Coco Arquette’s Purple and Blue Hair

06/23/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Credit:X17; VT/DK/Splash News Online

Someone is growing up! Two days before her 7th birthday (June 13), Coco Arquette received the ultimate big girl birthday treat. With mom Courteney Cox‘s blessing, she added blue and purple highlights to her light brown locks, which she debuted in a chic bun at her ballet recital in West Los Angeles on June 18.

Is it possible that Coco is taking style cues from dad David Arquette‘s side of the family? On June 10, her aunt Patricia Arquette was spotted out in Beverly Hills with a full head of purplely-blue hair, pulled back into a ponytail.

TELL US: What do you think of Coco’s new hairstyle? Also, would you add highlights to your little girl’s hair?

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Sara on

It’s kinda cutesy for summer, I guess. I just don’t know why kids want to grow up so fast. I think parents kind of treat them like they are older than they are. Toddlers and Tiaras … now that’s going way too far!

Michelle on

I love it……its only hair. Its not like she’s getting weird piercings or tattoos. Come on….let her have some fun. 🙂 And if it is like the kind I have gotten they wash out. 🙂

Samantha on

I love it I’ve done my girls hair several times if it’s not school time and not overdone I don’t see a problem with it !

Angela on

I have used a 7 day wash out in my girl’s hair. We were colouring our hair for a friend of mine’s little girl, who is loosing hers due to cancer. I let them do it in support for her, as I was doing there’s. I think it is cute, but not sure I would do that kind of colours.

Trish on

She’s a kid having a little fun. It’s not permanent. It’s summer time – let her experiment a little. It’s not that big a deal. 🙂 She looks cute!

Brooke on

She looks sweet. No harm done.

She also looks like a mini Sara Gilbert in these pics!

cris on

I don’t see a problem with her hair, I see a problem that this picture was taken from her ballet recital…

Jen DC on

She’s such a tiny little doll!

I’m with Samantha: School is out and it’s not an all-over, crazy-scary color. *And* it’s her birthday? It’s fine.

Amber on

I’m going to be dyeing my son’s hair this summer. They went and got their hair cut and the stylist spiked it with coloured gel and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. So I told them when school was out I would buy them that spray in dye that come out after a few washes. Its just hair and kids think its neat.

ecl on

I’m not a fan of how it looks, but if my kid wanted it, I wouldn’t object.

Mel on

Pretty cool for her mom to let her do that.
I’m 24 now and was only allowed to get highlights when I was 16.

olivia on

i used to get bingo dapper and put it in my hair like baby spice from the spice girls. i would have benn maybe 6,7 at the time, i loved it. my mom did it for me.

Abby on

With parenting, I believe it’s important to pick your battles…and hair style isn’t safety issue. Personally, it’s not my favorite trend, but if she likes it, then why not?!?

J on

I’ve helped my stepdaughter do this for years (she’s 14 now.) During the school year “unnatural” colors violate her school’s dress-code, but in the summer I’m all for it. We usually do extensions, because they’re less damaging than high-lift bleach. Right now SD has banana yellow streaks in her chestnut colored hair, last year it was bright red. No harm in experimenting — it’s not like it’s permanent.

Bren on

How is putting purple in your hair growing up to fast? To me that says little kid all the way. It’s fun and it’s not like she is asking for blond highlights or black goth hair. Little kids like certain colors and to add it to their hair is a fun thing for summer. Like a prior poster said, pick your battles, it isn’t hurting her and its summer!

Mary on

Robbing a child of childhood should be a crime punishable by law!!! The Toddlers and Tiara thing is WAY BEYOND THE PALE!! The the problem with any child of any age is they don’t stay that age long enough. Why on earth does ANYONE push adult looks and choices on CHILDREN???

Kay on

@Mary… coloured hair like this is very childish. In fact, a few of my sales associates have shown up for work with coloured steaks and I’ve always told them it’s not appropriate because it looks childish. While I agree that Toddlers in Tiaras is way over the top and horrible Coco having a few little highlights is certainly not outside the funny of childhood. If it was a perm or if she had her hair relaxed that would be a different story but this looks plenty childish to me!

Kat on

it looks like it was done with wash-out, and probably for the recital (sometimes things like that are done for dance performances)… it looks age-appropriate, so I have no issue with it.

meghan on

Purple streaks are hardly Toddlers and Tiaras territory, Mary. If anything purple and blue sound like a very childish whim to me. Moist people outgrow those whims as they get older. If Courtney or David were taking her for bleach blond hair and extensions or spray tans or to the doctor for botox, you would have a case. This looks like semi-permanent wash-out dye for the summer months that will be gone as soon as she loses interest in them.

At seven, she is old enough to have a say, as long as the circumstances are appropriate for her and her parents. As opposed to Gwen’s kid, who I don’t believe for a second says “Mommy bleach part of my hair and dye the rest black! And while you’re at it, paint nails!”

J on

I don;t get why the first couple comments are getting sort of defensive and sticking up for the hair coloring when nobody is saying anything bad about it. It’s cute on her.

Molly on

That kid looks every inch an Arquette! Too cute. I think the hair is adorable – heck, I wish I could pull it off.

cn tower on

Good point, Meghan. While she is definitely old enough to have her own preferences and input on what she wears, does with her hair etc., I think it’s highly improbable that Gwen Stefani’s boys ask for nailpolish or for their hair to be bleached.

Based on my experience (son & daughter) boys are less inclined to be interested in fashion or care that they are wearing a particular brand of clothing.

Jillian on

I think I may go get my hair that color! Way too cute! I have no issues with any child having their hair dyed as long as it’s safe, including Kingston! Children can get their hair dyed blonde, blue, purple, etc and have it be done temporailly and safely!!

Devon on

My mum and her best friend used to dye my hair and the hair of my mum’s friend’s daughter during the summer. We both went for purple. My hair is dark brown so it came out more red and on my friend’s hair, she was blond so it was REALLY purple! It was a lot of fun and it was something we did during the summer. It’s only hair and it grows back. Having a few pieces dyed during the summer, or any time of the year really, isn’t a crime.

Nicole on

I personally wouldn’t let my daughter dye her hair like that but every parent is different. Maybe in junior high but not that young. Let kids be kids, after all, she has the rest of her life to dye her hair.

K on

I think this is a great idea! I’m not a parent, but I wonder if putting too many restrictions on your child from a young age could cause them to lash out. I witnessed a few of my friends doing this as they grew older – they could not wait to do everything their parents said they couldn’t do! I think permanent highlights and loads of makeup may have been “too grown up”, but as others stated, these colors are whimsical and have a bit of a childish appeal.

MissMel on

@Meghan: I can’t say anything about the hair, but it wouldn’t surprise me for a minute if Gwen’s boys DID ask to have their nails painted. For starters, kids that age don’t realize that boys aren’t “supposed” to wear nail polish, so if they see Mommy putting it on and they like the colors or the fact that it’s shiny, they might very well ask for it. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen their dad in nail polish over the years, so to them it’s probably not a weird thing at all.

stacy on

To each their own. My rule is that they need to be older, but the clip in kind is fine. Always nice to have something to look forward to. Our friend’s daughters have done it, and they need to strip or bleach the hair. When it looses it’s color (theirs did in about 2 week, it has a white streak for awhile, which isn’t cute.

Tee on

I guess I’m in the minority, but I don’t like this. At all. I don’t even like it when adults dye their hair but for a child to do it? No, I don’t care if it washs out. Why are we teaching our children that their body needs improvements over the way that God made them?

I know that most people don’t agree with me and that’s fine. I don’t stand in judgement of people that do things this way. I just don’t understand it and I’ll admit that it bothers me a little. I don’t like the message it sends to kids.

Coco is a beautiful little girl! It sounds like she really enjoys her ballet classes!

JM on

Tee, not everyone believes in god.
that is all.

Meela on

I say YEAH to the people who say it is summer time and let the kids have FUN!

My daughter attends a private school and has to be “proper” if you will so she just added BLUE streaks to her hair and it looks cool!

Once school rolls around it will GO!!!

AmandaK on

There’s many washout dyes and most funky colored dyes are derived from vegetables and are totally safe. She’s just a child having fun, it’s not like she got plastic surgery! She’s a beautiful little girl whether she has colors in her hair or not.

Jenner on

I think this streaking and feathers in the hair is absolutely hideous, no matter how old the hair fashion victim.

anon1 on

Meghan- while i am not a parent yet i have babysat a lot of different families. one in particular had a son and daughter, when the daughter would put make up on and dress like a princess the son would want to do the same thing as his sister. he was young and just thought it was fun to do this with his sister, i have no doubt he would have put nail polish on as well if it was what his sister was doing as well.

Robin on

Am I the only one who thinks that this is a very unattractive child, regardless of the hair color?

JMO on

As long as it’s washable – no harm done!!

Kids like to have fun and explore as long as they’re not putting themselves in danger or others let them have fun. It’s really no different then nail polish or ear piercing it’s just about expression.

Barbi on

JM, precisely the reason this world is the way it is. I don’t feel little boys should wear nail polish nor little girls were hair dye so young.

Jillian on

Jm, exactly!!

Lauren on

Ok, so if washable hair dye is allowed and considered acceptable, then makeup on a child should be allowed too? Right? I mean, it’s washable, its fun! “Let them explore” It’s summer! No harm done? Correct?

Jillian on

Barbi, I am confused. You are blaming the way the world is because pl don’t believe in god?

Lauren, whatever floats your boat! I think there is a time and place for everything and of course done in moderation. I don’t think you should be able to look at a picture of a child and notice her wearing more makeup as her mom or as many adults. But that’s my opinion.

Elisabeth on

When I was a kid I would have loved this! Unfortunately, not all kids can use the washable stuff – my natural hair color is very dark brown, I was always so jealous of my blonde friends! I certainly wasn’t allowed to bleach my hair so young.

Bree on

My mom and I would henna our hair together all the time when I was a kid, it was safe harmless fun for me. I am not to sure about the whole chemical dye stuff just because kids hair tends to be alot more delicate in my experience (I worked in a hair salon for kids) but who I am to judge, I have dyed my hair in a very similar style and loved it and if I didn’t have a professional career to worry about now I probably would again and might while I am on maternity leave just for the fun of it.
To me it isn’t saying your body isn’t perfect the way it is, I don’t see that at all, it is a fun expression of individuality. It’s not like they are taking her to get tattoos (Although Henna tattoos on kids are so much fun for them!!) or crazy piercings. Let her have some fun 🙂

Molly on

Barbi, I think you need to accept that not believing in a God doesn’t make someone bad. Did you ignore everything in history class when it came to religion?

I think it’s fine. Let kids be kids.

MiB on

I’d say purple streaks is pretty childish. When my brother was 5 or 6, he would spend 15 minues or so every morning spinking his hair with coloured gel or spraying it with blue, red or green coulour spray, and guess what, he did it on his own accord, no one forced him, and I’m quite sure no one inspired him to do so.

JM on

thanks Jillian the usual voice of reason.

barbi i don’t know what you mean by “the way the world is”. are you suggesting it’s a bad thing that some people don’t believe in god? this should be an interesting argument as i cannot possibly imagine a single reason why it would be a bad thing… strange….

Angi on

I imagine the dye was kid friendly and will probably wash out. I think she looks like a little fairy princess.

JMO on

Lauren when I was little I played with makeup all the time! Yes no harm done! It washed off my face and I never wore it outside the house! As an adult I barely wear any makeup so no really harsh effects there!

Kids put wash out dye in their hair for halloween but I guess that’s okay bc it’s a “holiday”.

I don’t like when kids grow up too fast either. If Coco is walking around in a midriff with a nose piercing then yeah I’d have to say that’s crossing the line. We used to use koolaide to make our hair fun colors as kids! It was completely innocent. Honestly I believe that when you deny your kids things (of course within reason) they then turn out to rebel as teens. That’s JMO of course.

Lilianne on

I think the hair is fine. It is only hair. It will grow back or out or whatever. It’s not like she wanted to have the word “satan” shaved into the back of her head. As for the make up…she is at a ballet recital. As with any stage performance, make up is worn to make the person’s features stand out to those in the audience. People spend WAY too much time picking apart what other people do. Sometimes there is a good reason for something you are finding fault with.

Tee on

JM, that’s very true. So let me rephrase. Why are we teaching our children that their body/appearance needs improvement?

danielle on

i agree with abby..pick your battles..this is a little fun over summer. if she wanted to pluck her eyebrows, wear makeup everywhere or shave her legs then i think thats a battle to fight….most of us like to go to the hairdresser for our birthday. i remember i use to always get a cut and 2 or 3 highlights for my birthday growing up…it always made my birthday special.

brannon on

So following some of this reasoning … a lack of a belief in God leads to painting little boys nails. Interesting.

Personally, I think everything about this is childish. I am sure she loved it and felt extra sparkly for a day. I do not believe it sends a message resulting in a negative image of ones self … no different than getting dressed up once in a while or wearing a costume. If you can’t be silly at 7 …

Jillian on

Why are we teaching our children that their body/appearance needs improvement?

Tee, Who is doing that? I don’t see anyone here doing that…..unless I missed a comment. If a child wants to paint their nails or dye their hair, that is a wonderful way for them to express themselves or in some cases, show off there favorite color!

JM on

🙂 basically jillian said it for me. but my kids have put spray colour in their hair and painted their nails (boys AND girls, oh how shocking). and at no point was it because i thought they looked better, it was because they asked me to do it.
surely by that logic when you let your kids dress up as fire fighters, knight, princesses, police officers, animals etc. you’re saying that they look better dressed up? well obviously that’s ridiculous you’d say, they’re doing it because it’s fun for them. it’s not like that bottox mother, or parents who enter their kids into beauty paegents. THAT i feel is absolutely morally wrong. but this is just a bit of harmless fun.

Tee on

Jillian, I wasn’t referring to a specific comment, just the overall concept of hair dye, make up, nail painting and whatnot. I know my opinion of this is not popular and that most people disagree with me. That’s fine! One of the great things about being an adult is being able to discuss things like this politely and respectfully. I do not agree with doing any of these things. Why would anyone… especially a child… feel the need to change something about their body? For example, little Coco has beautiful hair! Why would she or her parents feel the need to change it’s color? Even if it is just temporary, I don’t agree with sending the message to a child that their body isn’t good enough the way the Lord created it.

Now, the one “exception” to this is something that would be health related. But no person suffered due to the color of their hair. I know my beliefs are extreme and I’m glad to talk about them if anyone wants to further engage in this conversation. I don’t stand in judgement of what other people do to themselves or their child. I just don’t agree with it.

JM on

Tee i think you’re missing an important point. i don’t tihnk that coco is dying her hair because she, or anyone else thinks there is something wrong with her hair or that she would look better with purple hair. she is only doing it for fun. it is entirely innocent. like putting on a silly hat or playing dress up…..

Jillian on

Tee, the point I was trying to convey is that Coco dying her hair is not to enhance her looks, it’s for fun. No one is sending the message that the body isn’t good enough. And again, not everyone believes in god, jesus, the lord, etc. This is pure fun like Halloween!! It’s not about body image and changing what you were born with. If you change what you are born with, that would be permanent, in my mind in eyes. Ppl like to do fun things on a temporary basis. And she didn’t change anything about her body…….it is still the same!!

Tee on

JM and Jillian, I understand and respect where both of you are coming from. I just have to politely disagree, that’s all. I realize that it’s just temporary, of course, but that doesn’t change the fact that this child is changing her appearance and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

I’ll tell you this. I kind of expected to get attacked for my opinion and ya’ll have been very polite. I really appreciate that because the commenters on this website are not always polite.

Jillian on

Thanks Tee! Right back at ya!

Molly on

People need to relax and unclench, it’s just hair!

Cali on

Looks trashy on a 7 year old.

Nikib on

Really people, there is nothing harmful done here. It isn’t anyone’s business but theirs. Doesn’t everyone have something to worry about or concern themselves in their own lives rather than being judgmental of others!

ally on

Hair dye comes with allergy warnings.A childs scalp is going to be sensitive. I think its stupid these parents letting kids grow up too quick, letting them dress like adults and weaing make up. She is going to be another spoilt brat who wants her own way when older. What next cosmetic surgery for birthday.