BumpWatch: January Jones Hits the Mat

06/24/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Looks like her new routine has stuck!

Ready for a workout, a pregnant January Jones heads to her prenatal yoga class on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

“I’m just getting started, so we’ll see how it goes,” the X-Men: First Class star, 33, said recently.

Jones, who plays Betty to Jon Hamm‘s Don Draper on Mad Men, is due with her first child in early fall.

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Taylor on

I like January Jones and wish her all the best being a single mother, but do we need a picture of her going to yoga class on here every day?

Jillian on

Thanks CBB, for letting me know that YOU feel after a WEEK, her routine has stuck. There is nothing this page provides us with other than a picture. How do you know it has stuck? This could be her second time going. I am getting sleepy….

Molly on

Jillian, this maybe a new idea for a whiner like you but there are other posts around you can look at. Grow up Jillian or whatever name you claim is your real name this week.

Jillian on

Molly, this may be a new idea for a whiner like you but there is no rule that says you need to read my posts. Funny that you didn’t comment on Taylor’s posts which also says something similar in nature. You seem fixated on me. Whatever floats your boat Molls!

Molly on

Actually Jillian, I admit I do love laughing at your immature whining all the time around here. It’s pathetic. Don’t reply back. You will always make me feel pity for the fact that your life revolves around bashing celebrities.

Molly on

Jillian, I’m tired of your comments. You’re so full of hatred. How do you sleep at night when you are so full of hate? You just whine and bash celebrities.

A on

I really like January as an actress, and I think she’s very pretty and all that, but sometimes I get the feeling that she’s a little like the character she’s playing, Betty, I don’t know, maybe the pictures of her are deceiving, that’s possible because that’s what pictures can do, but I always get a Betty-vibe from her!

JM on

Molly to be fair that isn’t really my experience of Jillian. i don’t know if you have seen posts that I haven’t seen. but generally i would say that hers are amongst the more reasonable and rational here.

i mean sure we all disagree with certain things that celebrities say and do sometimes but i certainly wouldn’t single out jillian as doing it more than anyone else. seems kind of unfair to me jump on her like this. don’t you think?

Jillian on

Thanks JM! Her posts have no truth to them as even here I am not bashing the celebrity but rather the post! Some people should learn to comprehend!! She stalks a majority of my posts. Although, if she agrees with me she says nothing. It cracks me up.

Molly, slow…down…read…comprehend. And tell me a few examples where I have directly shown HATE to a celebrity. Be sure you know what hate means first!

Hea on

That’s not my view of Jillian at all. The only one really whining here seems to be Molly?

Helena on

Jillian does come across as very unpleasant, I wouldn’t say on bashing celebrities, because I’ve never caught that, but on the way she addresses people and expresses her points of view.

Jillian on

And what about Molly, Helena? I sure see a lot of unpleasant comments here and all over!!

JM on

Helena, really? i can’t ever remember experiencing that with her, and i know that she and i have disagreed about things at times, but i always feel i have had a constructive disagreement with her… i really fail to see why she is receiving all the criticism.

Tieraney on

OMG….ladies, please!

Hea on

Helena – Can you give us some examples? Preferably in contrast to what Molly is writing and expressing here, please?

Noneya on

What is this grade school?!? Grow up BOTH Jillian and Molly – the purpose here is not for you 2 to bash eaah other – or is it???