Tia Mowry ‘Relieved’ She’s Expecting One Baby – Not Two!

06/19/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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She was thrilled to discover she was expecting, but Tia Mowry‘s greatest news came when she found out she was carrying only one baby — not two!

“I am so relieved I am not having twins. I tell my mother almost every day I can’t believe she was able to carry all that extra weight,” The Game actress, 32, writes in a guest blog for Parenting.

“I am extremely hormonal now with one baby, so could you imagine double the hormones? That spells double trouble already.”

However, a twin herself to Tamera, Mowry admits sharing that special relationship has allowed her sister to reap a few unique benefits.

“Sharing my pregnancy with my twin is the coolest thing in the world. Tamera actually gets to live through me vicariously,” Mowry reveals.

“For example, she now knows what SHE will look like, when she decides to have a baby. I mean, let’s be real, growing up I think all women find themselves standing in front of a mirror with a pillow under our shirts wondering what we would look like if we ever got knocked up, just for kicks and giggles. Well, not Tamera — she just has to look at me!”

Due with a boy on July 3, Tia’s growing belly has been the object of affection for many — most noticeably Tamera.

“I think she secretly thinks my son is her son too! I mean, twins share everything, right?” Mowry jokes. “She is always kissing, rubbing, patting, and hugging my belly. She is addicted to the belly! Sometimes, it can be a little bit much — but hey — she gets a pass.”

That said, while newlywed Tamera may be basking in baby bliss, Mowry reveals her sister is not ready to take the plunge into motherhood quite yet.

“I have been very honest with her about my pregnancy and its experiences, and now she tells me that I am a good source of birth control!” she says. “Marriage, and now a baby. So, the plus side to all of this, is that she gets to see what it is like — before she decides to dive in.”

— Anya Leon

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Shannon on

Cute! I’m sure Tamera and her nephew will have a close relationship.

ForeverMoore on

She is so pretty…less makeup Tia, you’ve got the face for it! Being a mommy is the best…congrats!

Rachael on

I don’t know a lot about twins, but I thought they normally skipped a generation?

Lily on

I think she is an identical twin (like my own girls).. they have no more a chance of having twins than anyone else. The egg split – that is not hereditary.

So happy for her!

Jillian on

My friend has twin brothers and then has twins herself. Sometimes it doesn’t skip a generation.

Jenner on

She should have that mole on her neck checked. Looks like it’s gotten bigger.

M on

The whole skipping a generation thing is a myth

badonk on

I’ve seen some places say she’s fraternal, others say she’s identical. Fraternal twins can look a LOT alike. But if she’s identical, then her chances of having twins are no greater than a non-twin.

Marsha j. on

My twin nieces are the same way. The baby Elle seems to belong to the both of them. Though they are are not identical in looks, the nurturing spirit is very similar but dominant in the childless twin.

{JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After on

Very happy for this family! Tia and Tamera’s close relationship is so sweet. 🙂