Pink Getting Acquainted with ‘Snot, Tears and Poop’

06/15/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

It’s been just over two weeks since Pink and husband Carey Hart welcomed a baby girl, Willow Sage, into their family — and they’re already finding the humor in the less-than-glamorous aspects of parenthood.

“My life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes … now it’s snot, tears, and the color of poop. #bliss,” the singer, 31, Tweeted Tuesday.

The new mom is yet to lose her edge, however — she later added, “I do miss the whiskey though.”

On a mushier note, proud papa Hart, 35, shared his own thoughts via Twitter.

“My wife Pink owns my heart,” he wrote days after Willow’s birth. “And she just gave me my best achievement of my life … Medals and flips got nothing on her.”

— Caroline SlutskyΒ 

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kourtney on

I love their family πŸ™‚

Snels on

What an awesome thing for a husband to say!

zaida0322 on

love love love them!!! =)

Meg on

So happy for Pink and Carey.

marylittlelamb on

haha funny tweet!!

happy for Pink on

I am so very happy for them… Im pregnant now and if my hub says that of me I would just melt… OMG… I am so happy for them… Best wishes…

Junky on

She is trashy and gross, and I don’t understand why so many people worship her the way they do.

Aimee on

Congratulations you two!!

Vanessa on

So happy for Pink and Carey!! I love this couple! πŸ™‚

Tori on

I’m so happy for her! Hopefully, that child will have a nice life, OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT! I have a feeling that she will be the best dressed child out there, with her two cool parents πŸ™‚

msdiva1908 on

Gosh I love them πŸ™‚

AMG on

So happy for them.. They obviously have to adjust, but will overcome.

Kim on

“Junky”, she is neither trashy OR gross. Jealous much? Sorry nobody likes YOU. Love this couple and cannot wait to see a photo of Willow. I’m sure she’s adorable.

Annie on

Love Them!

Kyla Fey on

How adorable. Parenthood is a funny transition. I hope for the best for them! How lucky to have a little baby!

Kelly on

too funny..and totally true!!! Can’t wait to see a good family pic of them…with a view of baby Willow!

Kosta on

Truly happy for them – Wishing them the very very best!!! So happy they found each other again!

Steven on

And this is the classy mother this child has to look foward to growing up with. Some people should not be allowed to have kids.

melliemel on

I love Pink. She is a REAL person. All those other fake phony celebrity moms won’t be seen out of the house after giving birth until they are back down to 90 lbs!!! I wonder if Pink and Carey will put Willow’s 1st baby pics on People magazine for 1 million!! (If they did….they would probably donate it!!!)

SummerGirl on

Steven and Junky – you both are ridiculous. Sure, she’s a bit rough around the edges, but that’s what attracts people to her. She’s not fake like so many others. What you see is what you get. She’s not out there releasing sex tapes for fame, stealing, doing drugs, or flashing her nether regions like other celebs that are frequently on/in People. I think she’s a gruff-rough teddy bear at heart type of person. Love her and her new family!

Lvit2Bieber on

Good Lord some of you people are such azhats, is your personal relationship with this couple so close that you can judge them on what kind of parents they will be? I’d much rather have Pink be the mother of my grandchildren than some bitter, judgemental, happinesss sucking vortex who’s hiding behind their computer. I am very happy for them both and hope that little Willow brings them great joy, fabulous name by the way. Mazel Tov!!

suzanne on

Junky, no one is doing any worshiping here. Just wishing the couple and their baby well. Jeez, mellow out.

Crystal on

Super cute! ♥ this couple! πŸ™‚

Jen DC on

You know what “classy” is? Not giving up on your marriage. She and Carey Hart fought to get to this point and I can appreciate that in this day and age (even though I don’t think marriage is *necessary*).

Congratulations to these two; they earned it the hard way.

Karen on


Lacey on

My new favorite celebrity family.

Julie on

That is the sweetest thing a husband could say!! I love them together and love her….she’s so real. Best of luck

joann on

So happy for PINK and hubby.Looking forward to seeing how beautiful SAGE is.

Lizzie on

I’m not worshiping anyone and I think Junky & Steven are the same person. With that being said, I’m so impressed with P!nk and Carey working through their differences and getting back together even stronger. Most couples — not to mention “celebrity” couples — would have just said “enough of this” and called it quits.

Amy on

I love Pink and their family is soo cute!!

tessa on

I just wanted to say that Pink looks great. It is refreshing to see a celebrity mom who actually gained a healthy amount of baby weight during pregnancy. I mean that in a good way ❀

Martha on

She is trashy and gross, and I don’t understand why so many people worship her the way they do.

– Junky on June 15th, 2011

Get a grip Junky, totally uncalled for. As she has stated, she worked for and wanted this baby. She and Cary are both over the moon and happy, and will be AWSOME parents. That sweet little girl is lucky to have both parents so happy to have her. My 16-1/2 year old sweet girl’s father wants nothing to do with her, after 4 years together AND engaged. I left him at 6mths pregnant. She should have been so lucky to have a doting Daddy. Get over yourself Junky.

roshanda on

@ Junk you are a hater .I just love those too as a couple and as parents every parent does not have to be stuck up .

Leslie on

Pink & Carey Hart have every right to parent a child as the next couple. As someone who has suffered with miscarriages and premature births of 3 children, I can fully appreciate how precious children are.

Pink is an outspoken woman, and she’s never hid the fact that she’s a rebel and rough around the edges. We’re all created differently by our maker, and that’s what makes everyone UNIQUE!

@ Steven, she’s a woman who wanted a child with her husband, who are we to deny her that privilege?

@ Junky, remember the finger you’re pointing at someone else, there are 9 more pointing back at you.

I for one think Pink Rocks!

Becky on

That’s PINK, honest and keeping it real. Happy for them both. I too can’t wait to see a picture of baby Willow. Anyone else with such negativity should just p*** off. you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Julie McAllister on

Love Pink and Carey and I also can’t wait to see a picture of Willow…bet she is gorgeous…was so excited to see them in my home town Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada last summer when Carey opened up his tattoo shop….she is gorgeous and he is very handsome so I’m sure this baby is a doll….Congratulations

Corrie on

Haha…wait until she starts making REAL poop….infant poop is nothing. Snot? Barf? Tantrums? bliss…

mamaof2 on

They are sooo cute! I don’t know if we’ll ever see a picture of the baby, but I bet she’s beautiful.

susan powers on

you go girl! It is amazing what snot and poop can do for you. I was 37 when I had my one and only and I had been Wild and free before her. I was scared and then she changed the configuration of my heart, which I thought was impossible. That love was one I had never felt before for anyone, unconditional, what a concept. Enjoy, she will grow up fast and that amazing poop and snot will go away, but not the tears.


RKF on

Junky & Steven are ONE troll. Generally no one (surprisingly) rips this couple apart, but now two almost identical posts suddenly appear? Some people are really desperate for attention. It’s creepy. Me personally? I actually find this family so endearing and sweet, and Pink seems to have softened her image a bit since becoming pregnant.

Dawn on

I just think it’s great for this couple. They went through ups and downs and now look.. So happy for them both. They will make great and fun parents. πŸ™‚

nicole on

Awww! What a nice thing to say. It melts my heart. πŸ™‚

Ashley on

I agree with everyone. It’s so nice to see a REAL couple, a couple that hasn’t been tainted by fame. They’ve not ever been ones to put on a show for the camera. They are who they are and their daughter will grow up with those same morals. Be you, and the hell with what everyone else thinks. That’s a beautiful thing. Congratulations to Pink and Carey on being blessed with the precious gift from God and congratulations to baby Willow for being blessed with such amazing parents!

Amit on

I am so glad they got back together and figured out how to work things out, because I saw a few interviews with Pink and she seems like a wonderful person who had a tough time growing up. Hope she’ll be a great mom and enjoy every stage of raising a child. Her song Please Don’t Leave Me brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it, same goes for F***ing Perfect.

Nickole on

So happy for them!

paula on

They truely are a beautiful couple. Love them both!! I’m sure their baby is adorable!!

AllisonJ on

Junky and Steven are one person: a troll. Ignore her/him. They have no life and nothing to live for, nothing going for them.

As for Pink and Carey – such wonderful words and sentiments! It melts my heart. I know Pink and Carey really wanted this baby and will be great parents.

Silly Mama on

Don’t we all, girlfriend….

theresa bradley on

Congrats to them both .. She will make a great mother …all my Love to her and her new family …I love the name Willow

Karen on

I love these 3!

Irritated with Idiots on

OMG~ Noone can sit here and tell me that they wouldn’t want to hear their significant other say those words about them. That was so beautiful, and its so nice to see that they found each other again after the brief break up, they fell in love with eachother all over again.
~~~ Congrats to the Hart family, you are a beautiful family~~

Junky and Steven- The name “Junky” fits you, after those comments. Steven- You have no class whatsoever, and I agree with most of you that these two are probably the same people.
It irritates me that people will make the same type of comments under different names. Get a Life!!!

Molly on

I love this couple. Congrats again on the new baby.

gt on

xoxo love pink…best wishes

giiii on

P!nk is amazing! she has always been my idol! im so happy that she had a daughter ❀

Jules on

I went thru the same thing! Can’t wait to see a pic of the baby! I will say I must have been very lucky, cause I lost my baby weight & was back in regular clothes in days, even gaining 50 lbs. Pink seems to be taking longer to lose the baby belly, but I guess it’s different for everyone, & she’s spending time with her baby, not at the gym working out like most stars.

Karen on

Pink has gone through so much, overcome a lifetime of hardships and worked incredibly hard. She deserves every blessing she has. Much love to an artist who has made a difference in my and many others’ lives. And Carey, love you too!!

CorrieTheOther on

I think that’s really sweet. πŸ™‚

tiffanie on

So happy for you both and your new baby girl. Cant wait to see pics of your beautiful little girl. Pink you look great! Congrats to you and Carey

Noelle on

JUNKY, if you think Pink is trashy and gross, I strongly suggest you watch this:

It’s the most beautiful performance I’ve ever seen of any singer. There is NOTHING junky or gross about this.

Heather on

This is probably gonna come out really weird…but I’m kind of happy to see a celebrity who actually looks like she just had a baby. I was starting to feel like I was in some kind of Twilight Zone with these celebrity women emerging a week after birth looking like supermodels.

Just Lise on

You are fucking awesome. I am so happy for you all!

namia on

My the family be blessed…Pink is Carey too

JM on

guys, don’t feed the tolls πŸ™‚

i am happy that the whole family is doing so well and there is clearly so much love there.

raingoddess on

I am so happy for Pink and Cary, I bet their little girl is beautiful. There is so much love in their little family. Please don’t say nasty things when people are congratulating their new blessings. Bless them all.

interesting on

How come she can’t say getting acquainted with her first born and loving her first days of motherhood. Instead she has to remind a natural fact of life, that all humans have bodily fluids and the need to defecate.

remy on

what a great title for an album of kids songs πŸ™‚

Margaret L. on

Its amazing how a baby totally changes your life around. I wish them all best with their beautiful baby girl. I do hope,however, that Pink stopped smoking not just for her, but for her family as well. Wishing them all a long, happy and healthy life!!

pat on

I love the concept of Pink as a mama she will do well and so will Corey.All the luck in the world.

Ellyn on

What a beautiful family!

Dana Allen on

I agree with Steven, too bad HIS mother was allowed to be a parent!

Lisa on

Kinda funny that someone named Junky calles someone else trashy! LOL I love Pink and Carey and they are so in love with eachother and their new little girl! Congrats to them, they deserve this happiness!

People on

To start I’d love to say that what Carey Hart said is very very beautiful. It’s very touching and sincere. On another note, what Pink said about going from one lifestyle to another is very true. But I don’t agree with her saying “I do miss the whiskey though.” This could make anyone think that maybe she has drinking issues. Idk its just a thought.

JMO on

Pink is neither gross nor trashy!!

If you take the time to actually know about her life and the stuff she’s been through as a kid you will see she’s a women who fought the odds and worked her ASS OFF to get where she is!!!! She’s REAL as REAL can be! She tells it like it is and doesn’t give a rats behind about what others think about her!! I happen to love her. Do I worship her? Nope. But she’s an awesome role model for young girls. I have to say there really isn’t one thing about her that I haven’t found to love. And I’ve also seen her in concert and she’s worth every penny!! You don’t pay to see this one lip synch *cough* Britney! πŸ˜‰

Erika on

How exactly is Pink trashy? She may have had her party days, but who doesn’t when they are young, she is older and married with a kid now. She actually seems to be a really great person and is very talented and hardworking! I am so happy for her and her husband and they seem to be a really sweet couple. I love her husband’s tweet!

Lady on

Wow, haters are strong I see….go find your lives people. Seriously.

So happy for them, she just keeps it real, unlike most!

Tiff on

On another note, whatever became of the language filters on this site? Yikes!

Toya L. on

Haha! I can’t wait to see pictures of Willow.

Ali on

She has all my sympathy on the snot, tears and poop thing… One thing that shocked me about my daughter when she was only a few weeks old is that poop can literally shoot out and hit the wall, or in my case my hair, face and chest. All part of the adventure, congrats to them!

Cecelia on

Interesting, because if she did, people on this site would bitch about how she’s not being realistic about the trials and tribulations of the first few weeks of motherhood. Besides, it’s her Twitter account. She can express her new experiences however she sees fit.

AmandaK on

What Carey wrote about her is so touching and beautiful. I would LOVE if my husband said something like that! I’m sure she knows how lucky she is to have a beautiful baby and loving husband though. Pink is a truly talented and blessed lady! Definitely inspiring πŸ™‚

Pauline on

How wonderful Pink has such a romantic husband. We should all be
so lucky!!

Shirley on

The hart family is sizzling hot. Pink will be a great mother. And her husband is great guy. Together they will be amazing parents. Because they are down to earth people. How many lbs. was the baby girl? She looks very health. Sweet blessing to Pink and her lovely family.