Stella McDermott’s Hello Kitty-Style Third Birthday Bash

06/16/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Albert Michaels/Startraks

Happy birthday Stella Doreen McDermott!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s youngest child celebrated turning three with a Hello Kitty-themed party for 50 guests, including Ali Landry and daughter Estela, in their Los Angeles-area backyard on Saturday.

“Stella is obsessed with Hello Kitty. Literally the week after her second birthday party she said, ‘Mommy I want Hello Kitty for my next party,'” Spelling tells PEOPLE with a laugh.

“And she never forgot! She’s been asking for it ever since.”

Albert Michaels/Startraks

Featuring a 3 foot tall Hello Kitty from Hansen’s Cakes, flowers by Heavenly Blooms, a pink candy bar from Candy Warehouse and a dessert table from Jenny Cookies, guests of the party also noshed on pulled pork sliders, mac & cheese bites, corn and hot dogs and mixed veggies.

Albert Michaels/Startraks

They then moved on to play at face painting and hair-styling stations, a make-your-own necklace table, Hello Kitty bounce house and photo booth.

Albert Michaels/Startraks

A touching moment came when Candy Spelling gave her granddaughter Tori’s childhood dollhouse, a present the actress had received for her own third birthday. Upon seeing the gift, Tori cried — but Stella lightened the mood by asking if her pet chicken, Coco, could live in it!

Albert Michaels/Startraks

Before they left, guests received gift bags filled with goodies from Sanrio, Mabel’s Labels and Name Your Tune.

— Sarah Michaud

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Elizabeth on

Stella’s SO pretty!

kendrajoi on

I think both of Tori’s kids look like her brother, Randy. Really cute! Happy Birthday, Stella!

BabyBlogAddict on

WOW! I’d love to go to a celebrity kid’s birthday party!

Cammy on

Stella looks so much like Dean. Wow! That Hello Kitty cake sure takes the cake!

Gigi on

IS that the cake in the first pic??@

Micheley on

What a fantastic party! Tori and her kids are beautiful and I am so glad to hear that Candy was there and everything is well between them.

I have to say if I was fortunate enough to make the kind of money celebrities make I would definitely be one to throw over the top parties for my kids!

Maryanne on

Ehhh. They don’t pay for much, if anything, for these parties. The company’s that “sponsor” these parties got paid up top by the mentions. Cute kids.

Jordan Matthews on

That is a pretty pic of Tori and Stella…and she is too cute with her daddy and brother!! Happy she loves birthdays now 🙂

TC on

I’m so glad she and her mother are now on speaking terms, I only wish my mother and I were.

Maryann if you watched their show for the most part they do pay for the party themselves, yes they might get free stuff or at a discount for SOME of the items but I don’t believe the cake or even the bounce house was free.

SAR on

Stella looks like her dad, and Liam looks like his mom — you can’t see it so much in that picture because of the face paint, but you can see it in other photos of him.

Toya L. on

Too cute! Stella is a mini Dean.

mks on

Stella is such a little cutie.

It’s nice to see that they had those vegetable cups as an option along with all of the sweets they had.

Also nice to read that Candy and Tori are talking again. And such a sweet gesture passing on Tori’s old doll house to the next generation, I’m sure Tori loved that present just as much as Stella did.

B.J. on

Stella is very cute. I would also love to go to one of these parties, fancy! I could go for a 3′ cake!

Anna on

nice to see Tori has forgiven the paps and invited them to her daughter’s birthday party.

Kitty on

I’m so happy her and her Mom are on good terms again. Her children are adorable! I think Liam looks like her brother and Stella is her Dad all the way.

Indi on

I can not believe this little girl is 3 already.. Those vegies cups look fantastic for a birthday bash

Krissy on

That is one lucky kid….congrats and enjoy it!

sansy on

Wow. lucky lil girl.
Tori sure knows how to throw b-day parties for her kids. Goes all out, they sure are lucky kids to be so blessed.

Lila on

Stella is so cute, and it’s nice to see her with a big smile in the last picture. She reminds me of my friends little girl, so serious looking all of the time even though she is goofy on the inside!

I love Tori and think she is a great mom. She knows the mistakes her mother made and refuses to repeat. Her kids are very lucky!

Happy birthday Stella!

KatieJ on

She’s one of the few celebrities who has mentioned wanting a large family. I think that’s great!! She looks beautiful and her children are darling! Wishing them all the best!

Elita on

Anna, yup! Hilarious. Dean looks like a total douche.

Kelly on

Stella is so adorable! She looks just like daddy to me! Great looking party, sounds like loads of fun!!!!

Rose-2 on

@TC: I’ve watched every season of their show, and it’s actually not clear that they pay for most of that stuff themselves. Just the opposite.

weu on

stella is such a pretty little girl.

Anya on

Anna – LOL – you are funny! And so right!

cara on

Gosh, with so much name dropping and product photos, it seems like their daughters 3rd birthday party was sponsored ?

Could that really be the case !!

abcdef on

Thank goodness Stella didn’t get her mom’s genes!

Tee on

Stella is getting so big and she’s quite lovely! Such a beautiful little girl! The party looks like it was a lot of fun, too, although I think the cake is a little over the top! I love the veggies in the cups with dip. What a neat idea! Such a simple way to serve veggies without having a traditional vegetable tray! And kids eat things so much better when they are served in a “fun” way!

Patrice on

Wow! Is it possible to eat that much cake at a children’s party? Lots of cute ideas.- Love the veggie/dip cups. It is a bit over the top, but most celebrity parties are. Stella is adorable.

Jillian on

Anna, I thought the SAME thing!

Hayley on

i could just imagine having the left over headless hello kitty cake in the fridge, way to scare the kids.

Hea on

I hate Hello Kitty. It’s so pointless.

JM on

i never saw the point of Hello Kitty either. none of five kids has ever liked HK. just looks like a rather ugly oversized cat monster 🙂

stella looks cute though.

Stephanie on

Aww! That is adorable!!! Happy Birthday Stella!

alexa on

wonder if Dean ever sees his other kids from his first marriage? Happy Birthday, Stella! you are a cutie-pie!!

Terri on

That looks like a fun party. Cool!

Meela on

Really Hea!

There is no place for the word HATE, when talking about such a happy event.

Pointless to an adult, fun to a “CHILD”!!!

My boss’s wife always had “over the top” birthday parties for her 4 girls. And I learned to understand the importance of making birthdays super special for your children. They do not stay little for very long.

Christmas and birthdays as special in our home because the rest of the year is limited to mostly books, books and more books. Along with small tokens of love.

Shea on

I *Always* went over the top for my kid’s birthdays and holidays when they were little…they are only little for a very short time and I loved celebrating very aspect I could of *them*. They got gifts and parties for holidays even as minor as St. Patrick’s Day. I went through a lot to have have kids…hard pregnancies and my girls were all premature. I loved celebrating anything that would make them smile and happy. We decorated for anything and everything as well. My girls are now 26 and 15 and look back on their childhoods with very happy and warm memories…they always felt special and like little princesses. Now my 26 yr old is doing the same for my 4 yr old grand-daughter. They are grown in a blink of an eye. All the money I spent on parties and stuff other people probably considered “over done” or “a waste”, what good would that money do me in the bank when I die? My kids always had their necessities as well as their wants…once my 15 yr old is gone away to college in 3 short years, basically my life as a full time mom is gone…I have no regrets on anything I’ve put out for my kids. My kids are my whole life and reason for being.

Brooklyn on

Looks like a fun party! Stella is adorable!

adri on

Both kids look just like their dad. Nothing of Tori’s genes at all.

Ari on

New baby will be a girl. I see it in Tori’s face.

Susan Albert on

I do not think this party was over the top. I think it was very appropriate. The children are adorable. I also think it is terrible of what some of your comments are about Tori. She is a beautiful person, who loves her husband and childeren, and shows it.It is very hard to be a celebrity, especially if you are the child of a celebrity. Tori is handling this very well. I am so happy she made up with her mom. Remember.”beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. To those who love Tori, she is beautiful.

robinepowell on

It’s amazing how both kids look like Dean. I wonder if baby #3 will look like Tori and what colour hair will he/she have?

Glad to see Candy getting more involved with grandkids finally! 🙂

brooke on

What an awesome birthday party! I want that cake for my next party! The veggie cups look delicious, too.

Kat on

I just can’t believe Stella is already 3 yrs old…time sure flies. Love the Hello Kitty birthday party…as usual, Tori pulled out all the stops and perfected every one. Happy Birthday Stella!!

Dee on

Oxygen filmed the whole party like all the other birthdays and pays for the whole thing. Kinda of sad that their whole life is surrounded by cameras and they will grow up thinking it is so normal. Hope they have a normal life if possible and it doesn’t turn ugly later on–too much too soon is not good ala Lindsay Lohan, Corey Haim. I feel bad for the kids in a way even though they have so much..Their Dad is a douche always saying in interviews that heis having a third baby—really !!?? Poor older son Jack 😦

Anonymous on

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww steella is adorable love her pic with dean and liam omgsh cant wait to c if tori hasa boy or girl