Family Photo: Larry the Cable Guy’s Cars Fans

06/21/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Vroom vroom!

Larry the Cable Guy, a.k.a. Dan Whitney, wife Cara and their kids Wyatt, 4½, and Reagan, 3½, attend the premiere of Cars 2, held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday.

The couple recently opened up about their son’s diagnosis of hip dysplasia as an infant.

“I’d get one hour out of 24 when I got to squeeze him and hold him like a real baby,” Cara tells PEOPLE. “Being my first child, I really wanted that.”

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Jen K on

What a cute family! I love his show “Only in America.”

jordan on

Theis kids are so cute!

I bet that’s a fun family a lot of the time.

Pamela on

Anyone know if the girl’s name is pronounced Ray-gun, like Ronald Reagen, or Ree-gun? (which I think is the Irish pronunciation)?

saydee on

What a nice looking family. Larry is so funny & I enjoy his Only In America show! 🙂

B.J. on

Somehow I get the feeling that child was named after president Reagan. Poor kid.

Taylor on

BJ-Why does that make her a ‘poor kid’? Ronald Reagan didn’t do anything so horribly wrong that you wouldn’t want to name a child after him, unlike Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon.

Pamela-It’s pronounced like Ronald Reagan, Larry’s said in an interview that’s who she’s named after.

Cute kids! I love Wyatt’s hair!

JM on

lol 🙂 really Taylor? i’m not even from the US and it seems i know more about american politics than you do.

not that i would name my kid after him but i would much rather be associated with clinton than reagan. i can only second, poor kid. it’s like when i hear people over here who have named their kid Thatcher. i just think, really? you want a name that reminds you of maragaret thatcher? weird.

Taylor on

I didn’t mean just their political views, but their personal lives as well. I liked Reagan and he isn’t the worst person to be named after (ie Charlie Sheen) but I personally wouldn’t name my child after anyone famous. I know plenty about politics, and I agree with almost every decision Reagan made as president!

J on


Today’s liberals relish in how polarized politics have become. They want to rewrite history; suddenly Reagan didn’t have one of the highest approval ratings of any president from BOTH parties during his presidency, but he also had NOTHING to do with the fall of the Berlin Wall…it was all some “behind the scenes” project by the democrats. Of course it was (sarcasm).

I love the name Reagan, I think it’s pretty and truly unisex, rather than being one of those horrible boy-names-on-a-girl so popular now.

And JM, if you really want your attempts at being snarky and elitist to be anything but laughable, learn to punctuate and capitalize correctly, sweetie pie. Oh, but that would mean actually learning something instead of just bragging hilariously that you know something when you don’t.

JM on

J, ooh ouch. pulling me up on my punctuation on a celebrity internet blog. not but seriously, good one 😉

i stand by what i said that i do KNOW many of the terrible things that reagan did during his presidency. don’t really see what the problem is with that statement.

but i’ll let you get back to your ‘liberal’ bashing (i never even brought that word or the word ‘conservative’ up but i can see it’s clearly important to you). so go on i’d LOVE to know more about liberal conspiracy theories. have you heard that one about evolution not being true? (seeing as you clearly feel the need to point out such things, subtlety’s not everyone’s cup of tea. regarding that last statement: SARCASM)

Taylor on

Why don’t you enlighten us with the ‘terrible’ things Reagan did, JM?