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06/24/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

Happy Friday! Here are some links to ease you into the weekend:


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mary on

About the tattoos I was in a similar situation this past October. Our daughter turned 18 for the last few years she had also talked about getting a tattoo. So October comes and she couldn’t get one because of swimming (she was the captain and we were hoping for a scholarship, that came first) so she had to wait till December and all that time I secretly hoped she would change her mind. But She did not.

I had always wanted one myself but never wanted to commit to something so permanent and I wasn’t sure what it is I really wanted either. So when her 18th birthday neared I figured what I wanted only because my daughter knew what she wanted, a butterfly. My mom passed away over 2 yrs ago and she loved butterflies. And the butterfly was a symbolic tribute to her. My daughter got hers in her lower stomach and I got mine on the inside of my ankle so every time I look down I think of her. My daughter didn’t want hers somewhere where it could hinder her ideal dream job working at Disney. Along on this trip was my Aunt, my mom’s sister. She too got a tattoo on her ankle. We had a great time. And we figured if she was going to do this it might as well be done in a store that I did research on and was that I was with her.

Do we have any regrets? NO I am glad I waited and got one that really meant something to me. My daughter? She says no. and I believe her she was very close to my mom and even took classes to help care for her when she was 15 yrs old so the meaning of the butterfly tattoo means something to her as well.

mary on

I would also like to add that Kelly Ripa got her first tattoo in haste after her boyfriend broke up with her, She did just get a second tattoo on her wrist that says Consuelos. I believe she is not opposed to them just don’t get one on haste.

mary on

I can’t believe I responded to the Essay about the tattoo’s on the WRONG around the site. ARGH Just another reason why I should’nt be allowed responding from my phone!!! sorry

Erika on

Haha its okay Mary, I did the same thing a few months ago!

I hope those sextuplets do well! I wish them and their parents the best of luck!

Tink on

Haha Mary, I was so confused there for a moment, wondering what you were talking about!!! but hey, at least we got to read something interesting 🙂