Spencer Grammer Is ‘Really Enjoying’ Pregnancy

06/18/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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Giddy and glowing when she stepped out at an event on Thursday, it was no secret that Spencer Grammer is basking in the joy of being an expectant mom.

Five-and-a-half months along, the Greek star, 27, tells PEOPLE she loves talking about her pregnancy, comparing it to how much she would talk about college when she was in that particular phase of her life.

“It’s my most important thing right now,” the daughter of Kelsey Grammer said at Petit Tresor and CoCaLo‘s Babies R Us collection launch in West Hollywood.

“It’s a great, beautiful thing that I’m really enjoying, and think every woman should enjoy.”

Grammer, accompanied by husband James Hesketh, calls the whole experience of carrying a child “like a science project.”

“You kind of become superhuman,” she explains. “You gain like a pint of blood. Your ribcage expands. There’s a really cool hormone that your body releases for your joints to loosen. You become some sort of crazy being. It’s amazing your body can do all these things.”

The actress, who has only gained nine pounds thus far, hasn’t really turned to her famous father for advice when it comes to raising kids.

“My dad told me it’s a beautiful thing and that I’ll figure it out,” she said with a laugh. “He’s been pretty busy with his own stuff and his life.”

But that doesn’t mean Grammer is lacking anyone to guide her through — Hesketh, whom she wed in February, is a pretty perfect partner.

“My husband helps a lot,” she says. “He’ll pick up stuff I’m not supposed to pick up. I’m not supposed to surf, I’m not supposed to go rock climbing, but that’s okay.”

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lisa on

so this why she eloped! i didnt know she was preggers!

Soco on

Spencer looks beautiful! Please don’t take any advice from your father, he is a pathetic excuse for a husband/father/man.

cris on

She is very pretty! I think her quote is kindof a slam on her father…

Anonymous on

It is great that she can enjoy her pregnancy, she is fortunate.

steph on

congrats to her! and its probably a good thing her father doesnt give her advice.


Amanda on

Oh yea!!!! So happy to hear that Spencer is expecting!!! Congrats and best wishes!!!

Cecilia on

I had no idea Kelsey Grammer had a grown daughter. Isn’t his wife also around the same age?

Jennifer Chew on

@ Cecilia. I think Kelsey’s new wife is YOUNGER than Spencer is!!! I hope that this child will turn out to be nothing like Spencer’s pathetic excuse for a human being/father.

Jennifer Chew on

I think Kelsey’s wife is YOUNGER than Spencer is!!!

I wish nothing but the best for Spencer and her child, and don’t get any influences from her father.

Toya L. on

I had know idea that he had a daughter this old either but congratulations to her.

Erika on

His new wife is 29-30 (she was 29 at their February wedding) so she is older than Spencer. Not by much though.

She looks great! She is so beautiful, and I didn’t know she was 27 either! She looks great, especially for being 5 1/2 months along!

Tee on

Out of curiousity, what did Kelsey Grammer do that has everyone feel this way about him? I don’t know anything about this family!

Alyssa on

@Tee: He left his wife of 13 years for someone his daughter’s age. He pushed her into doing “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” while he was in New York doing Broadway & hiding his relationship.

lisa on

@alyssa totally true what u said about kelsey but after i saw the show, i really think camille is a lousy, obnoxious human as well!

opinions&thoughts on

Even with all her faults Camille deserved better. She was there for him when he went through drug rehab. She worked with him to get his finances in order. The bulk of the money he has now was accumulated during their marriage. Camille is not an air head.

Alyssa on

@Lisa, I agree, as well! I can’t stand those “Real Housewives” shows. Half of them aren’t even wives and most are greedy, self-absorbed women.

Gigi on

I think Kelsey is a crappy human being with no real morals, but after watching Camille on the Housewives show…I must say that I can actually understand why he did what he did. She’s a complete nut job!!!

michelle d. on

Congrats to Spencer! I can’t believe no one knew Kelsey Grammer had a grown daughter…I loved her on As The World Turns…that was many years ago..lol

ellie on

isn’t that wonderful?

kj on

What a beauty! She seems to really appreciate all that she has and really enjoyin pregnancy. Good for her. I also like that she made no reference to her father. Strong, independant woman. And beautiful too!

Carole on

Thank the Lord! This young woman does NOT look or act anything like Kelsey Grammer…She must have taken after her mother…She also sounds like a normal, mature person…Not a neurotic, immature, self absorbed humanbeing like her father..Congrats to her mother for raising her to turn out so well..

Kellilane on

LOVE Spencer, so happy for her! Kelsey and Camille are BOTH nutcases. Camille isn’t Spencer’s Mom is she? I think Kelsey and Camille both need to be evaluated!

laila on

She looks like David Hyde Pierce (Niles on Frasier!).

Jazz on

She’s pretty. Good luck to her and all her family.

BabyBlogAddict on

She looks like pregnancy is agreeing with her – she is glowing. I love her hair! I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl?

Red Skye on

She looks just like her father!Congrats to them both.No doubt Kelsey is looking forward to be a new grandfather.

poetsmom on

Lisa, maybe Spencer eloped because she didn’t want to deal with the drama of who sits at the family table…where do the now 3 step-moms fit in?…how about the siblings?…what pregnant woman wants or needs to deal with that much drama?…Believe me Camille really seems like a piece of work but no one deserves to be treated like she was…

LP on

I’m guessing her father’s advice would be to dump her husband for someone younger as soon as the baby is born and then to start a new family. He’s done that twice now, so it’s good, quality advice for that family.

Cecilia on

@Lisa: they both may be despicable human beings, but no one deserves to be cheated on. Do you think it’s justified if your husband/boyfriend cheat on you just because you were a lousy human being?

Jennifer on

Kellilane-No Camille isn’t her mom. His first wife is her mom. I read an article that earlier this year that said Spencer and Camille didn’t have much of a relationship but not sure if that’s “confirmed” or not.

Jillian on

Cecilia, she didn’t say she deserved to be cheated on! I think Camille is obnoxious and lousy as well. I am no fan of hers. But that doesn’t mean she deserves to be cheated on. For me, I can only imagine how she treated Kelsey.

Jenn on

Opinions&thoughts: “Even with all her faults Camille deserved better. She was there for him when he went through drug rehab. She worked with him to get his finances in order. The bulk of the money he has now was accumulated during their marriage. Camille is not an air head.”
……………….. I COMPLETELY AGREE! Camille has plenty of faults but she didn’t deserve such a horrible man like Kelsey Grammar and how he repeatedly cheated on her. He finally left her after she stood by him with his drug addiction and money problems for a girl HIS OWN DAUGHTER’S AGE!! That is so sick and disturbing. I feel sorry for poor Spencer. Spencer deserves a better dad as well. Kelsey Grammer really is a worthless poor excuse for a man and a waste of space.