Family Photo: The Van Der Beek’s Lil’ Stunner

06/20/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Cheese! Olivia Van Der Beek, 8 months, gets up close and personal with the camera as parents James and Kimberly looks on at Pampers’ First Father’s Day Cook-Out, held Thursday in New York City as part of their Little Miracle Missions campaign.

“With fatherhood, you have to squeeze out all of the residual selfishness you ever had. It’s not about you anymore – and that’s a good thing,” the actor, 34, said at the event.

Diane Bondareff/AP

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L on

She’s an adorable little girl!!

Kelly on


Sam & Freya's Mum on

What a cutie! I think Olivia resembles her mum, in this pic anyhow…

mommyof2 on

omgosh she is stunning!!!!!!!!!!

N on

Beautiful little girl, too bad her parents and other celebs support a company like Pampers (YUCK!!)

Tiffany on

I wouldn’t be surprised if she models when she gets older. Her features (red-hair and light blue eyes) makes her unforgettable. she’s a cute and I love her name. That’s all…

Sloanesmomma on

Ahh so cute My babies the same age born the exact same day!!

Nella on

Olivia is a cutie, she has very pretty features, looks a lot like her mom imo.

First thing I noticed, aside from the baby was James’ tan, wow I wish I could be that tan now 🙂

Anyways, cute family.

Jean on

What’s wrong with Pampers?

Dee on

Same question as Jean, what’s wrong with Pampers?

Serena on

what a beautiful little girl!! Love her name! And, her mom is stunning! Dad isn’t so bad either 😉

Jen DC on

Hi baby! She’s adorable – looks like she’s about to say something.

Re: What’s wrong with Pampers. Massive stinky landfills. The pulp fibers used for absorbing the wet waste. The bleaching process for that pulp… Those are three things off the top of my head.

Kat on

Jen DC – Then your issue is with disposable diapers in general, not the Pampers brand. The disposable/cloth debate has never had a clear winner…

Olivia’s coloring is just like my daughter’s, though she didn’t get it from me! What a cutie!

Jen DC on

@ Kat: Duh.

To your second point: The disposable/reusable debate DOES have a clear winner and it’s (painfully obviously) reusable. In terms of creation of solid waste products, environmental impact (energy, land- and water-use) of production and disposal, creation of toxins that lie against the skin of babies disposable diapers are the LOSER. And trust me – I ain’t no hemp-wearing, patchouli-smelling earth mama hippie either. (No offense to those who are.)

Terri on

Beautiful baby girl!

eribri on

adorable baby girl and his wife is stunningly beautiful!

Tee on

I believe “N” is referring to all disposable diapers, not specifically Pampers.

Sloanesmomma on

her ears stick out like my lil one i wonder if they correct them self with aga

N on

No I was referring specifically to Pampers. Any company who treats it’s customers the way Pampers did after the whole Dry-Max thing disgust me and they still won’t take responsibility that their product caused thousands of babies to get chemical burns. Not to mention that Pampers is the only disposable diaper company that actively slanders Cloth Diapers with misinformation all the time. I use cloth diapers and I know they aren’t for everyone but even when I do need a disposable diaper I will go out of my way NOT to buy Pampers.

Jillian on

Thanks for explaining N, why you said Pampers! I had no idea. Clearly, others trying to answer for you didn’t either.

Furture Mommy 29 on

OMG that is one beautiful baby! Breath taking. Congrats!