Family Photo: The Alves-McConaughey’s Disney Day

06/16/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

After their glam date night, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves enjoy a casual-chic day at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., with son Levi, 2½, and daughter Vida, 17 months, on Wednesday.

Lisa Rose/Disney Parks/Getty

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Lisa on

I love this family, the kids are adorable. I just could never wear what Camila is wearing to Disney. I normally looked disheveled at Disney running around with the kids and she has perfect red lipstick and a rather nice pants on.

Anonymous on

lipstick is the easiest thing to keep up with. you keep a tiny tube in your pocket, or diaper bag. i get little mirror stickers to put on the lid so i don’t need a huge mirror. as for the nice pants, how do pants affect your ability to run after your kids?

it annoys me how people think celebrities are out of this world super people. they’re just like you and me, except they have a lot of money.

Laura on

True, but doesn’t she look a bit ridiculous wearing that at Disneyland? I think she does. Still love them though.


Camila looks ridiculous…alot like Mortica Adams IMO…she totally missed the mark…this is about as far from a Disney World outfit as you can get…on the other hand, Matthew and the kids are dressed for the occasion.

B.J. on

I used to work at Disneyland and I would see women in high heels walking around the park… Craziness!!

Laura on

Uh, I think she looks fine and actually pretty casual. I would wear that outfit just to hang around the house.

Pamela on

I’d say she’s pretty casual. Baggy pants, comfy shirt, and sneakers!

lizzielui on

What is so ridiculous about pants and sneakers?

Serena on

I love the outfit but not a fan of the red lipstick. Regardless of the color of lipstick she is wearing she along with her family are simply stunning!

Mina on

Mother and children are dressed like stooges! That poor little boy, I just want to see him in shorts and a spongebob t shirt and look NORMAL for once!

paperskyyy on

I saw them at Disneyland, I had to do double take! Such a gorgeous family! For the outfit, I don’t see how she looks ridiculous for Disneyland. I’ve seen people running around in mini skirts and stilettos, now that at Disney is ridiculous… Not casual pants and sneakers. As for makeup she’s not the first to walk around Disney with it on, won’t be the last…

nettrice on

I hope “shorts and a spongebob t shirt” isn’t what’s considered normal.

Mina on

nettrice, I dont care if its any cartoon character or even a sports team. He is always dressed like a doll…in something fancy or binding/uncomfortable. Kids are not models. They prefer to be comfortable at an amusement park. I can see if he was playing dress up, but not to walk around all day in heat and running around playing!

fan on

More people should look that nice at Disney. It doesn’t take money or looks, just self-respect.

Bree on

I’m sorry Mina but how would you know if he is comfortable in those clothes or not?? They look comfy enough to me, when I was his age my mom could not get me out my frilly skirts and tights, I always looked like I was dressed up but I was as comfy then as I am in jeans and a t-shirt now.

smiley on

I thought Camilla’s outfit looked comfortable and casual, and
maybe Levi likes what he is wearing?

I think the kids look great, not wearing anything outrageous ala the Stefani/Rossdales.

Jen DC on

So so cute! Everyone is holding hands and walking. 😀

I don’t see what’s so binding about a pair of jeans on a toddler… And frankly, I bet he’s choosing those weird suspenders all the time, otherwise, he’d wiggle out of them.

As far as Camila’s outfit, I wasn’t aware that khaki pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt were inappropriate for an adult at Disney. I agree, however, that the red lipstick isn’t flattering.

@ Anonymous: I found it difficult to dress in much more than a t-shirt and shorts when I nannied. BATHING was difficult – until I got used to his shrieks when I’d disappear behind the shower door. (I put him in his vibro-chair next to the tub.) Some people make it seem more effortless – I think she’s making it seem pretty effortless to look better than I did on a daily basis… Someone else saying they’d look disheveled in comparison should send you over the edge.

Karen on

Yeah, Camilla & Levi’s outfit could go, but whatever. What I want to know is, where the heck are their bags/purses?!?!?! Must be w/ the nanny…or maybe they just went there for a few hours.

K on

Love this family! They grow their own vegetables, commit to family time, and take vacations in an RV. How awesome is that!

You have to consider… Perhaps Levi wanted to wear the suspenders! My mom let me wear some things that she wouldn’t have chosen for me.

And the judgement calls on Camila’s clothing? She is a stunning woman regardless. To each their own. Shouldn’t we be able to look into our closet and pick something out without concerning ourselves with what the rest of the world will think about it? How can we teach our children not to judge others if this is the crap coming out of our mouths?

Ac on

Camila’s hair is amazingggg

AmandaK on

Who cares what they’re wearing? They’re on a family outing having fun and that should be a positive thing. They all look great to me. Being a Mom, doesn’t give you a pass to look like a scrub in public. Lots of Moms still take pride in their appearance and are still more than able to run after their children so that’s no excuse sorry to say.

LRL on

was it cold again?

LRL on

I agree mina, some comfy khaki shorts a tee, even just his white tank for Disney. no suspenders

andi on

I go to Disneyland often and have yet to have a celeb sighting..I think it would be so cool to just spot a famous person or family just strolling around like they are..cute family!!

Mina on

Those look like suit pants on Levi. They dont look like jeans. And tight suspenders over his bare shoulders? Yeahhh reallyyy comfortable. And you know they are tight if they arent falling down. A kid should not wear suspenders, period. They should get clothes that FIT him no matter how many stores they have to go to, or even have them specially made if he is in an odd size. They have the money! Its plain as the nose on my face that he is dressed that way to be “stylish”.

And there is a line to draw if Levi “wanted” to wear that. I once wanted to wear mini high heels when my dad took me to an amusement park when I was 8 and he said…no. A very wise word on his part. Yeah, its ok to let Levi dress his way hanging around or going to a grocery store…but u dont let your kids wear whatever they want to certain places, like church, school, or an amusement park. Its called common sense.

Shani..... on

Oh, Mina, SHUT UP! Yeah, I know it a blog….but….you irk my nerves.

Anna on

They look fine! There is nothing ridiculous about her outfit, looks perfectly comfy to me.

soph on

Aww, Shani’s mad. No one’s going to shut up just because you want them to, dear.

KEM on


They talked to Matthew once when he appeared on a show on the Food Network. He talked about Levi and said that Levi loves suspenders. He pretty much wears them whenever he gets the chance. So, that is most likely why he is wearing them at the park. If you are wondering which show on Food Network, it was Guy Fieri’s Big Bite. They are really good friends.

Anyway, Camilla looks just fine and comfortable. I actually think what she is wearing is cute.

KEM on

We are dealing with June Gloom here in SoCal. So yes, it may have been cool that day.

Jillian on

I am struggling to see what’s wrong with her outfit. When I look at this photo I see a family, spending time together which is a beautiful thing. I think her outfit is highly appropriate. And can’t believe the nitpicking in it. I also don’t understand how if a child wants to wear suspenders…..that’s a bad thing?!?! Why say no?!? How is that giving him too much…what and where is the harm? There are so many other things to pick your battles with and I don’t see how suspenders are one of them.

MiB on

Seriously Mina! Suspenders are great for kids, they keep the pants on without putting preassure on their little bellies and they are not uncomfortable (they are elastic, you know, they adapt to the body), and they are much easier than belts when it comes to bathroom trips. As for Camila’s outfit, it looks pretty everyday and comfy to me, but then I would never be caught out in excersize clothes unless I was about to excersize and I think lounge clothes are for konging at home in.

Kate on

Whether she dresses casually or glams it up, Camilla always looks great.

Jen DC on

@ Mina: Really? Have you argued with a 3 yr old in the recent past about what to wear or wrestled one into something s/he didn’t want to wear? Your comment is really silly. Whether they are pants or jeans, I still don’t see what’s inappropriate about wearing this to the Disney. Also – highly doubt he’s wearing the suspenders to keep his pants on; I’m almost certain that HE LIKES THEM. Mostly because he wears them EVERYWHERE. And where are you that a white tank top and suspenders is considered “stylish”?

Mini high heels ≠ suspenders. Mini high heels at an amusement park = disaster.

Just… what is your irritation with this? (And frankly, why is it so STRONG?)

Indi on

I think she looks great for a trip to Disneyland, the little girl looks cute and Matthew, well too cute!! And maybe levi needs suspenders to keep his pants up!!! He is soooo darn little for his age

Michelle on

After seeing some of the photos of what “normal” people wear to Disneyland it is nice to see something different. I’m sure that they didn’t have to stand in queue’s like the ordinary folk and that is why she probably looks crisp and calm!!

I like the way Levi is dressed and I can see Matthew’s influence there.

Annie W. on

All I can think is Morticia Adams. Ick.

Toya L. on

Camilla looks pretty and comfortable, they have a nice looking family.

Melanie on

Andi, the best way to spot a celeb at Disneyland is to look for the cast members in red plaid outfits. (The outfit the CM’s at City Hall wear). They typically escort celebs around. So, whenever I see a cast member in that costume walking with a group of people: I crane my neck to see who they are with 🙂 I’ve seen: Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, Victoria Beckham, and Laura Dern over the years!

Cecelia on

I see absolutely nothing wrong with Camila’s attire so it’s actually quite comical to see people complaining about it. As for Levi, how in the world can people tell from a photograph if he’s uncomfortable or not?

Mina on

Jen DC, yes I had a 3 year old (he is 8 now) and guess what…I am the parent. I didnt wrestle with anyone, nor did I give in when it came to proper attire for certain events. I did not give in to everything he wanted. I didnt overspoil him. He knew who was the boss….me. Too many parents trying to be their kids’ “friends” rather than an authority figure. Ugh no wonder kids are so damn rude and ruthless these days. Anyway, off topic…I just wanted to clear that up to Jen DC.

JMO on

Why do they always insist on dressing Levi like Tiny Tim! LOL

Kate on

Ha, Mina’s back.

Larissa on


Yeah letting your kid wear pants and suspenders, such bad parenting !!!! Wake up, there is SERIOUSLY worse things going on in the world for you to come back here every second to defend your foolish comments.

Mina on

Larissa, not seeing that a child wears proper attire isnt “bad” parenting. Its LAZY parenting. I know there are worse things, like abuse. But that doesnt mean I am going to let my kid do whatever he wants. I was just saying that to Jen DC who apparently wrestles with her 3 year old kids to get them to wear what she tells them to and not what they want. Put a foot down. Period.

Jillian on

Still not understanding the harm in suspenders and why they are so bad for children to wear? If Levi AND his parents like them, which clearly all of them do…..then what is the problem. The parents are not the ones giving in….they are the ones who probably introduced him to them to begin with, since Matthew wears them himself. Why do people automatically assume the worst and that the parents are “giving in” because the child asked for them?

MiB on

I still see to fail what’s inappropriate with suspenders. They are not uncomfortable, and Levi seems to like them, so what’s the big deal. Lots of kids go through periods where they think that certain things are stylish, wether it’s suspenders, baseball caps put on sideways, hello kitty sunglasses, superhero capes, hats with three pompoms (that one of my charges insisted on wearing every day for several months!) and there is no harm in letting them wear it as long as it’s not inappropriate for the weather or occations or dangerous in the situation.

Tanya on

I don`t know why they dress little Levi as a little gentleman instead of a two year old kid,but maybe its because he`s so small and thin for a toddler.

I think his little sister looks better in this photo because she`s a little chubbier and more baby like..

JM on

i’m with you Jillian, really failing to see what is wrong with any of their outfits… they are just casual, informal clothes for a fun family day out….

paperskyyy on

I fail to see how letting a kid wear suspenders is “lazy” parenting?

BabyBlogAddict on

This family kind of annoys me… I don’t know why. They walk around like they think they are so cool – that’s the impression that I get. Just my opinion… Perhaps they are really nice people… I don’t know.

Mina on

paperskyyy, because rather than put a foot down and demand your child wear what you feel is appropriate and comfortable to wear to a hot amusement park all day, they let their kids get their way and wear whatever they want because they dont want to “wrestle” with their kids or risk a tantrum/meltdown. I wasnt referring to this family (because I dont know them) I was talking to JEN DC who apparently “wrestles” with her her kids to get them to do what she wants/wear what she wants them to rather than just showing them who is boss. Giving in to a kid is being lazy imo.