Meet Diesel Dean Daigle!

06/24/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

It’sĀ Diesel Dean Daigle! Jennie Finch and Casey Daigle introduce their new baby boy, who arrived Sunday night in California. “Our sweet precious Baby Diesel!” the Olympic softball star, 30, writes. “Thank you all for your sweet prayers. Praise God he is doing wonderful!”

Courtesy Jennie Finch

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Sarah on

When this kid grows up, he’s going to be so mad at his parents for his name.

Sara on

I am definitely not a fan of his name, but he is a beautiful baby!

kendrajoi on

He’s cute!

Sloanesmomma on

Umm he will not be mad at his parents don’t be silly!!

cris on

Congrats to the new parents and big brother!! He is adorable!

Jgirl on

He is beautiful, and so is his name. Jennie, you did a great job, and should be so proud. Enjoy your addition to your family!

victoria on

Oh my goodness what a sweetie!!! love him! he looks so alert for a newborn! I hope jenny and her hubby enjoy their babymoon with this little darling!!

gigimama on

I don’t understand the comments on this thread and all the other baby name threads stating that Apple/Diesel/Bear etc., will be teased on playgrounds and will hate their names.

This is why they won’t be teased on playgrounds: Because Apple’s mom is GWYNETH PALTROW and her dad is CHRIS MARTIN.

If anything, kids and their parents will be extra nice. You know, to get invites to birthday parties. It doesn’t matter what a star names his or her kid. They will be okay.

Additionally: Why care so much? I bet every mother here has given her child a name someone, somewhere, will hate.

Laura on

He is adorable, a really cute baby boy!!

Kyla on

In my opinion, it’s rare babies are “cute” right atfer being born. This little boy is absoutley gorgeous! Just beautiful!

Tee on

Oh my word, what an absolutely beautiful little boy! Congratulations, Jennie and Casey, on the birth of your new son! You are certainly blessed!

Bymz on

Such a cutie! Diesel as a name does not really go down well with me…guess its the reverse 4 the parents! Above all, this lad is handsome! Congrats Jennie!

Shay on

My ovaries totally pinged when I saw this picture!

He is beautiful!

Romy on

cute baby. I hope he is a big, fast, athletic kind of guy when he grows up with that name! Chances are good, but you never know.

Jace on

holy forehead…

Corrie on

@gigimama, I 100% agree with you!

And yes, he is ADORABLE. Most newborns are kind of funny looking, but he is really a beautiful baby!

josy on

Very cute baby! not sure about the name, its not so much that Diesel is well…a fuel…but that along with the middle name and last name its a tounge twister lol.

Anonymous on

im not a fan of the name, but an adorable baby! and ace is beautiful and he will be a great big brother!

Sophie on

@gigimama are you serious? So what you’re saying is that people should be treated DIFFERENTLY because they are celebrities or are the spawn of celebrities (or in this case a not very well known sportsman)?

I think it’s ridiculous to assume or think it’s only fair that kids won’t get teased about their name, like Apple, because their parent’s are celebrities. There is NO hierarchy between children or people based on their ‘famous’ status, and children should not be treated differently because their mother or father is well known. How shallow of you to think that people should treat these celebrity offsprings differently so they can get invited to parties. That is just completely selfish and ingenuine.

Celebrities and non-celebrities have the exact same naming rights, and popularity status has NO SIGNIFICANCE on who can ‘get away’ with naming their child whichever ridiculous name.

Your priorities are waaayyyyy off.

kimmie on

To all those comments about fuel, well, it got the name from a guy’s name called Diesel so shut up. It was a name first. Not the fuel. Its also a popular name in Germany.

Heather Lynn on

Oh my goodness is he precious! Diesel is absolutely adorable! Congrats to the Daigle Family on their beautiful new addition

Angel on

Awww!!!! He is absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats to all of you!!

Jillian on

What a beautiful baby!!

Silly Mama on


No, yeah, he probably will. I’m still kind of cheesed at my parents. My name is . When I sign my name with just my middle initial sometimes, it looks like * A Hole*. There are so many ways to make fun of my name that I’ve lost count and I’ve been very much nonplussed about it since childhood. It may have sounded cute to my parents but it so TOTALLY sucks for me and I’m a tad insulted that they never seemingly though about it. “Gee! Thanks!”

Diesel is kind of cool. Dean is perfectly manly. Daigle (be it DAYgle or DIEgle) isn’t half bad but all three of them together are kind of dopey.

There also seems to be an utter lack, in this day and age, of looking up a name before assigning it to your/our children. There is a local couple with three boys about the same age as my three boys and they inadvertently gave their youngest the same name as the guy that cleans up crime scenes in Pulp Fiction. They hang their heads in shame every time someone brings that up.

That said – I don’t have an easy fix so I should just shut up now, yeah.

Silly Mama on

Oh but I forgot my most important point!!!!

That baby is absolutely adorable! Who cares what his name is! He’s precious!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Cute baby. Prefer his big bro’s name but they obviously like it so that’s what matters – and a healthy baby at the end of it all too of course! Congrats to mum, dad and big brother Ace.

bevvie on

So cute! Congratulations!

gigimama on

@Sophie…you completely missed my point.

Who will be teased on a playground? Apple, the daughter of Gwyneth and Chris OR Apple, the daughter of Bill and Cindy Smith from Toledo, Ohio?

If you don’t think the ~average~ person isn’t starstruck/obsessed with celebrities, you are terribly naive. That’s why People magazine exists.

Apple will never be denied admission into a great school, a part in a play, a position on a sports team. It’s just the way life is. I’m not saying it’s RIGHT or GOOD. She hardly has to worry about her name. Neither do any of the other celebrity babies.

To tease over a person’s name is betraying a certain lack of cleverness or wit. It’s the refuge of a stupid, dull brain.

Fretting over a child being teased about a certain name speaks volumes as well. When a baby name is announced by a celebrity’s PR person, there is a certain pack of ladies determined to rip the name to shreds in the name of decrying all the bullies who will ostensibly torment the child.

I ask: Who is really being the bully? I submit it’s the women who hate a baby name because it could be a target for bullies. It’s just an excuse to do a little bullying of their own. It’s a way to say, “I hate that name!” while looking like a concerned citizen. Shiny halo, batting eyelashes, worried expression, check. Inside beats the heart of an 8-year-old tyrant.

cara on

Beautiful newborn !

JMO on

A beautiful baby for sure! It’s ashame he got stuck with that name though!

JMO on

As far as the teasing if he lives in LA he’ll be going to school with Pilots, Bears, Apples, Petals, Banjos etc so no he most likely won’t get mad fun of for his name. Out of all those names Diesel isn’t a horrible name however kids don’t know about being celebrities so if iou think a child won’t get made fun of (for whatever reason) you’ll be mistaken. It’s not like a 6 yr old will say, “oh can’t make fun of Apple her mom’s an actress and her dad’s lead singer of Coldplay so I better pick on someone else!” lol.

Silly Mama on

My comment got edited and some stuff got removed, presumably because I used some brackets that emulated HTML tags. Basically, my folks gave me a crummy name and the embarrassment has stuck with me all these years.

AllisonJ on

aww….what a cute baby!

Karen on

Handsome little baby šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

Krissy on

Gigimama: don’t explain yourself for Sophie is known on this board to bully others and start verbal fights with a random person for whom she selects. I have read she does it for she has no life.

Watch, she will come after me next. I love when my point is proven correct.

Beautiful baby and he will grow into his names as others do.

Mia on

Adorable Baby!–horrible name.

gigimama on

Good to know, Krissy.

And I feel bad. I was so busy being irritated that people get bent out of shape over baby names that I forgot to say the #1 most important thing:

Diesel is adorable!

Anonymous on

Who names a child after a 19th century fuel? Next baby will be called Kerosene Whale Fat.