Maggie Rizer Expecting First Child

06/17/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Eugene Gologursky/WireImage

Make room on the catwalk — Maggie Rizer is pregnant.

The model, 33, and husband Alex Mehran are expecting a baby boy in November, Rizer announced on her blog.

“It’s true! Alex and I couldn’t possibly be more excited! We will be welcoming a baby boy this November!” she wrote.

“We’ve been having lots of fun these past few months getting ready for the new arrival and will be sure to let you know how things are with our ever-growing family.”

Rizer and Mehren wed in Sept. 2010 in Lake Placid, N.Y.

— Sarah Michaud

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S.T. on

She’s a model?? Hmmm……

Jennifer on

I really like her!

Andrea on

Yes, she’s a very successful model. Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. She’s gorgeous!

HB on

Who? Slow news day…

heather on


Anonymous on

Yes, while male models have gotten PRETTIER and Prettier, female models have gotten ODDER and ODDER. Gee, wonder why that is?

Jen DC on

I remember her from early Tommy Hilfiger shoots! has an archived article about her describing how her stepfather stole most of her early modeling money. Very sad situation…

lizzielui on

Maggie Rizer is very well known in the fashion world. She was a top model in the 2000s. Congrats.

Aspen French on

She is not gorgeous – she is plain and less than attractive but she is very photogenic and that’s what makes her in demand in the modeling industry – as one can tell, except for a few, most models are not pretty, they are unique looking and the cameras love them…never heard of this woman however, a few photos here and there doesn’t make someone a “famous” model!

lizzielui on

At the height of Maggie’s career she commanded $30,000- $40,000 per photo shoot and had ad campaigns for Gap, Clinique, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Versace, Viktor & Rolf, Celine, Romeo Gigli, Marc Jacobs, and Max Mara. So yes she was a famous model.

Brooklyn on

Never heard of her…

t. jenson on

WHO is this person? she certainly doesn’t fit any “model” type…unless you would consider a “plain jane” model.

Bree on

Congrats!! She must be due just a couple weeks before me (So early November) if they know they are having a boy!! My husband and I go in a couple weeks to find out the gender of our little one and hubby is hopeing we will be making a similar announcement lol

Can’t wait to see picture of this little one, I am sure he is going to be a cutie with a mommy as pretty as Maggie!!

ellen on

what does she model? Never seen her and her teeth are yellowish and very plain looking.I’m not a super model but I’m just saying either the picture is unflattering or she’s just no that hot.

Jazzy on

She looks very average so I would never guessed she’s a model from looking at her. Never heard of her.

Maggie on

The best of humanity in the comments again today, I see…

Congratulations to Maggie. She sounds very excited. And I certainly remember her modeling campaigns. I’m 31. Maybe those who don’t are older or younger? I feel like her face really was everywhere for awhile there. Also she used to have red hair, so she does look a bit different blonde!

Lauren on

Models do not all have to look like slutty playmates! She’s natural and gorgeous and stylish. She’s had a very successful career, so, who are any of you to talk. As someone who follows fashion, I am a fan and I care that she’s pregnant. SNOBS!

Judi on

Average? you are so wrong. She is very attractive. YOU on the other hand are probably unattractive. I am so tired of seeing overly fake looking women and reading how attractive people think they are.

Daffykins on



Wow! I wish I could see what the people who are so quick to call Maggie ugly and unattractive look like. I bet you’re all gorgeous and have modeling contracts. Seriously, YOU are what’s wrong with the world today. There’s always got to be a “JERK” (to put it nicely) pointing out everyone’s imperfections.

meri on

All you people saying “who?” just make yourselves look ignorant. Just because you’ve never heard of her doesn’t mean she isn’t worthy of being featured here. I don’t even follow fashion that closely and I am know her well as very famous model. I don’t go around posting “who??” every time there’s a post about a country music singer or a soap opera actress, and I have no idea who any of those people are. It’s just rude. Many people are still considered celebrities even if you may not know who they are.

Karolina on

She is a naturally stunning women … absolutely beautiful. For all you saying she is “average” then all I can say is…I wish I was as “average” as her! 🙂

Violet on

Again,I’m not sure why I’m surprised to read hateful comments from arrogant, immature posters.

I think she’s lovely- beautiful eyes! Print models and high fashion models often have a different look than VS or bikini models.

Audieme on

Grew up with her in magazines and JCrew catalogs, I think she is very pretty, not drop dead gorgeous or anorexic-looking (or boy-like which is usually how I think of female models), very casual and all-American. Congrats!

Amber on

Actually, my first reaction was also “She’s a model?!” She does look quite plain in this picture and her teeth look a bit rotten, but maybe it’s just a bad picture…

I’ve also never heard of her, but I’m from Europe so maybe she never did any campaigns here. She might be more known in the US because she’s American.

TLF on

Its nice to see a natural looking woman and not some fake made up airbrushed model. Very pretty.

Gloria on

Never heard of her,however congrats on your pregnancy.

lala on

For all the people who have never heard of her and therefore for some reason are hating on her- look at her age 33- she has been modeling for over ten years. She was more visible back then. Her photographs over the years have been stunning. Most successful fashion models are about the skill and being photogenic, not ‘beauty models’. Those girls end up in Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated.

KRN on

Who? …. OK, next article ….

Tara on

What in the world?!?! Model of what?

londongal on

Women bashing women. such class!!

plannbb on

I’d really like to see what some of you look like, my God….

JJ on

Featured in this months Vogue…

meghan on

How about just saying “Congratulations”? Or better still, not going out of your way to click on a link just to say “WHO?!?!?” when you don’t recognize someone, like you are supposed to have heard of every actor, musician and model on earth. For example, there are these continents on the other side of the planet from where you live, made up of countries, full of entertainers you have never heard of. It doesn’t make them any less successful.

And as for looks, how do you think most performers look without makeup? At least she looks like a real person, which is more than can be said for some models. I personally think she looks lovely as she is.

Amit on

Bree – I am surprised that you don’t know the sex of your baby yet, I’m from Israel and all my friends and I usually find out around week 14-16!

Toya L. on

Congratulations to them, she looks great. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Leave it to other women to tear each other down and then wonder why celebs have lots of plastic surgery. Smdh!

Sandra on

Must admit, I also think she is plain/average looking. And I don’t get why she is a model. And yes, I’m unattractive 🙂

But back to what really matters; congrats on the baby. Think it great that she i so excited, and wish her and her hubby great happiness.

Bree on

Amit- Our baby is already proving to be very stubborn (not at all unlike my husband lol!!) and kept it’s legs firmly crossed at our last ultrasound otherwise we would at least have an idea although the ultrasound tech did say that she refuses to 100% the gender until 20 weeks just to be sure

Anonymous on

You people are just mean and ignorant, this is a congratulations to a beautiful successful woman. A woman who may read your negativity and has done nothing to deserve it.

Camie on

For those of you saying “who?” just accept that you haven’t heard of her, or were probably too young to remember when she was a top model. No need to be mean. She looks beautiful and I’m happy for her.

soph on

European Amber…rotten teeth?

They look fine.

bevvie on

I agree that the malcontents have begun their barrage of negative comments. So sad to be so disgruntled about so many things. Anyway, congrats on the new baby. Your family’s happiness is all that counts.

Holiday on

She is barely average looking.

Jillian on

Saying, who is not a rude statement. I have no clue who she is, without googling or clicking on a link, which is pretty rare for the people on here. I know or know of the band/group/show/models, etc of almost everyone on here. Clearly other people do as well, because so many people seem to not know who she is. just because I don’t know her, doesn’t define how attractive one thinks she may be.

soph on

Also very sad to be so passive-aggressive, bevvie.

Taylor on

This is a really bad picture of her. I googled her after reading the article, and she has WAY better pictures where you can actually see how pretty she is. Not knowing who someone is doesn’t make you ignorant, I had no clue who she was before googling her! Congrats Maggie and Alex!

sheila on

slow news day i never heard of her before.

Anonymous on

I have seen so many AMAZING pictures of her, I honestly have no clue why they had to pic probably the most unflattering one of all…

Lily on

who is she and whay is this news

TJ on

If she’s a model, then she must spend a ton of time in make-up. Awful teeth, very yellow..smoker? Lots of models smoke rather than eat, such a shame. Never heard of her either.

Danielle on

Maggie is damn famous for her modeling. Anyone who reads Vogue or Elle from 1997 til now or even print ads for Hilfiger, etc would recognize her.

Mira on

I recognize her and I happen to think she’s beautiful.

But generally, I agree that there are many odd-looking and unattractive models– Camila Alves and Karolina Kurkova come to mind immediately. Both of them are basically ugly in my book.

JM on

to be honest most models i see i don’t think are very attractive. they usually look rather boring and plastic and not very natural. even people like cindy crawford, claudia schiffer, heidi klum etc. i think they have good bodies for modelling clothes (which is afterall their job) they’re tall and stick thin. but their faces i don’t think are anything special at all…. just my opinion. i prefer women who have more natural, less plastic looking faces without tons of make-up and stuff. just women who are beautiful as they are and don’t look like a copy of every other model out there.

Naddy on

If you dont know who Maggie Rizer is, you are either under the age of 18 or you know nothing about fashion. She is a very successful model and was on the rise in the late 90’s & early 00’s but dropped out of the industry because she was having personal family issues…if she hadn’t had such an unfortunate turn of events in her personal life, she would still be a top model today. You can take that to the bank.

Jillian on

Naddy, I am over 30 and know many models, just not her. Probably people don’t know her because she dropped out 10 years ago. Just because ppl don’t know her doesn’t mean they know nothing about fashion!

Annie on

I hope Maggie has a safe delivery and a healthy, beautiful baby boy. God Bless!

andrew on

I love when readers come to PEOPLE magazine and ask “why is this news” and “who is this person” and “most be a slow news week”, if you wanted interesting article that don’t involve celebrities go read CNN news or Time magazine or Al Jazeera . . . lol. what the hell did you expect people magazine to be about?, just too funny.

Jillian on

Went right over your head! People on here want it to be an interesting article about celebs, obviously! What people don’t want is to have to google the person to figure out who and what the story is all about! Just to funny…..

gail on

Maggie is a beautiful all american girl….. Congratulations!!!!!