Heidi Klum: Lou Loves Bossing the Dogs Around

06/15/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

When she recently brought home two German shepherd puppiesHeidi Klum discovered that having dogs is a little like having kids. Luckily, her four children are around to help raise the new babies.

“We just got two dogs and [our kids] are really into their dogs,” Klum, 38, told reporters at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York on Tuesday.

And you might say that the youngest Samuel baby is the leader of the pack.

“They love teaching them how to sit, especially Lou!” Klum said. “At 1½, she says ‘Freddy, sit! Freddy, sit, sit, sit!'”

And when she’s not disciplining Freddy, little Lou is a bit more subdued.

“She likes to dance, but she’s also very observant,” Klum said.

“She’s very quiet – she’s not loud at the dinner table. The other kids are very loud and she sits there and watches everyone. She’s sponging everything up, and I know she’s memorizing everything. It’s going to come out soon.”

As for the rest of her brood? “Swimming! They love swimming.”

— Carlos Greer

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Serena on

they are an incredible breed! And, I’m sure they will grow up and realize Lou is the boss 😉 I too have 2 German Shepherds and they are wonderful! But, I cannot imagine having 2 puppies at the same time – WOW! But, then again she does have 4 children so I’m sure she can handle it no problem. Cute article!

B.J. on

Aww, I love this family!

Lizzie on

This is my second fav celeb family after the Jolie- Pitts but I guess the JP’s have been banned from this site

AmandaK on

Lou is such a doll! German shepards are wonderful pets, very smart.

Toya L. on

Lou is so pretty, the entire family is great looking.

Elisa on

Awww… now the family is complete! And they don’t need Cesar!

Marky on

Yep, lovely breed. One killed my dog without any warning, and another attacked one of my foster children, requiring 125 stitches. I just adore them, not! Why do people get gigantic dogs who may, or may NOT, have great personalities?!

Lynn in Alabama on

Love this family!

I would be terrified to have a GS around children.

Corrie on

@ Marky – My parents had a German shepherd when I was a child who was amazing with my brothers and I. Even a dog with a reputation for being great with families and kids (like a Lab, for example) can be violent. Sorry that happened to your foster child and to your own dog, but you need to blame the deed and NOT the breed.

Poppy on

German Shepards are truly amazing dogs. My kids grew up with one, who was loving and playful with them. Sorry to hear about the attack on your child Marky, but this can happen with any breed of dog. I have been attacked by a maltese poodle – go figure that one.

jessie on

it’s their choice what dog breed they get, and a samller dog is more likely to be snippy than bigger ones

Jillian on

My sister in law trains dogs……It’s not a common dog to attack ppl.

TJ on

Corrie, I agree. I’d like to add you can blame owners sometimes. We have a neighbor that has trained his unneutered, HUGE labs to be mean and aggressive. He enjoys walking them off-leash or lets them loose in the front yard while he does chores even though there is a leash law in our town. When we called police because his dogs were constantly in our backyard “doing business”, barking all hours at our back door, etc. (due to the fact he dismantled his 6 ft. high picket fence) we were told by the cop that if we were so worried about our small dogs, us or our visitors being attacked that we should put up a new fence! We can’t sell our homes on this street because nobody would want to put up with this!