Family Photo: The Preston-Travolta’s Parisian Pose

06/24/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

And they’re off!

After sightseeing with the family on Father’s Day, John Travolta and his crew — wife Kelly Preston, daughter Ella Bleu, 11, and 7-month-old son Benjamin Hunter Kaleo — stick together while leaving the Ritz Hotel in Paris on Thursday.

Looking great, Preston, 48, credits her quick bounce back after baby to one thing: breastfeeding.

“I haven’t been working out. At all,” she said.

“I’ve been lucky because I’ve been breastfeeding so that’s really helped me lose the weight. That really is the secret.”

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Anne on

while she looks okay after having the baby 7 months ago, she doesn’t look THAT stellar.

Ok, ok, credit BF with helping you lose pounds but it will NOT tone you up…sorry, but you do need exercise for that, keep fooling yourselves ladies!

Kerrin on

What a beautiful family! 🙂

Emilia on

They all look really great, and happy. I am so glad for them, I hope they are healing as a family after losing Jett. Kelly looks wonderful – not Hollywood-skinny but like how a normal person might look, and healthy and attractive – I think she has the shape that a lot of men admire!

Poor Ella’s feet! She is only 11. I hope she only had the high heels on for a short time. She does look chic and age-appropriate though.

Brooke on

Let us all not forget that Kelly is almost 50…..I think she looks fantastic!

Kat on

I agree with Anne, breastfeeding can encourage weight loss – but not tone. These celebs aren’t help any other mothers with that tripe. You have to get some exercise in, even if it is just pushing the stroller around the neightborhood. You need to get energized anyway, so you can chase after the little stinkers!

RachelfromBoston on

Kelly is 48 years old, I think she looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 🙂
beautiful family!

Piper on

Okay Anne, keep fooling yourself. Kelly looks great after having her baby!

KLS on

Kelly looks wonderful! I wish them the best and hope Benjamin has healed at a least a little of the hurt that they suffered after Jett’s death.

Marilyn on

I was thinking she looked heavier than usual, but I guess it’s still weight from being pregnant. Benjamin is cute.

Sara on

I think she looks great … for any age! She might look bigger because of chest, since she is breast feeding after all.

But I agree, I’m sick of the ‘breast feeding is the trick’ line.

Cynt on

Why does that 11yr old child have on heels? She looks uncomfortable.

Anonymous on

I breastfed my first daughter a little, my son not at all. I know it can help with weight loss, but lets not forget, exercise and a healthy diet, too. I think walking with the stroller and doing other forms of cardio, along with some weights and eating well really help. Its not rocket science. And lets face it, your body is NEVER the same after you have a baby….you have to work at it…..even after breastfeeding is over.

Leslee on

The girl behind Kelly seems to have shoes very similar to Ella’s. Must be something that age is finding trendy at the moment.

Kelly looks as though she is still BF the little guy which makes her look a bit heavier through the torso. She doesn’t look Hollywood perfect but then again, most of them don’t all the time either.

JM on

cynt, just a really wild guess here, but probably because she wants to. i know some parents do some odd things but ‘I COMMAND you to wear heels’ seems like a pretty unlikely one 😉

Nicole on

She said breast feeding worked for HER, not for all women! Goodness, some people come on here and gripe about the simplest things. She is not telling every woman that breast feeding alone will help them lose weight. Stop taking every word as gold just so you can have something to complain or gripe about. Women should continue to do what works for them.

BTW, she looks great to be 48, there are some women who don’t look that good at 25 after having a baby.

Maria on

so– the big elephant in the room- those John Travolata is Gay and has a million gay lovers all the time rumors? I thuoght those had been proven to be true? Regardless, if he is gay or not- I am happy for their new blessing. Re her weight- whatever! that’s what I have to say. I have a 15 month old and I was skinny minnie before and I am still holding onto lots of the baby weight now and I don’t even care! My husband still thinks I am beautiful 🙂 Anyway, regarding JOhn Travolta- he is totally gay and they are living sort of a facade I think

Jillian on

Cynt, Why? Probably cause she likes them!

Kelly looks beautiful and the family looks great. So happy to see them together full of some joy.

Marie on

I think their new son was born from an egg donor and must resemble them as he looks nothing like Kelly or John

pammy on

There are better pictures up on other sites – and you can definitely see some of John in him, as well as some of Kelly. I am a year older than Kelly – add believe me – if a woman has not entered menopause by this age – she CAN get pregnant. Key word is can – some women can, some can’t. I have personally known too many women who have gotten pregnant naturally in their late 40’s and very early 50’s. Should a woman wait until that age to try and get pregnant for the first time? Definitely not – unless you have seen your doctor and he assures you there is no reason you can’t get pregnant. And who knows, they may even be trying to get pregnant again so Benjamin has a sibling closer in age.

alise on

Wow, Ella is only 11? I thought she was older in those heels.

cara on

Lovely photo, Ella is the image of her Dad.

Tess on

I don’t think Kelly’s figure looks bad; I think it’s the horrible dress that makes Kelly’s figure look bad.

Mira on

Maria, what are you talking about?? I’ve never heard gay rumours about John Travolta. I think you have him confused with his fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise

Dolly on

Mira- There are plenty of legit photos online of Travolta kissing other men on the lips and plenty of gay rumors, just so you know.

JM on

mira, yeah the gay rumours are pretty common knowledge i thought. i don’t know if he’s gay, bisexual or whatever. i don’t really care. as long as he doesn’t criticise homosexuality it’s his business and doesn’t need to be public knowledge.

Tee on

Women can have babies well into their early 50’s. I don’t understand why people are always so shocked when an older woman has a child. The egg donor accusations really bother me. Nothing wrong with going that route but to assume this couple has done so is ridiculous. It’s perfectly possible that they got pregnant on their own.

I think this is a lovely family picture!

AllisonJ on

What a great photo!

When Ben was born, I thought he looked just like John, but he is looking more like Kelly now; a nice blend of them both!

Little Ben is such a blessing!

Elisa on

She should be ashamed of saying that she’s not working out. She should give the exemple for her daughter, Ella is so over weight and she’s only 11!

Elisa on

It’s not the heels that maked Ella look older.

Maddie on

Kelly looks great! They all look great and happy, what a beautiful family.

lisa maxwell on

Theyre a cute family!Ella in heels at 11…big woo! Yes Jr High students like fashion too.I think Kelly looks good to be 48 and had a baby.Yet we all need to workout for health reasons..period!

IndustryKnows on

That child looks nothing like either parent. I don’t know if it’s Kelly’s egg or not, but I can tell you it’s NOT John Travolta’s sperm that made that baby! He was contemplating coming out of the closet, which would have blown the lid off this sham of a marriage, when Kelly went ahead and did IVF on her own. JT was FURIOUS! But, it gave Kelly some press, gave her a little more time to be a public “family” and gave her a child to help heal the loss of Jett (not saying one child replaces another.) I have a relative in the industry and this info is common knowledge to those in the industry…not so much public knowledge. JT has “rent boys” furnished to him on location wherever he goes and Kelly knows about it now and has known about it all along. Jett’s caregiver was one of JT’s lovers and was the most-photographed subject in the “kiss pictures.” JT and Kelly are in a marriage similar to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, a contract marriage to project a desired image and to present a heterosexual relationship. What you see here is what they WANT you to see…it’s not reality, I can assure you of that.

Lydia on

Really Elisa?! You should be ASHAMED of yourself…Ella looks like any normal, healthy weight girl should look…people like you are the reason that girls are starving themselves-it’s sickening. She looks perfectly HEALTHY to me, and that is all that matters at 11 years old. Ugh, just ridiculous. Of course everyone should live a balanced lifestyle with plenty of fruits, vegetables and exercise but to criticize this girl for looking obese, while she is just smiling in a cute outfit in a family photo-awful.

Annie W. on

I’m happy for them. God bless.

Anonymous on

First of all Ella is at an awkward sometimes chunky age…shes fine. In a few years some of the weight will fall off and she will be a knock out. As far as the gay rumors…I don’t believe that…bunk…about Tom Cruise either…and if they were true who cares?

Melanie on

BTW @Anonymous…..i had two children and i went back down to the exact same size after each baby within 2 – 3 months and ^ months after my second child I was the skinniest I have even been so having children does not necessarily ruin your body but I can tell you i did not make a pig of myself while I was pregnant and I only gained between 20 and 30 lbs with each pregnancy…. i think Kelly looks great especially for someone her age and for someone who isn’t bothering with exercise and is simply focusing on being a mother.