Laila Ali: C.J. Has Been a ‘Good Big Brother’

06/20/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Gilbert Flores/Celebrity

When Laila Ali pictured the sibling bond between 2½-year-old son C.J. Muhammad and daughter Sydney J., 11 weeks, the mother-of-two is the first to admit she had her doubts.

Luckily, all of those worries have been put to rest.

“Right now he’s being a little brat because he wants to keep going on the slide, but he loves her,” the former boxer tells PEOPLE at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation‘s A Time for Heroes Picnic on Sunday.

“I was concerned that he was going to be jealous, but he’s not. He loves her to death, and he’s been nothing but a good big brother.”

With both of her children thriving, Ali has turned her attention to other important issues: shedding the pregnancy pounds and regaining her body after baby.

“I have 20 more pounds to go. People always say it’s easy for me because I’m an athlete, but I have to work. I have to eat right, I have to work out, and now I’m working out at home,” she says. “I have a spin bike, I have a treadmill. I’m running, I’m doing hills, I’m doing sprints … and 45 to 70 minutes of cardio.”

But while she’s seen some success, Ali — who is currently breastfeeding — is being forced to take her time.

“The hardest part for me is taking it slow. You can’t hit it too hard when you’re nursing, and I’m nursing,” she explains. “I could get it off much faster, but I have to take it slow while I’m nursing. The most I can lose is a pound a half to two pounds a week. I’d probably be doing double that if I weren’t nursing.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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Erin Courtney on

What a cute family!

Sandra on

This is just one good looking family! They’re two children are gorgeous! The million dollar family indeed!

showbizmom on

As an Black woman in America, or just as a Woman in America it tickles my heart to see this family in Hollywood. Most media/gossip junkies, we see tons and tons of Black men in Hollywood that have kids and aren’t in any kind of relationship with the mothers nor taking care of the kid(s).

I’m not judging, I’m just saying Hollywood and Gossip sites should focus more on these kinds of families, because it’s sadly not the image that is seen in the inner cites. I first hand know that families come in all different shapes and sizes,colors etc… and there is nothing wrong with being a single mom or dad. My problem is with the men and women all over the world that glamorize having multiple kids with different partners and not take care of them.

Laila Ali and her husband are great role models for young black men and women. The reason why I make a point of saying Black men is because it’s my community and I volunteer in the inner city of LA and that’s what I know.

I hope I don’t step on any toes, not meant to start the race talk. My opinion is true for any community.

e on

YES love to see this family, beautiful!

emily on

Those babies are so stinkin beautiful. They both have that sweet little face 🙂 Laila is also very beautiful in my opinion. Her skin is perfection. Anyway ….good lookin family!

Shannon on

What a gorgeous family! Laila seems to have her priorities in order regarding her body vs her baby. Way to go.

blessedwithboys on

I didn’t lose weight while nursing either, but the second my kids were done I dropped weight right away. Sort of sucked for me cuz I nurse in terms in of years, not months, but it was so worth it!

Good on ya Laila for putting your baby girl first and not succumbing to the Hollywood standard of being back in fighting form (pun totally intended) 3 wks pp. 🙂

Darla on

Those are some really adorable and precious kids.

Adel on

What a precious little baby.

Hea on

showbizmom – Well said. I have thought about that too and wondered if having a brood of kids means that you’re a potent man or something. Regardless of whether or not you take care of said brood.

Dee on

Showbizmom, I second your post. Very well said and not preachy or judgemental.

Anonymous on

Beautiful family


Showbizmom I third your post! Often times the image of the strong black family is missing from society and hollywood! I am so sick of baby mammas and baby daddies running rampant in “our” communities. Thanks Laila and Curtis for showcasing your beautiful family. Thanks Will and Jada, Denzel and Paulette, Barack and Michelle…you give “us” the image of strong marriages that our community so desperately needs!

Jen DC on

These kids are sooooo beautiful. They look like a happy little family.

Indira on

Doesn’t her husband have four other kids? Fairly certain that he does because she’s referenced her step children. I know she’s a mother of two but I think he’s a father of four or six I can’t recall.

Anne on

According to Wikipedia, Curtis has three older children from a previous marriage.

showbizmom on

No, I know he has kids from his first marriage or relationship. The point is he takes care of them, at least as far as I can tell. I’m all for having kids, I don’t care how they come to you, as long as you are an active in their lives. In the black community sadly its rare and that’s a shame.

Sarah on

I think CJ looks a LOT like Muhammad Ali. Anyone else see the resemblance?

K on

I agree showbizmom. Well said.

They are an absolutely beautiful family!

AllisonJ on

adorable children; great family!

hanan on

what a cute baby !! and beautiful family

mslady71 on

Well said showbiz mom!!! kudos to you!!! it’s happening in my community as well…

Trish on

If Hollywood actually considers a Wonder Woman movie, I think Laila Ali would be perfect! Tall, strong and beautiful.

Janet on

Congratulations to the happy parents of two beautiful, adorable children.

Pregnancy pounds come off quicker when a woman is breastfeeding because it burns 500 – 800 calories per day. I didn’t exercise at all after giving birth to my two children. I gained 60 pounds with each pregnancy and I breastfed each one for nearly two years.

Truth on

The last I heard…Curtis pays his ex wife $1,000 a month for three kids by way of Laila. Curtis is a stay at home husband. His ex wife took him to court demanding more money for the other kids. I hope this is not true. Laila please clear up these rumors.

mmmm on

such a beautiful family!!! congrats on new addition!

Rae on

Dear Laila,

Congratulations on your marriage and new baby.

I know raising children is a precious duty and I wish you and your family the best.

As I read your comments, working out takes work!

However, once you feel you want to get back to entertainment, would you consider becoming the new Wonder Woman?

You have all of the physical qualifications being a spectacular athelete and a beautiful woman to boot.

I am sure that your acting would be on par with most of the actresses out there already, and instead of blue eyes, maybe violet eyes would be a new direction.

Also, Wonder Woman is not American, she is not even human. She’s a “Goddess” from another planet. I feel, as well as some of her recent comic book illustrators that a amazonian (Zena) like costume but in all gold would appeal to the American and international audience. If you do become the next Wonder Woman could you pass this on so she will be accepted in other countries too?

Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Additionally, Wonder Woman