1 Trend, 3 Ways: Fun Feather Hair Accessories

06/22/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Who knew Steven Tyler was a fashion icon for Hollywood’s mini set? After the American Idol judge showed off his flair for feathers last March, we spotted Lola Sheen (on June 11), Kaia Gerber (on June 14) and Neriah Fisher (on June 16) following in his footsteps with adorable feathered hair accessories of their own.

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Hip and fun, feathered hair clips are a cool way to add color and pizazz to your mini rocker’s look.

Ready to shop? We’ve rounded up our top picks — for every budget — below.

Courtesy Planet Blue


Want something simple, yet stylish? Try LoveDown Accessories‘ white Feather Hair Clip ($70). It will work with everything in her closet.

Courtesy Swell


Let her strut her stuff with Three Green HeartsLeather Feather Hair Clip ($30). She’ll love everything from the peacock feathers to the boho-style beading.

Courtesy Hot Topic

Bargain Buy

Want more color? Hot Topic‘s Neon Feather Hair Clip ($6) is the perfect pick. It features two strands of multi-colored feathers that are sure to add oomph to her girlie get-ups.

— Anya Leon

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Kelly on

wow those little girls are gorgeous!! The feathers are cute too.

torgster on

Kaia is simply stunning! She looks so much like her mom.

Amit on

I looked at the photo of Kaia, thought she reminds me of someone and then saw her name and realized she’s Cindy Crawford’s daughter. Good genes 🙂

gigimama on

Um. You do realize those hair feathers are usually used by fly fishermen. They are real feathers from certain breeds of rooster.

The roosters DIE when you pluck them. Seems like a shame that an animal has to die so little girls can look like Stephen Tyler.

Sara on

They’re cute, but $30 for a barrette for kids is not affordable … to me, anyway! Maybe they are using feathers that already fell out?

Kaia IS beautiful!! I think she is wearing too much makeup for a little kid and looks airbrused or something. I just think kids look cuter when they look their age. I’m not slamming anyone, it’s just my opinion.

Indira on

Kaia needs to lay off the makeup geez….

and yeah I agree with gigimama, such a waste.

Emilia on

Gigimama – yes, they had this on NPR the other day. The stripy kind of feathers are from a really special kind of rooster like you said, and are normally used by fishermen, and now they have been priced out of the fishing market by the beauty industry. Not to mention the cruelty. I hope this disgusting trend gets over with quickly. Or that they can make a fake substitute.

Lola Sheen looks lovely here.

Shelby on

I completely agree, I am so saddned by this recent feather trend. The feathers used in these accessories are plucked from specific Roosters to create a fashion statement. Maybe that’s my inner, vegetarian hippy but I would not support this. Please do your research on this.

ecl on

That’s terrible! I never knew that and guess that probably most people don’t. Hopefully the word gets out so that people can avoid this trend or find a substitute.

Shannon on

Not to sound rude or anything, but regardless of if the feathers are used for hair, they’re still being used for fishing tackle. So the roosters are still going to loose their feathers…

Julie on

The feathers in all three girls’ hair are rooster saddle feathers. The rooster is raised for a year until his feather’s are as long as possible, and then the bird is SLAUGHTERED and the feathers are plucked. American’s rarely eat chickens that old (most chickens raised for food are harvested at 6-8 weeks) so the rooster’s carcass is disposed as compost…

This is a disgusting trend, it should STOP and People shouldn’t be promoting it!

gigimama on

But the feathers used for fishing tackle serve a purpose: To feed people.

Feathers used to decorate a little girl’s hair is a whole different issue. It is okay to kill another living thing for vanity/beauty?

Shelby on

Shannon, that is such a poor attitude. So, we shouldn’t care about it because they’re going to be killed anyways?

The current statistics are this: Fisherman were utilizing these feathers for 1+ years and the typical hair client? Replaces them EVERY 1-3 months. The most frequent farm used to produce about 3,000 feathers a year and since January they have know killed 1,500 Roosters A WEEK and still cannot keep up with demand. These Roosters have a life span of 13-15 years and are now being raised to less than 1 year until their Saddle feather is just long enough then they are plucked from them. Most roosters do not survive this and are then killed and composted.

This isn’t about Roosters simply “losing” their feathers. These animals have been genetically altered and slaughtered all in the name of fashion!

I’m appalled that this trend is being glorified especially by Celebrities and featured on this site as something “cute”. Just because something is going to “happen anyways” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t educate each other, make informed decisions and do what we can to make the world a better place. I’m not sure about you but I want to teach as well as be an example to my children that this earth is not just to be taken from. We should strive to leave it a better place for them.

annachestnut on

The roosters are not used for food? That is beyond gross. Poor creatures.

foodie on

Where do you think your leather purse or shoes come from? Do you think that the cows live through that procedure? Also, fly-fishing isn’t exactly fishing for the need to sustain oneself.

gigimama on

foodie—Leather is from animals that are already being slaughtered for food. To kill a rooster (then throw it away) for a feather to put in your hair is hugely different. Would you trap a bird in your backyard, wring its neck, and stick a tail feather in your hair? No? Then why is this okay?

Apples, oranges.

UggaMugga.com on

There are some feather hair extension companies that are promoting their feathers as “naturally shed” feathers…I’m hoping the girls shown above are sporting those!

Grace2 on

Um, did PETA post a link to here? I admittedly didn’t realize that the feathers were so damaging to an animal, and I disagree with the whole idea, but there seem to be a ton of posters I’ve never seen before. Maybe a coincidence. Regardless, bad idea and to me, it is a tacky look anyway.

The girls are lovely, though.

gigimama on

Hahaha. I am NOT from PETA. I adore animals. Plus, they are tasty too. Plus, I’m fond of leather shoes. Plus, I read this blog daily—long before it was sold to People, too. I do comment, usually on threads where commenters are hyperventilating over baby names.

My interest in this story lies in simply finding it appalling that roosters are killed for a feather to put in hair. I’m sure if the young girls joining the trend knew a bird died so their hair could look cool, they’d be terribly upset.

The upside is that like every other trend, this will soon fade. Let’s speed it up.

Elizabeth on

This is disgusting, vile, and barbaric. Because so many people are doing this, roosters are being slaughtered so people can wear idiotic feathers. I’m 14 and everyone at my school is doing it. The companies have stopped just plucking the feathers from the roosters (which is ALREADY bad enough), but now, because it’s faster and easier, are just euthanizing them. This is ANIMAL TORTURE. It needs to be stopped. People Magazine shouldn’t be glamorizing this sickening “trend”

mrs. r. on

I am not going to wade into the whole animal rights things, but I just don’t like the trend. I think it looks really silly, and I am kind of horrified that little little girls wear them in their hair like Kesha, and even worse – their mothers do too.

torgster on

I think it’s a stupid look and can’t understand why it even took off. Feathers in your hair? Why lol.

Mira on

I don’t like the look and I hate killing animals for fashion. I don’t wear leather and fur.

Kaia looks like a child beauty queen. This look on a little girl makes me cringe.

Sarah on

I do believe my lime green feather is FAKE! Unless roosers grow lime green feathers. Chill people.

Elena on


Your comment takes the cake for the silliest one yet. Your lime green feather is most likely DYED, not fake. Ever hear of dyes?

gigimama on

Sarah. Your feather is real. Sometimes, they dye the feathers. A feather, by definition, is taken from a bird.

Laura on

@Sarah LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenner on

This is so ridiculously dumb looking on anyone!

thekeoghfamily on

It looks silly, it’s cruel. Hope it’s over quick.

Timbre on

Not all feathers are the kind you all are ranting about though. and many are dyed to have the stripe effect and other patterns. Dont get too hot and bothered ladies. 🙂 side note, not all leather used is by animals already bitchered. and fur is definatly not from animals already being used for meat 😛

libby :) on

i think the feathers are cool. i like the way they look. animals are NOT being killed just for feathers. how do u explain the feathers kids use to make art projects??? NOT REAL.

catherine on

DONT MAKE YOURSELF BELIEVE THIS IS A CRUELTY TREND JUST TO EASE YOUR CONSCIENCE! BIRDS DO DIE FOR THIS! girls everywhere are following this trend without knowing the consequences. this trend is actually very cruel (heres some info : http://tinyurl.com/4xgzye9 & http://www.good.is/post/how-feather-extensions-are-changing-the-way-chickens-live-and-die/ ) and it is possible to get synthetic feathers or GATHERED feathers (molten feathers – feathers that naturally fall off) instead of PLUCKED feathers (which is what KESHA encourages) yes its more expensive, but no one suffers from this! dont fool yourself into thinking companies use gathered feathers becauce to keep up with high demands, they cant wait for birds to shed enough feathers….the compagnies providing these feathers arent even hiding that they kill a buttload of birds so why would we pretend it isnt true?! CMON PEOPLE!

catherine on

PS- alot of craft feathers are real feathers…theyre just dyed. if you think your hair feather isnt real cause its lime green, maybe you should have read the description carefully before buying it, it usually tells you its dyed- but that just shows a huge lack of research on your part…