Family Photo: The Crawford-Gerber’s Premiere Pose

06/17/2011 at 11:30 AM ET
Robert Pitts/Landov

Mom’s little lookalikes!

Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber pose with kids Presley Walker, 11½, and Kaia Jordan, 9½, at the opening night of Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark on Tuesday in New York City.

“By the time I had my kids, I wasn’t on the cover of Vogue every month anymore, so it wasn’t quite as in their faces,” the model, 45, said recently.

“I think sometimes they’re still a little bit surprised or tickled when I get recognized or people say certain things. But I did get some playground credibility after doing Wizards of Waverly Place! All of the sudden their friends knew who I was.”

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lisa on

finally the kid got a haircut!!

Grace2 on

Wow. It’s no surprise, but those are gorgeous children.

Noelle on

Her son looks so much older with that haircut. I like it much better than that moppy hair he had before.

Nancy on

Yes, I noticed the haircut right away. I agree that both of those children are models in the making.

Sarah W. on

Quite a bit of makeup on her 9 year old. She’s gorgeous girl without it.

Rose-2 on

@Sarah W: I was just going to post the same thing.

Jenny on

they are good looking kids. i agree… the daughter would be prettier without the makeup. i liked her son’s hair long…but he is extremely handsome with the new haircut. what a good looking family.

annachestnut on

lovely fam

AmandaC on

Wow does the daughter look exactly like mom & son look like the father. Beautiful family!

Annie W. on

Wow, those kids are stunning.

abcdef on

My goodness, Kaia is insanely gorgeous! By far the prettiest celeb child I’ve ever seen. Does she even have makeup on? I don’t think she does. She’s just that beautiful, I think. Presley is really handsome too. He inherited his mom’s famous beauty mole! Neat! 🙂

Jen DC on

They are lovely children. I hope they are not letting Kaia wear make up EVERYday…

JDK on

What a gorgeous family. I agree with Amanda, they are the spitting images of their parents. Gorgeous!

Shannon on

Did Cindy have plastic surgery? Her face looks somewhat plastic.

Toya L. on

Beautiful children. Gorgeous family, they both have a mini me.

Ivey on

Shannon, I think so too, to bad, I think people look better w/out botox, but to each their own….

mary on

please, that kid has on more make up than I wear and I am 32. Cute kids, but I wouldn’t let my 9 year old wear a face of make up. This isn’t a one time thing, she wears it all the time.

I know she wants too, my 4 year old does too- but Cindy has sexualized her enough already since she was a tot- so I guess I am not surprised.

Jenner on

Gorgeous! Love Presley’s haircut. Kaia only wears make-up for special occasions. She obviously doesn’t need it!

Nicole on

Absolutely beautiful family. Kaia is gorgeous and Presley is very handsome. Too much make-up for a 9 year old though. I think a little lipgloss would have been fine. She’s too pretty for it anyway!

Candy on

So obvious in this photo how Presley looks like Dad, and Kaia is Cindy’s Mini-Me. What a gorgeous family. They look like happy people!

KPR on


Melissa on

@Mary how has Cindy “sexualized” her daughter? We rarely see them out at all and the few pics here and there are usually when they’re at some special event, and who cares if she has a little bit of make up on? It not like she being pimped out on the cover of every make magazine like some celebs do to their kids.

Beautiful kids, they both look so much like Cindy!

Macy on

Presley was the most gorgeous celeb baby around, and he grew up to be a very beautiful kid!

Sarah S. on

The kids are absolutely STUNNING–no doubt they would have been!!

JMO on

The makeup is overkill for a 9 year old. I get it’s an event and perhaps she doesn’t wear it often however everytime I see a photo of Kaia she’s always got some on!

Love the haircut too! Makes him look older! Gorgeous family!

JMO on

at the same time I guess it’s no differnet then children who wear makeup for movie sets *shrugs*

cn tower on

Although I think Cindy’s daughter is a tad young for make up, the fact that it is a special event and it IS Hollywood after all, I will give it a pass. I do have a problem with parents dyeing/bleaching children’s hair – particularly when they are only toddlers as I have often seen on this site…

Em on

For the longest time, I wasn’t sure if her son was a girl, because of the really long hair. He looks a lot better with short hair.

Macy on

I disagree. I thought he was a lot more beautiful with longer hair. And what’s the problem with boys with long hair? Or liking pink? Its annoying that people can be so judgemental.

Maggie on

That’s really rich coming from you Macy, considering you have a negative comment for every baby name out there.

Shelby on

I agree Macy, I saw so disappointed when I saw this photograph with his short hair. They are both incredibly gorgeous children but I just adored his long, blonde locks. Just a stunning family!

Rachel on

I think we are all agreed that Cindy and Randy’s children are beautiful. Their parents are beautiful. However, I think they are making them grow up a little too quickly, especially the daughter. She doesn’t look nine she looks nineteen in this picture. That in my option is setting a dangerous precedent. If she’s feels more adult she may try acting in a more adult manner. Let a child be a child while they can.

andi on

They are the most gorgeous family!!

Mia on

Wow-the son is a 100% like his dad + the girl is all mom!

+ I agree-way too much make-up..she’s 9..not 19.

Kresta on

I really like Presley’s haircut. It suits him. I agree that Kaia has too much make-up on for a child. She doesn’t need it at all at her age.

Amanda on

She’s let that little girl dress/act older than her age for years now. anyone remember the nude picture scandal? They do have a gorgeous family but unfortunately I think we’re bound to see these kids, especially their little girl, spiral out of control in a few years. If they can already act like a teenager before they are even 10 what is ‘too much’ when she’s 16?
And that is most definitely not her natural beauty you are seeing, she’s a beautiful little girl but as someone else put it, she’s wearing more makeup than I ever do…even on my wedding day I didn’t wear so much makeup.

K on

I loved Presley’s long hair! Either way, he is absolutely stunning. And he certainly looks much more grown up.

I think it’s hard to judge from this tiny photograph how much makeup Kaia has on. I think it’s a bit less than it appears. Photos of her since she was a baby have shown how absolutely gorgeous she is.

And the comment about how Cindy has sexualized her daughter? You must be kidding. Those kids are rarely seen in public. When they are, they appear as normal kids. Give me a break.

Jillian on

Beautiful family. I as well, liked him with his hair longer. But, he also looks cute with his hair short. Whatever he likes!! I do not like that their daughter has so much makeup… all. Regardeless of the occassion, she has far more makeup on then I have ever worn. She looks way too old.

J on


As far as I know, Kaia was not nude in the pictures, she was tied to a chair and gagged with a bandanna. The NANNY took them while she and the kids were playing cops and robbers and they were meant to be funny. They were later used in an extortion attempt. Cindy has NEVER sexualized her kids and has spoken out often against the way she was treated as a young teen. Get your facts straight before you comment. That’s if you have enough brain cells to do so.

Ali on

I agree with the above posters about the makeup on her. It’s just too much for a 9 year old. She’s wearing more makeup then I wear when I go out at night! Jeeeeeeeeeez! I think that little girls are thrown head first into adulthood far too soon nowadays and the beauty of that innocence of childhood gets sucked up by makeup, clothes, weight issues, sex and everything else so fast…why not try to set some boundaries and have a “no makeup until you are a teenager” rule or something?

As for the son’s hair…it is what it is. He looked cute with the moppy, shaggy hair but he looks just as handsome with this cut! 🙂

SS on

I don’t think the girl is wearin make up. Maybe a lipstick in some natural color… but looks like her eyes/skin are naturally like that

Indi on

I dont understand!!! How is too much make up for a nine year old,too much, Yet the other day, We had Coco (Courtney Cox’s Daughter) on here dying her hair purple and pink at 7 years of age!!!and readers thought it was OK for a seven year old!!! I think she looks gorgeous for a special family outing!!!!!

MiB on

I’m not sure Kaia is wearing that much makeup at all, I have the same colouring as her, and I too look like I wear makeup in many pictures from where I was a kid. Now that I’m an adult I hardly ever bother with mascara since no-one seems to notice anyways, I have never pencilled my eye brows in my whole life (unless you count a few times for theatre performances or dress up, and I somehow don’t count green, blue or golden eyebrows, fake unibrows or brows shaped in the form of branches as a normal makeup), and yes, my lips are about the same colour as Kaias without any lipstick. I only wish I had her bone structure as well!

Romy on

the whole fmaily looks alike to me! I agree, no make-up for Kaia

mmh on

I only have boys so I have no idea really, but I have seen children before with such striking features it does appear they have make-up on… Or she might wear it, who knows. I mean, the idea of make-up at some point had to come from someone so beautiful they always look like they are wearing it, right? Or else how did the idea even originate?? Anyway, beautiful family!!

amy on

beautiful children but the daughter is no where near old enough for that much make up !

Mira on

Oh no, Cindy’s starting to look like Janice Dickinson. How sad.

Daze on

Beautiful family. Pressley is starting to look like a boy, now that he is getting older. A few years ago, he was just so beautiful, he looked like a girl. I agree that both are models in the making.

mary on

Melissa- she had her posing in catalogs in bathing suits when she was 4, posing in adult positions and topless- this is just one I am talking about-

She has a whole catalog of equally inappropriate pictures she let her daughter do for a swimsuit catalog. at FOUR.

mary on

the pictures are gone- but you can see how many people agreed, the pics were totally inappropriate.

Vivi on

They are beautiful children who look exactly like Cindy! As a baby, Presley looked so much like Cindy it was mindblowing. Kaia looks more and more like Cindy as she grows up, especially when Cindy first started modeling. I don’t see a bit of Rande in either child, but perhaps I will as they get older. That is definitely a lot of makeup for a nine-year-old. Playing dress-up with a little makeup is one thing or dressing up to go out to a public event is another. But neither of those circumstances should require THAT much makeup on a nine-year-old!

Vivi on

Mary, I just looked at your link of Kaia, topless, looking back over her shoulder with a string of beads and bottoms and a smile…and a faux tattoo on her back, no less. That is positively sickening.

guest on

so much beauty in that family

shalay on

Makeup or no makeup, there’s NO denying that little girl is gorgeous. She will definitely be a supermodel and/or actress.

I loved Presley’s hair long. Maybe it’s because I live in California and love the beach, surfer look, but I thought it was beautiful. Of course, he’s adorable with short hair as well.

Naughty Cal on

I liked the long hair better. This new haircut makes him look too preppy.

mimi on

my 9 year old cousin has similar colouring to kaia. she’s got dark eyes and a naturally olive complexion with naturally rosy cheeks (my aunt was ridiculously accused of tanning her as a child, when it was naturally her skin colour!) like kaia, and it always looks as though she has makeup on in photos when she doesnt. she was also accused by her school teacher of wearing mascara to school, and my aunt had to go in person to explain her eyelashes are naturally dark and curled without makeup. i suspect that’s probably the case with kaia. a bit of lipgloss on a 9 yr old is okay tho.

but seriously, some kids are just THAT naturally pretty and look like they have makeup on when they dont.

Annie W. on

I know I’m in the minority but I look at those images of her modeling and all I see is a precious little child.

micaki on

Alice on

He was so cute with blonder hair though. 😦