Daddy Must-Have: Keith Urban’s Personalized Keychain

06/20/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Jennifer Fisher, Inset: Isaac Brekken/Getty

Jennifer Fisher is best known for her luxe collection of contemporary charms, pendants, cuffs and rings for women. Star moms including Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Julie Benz and Naomi Watts all own some of her beautiful fine jewelry.

But now that the designer has expanded her line to include stylish pieces (dog tags, gold tie clips, keychains) for men, celeb dads Keith Urban and Liev Schreiber are fast becoming fans too.

The country crooner owns the White Gold Jumbo Dog Tag & Sterling Silver Key Chain ($950), which is personalized with his, his daughter Sunday Rose, 2½, and wife Nicole Kidman‘s names. And we bet he’s adding 5-month-old daughter Faith Margaret‘s moniker soon.

Love the line, but wish it was a tad bit more affordable? Make sure to check out Fisher’s less expensive collection — Fawn. There are loads of dad-friendly options that will fit your budget.

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Dee on

$1000 for what looks like a piece of scrap metal! Seriously!

Synia on

Dee,you are sooo right!! I was about to write the same…

Summer on

Tacky looking piece. Wish I could throw away money like that. People are starving everywhere and they flaunt their gawdy looking jewelry around for show and tell.

Mary on

Ridiculous price.

I-Mo on

Cute idea but agree on the high price tag. I bought something similar on for my hubby for Father’s Day and it cost much less. Check it out if you want something similar but can’t afford what the stars can.

sm on

If I had a $1000 keychain, I might be less likely to misplace my keys!

Sandra on

OMG! Are you kidding me? It looks like something I might buy at the dollar store for $1.00 plus tax. Wow! It looks so tacky!

cn tower on

Even though these celebs clearly would have no difficulty purchasing something like this, I am quite certain that they received them as “gifts” from the company — otherwise, how would the site know for sure they had them?

Katie on

Go to! You can find great custom pieces for prices that fit every budget!

Anna on

I like how it looks but the price is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t imagine anyone spending that on a keyring with a pc of leather….

Stella Bella on

I love the piece, but that price is ridiculous!

Tee on

Okay, I love Keith Urband and Nicole Kidman. I mean, this is the first time I’ve ever critizied them but 1,000 dollars for a keychain? It’s a rectangular piece of metal with three names put on it! Seriously, 1,000 dollars! Oh my word! And I’m sorry, but why isn’t his youngest daughter’s name on it yet? She’s five months old!

sayle on

Pleeassee……. yes, check out Etsy. I’m a seller there and I make these in sterling silver. And mine are way nicer than this. A piece of sterling silver cut about this size is no more than $10.00 tops in cost. That’s just shameful to tout a retailer who price GOUGES like that!

me on

Tee, this may not be a new picture of the key chain.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

That’s sweet, but it is a lot of money to pay for a little keychain.

Erica on

A $1000 keychain? Really? Even if I were a millionnaire there is no way I’d spend that kind of money on that scrap of engraved metal.

Tee on

Me, that’s a good point. I guess I assumed it was because it was with a new article. I hope I’m wrong!

MiB on

@sayle. I bet white gold is a bit more expensive though!

@Tee, maybe he got it before Faith was born? (Maybe even last father’s day?) Then they wouldn’t have put her name on it, and they may very well have had it added somewhere else, or maybe they just haven’t had the time yet? Just sayin’

Mary on

This is merely a publicity piece, for the celebrities and the designer. I’m sure the designer gave Urban this for free. I just can’t picture him paying $1000.00 US for it!

sara on

What do you people care how much money he spent? It’s his money. He made that selling 20 tickets to his show. It’s sweet.

Jillian on

Clearly…..It is old. There would be no reason for him to exclude his youngest daughter.

Tess on

If I had the money celebs had, I still wouldn’t spend $1000 on that tacky piece of metal. But then, I doubt the celebs do either.

Becky on

@sm..Sooo agree with you on that one..Don’t really like the key chain and could not see myself ever spending that much on it, even if I could afford it..

Doreen on

haha Boy, did they see him coming!!! What a rip off! See, that’s when you have too much money and you don’t know what to do with it. I can tell you Keith a MUCH better way to spend your money than on this. How about giving it to those that have no food or homes due to disasters around the world?!

Tee on

MiB, “me” pointed out the same thing and I’ll apologize again. I assumed that they got it before Faith was born, of course! Maybe even for his first Father’s Day? That was a sweet (albeit overpriced) gift. I didn’t think about the fact that it might have been an old picture. Hopefully they have put little Faith’s name on it by now.

Elena on

hmmm doesn’t look like it costs $950…looks cheap actually…

MiB on

Tee,I didn’t mean to point it out again, it’s just that when I wrote my comment, the last comment I could see was sayle’s. I live in a totally different time zone, and only seem to put comments up during office hours, at least if I write a comment in the morning (my morning) it won’t come up until early afternoon (again my time).

Caitlyn on

Why is everyone so worried about what other people spend their money on? And Doreen, just so you know, since you’re not only complaining about how Keith spent his money, but TELLING him what he should do with it instead, he has helped out MULTIPLE times in the past couple years on disasters. He & Nicole donated a very large sum of money to our own disaster recovery after the flood here in Nashville.

Would I spent it on this piece? Hell no. Do I have keith urban’s money? Hell no. 🙂

That doesn’t mean he can’t. He worked just as hard to earn his money as I did to earn mine.

KB on

for even cheaper, you can go onto and get things like this made. i’ve been going their for years to buy rings for friends who are celebrating momentous events, and even got my mother a pendant with my name and my siblings’ names for mother’s day. NO WAY did i spend $1000!!!

Reality BItes on

I’m surprised at how catty and petty people are on this site…wait, no I’m not.

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