Catherine Bell’s Blog: Time Off Is Such a Treat

06/17/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

Thanks for welcoming our newest celebrity blogger, Catherine Bell! The actress — mom to son Ronan, 9 months, and daughter Gemma, 8, with husband Adam Beason — stars on Army Wives and was recently seen in the TV movie Last Man Standing.

Bell, 42, can also be found online on Facebook and @reallycb on Twitter.Β  In her latest blog, the actress is enjoying her time off and discusses her favorite baby food finds.

Courtesy Catherine Bell

SO … I took my own advice and slowed WAY down — now that season 5 is done — and it’s been really cool! I am thoroughly enjoying my babies! What a treat!! Taking time each day (heck, a FEW times a day!) to “do nothing” as Pooh says … and MAGICAL things can happen.

Gemma has time to tell me about her day, her feelings, things that excite her and interest her — such JOY to hear an 8 year old’s viewpoint on life and people and new experiences — I learn a lot from her. And then watching Ronan learn, explore, push his body to new heights, climbing, crawling, pulling himself up on EVERYTHING. He just learned how to clap and it makes him so happy to clap and have us cheer him along.

Today, he was fascinated with me blowing in his face (I had spearmint gum breath). He pressed his face into mine and just took in every second of it — and so did I! Then he tried to imitate the blowing and figured out how to do a “raspberry.” πŸ™‚ Precious moments!

Courtesy Catherine Bell

It’s funny … people often talk about how fast time goes by: “Enjoy them, they’ll be teenagers (or off to college) before you know it.” While it’s true that time can sometimes move fast, I find thinking that way to be WAY too pessimistic! I notice time moves slower when I simply stay IN the moment and actually do what I’m doing while I’m doing it. (Funny, writing this blog has helped me do just that! So thanks.) πŸ™‚

And now I’m off to make Ronan some food!! My mom helps me do that when I’m working, so I’m kind of new at it but am loving it. I found a great book called Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel. Great simple recipes that don’t take long to cook but are yummy and very nutritious.

My other fave find is the Happy Baby line — organic baby cereals with probiotics and puffs that are made of broccoli, kale, sweet potatoes and apples. They taste great, Ronan loves them … and they’re so good for him! I’m trying to keep his diet as healthy and clean and simple for as long as possible — get him used to the taste of as many veggies as I can get in him before he discovers sweeter stuff at friends’ birthday parties and school!

Okay, time to cook! Hope you enjoyed reading this. Look forward to talking again soon!


— Catherine Bell

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Jordan Matthews on

Ronan has to be the cutest thing!! Those two will the best of friends you can tell

Jen DC on

Love the cuddle pic!

Baby food is really easy to make and you know EXACTLY what’s going into it and when it was made. There is a pretty good resource I used as a nanny: Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. Loved it. And had fun making the food with the hand grinder…

Corinne on

Thanks for this new article

Brooklyn on

Ronan is too cute! Great pictures.

Anonymous on

Catherine, love reading your mommy thoughts! Thanks for sharing the reflections on parenthood and work life balance as well as the lovely pictures of your beautiful family! “Do nothing” days are so important when we have hectic schedules, I’m glad you are taking them with your little ones πŸ™‚

Jenny on

love the first picture of the two of them. what a cute sibset. they look so cuddly!

megan on

I love this family:) Gives me a peak into the future. My kids will be close to 6 years apart. They just look so content and happy:)

Linda R on

Great blog. glad you are getting some quality family time.

A great way to store those wonderful baby purees one makes at home is to freeze in ice cube tray. then dump out in zip loc bag and store in freezer. so easy to grab and warm up just the right size serving. xo

mommytoane on

LOL Great dislusion. Trust me. 5 years from now you will look back and see how time flew. Your little ones go from being this tiny precious baby to an adult. Time flies when you are having fun. So let it fly.

Sarah M. on

I don’t have my own kids yet, but I do have a 6 month old nephew. He is already growing soooo fast. I was changing his diaper today and it hit me how long he is already. And soooo happy!

I like Catherine and am glad she’s doing a blog on here. Her’s is one of the few I’ve actually read.

Janine @ Alternative Housewife on

I am such a geek for CB and on a major Army Wives kick – I’ve been watching the show from the beginning on Netflix this month and am almost all caught up!

We love Happy Baby around here too, and my son is 9 months old as well! Sebastian loves his puffs and “squeezies” of pureed fruits and veggies.

I’m wondering if any of your celeb bloggers do baby-led weaning, or BLW? (I blog on the topic at We basically love anything Sebastian can eat on his own – He is so not about being spoon-fed! He loves bread and chicken especially.

Jubellant on

Thanks for sharing your motherhood perceptions with us. Love the healthy happy brother & sister pic. They obviously enjoy each others company! Great advice about staying in the moment! Another wise blog!

dwain harrington on

I really enjoy reading your blog page . it give’s me a feeling of being part of the family & a personal touch. kid’s are the best invention yet . my wive & i raised our boy & girl (age difference the same as YOU & ADAM’S kid’s. now we’re starting over with MATTHEW & ELI ( 9 & 4 yrs) our grandson’s . i’m sure your mom knows the good part of being a grand parent is being able to spoil them & send them home to mom & dad…….i love it……lol ! i realize with your career , juggling motherhood with interviews travel & all your obligations it’s like a 3 ring circus but from what I’ve read your doing a great job ! wishing you continued success & happiness , your senior fan……..DWAIN

Caroline on

Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! What a great big sister!!

Sarah S. on

Your children are adorable! Yes, isn’t it great having time to enjoy the little (but really big) moments they experience?!

Jen on

I LOVE reading your BLOG. my youngest is 7 & my oldest is 19 (none in between) & I know what you mean about it going to fast! Enjoy every second of it!!! I miss the baby years & am sad every time i see them gettign older or further away.

My oldest is talking of moving away…..I know it’d be great for him…but i don’t know if I could breathe w/o him here everyday. lol

Janice on

So nice to see a down to earth mom and a Celeberty too!!! Good for you! Hope to see more of you and the others. JAG was a great show too. Good luck to ya on the baby food.

Kelly on

if you like making food for your family check out awesome website!! my 17 month old loves everything from the site!

Susan Albert on

Both the children are adorable. Love their names. Catherine is so right when she says “enjoy them when they are little”. Time flies so quickly. My grandson is almost 15 years, and will be in 10th grade. I think to myself oh my where did the time go. I like the idea the Catherine is taking time off to enjoy her children.

Diana on

*** Both children are beautiful !!!..What did we expect with DNA like at anyways…lol..
.I had always wanted a girl so I’m jealous…I have a 23yr old and a 9 yr. old..both boys but my sister had 6 girls so that kind of fixed me about wanting
Anyways, I always shop organic and always have..I have a tiny food processor that was a gift at baby shower…I use that thing like there’s no tomorrow.
.What ever we have for dinner I throw it in the processor and they loved it !!!..So, not only did I know how much salt, sugar and such is in it the fact that they loved it was all I needed to hear..
Even on say Easter they didn’t get candy…You need to be creative, I gave packs of raisins and homemade stuff and always a kite….lol….Just healthy stuff..I even made home made cookies till they were well into their teens since you control the ingredients…Relax and Enjoy
P.S. Would give my eye tooth for a JAG reunion show…….

FC on

Ronan has the sweetest smile. He just seems like a happy baby all around. I love the one of him and Gemma, too. Very adorable brother/sister duo. πŸ™‚

renate lemons on

Hello Catherine Bell. I loved you in JAG, I loved you in Army Wives and I love to watch everything you are part of. I am so glad that you get to spend time with your LITTLE Ones. I am a grandmother and time has gone by so fast that it sometimes seems unreal, that my granddaugter is all grown up and will be a mom herself soon. Can’t wait. Love you for all you do. Renate

Kiwanis on

Hello Catherine, what a cute picture of your children. I am glad to see that with your busy schedule you are taking time out for them. Time certainly flies and there is no way to get it back. I have three children, with 14 years difference between the youngest and the oldest and in 3 short weeks I will be taking my oldest son to college. I am missing him already and he hasn’t left yet. Thank God for this time and cherish it. Thanks for sharing yourself and your family with others.

Janice Watson on

I too, enjoy your shows. When I know you are in a show I make it a point to watch it. Same with DJE. I did love JAG and would love to see a JAG movie. In the meantime I will just enjoy hearing about you and your family and any program or movie you may be in. You do have a lovely family, in fact Gemma is beautiful just like you and Ronan is handsome like his father. I am a mother of four and grandmother of five. I enjoy every moment with them. I have two beautiful daughters-in-law. I guess I would consider myself very blessed!