Britax Debuts New Baby Carrier

06/15/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Britax

Known for their super sturdy car seats and strollers, Britax has finally entered the babywearing market with their new Baby Carrier ($129 – $139).

And we love it!

Not only is it easy-to-use (just slip it over your head, attach the waist belt and snap your kid in), but it’s specially designed so that you can comfortably carry your child — up to 32 lbs. — facing inward or outward.

And unlike other carriers, your tot won’t dangle. Especially if you use the Removable Infant Insert and the Seat Extender Insert, which allow mini hips and thighs to splay naturally.

Best of all? It features padded shoulder straps and the waist belt helps distribute your child’s weight evenly so there’s no strain on your back.

It’s no wonder new mom Laila Ali is already a fan.

— Nancy Johnson Horn

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kt on

Regardless of you’re opinion on types of carriers – I can see how the legs don’t dangle on the baby in that pic, but how can you say that the tot won’t dangle with how that older child sits in the pic?

Olivia on

Based on the pics, why wasn’t the carrier designed with a wider seat so the child sits with knees wide like with the “seat extender insert”? Why make a special insert that has to be purchased separately?

Bonnie on

Yeah, that thing just looks uncomfortable. How many times are they going to try to reinvent the carrier and have it come out exactly the same as the other ones.

Maryanne on

The infant one looks a little weird. But I do have to say all three of my kids used the bjorn, we loved it. It was the only way I could get out of the house without whatever youngest kid crying.

Jacki on

I’m really disapointed. With Britax being so foremost in carseat safety why they create another generic style carrier that doesn’t offer proper baby leg placement or even really a comfy carrier for mom to wear by the looks of it. I do think the narrow base will cause dangling legs. 😦 I’d say stick to a mei tai carrier or at least the ergo which are much comfy and safer.

Emily on

Actually, the website says the seat extender insert only allows the hips to splay naturally when facing inward. They will still dangle when facing outward, which is what you see on the older child in the pic above. No insert is used when the child faces outward.

I love my Britax car seat, but I’ll keep my Ergo Sport carrier. It’s more versatile. We simply don’t do the forward facing carry since it’s not good for the hips. One of these days I’ll get the back-carry down with the Ergo, maybe once my daughter doesn’t pull my hair as often. I also have a Bjorn, and have found it uncomfortable and mostly useless. For me it’s Mei Tai carrier as a newborn, then Ergo for an older child.

Sarah on

I say stick with a Beco or Ergo carrier!! Not only do they provide proper hip placement without any sort of BS extender but you can do a back carry with both!!

Gigi on

This carrier is actually really comfortable. The seat extender is for larger children. I used it with my child who is 30 lbs and he was very comfortable in it and so was I. I also used it with my 12 lber and it was equally as good for him. don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

denise on

I will never get it why such rubbish is re-invented again and again. please use an ergo or a beco, which is ergonomical.

Jacqui on

Where is the medical or scientific evidence that carriers like this one and Baby Bjorn are so bad? Can anyone site even one study (not an article) conducted using scientific methods?

Olivia on

Jacqui, why not look it up yourself? None of the commenters here are obligated to do the foot work.

Anna on

Olivia, they should be obligated to provide resources if they’re going to make such claims. Otherwise misinformation spreads like wildfire. Just ask Jenny McCarthy.

Jacqui on

Olivia, I have looked and looked and come up with nothing, so I asked my fellow readers to share their insight because quite often the readers here are informed. Not sure what the problem is with that…

Jacqui on

Yes, and Anna is right.

Anonymous on

here is some proof that crotch danglers and forward facing carriers are bad for baby and mom.

You could also liken it to hanging out in a rock climbing harness all day. Would you enjoy that? The appropriate position for baby is to be in a sitting position with knees slightly higher than bottom.

Jacqui on

Thanks for the link, Anonymous. That article is the only thing I’ve been able to come up with as well, and frankly, there’s just not much to it. And it’s ONE article.

So, since these carriers have been around since the 90s, where are all the 20 year-olds with spinal problems? Can you imagine the lawsuits?

Jillian on

Jacqui, I think the same way as you. Just because people think it causes problems, doesn’t make it true. I have yet to see anything saying that it causes any long term effects or problems, so I feel it is pure speculation.

Olivia, it would be nice if people could post what they are referring to, since many of us have no clue.

Carrie Jo on

Emily – I practiced doing the back carry for the ergo standing in front of my bed so if my hand slipped and my son fell, he’d land on the bed. He is 22 lbs and the back carry is now most comfortable.

Anonymous on

Jacqui, you could always try the Baby Bjorn style model or the beco / Ergo style model and decide for yourself which is the superior carrier. The BB style is horrendously uncomfortable and I find the sight of babies’ full weight on their crotch rather unfortunate. the beco / Ergo style (or properly worn wraps and Mei Tais) keep the baby in a comfortable and safe seated position and the parent can wear comfortably for hours with no back or shoulder strain.

Personally, I really don’t understand why companies keep ripping off the BB style. If you’re going to spend that much money, buy an Ergo and use it till your kid is preschool age.

LivandLex on

This is “just an article” as you would call it but the information is sound nonetheless.

and another from the same doctor.

Just because you haven’t seen research showing this is a known problem doesn’t make it not a problem.

So sad to see a company with a good reputation release such a garbage product. Boo Britax.

Mama Ash on

If you notice that only the big conglomerates copy Baby Bjorn. The market is broken up into 2 types of baby carriers, not including wraps, with BB at the top of the pyramid. On one side, BB and similar knock off carriers and on the other, its mom made companies like Ergo and Beco. In recent years, or since Ergo and Beco started, parents have gone away from the typical conglomerate style baby carrier that you find at Babies R us and gone with a more trusted source like their neighborhood maternity store for more trusted information and baby carriers. At the end of the day, BB style is a generic, easy to make baby carrier that sells at Baby R Us type stores and gives other baby carriers a bad name. If you want a trusted source, go to and you will have a large following of Ergo and Beco carriers. What people love about these companies it that they are both made from loving moms who saw that there BB style carries hurt their back and saw them unsafe so they did the baby industry a favor and invented a proper baby carrier for today’s parents, that’s why Baby Bjorn copied Ergo/Beco and released their comfort carrier, they were catching too much heat from the press.

Kelsie Harris on

If you look at the picture on this article, it appears that the younger baby facing inwards is seated in a position that that is comfortable and safe for their hips, but the older child facing out, clearly this carrier facing out is a crotch dangler. Babies should not be worn this way.

Kelsie Harris on

To the ladies saying there is no solid proof that these baby carriers are harmful, why would you want to chance it? My thinking is, if I have doubt about a product intended for my baby, I don’t use it, but I understand where you are coming from as well. I guess I heard about the crotch dangling issue and it freaked me out and I read something about it on the Ergo website I believe it was, but I guess they are trying to sell a different design so I’m sure they would blow one study out of proportion. Either way, I used a baby bjorn with my baby for a few months and it caused me horrible back pain when my son was only 5 months old and that was around the time that he became too tall for the carrier and their little arm holes were too low for him so I would not use another carrier that is this style again. I just ordered a mei tai online yesterday.