Spotted: Leelee Sobieski’s Big Apple Baby

06/20/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Elder Ordonez/INF

Leelee Sobieski‘s striped little sweetie!

The actress pushes her pajama-clad daughter Louisanna Ray, 17 months, around their Tribeca neighborhood on Friday morning in New York City.

Sobieski, 28, tells PEOPLE that she “really wants to encourage the reading and the playing” with Lewi, her baby girl with husband Adam Kimmel.

“A lot of kids now in New York I see can open an iPhone before they can even walk practically. [They do] the finger slide.”

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sarawara on

She is so right about giving kids books instead of phones! Kudos to her.

And I never figured out: is her daughter’s name pronounced LOO-is-AH-nah, Loo-ee-ZAH-nah or LOO-ee-AH-nah? Can someone tell me?

Amy in Oregon on

Sarawara- I’m in the same boat….I wish I knew how to pronounce her daughter’s name I know they call her louie but that doesn’t help with her full name!

Tess on

I’m so tired of the “Big Apple Baby” headline for so many celebs. They’re in NYC, we get it. It’s overused.

Olivia on

It’s like Michael Buble’s wife (which it’s writen Luisana). It is like if you put together Loiuse and Anna, just say it all together.

Mina on

I think she should worry less about what OTHER kids are doing and more about what her daughter is wearing…long sleeves and pants in New York in the summer? It was HOT on Friday…and she is sure dressed for the heat in her tank. Plus, who wears PJ’s in the middle of the day anyway? Ugh, whatever.

Keep bytchin about kids and their phones…sometimes they can be life savers, always knowing where your kid is and what they are doing. I plan on giving my kid one when he goes out as soon as he no longer needs supervision. It will put my mind at ease, especially this day and age! This is NOT the old days anymore. Its less safe to go out and just wander like the old days.

ecl on

Mina – It is NOT less safe. Tragedies are just more publicized these days. Besides, not sure how that is relevant to this post. Babies and toddlers don’t go off alone and she’s criticizing use by that age group.

Maggie on

Leelee looks AMAZING. Rock that body mama! Lewi is too cute.

e on

Leelee does look gorgeous! I wish I had that body and that height!

Emilia on

Leelee looks like a teen mom! I mean that as a compliment 🙂

And I am glad that she has Louisanna facing her. I always thought that was nicer for both parent and child. So “I approve”, for what it’s worth!! (I am sure she’ll be so relieved to hear that, haha)

Shannon on

Leelee looks gorgeous! I agree with her.

sarawara on

Thanks Olivia!

t. on

I find her holier than thou attitude VERY annoying. Raise YOUR child not the worlds.

Tee on

Emilia, I agree! I love that Lewi is facing her in the stroller!

Mina, your comment confused the snot out of me. At what point did LeeLee say that Lewi wouldn’t have a phone once she was out and about and wouldn’t need supervision? She’s talking about using a phone or any “screen time” to entertain her one year old daughter. She’s not talking about anything more than that. Goodness, if you really feel the need to criticize her, at least make sure you read the article first!

T, she is raising her child. She never said other parents/caregivers should see things her way. Someone asked her a question about screen time and she answered it!

The comments on this site drive me completly insane sometimes! You’d think that celebrities are passing judgement on the average Joe and while on occasion they are, this woman certainly isn’t! Good grief!

t. on

Tee, this is the internet anyone can post what they wish, including me. I find her comments to be extremely condescending and I can feel that and post it anywhere I wish. When she talks about OTHER peoples children “A lot of kids now in New York I see can open an iPhone before they can even walk practically. [They do] the finger slide.” is when it turns from her raising her own child to her criticizing other parents.

kimmie on

glad that someone finally figured out children should have books. i had no idea.

Anonymous on

She looks great! I like the stroller too! But….Leelee….hush with the comments. I think she is being very judgemental. I think that the extremist attitude isn’t the best for me…personally…my kids watch a few tv shows, eat healthily, but enjoy treats occasionally….and are thriving, smart, active, well rounded little kids. If you are on top of things as a parent, and monitor what they watch and do, I don’t see the problem with it. To each her own. I get very tired of judgmental mommies.

Jamia on

Holy Helen Hunt! Every time I see LeeLee I can never get over how much she looks like Helen Hunt’s younger sister or daughter….

Sandra on

I think her name is pronounced Louey-Anna

Allie on

T — How is she criticizing other parents?! All she said is that’s not what she wants for her daughter. Did I miss a paragraph, or are you reading too much into her comment?

Anonymous on

OH…one more thing…my kids LOVE the library and books and we read often…but, sometimes, if you are in a restaurant or elsewhere and have exhausted the crayons, books and chatting…..and your 3 year old is starting to lose it….I don’t see a problem with a little Yo Gabba Gabba on the cell phone….everything in moderation.

Lauren on

A mom not finding it appropriate for her 1-year-old baby to know how to play with a smartphone that she has no need for and is not able to use being labeled an extremist. Love it. I can always count on this site for a good laugh.

Terri on

Wow, Leelee is so thin. She looks great. I think little Louisanna will have people pronouncing her name Louisiana.

Jillian on

T and anonymous, I have to agree with you. I feel on every article that comes out she is putting subtle digs at parents that parent differently. Like, the computer/tv article. It’s the way she says it. People on here say all the time, not your child why do you care…..shouldn’t that be applied to her? Why does she care what other parents do?

Jen DC on

Leelee does look pretty incredible. And I like how Lewi is peeking out of the stroller. They seem unused to the paps, which is nice to think of (as I sit here ogling her picture).

She made one comment, once. The blurb above is from that single article in which she said she was keeping HER KID’S screen time low for the time being because Lewi is a toddler. Then she relates what she has seen other people’s children do. You people act as if you never say or think to yourself when viewing some other parents’ decision “Hm. Not *my* kid.” You know you do. The difference is, no one comes up to you with a tape recorder or a camera to ask you about it for national publication.

Also, it’s not crazily controversial to want to limit your BABY’S time with the iPhone; it’s common sense.

Mina on

Jillian I agree.