Niki Taylor: Burney Lamar Is the ‘Best Father’

06/24/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
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When Niki Taylor‘s daughter Ciel sees her mom each day, she points and says excitedly: “Baby inside! Baby inside! Mom has to go to the doctor to get it out!”

Now 4½ months pregnant, Taylor, 36, is as excited as the 2-year-old over the news that she and race car driver husband Burney Lamar, 30, will welcome another child this fall.

“Burney is the best father, and I am so blessed to be expecting again,” Taylor tells PEOPLE while in Miami’s Design District Thursday to shoot her advertising campaign as the face of Opustone Natural Stone products.

“Our life is all about family and home, and we love being parents. So we are both super excited.”

Adds Lamar, who joined his wife in the new modern stone showroom: “Ciel loves planes and wants to be a pilot like me. She has also watched me race cars on television and loves the sport. She’s an amazing little girl with a big brain.”

Taylor announced her pregnancy via Twitter last month by posting a photo of herself holding an ultrasound image.

“I announced it by Twitter because I didn’t want a big story about it — I just wanted to share the news myself,” Taylor, also mom to 16-year-old identical twin boys Hunter and Jake, tells PEOPLE. “We are so over the moon!”

The couple are now in the process of building a new house about 20 minutes outside of Nashville, where they are downsizing from their current two-story home on seven acres.

“We decided to simplify our lives now that we are going to have another baby,” Taylor explains. “We are building a one floor farmhouse. And since we mainly use the kitchen, living room and bedroom of our current home, we decided to go smaller this time because it’s more practical. We hope to have it finished before the baby comes in early November.”

Meanwhile, in addition to Taylor balancing her work for Opus, the American Red Cross, and other interests with her family life, both she and Lamar share in the duties of taking Ciel to preschool, where the toddler has made fast friendships.

However, once home, Ciel rules the roost!

“Ciel is a good listener and when she is home, she is the boss of the house,” Taylor laughs. “The boys get a kick out of her, and she keeps us all active with her energy for swimming and swinging. She is amazing and wise beyond her years!”

Taylor believes her family life is solid because she and Lamar blend their different strengths together.

“He is strong in areas where I am weak and vice versa,” she explains. “While we both come from families with parents who are close and have had long strong marriages, we are opposites in certain areas. But we love each other and our kids, and it really works.”

— Linda Marx

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Taylor on

They seem like a nice, strong couple. This baby is going to be just as adorable as Ciel!

Steph on

I am pregnant with my third baby. Before I got pregnant again, I thought of getting a bigger house. Well, after trying to find and sort through old baby stuff, I totally understand the desire to downsize and keep things simple! We only use a few rooms in our house too and it’s definitely not on 7 acres! Niki is still as gorgeous as she ever was!

Mira on

Hmmm, not a flattering picture of her at all.

Ann Marie on

She is looking a little older than her years in this picture. Must be the exhaustion of the first trimester catching up with her.

Shannon on

She sounds so happy. Congrats Niki! I love the name Ciel.

Kresta on

She looks like she is in her forties in this pic.

sat on

She looks great! Such a beauty!

Tee on

I think it’s wonderful that Niki and her family have chosen to downsize and live a more simple life. It’s not something you hear about too often in the Hollywood lifestyle. Congratulations on the upcoming new baby!

Me on

Why not just buy a one-floor farmhouse instead of building one? Reduce your carbon footprint and help a struggling homeowner in the process. So selfish.

Suzy on

Oh no, Kresta, not *gasp* her FORTIES! I don’t agree with you, but even if she did look older than 36, she is still beautiful. Age is just a number…God help you as you age, because it certainly doesn’t sound like you are going to weather it very well.

K on

Totally agree, Suzy! There is no reason that a woman cannot be beautiful at any age. I have always admired Niki and the way she presents herself. Congratulations to her on the new baby.

OSW on

You people have your shallow heads in your arses. This woman was at one time near death from a horrific car accident & has since had over 50 surgeries. She is GORGEOUS – PERIOD.

Get a clue.

Jazz on


Hmmm on

@Me…I get the point you’re trying to make about buying instead of building, but rather than picking on them for wanting to build a house – how about looking at the positive that this will create work for maybe a woodworker or electrician that’s been out of work for the past 2 years? I bet THEY’LL be real happy this couple has decided to build. There’s a positive in this. I’m sorry you’re choosing to single out a negative. Must be sad to go through life like that. Hope your day goes better.

goldilocks on

all i can say is i wish people would stop saying “over the moon”. so overused and ridiculous. i have no interest in this story. nikki taylor is so ’80’s

Siera on

@Jazz. I don’t think being 6 years older than her husband qualifies her to be a cougar. If she was 10-20 years older than him, then she would be a cougar

N on

@Kresta: She has had a lot of hardship in her life. Her younger sister died when she was just a teenager and then she was in a car accident where she almost died. I think there is also a divorce in the mix somewhere there too. She deserves all the happiness she can get!

cn tower on

Thanks Suzy, ITA. Kinda makes you wonder at the mentality (and age!) of some of the people who frequent this site. Just call me 40+ and proud.

Big Bad Bear on

@goldilocks…if you have no interest why did you feel the need to comment?

I think she looks great. She always does.

Liz on

She is an amazing woman. In two years early in her life, she got married, had twins, lost her sister, and got divorced. Most people would have crawled up in a hole somewhere and said, “forget it.” And that was before that horrible car accident. Now she’s happy, and she totally deserves it. I’ve never heard one bad word about her, and she seems to love being a mom. Let her do whatever she wants. It’s her time.

erica on

I have been right next to her in the shoe department at the mall and people, she’s GORGEOUS and she didn’t have a lick of makeup on her. We all age and get older and LOOK older…it’s how it’s supposed to go, people!

Jess on

congrats to her and her hubby…i’m pregnant just like her and wish i could look as beautiful as she does at 36.

Krissy on

Nikki looks beautiful! Anyone dissing her is obviously jealous. I remember seeing a newsflash once where her parents were asking that she be remembered for her kindness etc–she had been near death after an auto accident. So glad she is healthy and happy.

Dina on

‘Ciel’ is a brand of bottled water in Mexico.

Diana on

So happy for her! I remember her and her baby sister Krissy posing in my Seventeen magazine, before Krissy passed. You could see the love between them and I am so happy to see her pass that true love of family onto her own children. Such a beautiful story.

Anonymous on

Niki kicks a*#! She has always exuded a beauty inside and out. Good for her to make a life outside of L.A. and be so happy! And I agree people need to get over the whole idea that you shouldn’t look 40+. We are all living much longer and not everyone wants plastic surgery. If you think aging isn’t acceptable, get out into the real world and get your faces out of the airbrushed magazines, folks!

Heather on

@ Jazz – the term cougar is chauvinistic so we probably shouldn’t even use it anymore. There is no equivalent term for a male who is with a woman 6 years younger than him. Kudos to her for following her heart and not being closed-minded about someone’s age.

Molly on

@Heather, I know its totally not relevant, but the male equivalent of “cougar” is the term “manther”. I wish I was kidding. lol.

On another note, I remember being a kid and seeing Niki all over the teen mags I was reading, and I wished I could be as gorgeous as her. She hardly looks any different more than 15 years later!

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Congrats on baby #4! This is such a great family. Her picture looks a little distorted, but she I’m sure she still looks great!

Stella Bella on

I liked Niki’s hair better when she was in her late teens and it was a more natural color. Always thought the blond washed her out. BUT- she’s gorgeous either way and it’s her hair! Best wishes to Niki and her growing family!