Meet Willow Sage Hart!

06/22/2011 at 08:30 AM ET
Baby As Art

Like mother, like daughter.

When Pink and Carey Hart‘s daughter Willow Sage posed for her first family photo shoot on June 9 when she was just one week old, she didn’t miss a beat.

“Willow is a pro!” Pink, 31, tells PEOPLE. “Or else she is borderline narcoleptic like her daddy — she slept the whole time.”

All kidding aside, the Grammy-winner and her motocross-champ husband of five years, 35, are relishing their new roles as parents following Willow’s birth on June 2.

“You hear people say it all the time, how life changes so drastically. But you can’t possibly grasp how beautiful that is until you have your child,” says Pink.

For more on Pink and Hart’s experiences as new parents, Willow’s birth story and the meaning behind her name — plus more family photos — check out the new issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday.

— Marisa Laudadio

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Natasha on

Such a gorgeous family ! Beautiful picture

Hillary on

That is such a sweet picture. I wish them all the best with their beautiful baby.

Erika on

She is a BEAUTIFUL baby! That is such a gorgeous picture!

Jordan on

What a beautiful photo! Although I have to say I didn’t think they’d ever show her off in such a way.

Janine on

gorgeous photo!

Hayley on

This is the baby I have been dying to see!!!! She is beautiful and I am so happy for them!!!

steph. on

pink looks sooo happy, that’s great

Amanda on

Wow, I really thought we’d see Mariah Carey’s twins before we saw Pink’s baby!

They look happy though, hard to tell who she looks like quite yet which is pretty normal for a 1 week old.

Maggie on

I’m surprised they introduced her so soon too, but now that I think about it, they seem like a couple that likes to be out and about living their life, so it’s probably the best decision so the paparazzi don’t go crazy trying to get that first picture. Now they don’t have to worry about it.

LOVE the photo and Willow is darling. Also, um … how hot is Carey?!

Jess D on

So excited to see this pic. What’s wrong with the way they have done it. It’s a beautiful photo, and everyone looks so happy. I would do it the same way if I were in their shoes.

Perfect willow! What a lucky girl you are πŸ™‚ love from aus!

Liz on

What a gorgeous photo! They look so proud and happy!!

AmandaC on

What a beautiful picture! Momma & Papa look so happy, congrats!

K on

What a great photo! Pink looks gorgeous. Both parents are just glowing!

Valerie on

What a great picture! Pink, you done good, and you look so happy being a mom.

fuzibuni on

aw! Willow is so cute! Pink and Carey look great too.

I love the way they have the baby posed with her hands and feet crossed πŸ™‚

Kim on


Lady on

Aww I love this picture, so cute!!

Mom Of Twins on

A beautiful blessing.

Lynn on

Congrats….she is beautiful and enjoy every moment.

Monica on

She’s lovely!

sarawara on

What a stunning photo! Congratulations Carey & Alecia!

Jen DC on

Pink looks ecstatic – as well she should. Such a sweet picture. Look at Willow’s little hands, all folded over!

Kristen on

Yes! She is beautiful and so is this picture! I am glad that they have released a picture, maybe the paps will back off now. And if there is more to the story then that means that there is finally a reason to pay for an issue People magazine! I can’t think of the last time I’ve done that.

Thank you to the Hart family for releasing this picture and letting us in, if only just a little, on your new journey!

AllisonJ on

What a great photo! Little Willow looks so content. Pink has that new-mom “glow” – she just looks so happy, and so does Carey. Best wishes to them on their new baby girl!

Shannon on

I love this pic so much! Adorable! And probably wise to do it so the paps don’t go crazy and put their safety at risk.

Kelly on

I have been so anxious to see this family!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!

Amit on

Beautiful photo, they look happy and the baby is adorable… I actually got teary πŸ™‚

torgster on

Sweet! Look at Willows’ chubby cheeks. Love her, and her parents!

Erika on

I personally like when celebs release their own first picture of a baby, rather than paparazzi pictures. This looks more calm and is a better picture than any paparazzi could get IMO. Plus it makes people less curious if they have already seen a picture!

A. on

She is so cute! πŸ™‚

Tina on


I loooove Pink’s hair! πŸ™‚

Dawn on

There she is!! β™₯ I’m thrilled for Pink n Carey, and doesn’t Pink look like that baby weight melted off already?! Sweet.

Melissa on

What a gorgeous picture!!! I hope they frame this one, hell I want to frame it and stick it on my wall and I don’t even know them lol

MariBy on

Many congrats to a lovely family πŸ™‚

ps- the pic reminded me of Annie Leibovitz’s famous photos of babies

Sarah S. on

Sooo precious!! πŸ™‚

Lisa on

I love this picture, thanks Hart family for sharing it with all of us.

I absolutely love the way their hands intertwince embracing Willow’s bottom, gorgeous!

Marsha on

Willow’s so adorable & I love her name. This is one of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen of a newborn and parents.

p2skidoo on

What a great first picture of the three of them. They look so happy, and the baby so content. Thanks P!nk and Carey for sharing your love with us.. wishing only the best for them.

Amanda on

one of my favotrite celebrity baby introudction/first family photo!!! sooo precious!

Indira on

The pic is cute. They didn’t seem like the type of people to sell their story to people magazine.

Shalyn on

What an amazing picture! Baby Willow is absolutely beautiful!

Theresa on

@Maggie- I agree, cute baby but WOW!!! Carey is smokin’!

Hen on

They look so proud! She is a cutie. As far as people being negative because they are on the cover of a magazine. when my children were born, I was so happy and proud, of course I think they are the cutest most brilliant kids ever, like all parents do. if a magazine wanted to feature them as newborns, for sure I would have done it! I’m glad Pink and Carey did this. It’s what we all want to see and they did it on their terms.

Lau on

Cuuute photo! They look and sound so happy, I’m really glad for all three of them β™₯

seila on

she’s so cute, love the family!

Dee on

I thought my own kid brought warmth to my heart…I dont know Pink or Carey personally but I know this picture touched my heart.

I remember watching the Grammy’s and seeing her perform that very emotional number and seeing her here now as a mom…..awesome!!!

CONGRATS to them both, Willow is GORGEOUS!!!

Paige on

Beautiful family. Willow is precious.

B.J. on

Beautiful baby with the most beautiful name!!

Terri on

Pink looks very pretty.

kimmie on

i dont like htey are holding the baby so low. i would hold mine closer to chest.

sky on

i like the composition of the picture. pink looks happy and good, but carey’s tats are way too much. he looks like a gang guy.

Mia on

Pink looks so relaxed + soft–I think the baby looks a little more like her…but might change when she gets a little older.

Shannon on

u have so beautiful daughter… she is so adoreable ! Congrats with ur new baby.. hope everything great with willow !

sara on

look at her mom and dad so we all knew she was going to be so cutie!! anyway enjoy ever min you can with her cuz they fly by fast!!!cant wait to see the next kid yall have lol

pia on

love this pic.. very sweet.. i love willow’s little legs and feet!! gawd, makes me ALMOST want another baby… not quite tho so everyone can rest easy….

Niche on

Cute little Willow! Equally cute family picture.

I do wonder though… Why do people complain about some celebs that sell the baby’s photo and celebrate others as “such a good idea… so the paps don’t hound them”?

And other complaints surround family photos or pregnancy photos… some celebs get a “pass” while others are “raked over the coals” lol.

Just an observation…

Traci on

I’ve always liked Pink. She’s an “AWESOME” singer. Willow Sage is beautiful and I know Pink will be a gret mom.

Taylor on

Carey is delicious! Pink looks so happy and glowing, and that baby is SO adorable! Now I just want to see Mariah and Nick’s twins πŸ™‚

Molly on

Beautiful picture and I agree with Pink, Willow already poses like a pro πŸ™‚

Brooklyn on

She’s adorable and what a great photo too!

pammy on

Most of the celebs who “introduce” us to their babies this way – have a special charity or cause that greatly benefits from these pictures. I can’t imagine too many celebs keeping that money for themselves.

Adorable picture of the three of them. Best wishes to all of them.

Anonymous on

she is beautiful and you look great PINK

Tee on

This is such an amazing photo! Thank you so much, Pink and Carey, for sharing a photo of your sweet daughter with the public.

You know what I love? So often celebrities decide to do a photoshoot with their baby for magazines wth the sole purpose of “getting that first picture out there” in the hopes that the paps will leave them alone. Pink and Carey decided to photograph their baby and allow the world to meet her but it wasn’t for that reason. After all, we’ve seen baby Willow out and about at least twice already! I love that they want to show their baby off to the world, let everyone have a glimpse into their life, without the alterier motive of avoiding the paps. And I, for one, can’t WAIT to read her birth story. I love reading birth stories. (For anyone, not just celebrities!)

Toya L. on

@niche, I agree, somehow I cant see these comments being the same if this was a certain pop star’s first family photos. Anyway, I think its a great idea for celebs to introduce the first photos to the world vs a pap getting money for the first photos. Mrs. Willow is as pretty as I thought she would be. Beautiful family and pics. I bet it’d be cool to have them as parents!

VictΓ³ria on

beautiful family!
she is really cute!

Irene on

Omg I absolutely LOVE the photo!! Congrats to Pink and Carey. Baby Willow is ADORABLE!! πŸ™‚

Janeen on

Pink you look gorgeous!!!!! What a beautiful girl, beautiful family.Britt and Carrie your photography is stunning!

Amandak on

Stunning pic of their family! You can just see the happiness radiating from the new parents.

Corrie on

That picture actually made me “awwwwww” out loud! I love them.

holrk on

I never comment on pictures, but this one is just beautiful! What a happy little family.

Crystal on

This is a truly BEAUTIFUL picture of their little family!!! I love the pose! It’s like the are now a complete family of 3!! Congratulations Pink and Carey on Willow. She is a doll for sure! Treasure these moments because they go by wayyy tooo fast!!

marylittlelamb on

so presh. look at that baby striking a pose!

Kim K on

Love, love, love. Beautiful Pic my Philly girl. Best to you and your family!

Kim on

Thats such a beautiful photo shes a gorgeous sweet contented little cherub!

Angela on

Pink is so classy. This is a beautiful picture. Their baby is gorgeous. So happy for this wonderful family!

NickyAngel on

Willow is big πŸ™‚ and so cute. Beautiful family picture.

Abbey on

How adorable is this pic??? That is a truly beautiful family.

Here is a letter that Pink wrote about why they choose to release Willow’s pic and how they feel about the paparazzi following them to try and get a pic of her.

Donna on

Congrats to you both,, Now your family is complete, Alicia you look great you look so happy, Carey you are very proud of them both you can see, I wish you all the best and hope you can both enjoy rasing Little Willow in peace and not get a camera in your face each time you turn around, being a parent is the best thing in the world and watching them grow and take there 1st step and say there 1st word is great and you treasure that, to be able to take Willow to the park with out once again getting your photo taking,, this is your family Alicia and you should be able to do your own thing when and where you want with out the world knowing your every move!!! God Bless you and your beautiful family xxx

Jo on

Everyone should read this very important letter from Pink!

Rose on

Beautiful ❀ Looks like Willow looks like her mummy!

MiB on

I think this is one of my favorite official first photos! It’s beautiful, and the paretns look so proud and happy!

MiB on

I forgot to say, I think it looks cute that they hold her so low, just how she was quite literally just a week ago. The photo reminds me of the pictures you see of women cradling their pregnant bellies.

JMO on

She’s so cute! And I adore the blog that P!nk just wrote about paparazzi photos of her daughter.

Bella Mama on

absolutely beautiful! God bless this family!

martina on

This is just so amazing. The baby is adorable, mommy is BEAUTIFUL and daddy is hot!

aaron on

aah there all so adorable!=] p!Nk is gonna be a great mommy!!

Alecia on

Fabulous! Oceans of blessing to Pink (given name Alecia like myself) Carey on their bundle of joy Willow Sage, isn’t she lovely?! I’ll definately be copying this family pose for my photo session.

fuzibuni on

about her blog… while I can understand how she is feeling, and realize she’s in protective mode, there are ways to avoid the paparazzi during and after pregnancy… many stars much bigger than Pink have managed to do it. You might have to take a little hiatus and stop going out to well traveled places in Hollywood, but it can be done.

Pink seemed perfectly happy to talk about her pregnancy, share photos, and have her picture taken before she gave birth. It was generous of her to share her life with us, but everyone got caught up in her happiness and of course now we would love to see a baby pic.

The paparazzi are just following the rules of supply and demand. If you actively court fame and broadcast yourself on social media outlets you are going to pay the price in privacy. Pink can chose not to play along if she wants to, but it might require her to disengage momentarily from the celebrity machine.

serena on

love pink they made cute baby happy for her and her husband enjoy her

Hea on

Adorable! Oh I’ve been waiting to get a peek at that little one. Glad I did. Her parents look about ready to burst with pride and love. Precious!

stephanie on

Wow how could pink make a child with a man with all that tattoos his whole body is mark up it turn you off forget she Weird to.The Child is sweet

Vivi on

I really love this photo! Beautiful baby, sweet family shot!

Grace2 on

So beautiful! But what I love most is that they donated all the money from the shoot to various children’s charities including Ronald McDonald House and Autism Speaks. As the mom of a child on the Spectrum, she and Corey have soared to a new level of awesomeness. And also, I have two different friends currently staying in Ronald McDonald Houses (one in Long Island and one in Philly). So, kudos and a huge congrats on the beautiful baby girl! I have a whole new level of respect for them both.

Becky on

So very happy for them πŸ™‚ They are going to be great parents.. God Bless them πŸ™‚

first time mom on

so cute! i bet they are so excited for her arrival. thanks for giving their fans a peek!

Emma on

Willow Sage is just beautiful! Congratulations to P!nk and Carey. Well done, you two! ((Hugs))

B>A> on


Jennifer on

I LOVE this photo!

Jennifer on

LOVE this photo

Cecilia on

aaawwwww….so sweet…

tallulah Richards on

oh my good u guys are so cute together and willow is so cute she is just a a doll

Alyssa on

Beautiful pictures! I just received my People magazine in the mail and the other pictures are breathtaking!

Hope on

Such a sweet baby and such a beautiful family. I know Pink and Carey will be great parents to their daughter. She is a really pretty baby πŸ™‚

Who Cares on

People are dying everyday from war and nothing to eat and this millionaire had a baby, big deal. Look at what this world has become, fame, money and nothing about real people. Yawn.

Jillian on

Who cares
Why are you on this site then? Its a site about celebrities! What did you expect?!?!

louise on

Pink is beautiful. She is talented. A beautiful baby and what a beautiful posed family photo! They look very happy and are blessed. Hubby is a hunk, the only thing spoiling this photo that will go on forever is all those tatoos. Why? whyyyyyyy!!!!! why spoil the perfect human body with all over body tats!!!!!!!

Sally on

Some of the new parents want to wait and see who offers the most money for the first photos of their child. Clearly, Pink and Carey don’t need to do lucrative deals to celebrate and share the birth of their daughter. I’m so happy for them, and Pink is a real person! To allow herself to be photographed BEFORE the miraculous 35 lb weight loss 2 wks after giving birth is human, like the rest of us! I have always loved Pink’s songs, and now I think I love HER as a person! She isn’t so pretentious and petty and money-hungry like most of the “so-called” celebrities. I hope you guys have a wonderful life with your precious little baby!!! Much Love from a BIG FAN!!!

cheryl on

I love them! They seem to really belong together. I’m glad they are back with each other. The baby is beautiful.

Angie on

BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori Chew on

Congrats on the birth of your daughter. Hope all is well with mother and Baby. This is the greatest gift you will ever experience, and the hardest too. I knew you was going to be close to my birthday but Gemini are wonderful signs.

Best wishes and Luv to the whole family:)

gina on

she is so adorable angel,sleeping tightly yet safely on the right hands GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY..,,,

aurora on

Such a loving family photo. Baby looks so peaceful while having such rocking energetic parents. Health & Happiness to the family!

Lisa Easterwood on

Your daughter is beautiful you both now will have one of the best times of your lives. Shes a very lucky baby girl. God bless you all.

susie coleman on

I have never seen such beautiful pics of a family as these. The one with Pink holding the baby, and looking at her husband is the most beautiful show of love ever. I admire them and wish them the world!!

mks on

I love this picture of the three of them. So cute. Also love the additional pictures in the magazine; especially of the side by side ones of Pink holding her belly while pregnant with Willow and then in an almost identical pose holding Willow after she was born. So sweet.

Jessie on

I have a feeling Pink and Carey’s hands are going to be getting damp soon, since I don’t see a diaper on Willow…

Rose Rowlett on

Dear Pink, Carey and Willow
Your picture expresses perfect harmony.
May the music you play together be filled
with peace and happiness always.

Jo on

In response to some comments regarding how soon P!nk allowed her daughter to be published, she had first written a letter to fans and the press about her decision. It’s an amazing letter, check it out:

christy on

to p!nk and carey congrats on your new baby girl enjoy every min my kids and i send best wishes to your new lil bundle of joy:)

Jan on

Love Pink. Such an adorable baby.
All the best to the family.

Fatima on

Om my goodness she’s beautiful!! πŸ™‚ Willow is really adorable. I’m so happy for the family. πŸ™‚

Maris on

What a beautiful baby girl!

Rose Perrotta Atwood on

Carey and Pink,

Your beautiful little girl Willow Sage is now a big part of your families. Hello to the Harts. She is now your little angel. I remember when Carey was born. He wasn’t a bad looking guy either. God Bless.


Danny Rentz on

Best of everything, you three are wonderful.

Terry on

Your baby is soooooo cute Pink!
Congratulations and God Bless all of you!!!

nicole (coco) on

she is soooooooo cute and the pictures are soooooo amazing!!!! congrats to you guys, now you guys can spoil her to death ❀ you guys are going to ROCK as parents. her name is soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

LOTS OF LOVE from all of your Fans!!!!!


Anonymous on

I’m glad they stuck together

dchays on

Wow! Great shot! Did anyone else wonder if Sage would come out all tatooed? LOL

Jill on

Just incase it’s unclear to some of you saying they sold their story to People, P!nk has tweeted that all the money is going to be donated to children’s charities including the Ronald McDonald House. They felt it was best and safest to release a personal photo, in an attempt to get some of the paparazzi attention to die down.

kat on

she so FREAKING cute

Anonymous on

what a beautiful family and luv Pink’s look… congrats and may God continue to bless you and your family.

Chris on

WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD! The love shines all around the three of you.
Wishing Pink, Carey & baby Willow a lifetime of love!

Liberty del Fierro on

I have loved Pink from day 1. She is so amazingly talented and beautiful. Then she met Carey Hart….. A hunk of a guy and this picture only proves it. That baby is gonna be the most adventurist and carefree of them all. Can’t wait to hear the beautiful music she writes from watching the most special and meaningful times of her life. Now I’m gonna watch her perform the best performance I’ve ever seen on the Grammys. I love youtube πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

Beautiful family. So happy for Pink & Cary. They will make great parents πŸ™‚

btw, LOVE the name Willow Sage!

Transesse on

Beautiful. She is PERFECT! And perfectly modest, too! Don’t worry,
P!nk, she’ll be like her daddy! I think you can handle that!

Amy on

How damn cute is that….You rock guys way to stay together look at that beauty…