Spotted: Jennifer Lopez and Emme – Parisian Pair

06/17/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Bonjour ma chérie!

Jennifer Lopez takes time out from her press tour de France Thursday to hit the streets of Paris with daughter Emme Maribel, 3, in tow.

The American Idol judge, 41, says that she and her daughter enjoy primping together.

“When I get ready for work we lay everything out – the pants, shoes, earrings, belts,” says Lopez.

“[Emme] does that now in her room. She says, ‘Okay, I need pants’ and ‘That matches. I need a barrette.’ It’s crazy!”

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Sarah on

Emme is getting so big! Very cute!

Dodaaa on

Umm those kids look WAYYY too much like their fugly dad! Sorry, but cute they are not. let’s wait to see who says…”OMG! they are just kids!’ ….Kids can be ugly too….

SmP on


Can you please post your picture so we can all give you our assessment? You’re a witchy woman…

maggie on

I think she looks like jen here.

Sandra on

@dodaaaa: First of all, that is so mean!

ANd I for one think she is cute, yes, she does look a lot like her father (I don’t find him the least bit good looking), but his baby girl is adorable.

Please don’t be that mean, what have they ever done to you?! And how would you feel if people said something like that about you or your kids?!

And again, I think she is cute 🙂

lizzielui on

What is the point of an adult calling a three year-old ugly? Seriously.

Tee on

Dodaaa, you’re right in one sense. Not all kids are cute by everyone’s standards. Different people judge appearance in different ways. I can’t argue with that. But why do you feel the need to come on a website and say that about a young child? I really don’t understand why someone (anyone) would do that and I’d like to understand.

HayleyB on

I think Emme’s really cute 🙂 And look at those eyes – she’s gonna be stunning when she grows up!

Cecilia on

For those who criticize “Dodaaa” for commenting, this website is after all celeb babies blog, right? Last time, I checked this is not a J.Lo fan club site. That means any comments either positive or negative are fair game. Have you heard of freedom of speech? Or y’all don’t live in the US?

Rebecca on

Sure, there’s freedom of speech, but the freedom to be rude and nasty there is not.

Sarah K. on

Cecilia, it’s not that dodaaa doesn’t have the right to express her/his opinion, but it does say a lot about them as a person. There is absolutely no need to call a toddler ugly. And, if dodaaa can express her opinions about an innocent child, everyone else can also express their opinions in response. It works both ways.

RKF on

Actually Rebecca, there is freedom to be rude and nasty if one so wishes. That’s part of free speech. You’re on a public forum where people have differing opinions. Dodaaa is entitled to her opinion whether you agree with it or not. And Sarah K., I don’t agree that it “says a lot about a person.” Not everyone on the planet will think all children are cute. Period. This is not indicative of anything other than someone having the balls to say it anonymously. But, thinking and saying it are certainly two different things.

alise on

People voice their strong opinions when they can hide behind the curtain of anonymity like doodoo Dodaa. Coward.

RKF on

And yet Alise, I highly doubt you would call someone, ” doodoo Dodaa. Coward.” unless comfortably being your own curtain of anonymity. Let’s not be a hypocrite.

Janna on

While having the right to free speech means you can absolutely call a child ugly (if you feel inclined to), it also means that everyone else has the right to call you out on it and tell you exactly what they think of you.

Free speech doesn’t give you the right to state your opinion WITHOUT backlash.

Jillian on

Rkf, well said

Sarah K. on

RFK, feeling the need to call a child ugly does speak to a person’s character. As you said, thinking it and saying it are two different things. Certainly thinking it does not make you a “bad person” because you at least have the decency not to say it. Wanting to call a child ugly (even online) is not exactly a good character trait.

alise on

RFK, you’re right, I’d never call dodaa a coward to his/her face because I highly doubt this person would EVER call tell a parent that his child is ugly to his or her face. If this person would be so inclined to do so, then something’s seriously wrong there. That’s my point with cowardly dooda.

Toya L. on

Freedom of Speech still exists? Dawnmarie Souza needs to be rehired then. She’s cute and seems tall for a 3 year old.

Carrie Jo on

I agree that not all kids are cute, but I do think Emme is really cute. She is a good mix of both parents.

Jillian on

Dawnmarie’s situation and this……apples and oranges.

cn tower on

Who is Dawnmarie?

Toya L. on

Like an above poster stated “freedom of speech sometimes has consequences”. She did nothing in her case than others do on here, the only difference was instead of talking about celebs on a public forum she talked about her boss on one that showed her identity. I’ve seen people on here call each other worse actually, hell I have. Obviously calling a celeb’s kid ugly wont get you fired but letting your boss know his is, just might. My point is, I don’t believe that freedom of speech is really always that free. Anyway that’s just my opinion you can believe in it if you want to though.

Toya L. on

I just wanted to say that I never said that dawnmarie’s case had anything to do with a comment about a celeb child. I said she should be rehired, if freedom of speech is so free. My point is yes we are supposed to have freedom of speech but that can’t be entirely free if there are consequences for some. Like a poster said above “you don’t have the right to be rude and crude” and that is true for certain people. Some shock jocks like “don imus”, pro athletes, regular 9 to 5ers and teens on networks, have gotten fired, suspended from school, suspended and/or fined etc…. for using “freedom of speech”. That’s just my opinion though, others opinion differ and that’s great.

Vivi on

Goodness, but that child looks just like her father.

BabyBlogAddict on

Her nose looks a bit funny in this pic – I wouldn’t say she was ugly though…

Lori on

I love how some people get tickled by anyone who expresses their opinion that a child on this Celebrity BABY Blog is not “the cutest thing ever!”. Come on guys, not all children will be great looking, and being the offspring of a celebrity doesn’t automatically mean we must all dote upon and worship these kids.

I don’t think Emme is cute, like at all; why does that matter so much to you? There’s a comment section to express my opinion and so I did. You’re welcome to disagree and that’s the beauty of free speech.

Take note that I never said I had ill will towards the child, I hope she’s very happy, healthy, and loved. God bless her, but her looks are rather ordinary.

jessie on

to jlo her kids are the most beautiful in the world and it really doesn’t matter if other people think they are cute or not

Jillian on

People are free to say what they want, but they need to understand that not everyone feels the same way, and ppl may reaact. If i worked at a company, i would never speak negatively in public or on the “boards” about the company, employees, or boss. Regardless if freedom of speech existed or a policy told me I couldn’t. Common sense tells you not to do so.

Toya L. on

I agree Jillian but obviously some people lack common sense, “teens” and rightfully so, or there are others that think they are protected by an amendment called “freedom of speech”. = ) Either way, some people believe in it’s entirety and some don’t (me) it’s just a matter of opinion. Like I said, I don’t feel it’s too free if there could be consequences from ANYONE”. Having to watch what you say because of the consequences you may endure is not entirely “freedom of speech” to me but that’s jmho. We obviously have different opinions and that’s cool!!