Rebecca Gayheart: Billie Has Mastered the Drunk Baby Weave

06/14/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Rebecca Gayheart couldn’t be more proud: daughter Billie Beatrice is officially on the run — sort of.

“Now she’s running and it gets kind of scary because she looks like a drunk baby weaving around the house,” the actress jokes to PEOPLE at the 10th Anniversary Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles on Saturday.

But becoming mobile isn’t the toddler’s only latest milestone, according to Gayheart, 39.

“She’s mastered a few words. I think she has about four words now and she’s just 15 months old, so I think we’re okay,” she laughs, revealing both “ball” and “duck” have recently been added to Billie’s vocabulary.

Happy to divulge details about her only child with husband Eric Dane, Gayheart isn’t so willing to share — or sure of! — her plans for upcoming Father’s Day.

“He already celebrated his first Father’s Day last year, and this is really embarrassing, but I’m not sure what I’m getting him yet [this year],” she giggles. “Let’s not discuss that!”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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cn tower on

coming from her and her history of substance abuse, the comment about the “drunk” baby is a bit off-putting.

Emma on

Uh, wasn’t she drunk when she killed a young boy with her car?? This chick is totally crazy…she should be in jail.

Alison on

No, she wasn’t drinking when the accident occurred. I feel horrible about how Rebecca is constantly crucified on these comment boards and the situation exaggerated and exploited. I’m sure she feels more terrible about hitting that boy than any of us will ever know.

Kristine on

@ Alison – Well said, and I agree.

Samantha on

I usually don’t comment on these boards, but if you haven’t, I’d recommend reading a little bit more about Rebecca Gayheart and you’ll see why some people are off-put by her. She’s been photographed smoking while pregnant and in that menage a trois video she was heard saying 1. I’m pregnant and 2. I’m so high.

Alison on

I have read about her – the smoking while pregnant thing wasn’t true – they tried to sell an old photo while she was pregnant:

She didn’t say she was pregnant in that video. She said “I need to lay down, I’m so high.” Obviously not the best decision on her or Eric’s part, but that’s their private life. She wasn’t expecting at the time that was filmed. It was released in Aug 2009 after having been filmed months prior and Billie was born March 2010.

Anyway, I just feel like people are unnecessarily hard on her. No, I probably wouldn’t make some of the choices she’s made but I don’t think she needs to be called out the rest of her life for them.

Samantha on

Eh, whatever. I’m not going to go and do some digging to see when the photos were taken. I thought I read somewhere she was pregnant when smoking and in that video (and that doesn’t mean pregnant with her child now, she could have had a miscarriage). But in this case, I’m glad to be proven wrong. I just hope she takes her role as a mother seriously because she has a beautiful little girl.

And honestly, she did kill a child. She did take responsibility for her actions, and I’m sure the incident haunts her, but she did it, she made the decision to pass a school bus and she has to live with the repercussions-and those include having people comment on it and always associate her with that accident.

Andrea on

I agree with Alison’s comments regarding Rebecca. Don’t be so hard on her we certainly don’t know everything.

I thought my 1 year old for the first few months of walking looked like a drunken baby too. I think a lot of parents characterizes it that way. For other people to make comments of her past and compare it to her comments is ridiculous and immature.

HappyGoLucky on

Some of the people who post here need prayer. You must be miserable with such hate filled hearts.

Mimi on

If you’re not going to bother to dig up PROOF, then you shouldn’t open your mouth to spread a lie. Thank you Alison for doing what some judgmental harpies were unwilling to do – find the truth before spreading old DISPELLED rumors!

cn tower on

Someone really has a vested interest in rehabilitating Rebecca Gayheart’s image. Hmmmmm.

Jillian on

When we look at certain people, things pop into our heads. When I think of her, I think of her cute daughter, hot husband and things some of you feel I should forget. But there is nothing else that sticks out for me to block out the accident and the carelessness that she did. Before someone says it, I don’t EVER use my phone while driving. Yes, she wants to move on and has but sometimes it’s hard to forget.