BumpWatch: Selma Blair – California Roll

06/22/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
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Konnichiwa, Selma Blair!

The actress, who turns 39 on Thursday, doesn’t let a growing bump slow her down, layering a colorful kimono over a gauzy sundress for a Monday outing in Westwood, Calif.

Blair is due to deliver her first child with boyfriend Jason Bleick in early July.

“She feels great. She’s getting very close to the end,” pal (and fellow expectant mamaAli Landry tells PEOPLE.

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Patrice on

Looks kind of like a bathrobe over a nightie, but if she likes it-more power to her. She certainly looks happy.

Tess on

What is konnichiwa?

I don’t like the outfit, but it’s probably comfortable.

TM on

I think the author of the story meant, Konnichiwa. It means “good afternoon” in Japanese.

Jenny on

She is definitely near the end that’s for sure… I give her 2 weeks tops. She looks great…but ready to pop!

Maggie on

Konnichiwa is good afternoon in Japanese, as mentioned. Probably a play on her outfit since she’s wearing a Japanese kimono. Interestingly it is often spelled “konichiwa” but I was told that’s incorrect and it’s with the two “n’s” as seen here.

Selma looks so happy and like she’s ready to pop!

Emily on

I think her outfit is great actually. Looks comfy and stylish.

Some celebrities seem like they are pregnant forever, but I think her pregnancy seemed to go fast! Good luck to her.

Maryanne on

I am glad it isn’t the super long dresses she has been wearing lately. I am always worried someone will trip on those especially pregnant. She looks great.

ForeverMoore on

Love her sandals! I can’t believe she is 39…there is no way!

Tee on

Wow, she is looks wonderful! It takes some serious talent to look so nice and cool at the end of a pregnancy in late June! I can’t wait to hear when the baby comes!

Lauren on

I think she has had more articles written about her now than she ever did when she was not pregnant. I don’t care for the outfit or the hair. She looks too frumpy. Of course she is ready to pop very and does need to be comfortable, but still. I don’t think this is news worthy.

Tink on

Um Lauren, this is a celebrity BABIES site, so its kind of a no brainer to work out that she wouldn’t have had any coverage before she was pregnant. And this whole site, every section of PEOPLE, has nothing to do with news or information that is ‘news worthy’, its a tabloid…

KikiOttawa on

Good grief! Is she still pregnant? What is she now, 14 months along?

She looks great though . . .

Lauren on

OK, ok good point Tink. I like the part where you say that many of the articles on People are not news worthy anyway regardless if we turn to the Babies section or not.

On that note, I wished this Babies section would focus more on other pregnant ladies that are more fascinating like Alyssa Milano. I feel that Pink, Tori Spelling and Selmar Blair look for the paparazzi to take pictures of them; hence the reason for so many photos of them on this board.

Jillian on

I agree with you that I wish they would put stories instead of picture after picture of pregnant celeb. I haven’t learned anything new on here about Selma in months but I keep seeing her. They are now doing that with January Jones. If it’s one picture here or there or something exciting fine, but how many pregnant photos of her do we really need?

Audrina on

I say boy thats what I have been saying this whole time.