Curtis Stone, Lindsay Price Expecting First Child

06/23/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

There’s a bun in the oven for Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price.

The Top Chef Masters host, 35, and actress, 34, are expecting their first child together, the couple confirm to PEOPLE.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be starting a family together,” Stone tells PEOPLE. “We are over the moon.”

The celebrity chef and Price, who most recently appeared on Love Bites, Eastwick and Lipstick Jungle, have been dating since 2009.

“She is a real sweetheart and I am lucky to have found her,” the celebrity chef told his native Australia’s Herald Sun earlier this year. “It has been awesome.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Blaine Zuckerman

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Kelly on

that will be one beautiful baby!!

Michelle on

Lucky Lucky girl. 🙂 🙂

Megan on

Wow I didn’t even know they were together–let alone for two years…haha Congrats to them on their coming bundle of joy 🙂

Cecelia on

Where have I been? I had no idea they were even dating. Either way, congratulations to the both of them! I’m sure he or she will be one beautiful, well-fed little one.

Megan on

WOW I had no idea they were even dating…lol where have i been the last two years haha Congrats to them on their coming bundle of joy =)) Baby will be gorgeous no doubt =)

Meela on


Curtis how could you, I have LOVED you since Take Home Chef!!!!

You seem like too much of a gentleman to be somebody’s “Baby Daddy”!

You would make a much better husband, mine but if we can’t, be happy!

Taylor on

I had no clue they were together! That’s gonna be one gorgeous baby, and I bet the food in that house is amazing! 🙂 Congrats Curtis and Lindsay!

Jhelum on’s funny I always had a crush on Curtis and thought he was gay…he’s just so beautiful! Obviously I never knew he was dating Lindsay Price…huh…lucky woman!!!

Congrats to both of them…that’s going to be one gorgeous baby!

AmandaK on

Congrats to them! I didn’t know they were together either. What a stunning couple they make!

Krissa on

Whoa. That came out of left field!
Didn`t know they were together!
Congrats to them both!

Gigi on

Cute couple! congrats.

erica2 on

The take home chef is so hottttt lindsey is one lucky girl…Congrats and best wishes on a healty baby

Grace2 on

Swoon! I love Curtis. Congrats to him and his partner.

Indira on

thought he was gay.

Elena on

LOVE them both!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! That’s gonna be one GORGEOUS baby!!!!!

Sarah S. on

Congrats to the handsome Aussie chef and beautiful lady. I don’t know who she is, though… 🙂

Noelle on

Add me to the “WHOA” list…I had no idea they were together.

Jillian on

So excited for the two of them!! I have been so happy for them. He talks about her in the highest regard and is so in love with her it melts my heart!!

Renee on

congrats to them! Lindsay was a child actor and I knew her from her stint on 90210 in the late 90s. always loved her! That will be one beautiful kid!

stephanie on

She use to be on the soaps and he is a chef did no they was and item weird pair GOOD LUCK

LR on

I didn’t know they had been dating either! Love both of them and I am so happy to hear this news. It will be a gorgeous baby for sure!!

ang on

I am Australian and I had no idea they were a couple lol. loved lindsay on 90210 years ago congrats to them!

TM on

I loved him on Take Home Chef! That is going to be one gorgeous child!

Nancy on

She has been on a couple of more unknown series like Coupling and Eastwick. She was one of the 3 main girls on Lipstick Jungle. She was also dating Rob Buckley for a while who is now on One Tree Hill. I will always remember her from being Steve Sander’s girlfriend on 90210. Then they got married and had a baby on the show.

Ava marcel on

OMG…..! First of all….Noooo!! I Have a huge crush on Curtis! I really loved him on take home chef! And yes of course….Congrats to the couple!! Have a happy and wonderful life ahead! 🙂

Serena on

Lindsay is one lucky lady!! He is one fine man.

Jen DC on

Here is a humorous fist shake and a “damn her!” Totally thought he was single and had NO IDEA where she’d gotten off to since her last show was cancelled or whatever.

Wow – congrats!

cindy on

what a beautiful baby!!

Meems on

I had no idea they were dating… Hopefully the baby doesn’t get her “new” teeth… (joke I know it can’t happen)… But this will be a cute baby.

I wonder if he’ll still be on The Biggest Loser?

dsfg on

I’m pretty sure her parents are brother and sister, or am I thinking of a different actress?

Brooklyn on

I didn’t even know they were together! Anyways, Congrats to them!

Hi on

dsfg – No, I think you’re right. Her grandparents adopted her mom from Korea when her dad was a little boy.

Despite the awkwardness of that situation, I think that having been together since childhood when you have a baby is better than having been together two years when you have a baby, but that’s just my opinion. Congratulations to them.

Jillian on

Lindsay’s mother, who is supposedly adopted by her paternal grandfather, married her grandfather’s biological son.

Hi, What is wrong with being together for two years and having a baby? Or maybe I am confused by what you said….. How does time define when a baby should be brought in the world? When is the right time to have a baby?

Becky on

Color me green with envy..I too have loved him since Take Home Chef..Congrats to them…One lucky baby and one super lucky woman…

Michele on

I met Curtis this spring and was lucky enough to have a dish of pasta he personally prepred. Being pregnant myself (and starving!) it was honestly one of the best things I have ever eaten 🙂 I’m so very happy for both of them!!

Hi on

Jillian – There’s nothing wrong with having a baby after two years. If two people decide they’re in love and want to be parents together, it doesn’t matter how long they’ve known each other.

My comment was based in a few stories I’ve heard of people marrying or having a child with someone they’d only known a year or two and later regretting it.

However, neither Curtis nor Lindsay appear to be the regrettable type, and I’m sure that they and their baby will be very happy together for a very long time.

Leah on

That baby will be so gorgeous:) Congrats to them – no idea they were together!

shalay on

My mouth literally dropped open when I read this headline. I had no clue they were dating! I’ve liked Lindsay since she was on 90210. She always seemed so sweet. And Curtis? Hot damn, he’s a fine looking man. I can barely even concentrate when watching him on Top Chef (and on Take Home Chef, back in the day). His good looks and Australian accent are just so sexy. What a great couple! Congrats to them!

Jillian on

Hi, Gotcha! I misunderstood what you were saying, my apologies. I do agree with you that there are many couples who rush having a child. Breaks my heart because the child ends up losing and getting hurt in the end.

Capri on

Wow, no clue they were together either lol…..going to be one beautiful baby, CONGRATS!!!!!

Shannon on

Nooooooooooooo Curtis was supposed to be mine! lol


Buffy on

The one thing I’ve always admired about Curtis Stone is although he is approachable he is a private person. It may seem quick to some but, the heart wants what the heart wants (They started dating in March 2010.)

I’m just glad that he chosed a mature woman and not some edgy twenty-something, Hollywood flavor of the month to have a child with. Ms. Price has been married before and seems grounded. Best wishes to them both.

Lori on

Wow! Love them both! How did they keep this under wraps for 2 years??? Unfortunately, the paparazzi will now follow them everywhere! Best wishes to this fantastic couple! That is going to be a stunning child!

Mel on

Damn.. I was hoping I could have his baby..

Sus on

Beautiful couple!! Congrats!

samantha on

I am thrilled to learn that they are a couple!! Lindsay’s been a favorite since the soap opera days and I just adore Curtis!!(he’s a favorite chef of mine!!) How fabulous that they have each other!! Congratulations and much happiness!!

FC on

Wow, I didn’t even know Curtis and Lindsay were together. But best wishes to them on the pregnancy! I can’t wait to hear more on them. 🙂

Sarah on

Curtis is lovely, I met him on a tv commercial shoot in Sydney (where I live) he is gorgeous and charming – no chance that he is gay! Just a handsome Aussie guy and surprising tall. Good luck to them both!

Terri on

I feel the same way, Shannnon, he was supposed to be mine!

Ashley on

I Soooo Love How In Love They Are..I Bet They Are So Excited…Congrats To Them !!!!

Anonymous on

lots of luv 2 Curtis and Lindsay
congrats on the baby guys