January Jones ‘Just Getting Started’ with Prenatal Yoga

06/15/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

January Jones is showing off a whole lot more than a budding baby bump — she’s also sporting a new hobby: yoga.

“I do prenatal yoga,” the X-Men: First Class star, 33, tells Johnjay and Rich during a Monday phone interview.

“I’m just getting started, so we’ll see how it goes.”

But even her dedication to her new exercise routine doesn’t deter Jones from indulging in her pregnancy cravings when given the chance.

“We don’t have [Dairy Queen] in L.A., but I was just home visiting my family in the Midwest and I went, literally, every day,” the actress reveals.

“I made my dad take me. Pregnant or not, I love Dairy Queen. I usually get a cherry-dipped cone or sometimes I go for a Blizzard and a chili dog if I’m really hungry.”

Due with her first child “in the early fall,” the Mad Men star has been passing her time playing the name game — but is steering clear of any unusual options.

“I’m having a hard time. I’m looking for boy and girl names obviously, because it’s going to be a surprise for me,” Jones reveals. “I love Cary Grant, I like Marilyn Monroe. That seems kind of like a celebrity thing to do, those weird names. I’m not really into that. I don’t want to be too cliché about it.”

— Anya Leon

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Kit on

She seems nice and somewhat reserved and shy. I think it’s funny that the author claimed she had a “love” and “dedication” to her new exercise routine, lol, she just said she was “just getting started” and she would see how it goes”.

Valerie on

I actually thought that soft serve ice cream (usually only soft serve at Dairy Queen) and hot dogs were best to avoid during pregnancy because of the risk of listeria. I am curious if others have heard this guideline.

Lady Maam on

Valerie, fully heated hot dogs are fine, and soft serve, I think they only recommend against soft serve in Australia and possibly the UK. I don’t know if they make it differently in those countries or they are just more cautious there (they also say not to eat cole slaw).

I craved DQ chocolate dipped cones like crazy with my first, also junky fast food like hamburgers, and I had a boy. It seems like a lot of people with cravings like that have boys, so maybe January’s having one as well??? Or not!

TM on

At my doctors urging, I avoided lunch meat and hot dogs during my pregnancy. I don’t think all obstetricians are in agreement about dietary rules during pregnancy, though.

Jillian on

Lady, are you serious with the cravings/boy theory? C’mon….

I have never heard of not being able to eat soft serve ice cream (at DQ and in the Midwest) or hot dogs during pregnancy. I ate both, while pregnant with my daughter.

annie on

Jillian, do you always have to be so unpleasant?

ZaraB on

Soft serve is definitely on the ‘do not eat’ list hear in Australia, due to the fact that there’s no guarantee of how often and how well the machines are cleaned, and they can be a breeding ground for bacteria, such as listeriosis. In fact, I know a woman who ate a McDonald’s soft serve ice cream during her last pregnancy, got very sick, ended up in hospital for weeks, and almost lost her baby.

As for hot dogs, they’re probably not a bacteria risk if you eat them piping hot, but they’re full of crap and high in nitrates, which should be avoided when pregnant. I’m sure one every now and again is not going to do too much damage, but I personally wouldn’t touch anything like that, pregnant or not.

soph on

Gotta love those DQ blizzards. I like January – interesting comment about the “weird” names considering her own 😉 I think Cary is a nice name for a boy or a girl (like Carey Lowell).

Lady Maam on

I know it’s just silly, Jillian, but just anecdotally it seems to lean that way, junky fast food = boys that is, from people I know and also even from this website. For instance, when Nicole Richie was pregnant the second time and didn’t say what gender she was having, there was some thing on here about her craving fast food burgers, and I thought to myself “she’s having a boy” and she was. Of course it doesn’t mean anything, but it’s fun to guess, and I find I’m right more than half the time, even if it’s just slightly more 😉

Jamie on

I’m shocked they don’t have DQ’s everywhere. I thought DQ was like McDonald’s – all over the country.

Molly on

@Jamie, I wish and it makes me mad because there isn’t a DQ anywhere near me. How can you fully enjoy summer without a DQ nearby?

Jillian on

Anne, I have no clue what you are talking about.

Lady, I don’t by into the food cravings and morning sickness for determing what someone is having. But, I do guess by how someone carries and how they gain in their face and am often right. Sooooo……everyone does have their theories.

Jillian on

I thought they did too Jamie! Until I moved out of the Midwest where they are, to a place where they don’t have them. But at least I visit often.

Toya L. on

OMG I very, very rarely eat sweets but when I go back home (the “Midwest”) I always go to a “Braums” for a banana split. They’re so Mmmm Mmmm good!

K on

Now I can’t wait to see what name this baby will receive!

Annie on

you can get nitrate & hormone free hot dogs at Trader Joe’s, they are low in fat/calories and satisfying after just one. they are the shit!!

Stacey on

I’ve never been pregnant, but I think its silly to say not to eat ice cream during pregnancy…I mean I know there are certain foods like raw fish and other things you are not suppose to eat. If people are worried about the bacteria, it doesn’t matter if the person is pregnant or not, the bacteria could hurt someone. Where I live, we have about 3 DQs in our area.