Jennie Finch Welcomes Son Diesel Dean

06/20/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Sara De Boer/Startraks

Baby D has arrived!

Jennie Finch delivered her and Casey Daigle‘s second son, Diesel Dean Daigle, on Sunday, June 19 at 10:25 p.m., the couple confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

Diesel weighed in at 8 lbs., 2 oz. and is 22ยผ inches long. He joins big brother Ace Shane, 5, at home.

“We are so completely grateful and beyond blessed,” the Olympic softball star, 30, tells PEOPLE.

“Casey and I are excited for our sweet precious Baby D! Ace couldnโ€™t be any more pumped to be a big brother to Diesel.โ€

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sar on

Congrats! as for the name….no comment.

Hea on

Not a fan of the name but congrats to them.

And if and when I have a boy I’ll name him Sean Petrol.

Alyssa on

What a wonderful Father’s Day gift for her husband! Love the name!

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them. What an awesome Father’s Day gift for Casey as well.

I’m not a fan of the name either, but as long as they like it.

crazykraut on

congrats to them! Triple D

Janine on

Great father’s day present, but that’s one tongue twister of a name.

pammy on

I am thinking they didn’t say his name out loud before deciding.
But, congrats on a healthy baby.

Elizabeth on

Does anyone else think that Diesel Daigle sounds strange?

Stephanie on

Really, Diesel, that’s the name you’re going with?

mochababe73 on

My son’s first name is Dean so I love the middle name. Not sure about how it all sounds together but to each his own.

Congratulations to the happy family!

Anonymous on

you named your kid after a fossil fuel?

Jen DC on

Wow – he’s an inch and 3/4s short of being two feet long AT BIRTH. That’s a long baby!

Name: Please call him Dean. PLEASE.

Nancy on

Didn’t Toni Braxton also name her son Diesel and Denim, I think??

Mira on

What did them name him after– the fuel or the clothing brand? In any case, a stupid name.

amandamay on


I actually don’t mind the name Diesel – But “Diesel Daigle”? Hmmmm…

Devon on

What a great father’s day gift for her husband! I’m biased to the day since it’s also my granddad’s birthday. My granddad loves his birthday since it’s always near father’s day so he gets a double whammy!

AmandaC on

Why oh why are these celebโ€™s naming their children animal names, I don’t get it!

Toya L. on

I like the name Diesel too but not combined with the middle and last name. Congratulations to them!

JMO on

That name is just laughable!

meme on

I feel bad for her if she reads these comments. I don’t think the name is that bad. It is a bit of a tongue twister. Congrats to Jennie and her family.

Sushi on

You just can’t leave people be can you? Just leave your congrats and move on.

I honestly find Diesel to be a very fun name. Besides, he might end up going by his middle name later in life. What do we know?

What a beautiful father’s day gift ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet dad was just thrilled over that one!

Angelika on

Oh boy – they did NOT think about this name. Kids are so so very mean – cue the gas jokes. And the DDD breast jokes.

Megan on

It sounds too close to Dizzy Dean for me, as in the baseball player Dizzy Dean

betty on

That name is stupid! Sorry!!

Susan on

Love the name Diesel Dean! I think it is really neat to be the only one with your name. How many kids stand up when you say a common name… Make no mistake, he will make his mark in this world! Congrats to the family!

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?

Krissy on

My child would punch her child just because of his silly name…shame on the parents. Haters have at it.

AllisonJ on

Congrats on their new baby boy! Not a fan of the name, but whatever floats their boat….

Natalie on

I think the name is fantastic … Congratulations ! I hope the delivery went very smoothly and you are recovering nicely. What a blessing. Don’t think anyone can’t beat that for a father’s day gift.

Brooke on

Diesel Daigle doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue…..Dean would have been a better choice.

Lacey on

Worst celebrity baby name of the year! I’m really doubting any one will top this. Right now “Bear” is sounding good.

Traci on

Well Toni Braxton’s son’s name is Diesel so what the heck. It’s their baby, NOT YOURS.

Gina Celuch on

Congratulations!!! What a Blessed Father’s Day gift!!!!!

Everyone also needs to keep their opinions to themselves!!! Whether you like the name or not, they are celebrating the precious birth of their son!!! So, STFU!!!! Thank you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

rb on


tessa on

Congrats! name is different, but it sounds cute ๐Ÿ™‚

Jtork on


Krissy on

Who is this woman. Guessing a nobody and she gave her child a name so we can all give her the 15 minutes of fame she is craving….

Anonymous on

congrats to the family! and as for all the RUDE comments about his name…who cares, its not your kid, what does it matter to you?? REALLY?!

K on

For those of you who live under a rock, Jennie Finch is an Olympic softball player. She is beautiful, bright, and reserves the right to name her child whatever she wants. What matters more is whether or not she is a great mom, which she seems to be. And please spare me the, “A great mom would not name her child that.”

Congrats to the Daigle family!

Cat on

She is one of the best softball pitchers to ever play the game. Her talent combined with her beauty have made her a star both in and out of softball circles.

Karen on

Going out on a limb to guess that Megan is on the right track and that’s he’s named with Dizzy Dean in mind. With an Olympian softball player for a mom and a MLB pitcher for a dad, it makes sense. Maybe he’ll go by Dizzy?

Marilyn on

Too much alliteration going on with the name. I think Toni Braxton has a son named Diesel, too.

Krissy on

I though softball players were lesbians. Sorry but that is what I thought

Heather Lynn on

Krissy, she is a retired professional softball player who was on the Olympic team and her husband Casey is a professional baseball player. She isn’t a “nobody” and she isn’t craving fame. She was also one of the celebrity bloggers on here. Congratulations to the Daigle Family on the arrival of Diesel Dean! I think Ace and Diesel make a very nice sibling combo. All the best!

monna west on

Congrats to you and Casey! I love the name and if he is as nice as his mama and daddy he will be the greatest, right next to his big brother Ace!

Maggie on

Krissy, just stop. Good God, you are obnoxious. Anyone that reads the site knows who Jennie is, and if you don’t, you Google.

Congrats to Jennie, Casey and Ace! I’m not a fan of the name myself, but I’ve really enjoyed Jennie’s blogs and getting to know the family.

Micki on

Diesel is one of the Thomas the Train engines. I guess it’s better than Cranky or Salty…

Krissy on

Maggie, chill out. Just having a little fun. Don’t take life so seriously. Smile, laugh and love. Life is all good!

Vin Smith on

Congrats to Jennie and Casey. Of course, the two of them are extremely competitive with their careers playing ball. It makes sense to bring their kids up to be tough and ferocious. Jennie was so ferocious on the mound that she recorded (I am told) several voluntary strikeouts. When the batter just plain concedes. So, if they want to go the Boy Named Sue route in naming their kid, then, way to go. Personally, I think I would have chosen to name the boy Diesel Coal Petrol Atomic Daigle. With a powerful, fast name like that, young Diesel, when he begins to play ball, could use heat to strike out batters tossing knuckle balls.

Taylor on

It’s not just celebs giving their kids this name, I’ve heard it several times in ‘real life’ before. I think it’s a great name, but I don’t like it paired with Daigle either, it’s hard to say!

Krissy, not all softball players are lesbians. You probably think all women who golf or go hunting are lesbians too. Congrats Casey, Jennie, and Ace!

Molly on

Not a fan of the name, it’s too much.

I have to laugh at the people saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” Really? Have you ever been to this site before? While I agree that the comments here go overboard sometimes, you cannot expect people just to reinterate “Congratulations” or say they love a baby name–it’s not going to happen. While it’s not their child, people are simply voicing their opinion about a celebrity’s name choice. If we were celebrities, we’d we subjected to the same thing.

MAH on

Some people on here have absolutely NO respect for anyone else. If they like the name, then so be it. Although, I’m sure they could care less what ignorant people think!!!!! Congrats to Casey, Jennie, Ace and baby DIESEL!!!

Christina on

YAY!!!! I just read her blog yesterday about getting through the final days before the baby is born, and she has the baby on Father’s Day, at that. What a great Father’s Day gift!

As for the name, I like it. It has a nice ring to it.

Jgirl on

Ace and Diesel – both unique and I like that. Congratulations to the family, I know you will love watching your boys grow as siblings. Enjoy all the moments.

dave on

It’s bad enough that the name is ridiculous but it isn’t even original either (Toni Braxton).

Patrice on

Ok, Diesel is not all that uncommon…but paired with Daigle is does sound pretty hilarious. This website is not the only place they are going to hear people chuckling over his name, so I’m sure they’ll get used to it. Hopefully little Diesel Daigle will too.

Violet on

Congrats and welcome Diesel!

Not sure it’s any of my business what someone else chooses to name their child.

jurby on

Diesel? yet another celeb giving their kid a stupid name…

soph on

“You just canโ€™t leave people be can you? Just leave your congrats and move on.”

Haha. Thanks for telling us what to do Sushi, but…no.

Diesel Daigle is a supremely stupid name.

Abby on

Diesel Daigle hurts to say, but I’m sure they’ll just continue calling him D…

Romy on

it would be so hard to look down at my newborn and call him Diesel!

Molly on

Of course Soph you have to be offensive and immature. Why are you still here? You hate celebrities and to be honest, you also seem to dislike women. I doubt you are a woman. You’re probably bitter man who was recently dumped.

Congrats to them ๐Ÿ™‚

To the people who hate the name:

This is their child, not yours. If the only thing you have in life is bashing children’s names, you have issues. Seriously, get some help and stop whining about what celebrities name their kids. It’s pathetic and childish.

Stella Bella on

Diesel Daigle? Really? Oh man, not touching this.

Congratulations to the family! ๐Ÿ™‚

Soco on

What an amazing Father’s Day gift! I love the name Diesel, congratulations to Jennie and the family on their new addition.

S.T. on

Premium Unleaded should be the next name…

Crystal on

With a name like that… he has to be an athlete! Congrat! ๐Ÿ™‚

Molly on

@ the other Molly, you are embarrassing. Please change your name on here. I don’t want to be associated with someone like you.

ForeverMoore on

When I said the name out loud, it made me giggle ๐Ÿ˜€

Congrats to them though! What a big boy…most perfect Father’s Day gift from God!

soph on


Offensive to who? You? Am I supposed to care?


If you say so. I’ve seen far worse posted.

“Why are you still here?”

I didn’t realize there was a time limit.

“You hate celebrities”

I actually don’t but you’re really big on assumptions so I’ll just let you keep running your mouth.

“and to be honest, you also seem to dislike women. I doubt you are a woman. Youโ€™re probably bitter man who was recently dumped.”

Lol. Yeah, this was the very definition of mature…
Wrong on all counts. But thanks for playing!

annie on

both kids names are dog names seriously get a baby name book

Molly on

What a great Father’s Day Gift! Love the name Diesel…very unique! Congratulations Casey, Jenny, and Big Brother Ace!!!

AnnaO on

DIESEL DAIGLE? Child abuse.

J on

It’s funny how grown women here think the worst of some of these names and then are quick to add that playground kids will be the nasty ones. I honestly don’t think playground kids are as mean as some people here.

Momof3girls on

Lol…the name goes good with big brother Ace….my first grader brought her yearbook home today..there is a little boy names Coltrane…now that’s a good name for their third boy ๐Ÿ™‚

kendrajoi on

Delta Delta Delta, can I help ya help ya help ya?!?!?!?

fuzibuni on

For those of you who don’t know…

First and foremost, Diesel is the name of a person.

Rudolph Diesel was one of the world’s greatest geniuses and invented the “diesel” engine. The fuel and jeans brand was named after him. It is a very strong name with great roots.

Congrats to the Daigle family! Ace and Diesel make a good sib-set.

soph on

Momof3girls – Coltrane is an awesome name! I think his parents have good taste. Love the name Cole.

JM on

lol oh my god, when i read the headline saying he was called Diesel that was bad enough, but realising he will be Diesel Daigle. do people ever say their kids full name before deciding what to name them?

but hey her kid, her name choice i don’t care. i’m just stating an opinion. no need for some people here to get worked up. to those of you who are getting worked up, you do realise don’t you, that it isn’t humanly possibly for everyone to like every name? you get that right?

anyway moving on from the ridiculous name. congrats to the whole family on their wonderful little gift.

Anna on

Diesel Daigle- Porn name? Hillbilly? Name of gas company? Think before you name your children! What happened to names like David or Jacob? So sad that kids of celebrities have to suffer like that!

Debbie on

Jennie & Casey, Congrats on your son! To all of you passing judgement on the name…oh really?? Get over yourselves! Awesome name, awesome loving parents! Thats all you need! Good Luck to you all & your family!

Molly on

Soph, this really is all you have in life. That’s pathetic Get help seriously. I can’t even laugh at your comments anymore. They are sad and express how lonely you really are.

A. on

Congrats to them! Not a fan of the name at all however… 3 D’s???

Alyssa on

@Krissy: Your child would hurt a child because of their name? Way to be an awesome parent and let your child do that. You should be ashamed of yourself, especially as a parent.

jessicad on

She seems like such a nice person and some of these comments are just plain mean, I really hope you guys don’t teach your kids the same behavior. Since she blogs here I assume she reads the comments also, I would hate for her to see all this right after such a happy occasion.

I’m a fan of unique names, probably because mine is so common! I gave my daughter a unique name and almost every person in my immediate family hates it, it took a long time for their comments to stop bothering me!

soph on

Sigh, Molly. How on earth would you know what I “have” in life? Go ahead and cling to a theory about me, but really…you’re scary. It’s time to stop obsessing over the comments I make on here. Someone else got it right when they said you were embarrassing.

HG on

@ Krissy – you say your child would punch her child for having a name like that? I’m shocked that you would advertise what a rotten child you have.

Molly on

Soph, you keep embarrassing your self. I feel pity for you. You should be ashamed of yourself. You bash on parents and their children. That’s all you do. What have you accomplished in life?

Molly on

Btw, is there any way to report someone? I would like to see Soph banned from here. She causes nothing but trouble around here and I think it’s time for her to be banned

Miss Ann on

@ Vin Smith… your comment has no substance and you just don’t randomly name kids stuff. Sometimes I wish that kids could name themselves. I bet it would be much better than what their parents come up with.

soph on

Really, Molly? You want to get into it with me? I’d advise against it. You must have a kid named Diesel, because I can think of no other reason for the rampage you’re on after I simply called it a stupid name. You’d think the child was your very own. Creepy.

Perhaps you forget — look at back posts if you want to fact check — that you have a long history of accusing me of being a sexist. No matter what I post, you’re always close behind, aren’t you? You’re on a mission and won’t stop. Did a mean ol’ man hurt you in your past? Boo-hoo. Not my problem.

It would behoove you to stop taking me on. We both know that you deliberately zero in on my posts and attack, attack, attack. It’s time for the pot to stop calling the kettle black.

NM on

Do these celebrities even know what a normal name is? This is just ridiculous!!!

Piper on

Diesel is not that uncommon, I had a Diesel in my class and the kids thought he had such a cool name. He was very popular. This was coming from boys named Evan, Dylan, and Shawn.

So parents don’t assume a kid is going to get teased because of his name. It all depends on their kid and his personality.

Alyssa on

Wow, to the 2 ladies fighting, grow up and let it go! I’m all for coming on here and posting stuff when I want once in a while, but you two obviously have no life if you sit here all day and bicker. This was posted an 12:30 pm and it’s 8:30 pm. You’ve been bickering for 8 hours. Grow up and let it go! Seriously, it’s JUST a name! And it’s not even YOUR child.

Nan on

Diesel is not so bad, it’s actually kinda cute. It’s just that when it’s paired with Daigle it’s a bit of a tongue twister. Having said that, he will probably grow up to be an amazing athlete with a really catchy name ๐Ÿ™‚

soph on

Calm down, Alyssa. You want people to let it go? Hmm, sure looks like you’re prolonging things with an insult of your own. Smart.

Kate on

To everyone arguing and saying rude things – grow up. You all have the right to your own opinion, but there is no need to bash Jennie and Casey on their name choice. It is, of course, THEIR SON. I do agree with what an early commenter said – I feel like he might be named after Dizzy Dean. Both of them are well into sports; baseball and softball…so I certainly think that’s a great connection.

Though I myself am not a huge fan of Diesel…who cares. I’m sure their baby is beautiful and if they like the name, that is ALL that matters.

Congratulations Jennie, Casey and Ace on the arrival of new baby Diesel!

Sarah on

Wow, some of the hateful comments here prove that names have absolutely NOTHING to do with how ugly a person is on the inside.

With Jennie being a contributor here, I would think people would be a little less crass in their commentary. It’s almost to the point that I can’t even click on a post on this website anymore because I don’t want to read the rude comments from people who feel the need to hide behind their computer and make other people feel bad.

How do some of you know the baby wasn’t named after a relative or something else just as meaningful. How do you know the kid won’t go by a nickname? Either way, who cares? I’ve never seen so many judgmental people.

And the whole “a kid will beat him up because of his name one day” line is tired in this age of anti-bullying. If your kids are beating people up because of their names, your child is the one who needs help. Of course, judging by the bully mentality in some of your posts, I’m not surprised.

Congrats to the proud parents, and I hope they never see these nasty comments.

Jillian on

Soph, she says the same things to me. It’s like a broken record. I actually find humor in it. No normal person would do so. No normal person accuses people of being sexist….just cause or telling someone who says they are African American a liar….just cause. I hate celebs even though my aunt is one!

Jordan on

Yes, a person has a right to name their child whatever they like, but you know what? A person is judged for everything in life so having a silly name is just going to be one more thing someone can use against you.

Also, they knew what they were doing when they named him. I assume they don’t live under a rock and would know they’d get criticised for a name like this.

It’s your right to name your child whatever you want but you also need to accept that people are going to criticise you.

Tess on

What a horrible name. It’s even worse than Ace.

Allison on

Diesel Daigle is a joke. Really, it sounds like a cartoon character. Celebs need to take naming their children more seriously.

Alyssa on

No, I just think it’s pathetic when 2 grown women sit on a celebrity website all day and argue back and forth about the name of a newborn. And I am calm thanks.

J on

Well said Sarah. This page turned into yet another internet messageboard joke. I wouldn’t worry about the celebs reading these posts and caring much about what some people have to complain about. I’m sure they hear much worse from better people.

soph on

Jillian – thanks, exactly like a broken record. God, it’s boring.

Alyssa – wow, that’s funny, because you seemed pretty worked up about something in that first post of yours. You’re an idiot if you think people actually “sit on a website” (exactly how does that work?) for a whole day. If that’s the best you’ve got…it’s weak.

Toya L. on

I hate when people use different user names. Hmmm… What’s the point?

L on

Miss Ann, if children were to name themselves we’d have tons of My Little Ponys & Supermans. Diesel is a fine name, it doesn’t go great with Daigle but who cares? It’s not your child.
Couldn’t y’all just be happy for them and say ‘congrats’ without passing judgement?

Congrats to Jennie, Casey, & Ace on their new arrival! I bet he’s a cutie and will be an awesome athlete!

Vivi on

Should say “DDD has arrived.” I will reserve any comments on the name. The child has to live with it.

lolly on

Dizzy Dean, isn’t that an old time baseball player?

mg on

terrible choice of name but…whatev.

Jillian on

Toya, I agree with you!! Sometimes you can even see it changing on here because they don’t realize the name changes. At least it gives me a good chuckle!!

Annie W. on

At least it’s not Unleaded. *shrug*

Cindy Soulios on


Sara on

Why not call him Shell or Total and be done with it?

mmmm on

name is ridiculous, but congrats on your new healthy baby boy. that is all that matters.

Brooke on

People leave her alone!

Congrats to Jennie Casey and Big Brother Ace!

FC on

As one mentioned, Toni Braxton’s son’s name is Diezel. I’ve gotten used to his name, as much as I’ve gotten used to her other son’s name, Denim. And seeing Jennie’s new son’s name is Diesel is fine with me. I actually don’t mind the name. It’s grown on me to the point that I think it’s cute.

Besides, it’s not the worst thing in the world! There are far worse things to be up in arms about.

Anyway, congrats to Jenny and hubby Casey on their new baby boy! Oh, and to Ace on becoming a big brother. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jenner on

I wouldn’t name my child after a type of gas, but that’s just me.

Diamond Girl on

I do think first and last name together sound silly, but I feel more sorry for the kids because everyone seems to think they should be athletes because of their parents.

kimmie on

The name is ok. Could be worse, For example Krissy or Soph.

kimmie on

The meaning of the name Diesel is Diminutive Form Of Matthias Or Dietrich

The origin of the name Diesel is German

Tee on

Krissy said… “My child would punch her child just because of his silly nameโ€ฆshame on the parents. Haters have at it”

Krissy, the ONLY parent who should be shamed here is you. Absolutely despicable that you would allow your child to lay his hand on another child for any reason, especially over an unusual name. Wow! It’s parents like you that disgust me.

Congratulations to the newly extended family on the birth of their son Diesel!

soph on

Your sad attempt to be clever fails, kimmie. soph isn’t my real name. But good try, kid!

kathy on

Congrats on the new baby!!!! Love the name… It’s awesome….

Niko on

You think Diesel Daigle will have a rough life? You haven’t met Bear Blu!

Katy on

Congratulations to you and Casey . Ace, be the big brother now.

Anonymous on

At first glance, I too thought it was a bit odd, but it has definetly grown on me and now I love it… so cute! And anyways, we all like what we like. People don’t like the names I’ve chosen for my kids (Brynn and Lysander) but I don’t care. And as long as they like it that’s all that matters. Congrats to them all!

Julie on

Congrats on the new addition to the family. He is sooo sooo handsome. I love the name guys Good luck and take care!

Tisha on

Omg! U people r serious aren’t u lmao! Bickering over a name? hahahaha wow, it’s sad that my 8 yr old acts more mature than you. She wanted to know what the big deal was about his name? His name isn’t usual but she liked that it was uncommon and different. She wanted to know why you all were throwing a fit over it? I told her that people for some reason always find a way to make something so simple and blow it out of proportion. They want everybody to hear what they have to say. To feel important. Her reply, “she rolled her eyes “people need to get over themselves ” and walked away” LMAO!

Congrats to the happy family! Love the name!

Kim on

Diesel Daigle really doesnt flow well at all but then either does Ace Shane Daigle, but congrats to them!

Becky on

Congrats! You are such a role model and beautiful person, you look so great pregnant. The haters can get a life! The name and baby are beautiful and I’m sure he will acomplish amazing things in life just like the rest of your family. I’m glad you went with a unique name. Enjoy your new baby! Ps. I have an 8 month old beautiful baby girl maybe they can date in 18 years! LOL

Jillian on

If someone doesn’t like the name they are not a hater?

Tisha, you are sharing this page with your 8 year old?!?! I can see if you want to tell her the babies name. But leave it at that! And your explanation just told your daughter that all opinions do not matter, only hers. And if she doesn’t agree, laugh at them. Great job……(eyeroll)

soph on

Tisha: Uh, keep “LMAO” at her perceived “maturity”…her reaction was anything but. Like mother, like daughter, I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

Stefanii on

I Really Like The Name Diesel, It’s Different!
And Also.
Who Says His Last Name Is Daigle?
Maybe It’s Finch.

david chambers on

great name!!!!!my first and only son this far in life carries the name Diesel Allen Chambers!!i love it congrats!!!may God bless his life and your families also!

Sydney on

congrats love the name :p

Jillian on

Stefanii, the article says his last name is daigle…..same as his brother.

JGable on

I love the name!! Congratulations!! God bless you and your family!

Sarah on

I LOVE the name! I had a son in September 2010 and Named him Diesel David. It fits him so well and he will grow up being big and tough. It is a very strong name. Congrats Jennie and Family!