pretty sure I turned out okay. I’m mean have a K-12 christian education, BA,Masters, great job, great husband, great kids, great home life, great parents, great friends, all around great life! Sometimes life does get tough, but I’m pretty sure it’s not because I have to dads. I don’t mean to judge or be mean, but go back to you homophobic hole. Oh, and to make you even more mad, I’m in a interracial marriage too!

coco on

@ Susanna. Wow if it makes you so sick then why did you read it? I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion and while I wasn’t jumping for joy when I read it, sickening never crossed my mind. I saw two sets of parents happy to be expecting. People can parent in so many different ways. I guess single parents make you nauseous too? Who are they to think they can raise a child alone. Or loving grandparents who step up to the plate make you want to hurl, huh. The nerve of them to go and get old and die on these poor kids. Millions of children turn out perfectly fine without a mom and a dad. Everything is not so cookie cutter pollyanna in the real world, sweetie.

Jillian on

Klutzy girl
Exactly how I feel! I am beyond excited for newyork and them to finally get married!!! I can only hope everyone else finally can too!

Allie on

Susanna, what if the tables were turned? What if people objected to you having children because of your beliefs, your choice of husband, or how you appeared?

Everyone has the right to children, love and happiness, no matter the circumstances. You are not God. I am sure any child who is raised by a homosexual couple is just as loved as those in heterosexual families. Love is the most important thing for a child. The way they receive that love is not as important.

Jordan on

And I feel sorry for intolerant and close minded assholes, Susanna.

Jessie on


It’s a shame you feel that way. You are ignorant and close-minded, but unfortunately we can’t stop people like you from breeding. Two loving dads having a child is far better than an ignorant, homophobic brat. But rest assured, one day in the not-so-distant future you will be on the wrong side of history. In the meantime, you should consider keeping your mouth shut, because the only thing you are accomplishing is making yourself look silly.

Erin on

As the song says, “Oh Susannah!” Let the sunlight into your world…

Kristy on

@Susanna: Wow, that’s really disappointing (Among other adjectives I’m also thinking of). First of all – don’t read the articles if you are so disgusted. Second, I’d rather children be raised by doting PARENTS, period. As an educator in a poor, rural area – I see too many children who suffer from a lack of a single loving parent, much less two. Who cares if it’s a mother and father, mother and mother, or a father and father, or one parent or some other kind of guardian? Kids deserve to be loved by whoever wants to love them.

I agree with JM and hope that one day these ignorant, bigoted attitudes will have no place in our discourse.

I love hearing NPH speak about the twins. He always has really cute stories and his babies are children who are clearly wanted and loved by their amazing fathers!

Kay on

So cute – congrats NPH & David!!!!

Luna on

I think Neil Patrick Harris is probably my absolute favorite celebrity out there. I love his acting, his sense of humor, and his devotion to his family. I’m thrilled that he and David will be able to marry.

As to Susanna: While I do believe you have a right to your opinion, I find it rather strange that you chose to read this article and then comment on how repulsive you think it is. If you don’t agree with homosexuality, I don’t agree with you, but you can have that opinion. But why come on to a website and comment on a sweet story about two great men who love their children telling the world an adorable anecdote?

Jen K on

That’s ok Susanna, cause you make us sick to our stomach too. It all balances out!

kirsha on

Yes people. This does make me sick to my stomach as these children should be raised by a doting Dad and Mom, the way it should be. What is wrong with you people out there in this world?? As each day passes, everyone thinks that same sex couples getting married, YUCK, to them adopting children is so great, but it is not! This kids should be with a Dad and a Mom! I feel so sorry for the children in all of these lesbian and gay relationships. It is so not right!

Miss Susanna I understand that your comment is about gay couples, BUT your statement really rubbed me wrong. WHY? I am a single STRAIGHT mother that is raising a child by myself and for you to make the statement about these children need a mom and dad can also be applied to single parents like myself. First everyone has a choice of what they are going to do with their lives. Second some children are better off being raised the way they are being raised. Third have you EVER heard of the term untraditional families? Well guess what that seems to be the norm in today’s world.

We are not the ones that are to judge others that is GOD’S place to do and for all we know they prayed to him about this matter and this was the answer. Get off the damn high horse you are on and start being a human being.

Liz on

showbizmom, for having a BA and a Master’s degree you sure have poor grammar, spelling, etc..!! Hmm…

TC on

Yes people. This does make me sick to my stomach as these children should be raised by a doting Dad and Mom, the way it should be.
Susanna on June 25th, 2011

so single parents make you sick as well right? Or is it just because you and all the other homophobics out there can’t get your mind out of people’s bedrooms?

Jessie on

Better to be raised by two loving gay parents than by two ignorant straight ones!

Anna on

I’m ok with them having kids but they did not give birth to any children. It’s stupid to say that.

Sheryl on

Well said, Rachel. Well said.

Sophia on

Pretty weak stomach you’ve got on you, Susanna. You should probably get that checked out. They might even be able to do something about your incredibly closed mind.

Taylor on

JM- I’m not saying I agree with Susanna, but not everyone who disagrees with homosexuality hates them. My mother is against homosexuality, yet she has gay friends and doesn’t treat them any differently.

This article is ADORABLE! I love this family, and I would love to have been raised by NPH and David ๐Ÿ™‚

Marky on

The thing that bothers me is that poster assume someone who disagrees with gays having children automatically should be called homophobic. Homophobic has a specific meaning–afraid of homosexuals. I don’t know anyone who is afraid of homosexuals, but I do know people who believe they shouldn’t adopt or have children by surrogacy. I don’t believe that is a true definition of “homophobic”, or that they should be called that.

I have worked in adoption and personally, I think children can thrive in single parent homes, gay homes, and homes with a mom and dad. They can also have a miserable life in any of the above. It all depends on whether or not the parent(s) love and care for the child(ren) with love and work to be good parents. I have seen homes with a mom and dad where the dad sexually assaulted the 10 yr old daughter and the mom chose to put the daughter in foster care because she “couldn’t live” without her husband. Somehow she could live without her daughter. Do you really think that child was better off in a “mom and dad” home? We cried as we removed her. I am a very conservative person in my faith, but I have a gay friend that I think would be a great dad; he doesn’t because he doesn’t want the child to be exposed to prejudice, and he isn’t in a solid relationship, so…he is the best uncle to his nephews you could ever hope to see. I don’t know all the answers, but I know my friend and I’m not disgusted by the guy who is a wonderful amazing friend I can count on and who is so kind and caring.

Shelley on

I don’t think its stupid to say they gave birth. I have 5 kids, one of them is adopted. I talk about the day she was born in the same way that I do the others. We all use different words to express different situations in our lives and I don’t think we should judge how they choose their words. Anytime a family is full of love it is a beautiful thing, no matter what the family looks like, how they became a family, or how many parents or what gender they are. Hate in general is a dangerous and ugly thing no matter how you try to justify it.

alicejane on

Homosexuality has been identified in hundreds of species in the world, and homophobia identified in one. What’s unnatural now?

Whether David and Neil decide to get married or not, I am so thrilled for them that they actually have the choice now. They seem like wonderful, doting parents and I wish them and their family all the best!

Sara on

WTF “before we were going to give birth?” no dudes, the only person who gave birth to them was their mother, a person they will never know. Enough with the ridiculous language already!

Kyla on

Susanna, I would be scared if you were my mother.

And Marky, actually yes that is called homophobia.

JM on

taylor that may be so, but i just don’t understand how you can disagree with the way someone was born. you can’t choose to be gay or not so it doesn’t make any sense to me how anyone can say that they disagree with homosexuality. it’s like me saying the i disagree with you having blue eyes.
and even though some people who don’t like homosexuality many not treat gay people any differently, by not accepting someone the way they were born i feel they are spreading intolerance and animosity.

honestly, it is beyond me how anyone can have such a problem with something that is just a part of who a person is as much as their skin, eye or hair colour.

Trish on

No Marky, homophobic is absolutely the correct word. People who think that gay people shouldn’t raise children are afraid of what gay people will do to the children, no? That’s homophobia. And most people understand the word to include a hatred or dislike of gay people.

So sorry to all those people out there that are homophobic but don’t want to be associated with the word…if you think gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married? Shouldn’t adopt kids? If you think homosexuality is ‘wrong’? Guess what? YOU’RE A HOMOPHOBE. You may not be out beating up gay people but your beliefs are perpetuating a system of hate. Accept this, perhaps try to change it, but don’t pretend as if you’re not a homophobe just because you haven’t gay bashed anyone.

jessicad on

Susanna please don’t spread hate, just don’t read articles on same sex couples with children and you won’t be sick to your stomach. Also, what exactly makes it wrong? Who says it’s wrong?? I’m a single mother, the father hasn’t been around in over 2 years, guess I make you sick to your stomach since I’m not doing it the “right” way either! ๐Ÿ™‚

This was such a cute article!

Hea on

Marky – I for one think it’s homophobic to fear and assume that gay people cannot care for and love their children just as much as heterosexual people can. I do, however, find it more ignorant than homophobic but it certainly is both. You know, people with a phobia for spiders and such usually find it yucky and disgusting as well as scary. When Susanna says YUCK then that’s proof of my point. A phobia is more than just a irrational fear. It comes with all sorts of icky feelings in the process. I don’t understand why people have such a hard time to accept and respect each others differences. You don’t have to like or share preferences to accept and respect.

If people are afraid to be called homophobes then they should probably look at themselves and work on their issues some. Fact is that a heterosexual couple does not have to be in any way ideal. You need love, security and support to thrive as a person. I have a feeling that people who have to struggle and fight in order to have children have a lower tendency to mistreat their kids. I could be wrong but it’s what I’ve seen and experienced.

christa on

People who find this story not a beautiful little anecdote, are homophobes, right Susanna. Why do you feel like that Susanna, you must have been raised a homophobe. If you don’t like the3se stories do not click on them. To me it was beautiful.

neลพa on

I’m tired of reading the same debate (trolls?) over and over. Ok, we get it, you don’t approve, so can you please from now on just ignore the couples that bother you and let others comment normally on the adorable articles? Or, maybe we should all collectively ignore these Susannas…

Nikki Monique on

@Susanna – Open your mind. You might be surprised how much better you feel after you let go of the judgment. Just because they aren’t the typical family doesn’t mean they can’t love those kids and give them a wonderful life. They just want a family like everyone else and there is nothing at all wrong with that.

Kelly on

Love NPH and his beautiful little family..great story!!!

Bree on


I’d rather two loving gay parents then my alcoholic, selfish parents who only care about the next drink.

I feel really sorry for your children, growing up with such a closed minded individual. How are they going to appreciate this world if their Mother feels it’s ok to degrade others?

Sarah K. on

Susannah, J, Mimi – What children need is love and stability. It sounds like all three babies mentioned in this post have exactly that. It’s people who think like you who are behind laws enacted in places like Arkansas where gay people are not allowed to foster children. The fact that people would rather leave kids orphaned and without a family rather than give them to a loving gay parent is what sickens me. It’s selfish, cruel, and close-minded. You really need to do some research and open your mind. Look at the studies done on gay families and talk to children raised by gay parents – you might be surprised at what you learn.

Oh and NPH and David announced via twitter that they’re engaged!! Congrats! And good job NY! It’s about time!!

showbizmom on

@ Liz, as I just told my assistant last week I might have a BA and Masters but it’s in Film. Not an excuse but it’s the one I use because I know my spelling and grammar isn’t up there with some other folks. Everyone has their faults this would be mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

My point is that two dad’s can raise well adjusted kids. My upbringing was completely normal and loving. My life was just like any kid that has straight parents. Same problems, same fights, same wants and disappointments. I wish people could see that. No Gay agenda, Gay parents won’t make the kids turn gay, there are no Orgies, or naked men posters all over my house. All these things I’ve heard over the years are not true. Yes, there are horrible gay parents, but the same goes for straight parents. Love is Love, it’s really just that simple. I love my dads and the community I was raised in.

B.J. on

I wish I was Elton or Neil’s child. I would love that.

As a lesbian, I will probably have children myself someday, Susanna. There is nothing you can do to stop me from having a wife or a family someday. Better get used to it, it’ll be normal by the time I decide to have children (I give it 5 years, tops, because gay marriage is legal in California).

Mama C on

That is a sweet story.

And I also wouldn’t normally respond to the type of comments Susanna made: but I have to say, I imagine you might be a parent, and if nothing else, you should live by the Golden Rule. Or the preschool rule: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it!!!

isa on

@Susanna Because having two straight parents are better? please! All of these parents were in “normal” relationships and I’m sure their children would much rather have two gay parents rather than the ones they have.Or in some cases HAD!

Ali on

People are just ignorant. Period. I can’t stand to hear comments that are so hateful and evil. Two people raising a child with love and happiness is far better then millions of children around the world get. People always throw the, “They need a female figure/male figure in their lives though!” and that always irks me. Do people think the child is going to be secluded completely from motherly figures??? Crazy.

I even remember someone saying a couple weeks ago that they felt bad for Harper for having to be raised in a house with all men and that she would probably have problems adjusting and stuff because of being an only female. Ummmmmmmmm, reallllly???? What about my aunt, who was a single mother (not by choice) to 5 kids…only one of them being a boy. My cousin never really knew his father because his father passed away when he was only a toddler but he is a totally well-adjusted young man now. He is well educated, has an incredible job and is engaged and happy. Sure, he missed out on his father in his life but his being raised with a housefull of females did NOTHING to hinder his development.

People need to realize that homosexuality has been around for thousands of years and YES, it is only recently becoming more up front in media and news but that is because people are realizing they don’t need to live a LIE and suffer their entire lives in fear of hatred.

Susanna, I bet you raise kids that bully and tease others and spread hurtful words and negativity around. I hope you feel great the day you find out your son/daughter causes a lonely, scared child to take their own life from not being able to deal with being bullied all the time or for thinking they don’t deserve a happy, normal life.

Tanya on

The thing that should make you feel a bit sick is the joke about killing themselves so their babies could live a jetset lifestyle with Elton and David. Joking about suicide is just not OK!

denise on

such a cute story!

anyway, I will never get why people bother commenting on the sexual orientation of other people. I just don’t care. NPH seems a great dad so who cares if he and his husband are gay? They are loving parents.

Tiff on

It’s amazing how one troll was able to successfully derail this thread. She’s probably really proud of herself. But I expect that losers of Susannah’s type (a dying breed, fortunately) are probably in a really bad mood this weekend with the developments in NYC. They’ll probably amuse us for some time to come ๐Ÿ˜‰

lexi on

I don’t see how ppl think this is right.Babies need a mom and a dad nt two dads its just not the right way.For ppl saying its ok are just not right either.What’s happening with the world.

msjaQ on

oh my goodness, Susanna! really, this isn’t the place for you and your judgement. please keep that to yourself. i have three kids whose fathers abandoned them– their fathers SHOULD have stayed around; not everything happens how it should be, and “should” is a word of *opinion* anyway… it’s amazing that Elton John & NPH’s children are lucky enough to have two parents, no matter their gender!

my kids will never know their dads — i left them because they were both mentally abusive (should i have stayed with them to keep up that happy family image you seem to find so important?)

My older kids’ half-brother has two moms. I think it’s fantastic. Are you living in 2011 with us, or just really that homophobic? What did the GLBT community EVER do, to get this kind of hatred? I thought religion was about love?

I’m also bisexual, soo I’m also personally offended by your comment. One day, I would also love to be a surrogate for a gay couple. It’s been a dream of mine since I began having kids. And I teach my children constantly, to accept and respect everyone for who they are– not their skin, accent, sexuality, gender, etc.
Would love to see Conan on HIMYM; it’s my favourite show, thanks very much to Neil. Hope they have a lovely wedding!

I loved this story, and it’s a shame the comment section got so ugly. I like Jm’s comment, because I feel a civil rights movement coming across America. State by state, we’ll get there. Come on, Michigan!

Like Crystal said… sadly, we still have a long way to go. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

msjaQ on

Liz, she put an apostrophe in the wrong place, but there were no spelling errors. That was a little random… lol…? I happen to be a spelling/grammar fanatic, and it really used to piss off my ex. He had a Masters and didn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your”, would use “don’t” in place of doesn’t, and probably hasn’t used the word “whom” in his life. However, not everyone majors in English. It’s people like him who make self-taught drop-outs like me, look smarter.

Dummkopf… But really, questioning someone’s college education because of the way they type? I slip up sometimes when I write, and surely you do, too. I was writing something earlier today, in fact, and edited it, saying, “please excuse those apostrophes in the wrong places.”

msjaQ on

you canโ€™t choose to be gay or not so it doesnโ€™t make any sense to me how anyone can say that they disagree with homosexuality. itโ€™s like me saying the i disagree with you having blue eyes.
~i can vouch for that. it’s in your genes.

You need love, security and support to thrive as a person. I have a feeling that people who have to struggle and fight in order to have children have a lower tendency to mistreat their kids. I could be wrong but itโ€™s what Iโ€™ve seen and experienced.
~I had thought about this too. Perhaps gay parents are even more loving, having had to battle so hard for their children– SOME men and women have children they don’t want, because their reproductive parts just keep making them, and with that we have unwanted and abused children. this is not to stir up drama, but i would think most homosexual families would be extra-loving, having to spend lots of time and money making it happen.

Erin on

I teach my children love. Love for themselves, love for others. To me bringing a child up to be judgemental of others makes me “sick to my stomach”.

Those children are wanted and loved. They are very very lucky children.

Tee on

Two of my good friends are lesbians. I adore both of them and love to spend time with them. I do not, however, approve of the way they have chosen to live their lives. They both know that and they are both okay with it. Why? Because I’m respectful. You can respect somebody without agreeing with them.

Perhaps Susanna could have chosen her words a little bit more carefully but for those of you jumping down her throat and being so incredibly cruel to her, take the plank our of your eye before looking at the speck in hers.
Seriously, people, this comment thread is ridiculous!!!

Disagree with her all you want but remember, a little bit of kindness goes a long way. If I were Susanna, I certainly wouldn’t listen to a word most of you were saying simply because of how you are saying it.

I’m the first commenter on this story and I stand by what I said there. It’s a neat story. But to be honest with you, the end of it really bothered me. I understand that this man is a comic and he was on a comic’s show. But I don’t think there is anything funny in joking about parents dying so that their children can live the good life with someone else. Yes, I understand what he was getting at. But it was a joke in extremely poor taste.

Cecelia on

The only children I feel sorry for are the ones whose parents are hateful bigots.

H on

Can anyone take a big guess as to who here has unresolved homosexual feelings and hates herself for it?

Susanna on

Wow, I see that everyone has come down my throat about what I said!

You know what people? I have a great husband and 2 great children who love me very much. They both know that lesbian and gay relationships are not right. They were taught that from the age that the two of them were in kindergarten. I have a loving husband who totally agrees with me when it comes to these kind of relationships!

I had a great upbringing and have two great parents who I love to this day and they also love me and my family. My parents probably would have disowned me if I were to tell them I liked another woman! OMG! Well anyway I would never have done that anyways.

So if all you people want to call me racist then go ahead and do that, but I really don’t give a damn and I will think what I want to think and say what I want to say and all the people on here that were with me on this gay and lesbian crap and especially raising children, thanks.


klutzy_girl on

Wow, Susanna. That is absolutely horrible. Your children believe that homosexuality is wrong? That’s horrifying that they aren’t being taught tolerance and acceptance.

I don’t have any children yet, but when I do, I will teach them that there is absolutely nothing wrong with gay people or being gay.

I cannot believe you said “gay and lesbian crap”. You’re making me so angry right now.

And I think that as long as a child has loving parents – whether it’s a single father, a single mother, a mom and dad, or two moms or two dads, then that’s all that matters.

Angelica on

Wow Susanna! Would you disown your own flesh and blood for being gay? If so you must not love your children very much. I could never disown my children for loving someone and wanting to be happy. I couldn’t imagine life without them for even one second. Don’t all mothers feel that way? Its so sad that you admit your own parents would disown you and you are perfectly o.k with that. Open your mind a little, maybe you heart will grow some too.

Tiff on

Who’s calling you racist, Susanna? But the fact that you’re automatically defending yourself against being called racist (guess you lost track of which of your ridiculous views you were defending) means your bigotry is probably across the board, typical for people like you.

It’s great that you love your family, so go forth and raise them with whatever nasty values you deem fit, it’s your right. Just like it’s these guys’ right to raise theirs. I will say this though, you were raised by a mom and a dad, but still turned out to be a bigot. So I guess that mother and father thing doesn’t always turn out that great after all.

Kel on

But people, who are we to shoot down Susannah’s opinions??? Maybe she has a doctorate degree in parenting. Oh wait…there isn’t a doctorate degree in parenting???? you mean…you can’t judge what is “right” for a family, because they are all so different?!?!?! Wow.

Lol what an ignorant piece of work

wpsegura on

@Susanna. You are homophobic and sick for you silly commit. Why do people always have something silly to say on the internet. Grow up, at least these children are being raised by a loving couple and a a racist person life you.

Arewa on

Susanna, hopefully you’re just as anxious to show heterosexual couples with new babies love as you are to show same sex couples ignorance and hate. I’m looking forward to all the new comments!

As for Sir Elton and Mr. Furnish, and NPH and his partner, congratulations on the adorable bundles of joy! I hope your children grow up happy and healthy and oblivious to the ignorance spewed by people like Susanna and her very unlucky children.

Sarah K. on

Susanna, you have “great parents” who would disown you if you were gay? I’d call that the opposite of great – in fact, it’s sickening. I can’t imagine how any parent could disown their own child for something like being in love. I feel sorry for your children, especially since they’re obviously in danger of losing your love and affection if they end up being attracted to the “wrong” gender. You really need to read up on tolerance in that bible of yours.

rb on

LOL @ susanna!

You are the one with the awful parents. To think of the vileness that was in your household. Disgusting.

P.S. Hope one of your kids is gay!

shannon on

@Susanna: What are you going to do if one of your children came out as gay? What would you do if one of your children killed themselves because they were bullied for being gay? Would you kick your child out of the house? Would you send them to a camp or put them in a program to “pray the gay away,” which has been proven time and time again to be a complete and utter failure? Or would you love your child no matter what and support them through everything? Through all the bullying, all the isolation, all the perceived lack of support?

I am not saying that any of your children are gay, but think for a minute about how you would feel if this was the case. Sexual orientation has been proven to be hard-wired into people and is something that cannot be changed.

Finally, I feel that children need a loving, supportive, and stable home regardless of whether it’s your traditional nuclear family, a single parent, two moms, or two dads. Also, who is to say that Neil and David’s children and Elton’s son don’t have positive female influences in their lives in the form of aunts, cousins, grandmothers, etc.?

A on

I agree with Susanna. It’s not a developing society, it’s a decaying one. Gay marriage is not about racism, it’s about Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Had God meant for it to be that way, women would not have been created. We all have a purpose which requires a male and a female to create life. I have nothing against gays being together but when you bring kids into that type of marriage it is just plain wrong. Either you believe God’s word or you don’t but you cannot change what it written. God loves the sinner but not the sin.

Chaos on

@Susanna.. does it make as you sick when all the welfare mothers get pregnant to get another check.. they have 4 or 5 kids by different fathers.. no loving and doting MoM and DaD in those situations.. but I guess it’s ok because the “sperm and egg donors”, which in my opinion is all they are, aren’t gay so it doesn’t make you toss your cookies.. how moronic can you be…

Crystal on

In my religion, we do believe homosexuality is a sin. I personally believe homosexuality is wrong. However, I would never tell a gay or lesbian couple the way they are living their lives is immoral. That is not my place nor would I feel comfortable saying that.

I believe there is a time to speak and a time to be silent. There is always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with the way certain people live. That’s our prerogative. However, to say unkind and insensitive comments about two fathers trying to raise their children in this society is mean spirited.

While I may not be of the same mind with the lifestyle Neil and David live, I do wish them all the love, blessings and kindness this world has to offer. I believe that people can have different thoughts/opinions/etc and we should respect those opinions but do it in a way that isn’t upsetting and offensive to others.

M! on

Sometimes I wish people could just take religion out oft he equation sometimes. “God meant for this” “God says it’s a sin” “My religion says this”

My grandfather was a minister. My parents were homophobes, I heard a lot of “faggot this, jar licker that” Some how I managed to grow up and think for myself and realize there’s nothing wrong with it. I refused to let someone else tell me how to think and view the world. I guess some people are more capable of being brainwashed than myself.

Jordan on

I’m so glad that for 1 crazy person there are 50 more sane people on this website;)

A – ‘Adam and Steve?’ Really? People still use that? Is that really all you’ve got? It must be tiring to live with so much hate inside you.

On the other hand, Crystal – I don’t agree with your view on homosexuality at all, but thank you for sharing your thoughts in such an intelligent manner.

Hea on

Great parents would never disown their flesh and blood simply because they do not agree with all of their choices in life. Never in a million years. That is not love. That is intolerance and ignorance. A parent who disowns is not a parent and probably never was in the first place. Disgusting.

Claire on

I hope one day we’ll live in a world where people can read this article without having to leave cruel and disgusting comments.

Ashley on

WAY TO GO SUSANNA—I couldn’t be more with you!!!!!! YOU ARE RIGHT

Pamela on

Why do people insist on bringing God into this? Ever heard of separation of church and state? Not everyone shares the same religious beliefs. Like, I personally believe in evolution and not Adam and Eve…

And technically, didn’t Jesus have two dads?

Catca on

I may wholeheartedly disagree with Susanna’s comments, but I also don’t condone calling her ignorant, racist, backwards, etc. either. Doing so is as bad as Susanna’s comments and does nothing to bridge the gap between differing viewpoints. There are so many studies now about how children of homosexual parents are doing that we can talk about how children are doing in these different situations to create understanding.

For me, the quality of the parenting is what’s important. Having estrogen and testosterone present does not magically equate into an ideal situation. For the record, children of homosexual couples statistically do better in terms of academics and social adjustment than children of 2 parent heterosexual households with the theory being that the homosexual couples tend to be more attentive to make up for the fact they have a “different” household makeup than the mainstream. The other theory is that it is not easy for these couples to have children via adoption, surrogate, etc. that they tend to be very prepared and involved parents as a result.

I wish religious institutions would focus more on the preparation for parenthood and quality of the parenting process rather than sweeping statements about particular groups of people.

Nhzinga on

I remember NPH from Doogie Hauser, MD. I am so happy for his family and Elton’s!

Susanna–gays shouldn’t have children or adopt them? They have a right to procreate and as for adoption–you’d rather a child languish in the system, unloved, unwanted, and hopeless? Shame on you for condemning a child! Shame on you for wanting to deny any child a loving, stable home!

Perhaps your reproductive rights should be taken away–surely any child you have will be raised in an unhealthy environment of HATE

Jessie on

Susanna and A, you are disgusting. To say your parents, who taught you to hate, are good parents just proves you don’t know the first thing about being a good parent and are not good parents yourselves.

Marky, homophobic actually means “fear of the same” but colloquially it means to be afraid of people who are gay and what their lives entail. Being against allowing them civil liberties is homophobia, sorry to break it to you.

Dara on

Susanna, I am also the child of gay parents and I can personally attest to the fact that you need not feel sorry for Neil and David’s kids nor Elton and David’s son. We grow up to be very happy well adjusted people who go on to raise awesome children of our own. My 3 children have no prejudices because of our family background and that of itself makes any negative experiences I dealt with worth it and then some

denise on

wow, I am always shocked how fanatic American Christians appear to be. Aren’t there any “normal” Christians? I am a Christian but I believe in a loving God who loves all his “children” and what could be wrong about LOVE??? Who cares if a couple is gay or straight? I am sure that God is far above all that, he sees the person. There’s nothing immoral or wrong about love between two adults and I don’t care what their sexual orientation is as long as it’s a mutual decision.

People don’t CHOOSE being gay, people are gay or straight.

Susanna, I really wonder what happens to your very narrow-minded world if one of your kids is gay. Will your kid ever come out of the closet? Or will it lead a life full of lies? For me the latter is a sin. Being gay is not. If my son turns out to be gay, I might be sad that having grandchildren will be more difficult, but I don’t care as long as he is happy.

Why do people bother what the sexual orientation of others is? I know I’m straight, my husband is straight, and with all other people, I just care that they are happy and loved. I wished all loving couples would have a chance of becoming parents.

The worst thing is that those so-called Christians (I’d call the fundamentalists…) are preaching nothing but hate. They don’t preach acceptance or love.

WHY HAS GOD CREATED GAY PEOPLE IF HE DOESN’T LOVE THEM? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure God is above such questions, he loves the person and sees how loving they are. So I’m sure God prefers loving people like NPH to those hateful people like Susanna here.

fuzibuni on

While I don’t agree with Susanna at all, I think those of you who are so self righteously condemning her are in the same boat.

While Susanna believes she is morally superior to gay people, many of you seem to think you are better than Susanna because you have more correct ethics.

If you want other people to practice acceptance and love, start working with yourself first.

Loi on

Yea. Share the baby love… So cute!!! I have a low tolerance for ignorance. I wish negative comments could be banned!!!

jenw on

love is love, no matter who shares it. Those babies are so lucky to have parents that wanted them so much.

Crystal on

@Jordan- Thank you for being so kind even though you disagree. Everyone has an opinion on something that differs from others but we can still all be kind and respectful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jillian on

Catca, no one called her racist. She called herself one. Which is confusing because race has nothing to do with anything. And calling her ignorant is nowhere near as equal to what she has said. I believe people should say her comments are rude and ignorant, but she still by far has the most ignorant comments on here. No one attacked Crystal, who also is against this. Bc she was not nasty.

Crystal, I don’t agree with you, but I like the way you speak and respect everyone.

God is not in ever ones life so people really need to stop throwing him in the ring like he has anything to do with anything.

Sheena on

Nobody has the right to judge nobody, these children will be raised by parents that love and care for them and they very lucky. I am a single mother raising my child by myself do I make you sick too Suzanne cause I would rather have a child by myself then have someone hit me and abuse me. You have no right to judge anybody.

Michelle on

Susanna! What a coincidence! Thinking about all the innocent babies being raised by close-minded bigots like you gives ME a tummy ache.

I guess we both better invest in some TUMS because I don’t think bigots or gays will stop being parents any time soon.

Hea on

Denise – I’ve thought about that too. Seems to be a ton of fundamentalist christians in the US. Scary!

Annie W. on

Think of the yachts and jets! Hysterical. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for certain comments, scary. I thought we were supposed to first love your fellow man. Period.

Steve on

It appears this comment log is filled with Homophobia-phobics. Most of the comments are focused on fear and hatred of Susannah as opposed to the story.

KAT on


Hailey on

Way to go Neil and Elton! I am very jubalent for y’all!
Raising children will fullfill your lives as doting Dads.

May I congradulate your families with all my sincere blessings and love, may Elton John and Partner, Neil & Partner have wonderful Father’s Day of 2012. Enjoy every moment spent together with your children and with each other.

Forget about any negative comments that are hurtful out there, please know that myself and others are of understanding to your own needs and desires as well as people that are straight. It is totally okay. Love, Happiness, peace and blessings always~Hailey