Look for Less: January Jones’ Polished Edge

06/21/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

January Jones hits the shops — in style!

While out and about in Beverly Hills on June 11, the X-Men actress put her bump front and center in a punk-inspired (check out those combat boots!) ensemble.

The always-chic mom-to-be paired a printed Tucker maxi dress ($475) with a thin black belt, light cardigan, lace-up shoes and paparazzi-ready shades.

Love January’s edgy, yet refined look? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $35!

Courtesy Old Navy


Old Navy‘s cotton Maternity Button-Front Cardigan ($20) is the perfect topper for cool summer nights. Plus, it’s designed with just enough fabric to keep you — and your bump — covered.

Courtesy Motherhood Maternity


Let your belly bloom in Motherhood Maternity‘s floral-print Spaghetti Strap Smocked Maxi ($35). We love everything from the flattering V-neck to the body-hugging fit.

Courtesy Talbots


Pregnant or not, TalbotsGold Buckle Leather Skinny Belt ($15) is a chic finishing touch. Need more options? It’s also available in gold and cobalt.

Courtesy Target


Add some rocker chic to your wardrobe with Dolce Vita for Target‘s Lace-Up Boots ($17.50). Added bonus: They’re super comfy.

Courtesy Charlotte Russe


You’ll be made in the shade in Charlotte Russe‘s Basic Cat Eye Sunglasses ($5.50). Not only is the shape so on trend, but they also offer 100 percent UV protection at a fraction of the price.

— Anya Leon

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AmandaC on

I wonder why all this hush hush over who the father is. She obviously didn’t get implanted by aliens so why so secretive? Who cares she’s single, as long as she has a healthy baby that’s what counts!

Olivia on

Amanda, maybe the father has asked not to be revealed to the media.

TM on

She looks like she is carrying a girl! I love her on Mad Men!

lifeasahouse on

She looks really nice here. Who cares who the father is. Not everyone is ready to air their laundry, clean dirty, or otherwise.

soph on

Who’s writing these headlines? “Polish” is majorly overused.

JM on

TM i assume you’re joking seeing as i don’t know anyone who actually still believes that how you carry has anything to do with the sex of your baby. for most people that kind of went out with the superstition over black cats 🙂

anyway, i love her on mad men too. she gets far too much flack on this site. minnie driver has never revealed who her son’s father is either, i say if someone doesn’t want to be known then it’s none of our business.

Tess on

Love the cheap dress, but I wouldn’t wear any of those accessories with it. Army boots and a sundress? I guess I’m not polished.

Megan on

I think January looks absolutely adorable and I am so happy for her. I wish nothing but happiness and health for her and her new little bundle =)

Jurnee on

Why are other moms so mean to each other? I don’t get it. We don’t know her personally so we have no idea what kind of person she is, if she’s nice, if she’s awful, if she slept with a married man, or planned her child with someone who wishes to remain anonymous in the press, or any of the details. Maybe she looks miserable because she doesn’t feel comfortable with a paparazzi in her face? Who knows. But name calling like “ugly mug” is rude on a public site.

And yes, it’s completely impossible to predict if a pregnant woman will have a boy or a girl based on if she’s carrying “low or high”, if she has morning sickness, or what she’s craving. Educated people know that while it’s fun to speculate, only scientific testing (ultrasound, amnio etc.) and tell the sex of a baby in utero.

JM on

yeah from some totally insignificant tv show that has been critically acclaimed and won many awards internationally and been broadcast and praised in many countries for it’s class and brilliant actors and actresses.

but you’re right, let’s have another post about the kardashians.

JustMe on

Wow- what a blast from the not-so-distant past!

I remember having lace up boots and wearing them with billowy flowery dresses- all the rage in…the early 90’s, right? Or thereabouts?

Never thought I’d be alive to see that one come back around! Well, maybe it isn’t coming back around and it’s just her 😉

That or I’m getting old

SadieA on

JM, you forgot to add that she personally is an Emmy & Golden Globe nominated “nobody”

JM on

SadieA, too true 🙂 makes me laugh, some people would obviously rather read about the latest “real housewife of wherever” than a woman who is a genuinely talented actress.

Grace2 on

I absolutely LOVE MadMen, love January Jones, but I don’t care for her outfit. But, I wish her a huge congrats and am sure her baby will be as gorgeous as she is.

Button on

C’mon team, speculating about whether a woman is carrying a boy or girl based on size, shape, cravings, heartburn, etc. isn’t a scientific practice, it’s just old school fun. Speaking of fun, that’s why I like to read blogs about celebrities and their offspring.

Speaking of old school, January Jones is about my age and was a teenager during the grunge era, which might be why she looks like I did in the 11th grade (minus the pregnant part.)

I love Mad Men and support her silence about her child’s father, but she does always seem to look like she just bit into a lemon. 🙂

Rosy on

She is gorgeous and looks even more gorgeous pregnant, but am I the only one sick of seeing her plastered around everywhere, every second of every day…

There seem to be non stop pregnancy posts about this woman.

Krissy on

Congrats to her on her pregnancy but I don’t think this look is something great. I wouldn’t stop her in the and ask; “her where did you get your outfit”.

Olivia on

JustMe, that’s what I was thinking about her outfit. I loved wearing boots with long dresses in the 90s and would not be sad at all if that came back into fashion. 🙂 She looks beautiful and comfy!

fuzibuni on

It’s true, you aren’t the only one, Rosy.

I have nothing against January, and think Mad Men is great, but I’m officially bored. This kind of overdose exposure happens on this website alot… especially with b-list types. Maybe People mag makes two for one deals with the photographers or something. Either way, I’ve found other celeb kids sites that have much more variety.

Anonymous on

I agree with the people who are tired of seeing her. I only know who she is because she’s on this site so much.

And enough of Jessica Alba too. Her kid is cute, but I don’t want to see her everyday.

Catca on

I agree with the comments that some celebs get way too much coverage on this blog (Gwen Stefani and her kids probably get the most and as cute as her kids are – it’s a bit much). But I think January has only had a posting about 3 or 4 times here and people are complaining about overexposure?

It feels like January can’t win no matter what – she just is someone other women love to have something negative to say about. I don’t really understand why. I don’t even think she looks miserable here – just neutral. I don’t walk around with a smile on my face when I walk either, and celebs who constantly do are obviously posing for the paps. Maybe she doesn’t want to encourage the paps???

Anyway, speaking of adding variety to this site, why no news on Tina Fey? She’s due in about a month and she’s not even on the Who’s Due Next or the due date calendar. She’s one of the biggest female celebrities and has not been shy about her pregnancy, yet People has pretty much ignored her. Why???? I’d love to see news about how she’s doing! She’s one of my favorites!

JustMe on

@ Olivia, honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing that one come around either 🙂 The flowing dresses are very forgiving! 😉

Charity on

Catca, I agree! I was wondering why we haven’t heard anything about Tina Fey….come on, People, give us what we want! 😉

paperskyyy on

People isn’t posting about Tina Fey because there is nothing to post. I haven’t seen event/candid photos in a while and no interviews… Can’t really make a post about someone when there is nothing to post/say.

Terri on

I really like her dress. Not crazy about the belt or boots, but she is looking lovely during her pregnancy.

Devon on

People want to know about the baby daddy situation because there is the smoke of a scandal starting to flame. The rumours that it was someone on the set of X-Men, that it was a married man, rumours that she doesn’t know who the father is, those piqued the curiosity of the public.

Plus the fact that she’s done nothing to stop it makes it more suspicious and people want to know sordid details. If she didn’t want there to be speculation she could just speak up about it all. Give a definitive answer either way, like say *insert name here* is the father or I’m not going to discuss it.

Plus, she could have said something when Matthew Vaughn was being accused of being the father. She didn’t say a damn thing about it. Way to speak up for your director and “friend.”

Tess on

paperskyyy – re Tina Fey and the lack of pictures – I haven’t seen event pictures of January Jones either. Most of the pics of her are going to and from yoga class. And in this pic it looks like she’s just walking down the street. So there’s no reason there couldn’t be pics of Tina doing the same.

Molly on

She looks beautiful which is why there are so many haters. Jealousy tends to happen so much around here. It’s sad.

MiB on

@Devon, maybe she doesn’t want to speak up because she knows she can’t win anyways? Maybe the father doesn’t want to be known for some reason (other than being married)? I think not saying anything is a good strategy even if it annoys people. Minnie Driver said she wanted to keep the father private and that didn’t end the speculation about who he is. Besides, if the father is someone unknown, saying “it’s NN” won’t help much anyways.

Amber on

I could be wrong, but I thought Tina Fey lived in NYC… If you think about it, most paparazzi pics are taken in LA, so if she’s hardly ever there it might explain why there are no pics of her. I think it’s easier to escape the paps in NYC.

Another thing that amazes me is that some celebrities are almost never mentioned on celebrity gossip sites… until they’re pregnant. I remember the same thing happening with celebs like Busy Philips and Christina Milian.

paperskyyy on

Tess: I wasn’t just talking about events, I mentioned candid (paparrazzi) photos as well. There obviously aren’t any of those either, if there where then they would have been posted.

Toya L. on

I agree with the posters that feel she has a right to be mum about the father if she wants to. I definitely wouldn’t address any rumors about 20 married men, the postman, the valet parking guy or little green men being the father of my child either. People are going to believe what they want anyway.

Jillian on

Tina Fey posts don’t bring as much traffic. Posts about her, do. If you notice there have been a ton of posts about Rebecca Gayheart lately……really all about the same thing. It all came after her post got a ton of hits about her past. They post on topics that will get ppl talking.

I feel the posts on January are boring. They are not about her, but rather just pics of her walking and old quotes. I’d rather read an interview snout her or someone else. I couldn’t care less who the dad of her baby is, but bc of who she is ppl will talk. That’s life.

Catca, there have been at least 5, that I can recall.