Natalie Portman Welcomes a Son

06/14/2011 at 08:15 PM ET
Elder Ordonez/INF

It’s been a big year for Natalie Portman: an engagement, an Oscar and now a baby!

The actress and fiancé Benjamin Millepied have welcomed a son, PEOPLE has exclusively learned.

Portman, 30, met choreographer Millepied on the set of Black Swan, for which she later won an Oscar for Best Actress.

In December the couple announced that they were engaged and expecting their first child.

— Alla Byrne and Julie Jordan

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klutzy_girl on

Finally! Congratulations to them. Can’t wait to hear the name and birth date.

A. on

Congrats Natalie and Benjamin! Can’t wait to hear what they named him!

weu on

cannot wait for the name and a pic!

Brooke on

I had a feeling she had her baby a while ago and was just laying low…..Congrats Natalie and Benjamin!!!

Shirelle on

Finally! It seemed like she was pregnant forever! haha I knew it was gonna be a boy! Congrats!

Jen on

Yeah! I was wondering if the baby had arrived since there hasn’t been a sighting of Natalie for quite some time. I look forward to hearing the name and birth date too. Congratulations to Natalie and Benjamin!

Marilyn on

Natalie’s birthday was June 9. I wonder if she had the baby after her birthday.

SAR on

That’s nice. Now I wish that the overrated, self-absorbed little hypocrite would take her baby and her stolen man (she started sleeping with him when he had a live-in girlfriend) and actually live in the privacy that she claims to want so badly. Although she always seems to do everything she can to stay in the spotlight.

Tee on

Yea! I’m so happy for them and had a feeling it would be a boy.

Move along, SAR. Even you can’t ruin such a happy announcement.

Molly on

Wow, SAR, those are some harsh feelings for someone I’m assuming you don’t know personally. You make it sound like YOU are his jilted lover. I doubt you are, or that you were present when they started sleeping together. No one knows the details of their situation but those involved. Perhaps you should take that fiery passion and put it towards something positive.

That being said, congrats to Natalie and Benjamin!

Toya L. on

But for the exception of kidnapping, people can’t be stolen. Congrats to them!

Paige on

Congratulations to Natalie and Benjamin!

RKF on

SAR – you are very scary. You always sound like a scorned stalker of Natalie. Did she not send you an autographed picture of herself when you sent her piles of fan mail?

Congratulations to Natalie and Benjamin! I can only imagine how beautiful that child must be.

Meela on


You must be the woman that was scorned because someone who is not a part of the “STORY” could not be this bitter!

Chill out! Find some other way to fill your time, you are simply too invested.

Molly on

Congrats to them.

@Meela, I think it’s too late to help SAR. She is obsessed with Natalie to a point where it’s becoming creepy.People use to laugh at her comments but it’s now disturbing, it’s no longer funny

Niko on

To the tightly wound SAR: Take a chill pill, please. Jeez.

Congrats to Ben and Natalie!

sar on

omg I think I need to change my nickname on here haha.. the other SAR is kinda crazy.

Crystal on

CONGRATS!!!! I can’t wait to hear his name!! I’m sure he’s BEAUTIFUL!

Mia on

awww, that happened earlier than I expected! She is so beautiful.

Alyssa on

Haha..maybe this SAR chick is her fiance’s ex-girlfriend lol

Ness on

I hope the police can locate crazy stalkers by their emails (SAR!!!!!!) lol!

Maybe on

@Sar with the unhealthy attitude towards Natalie, get help. May this baby have loving caring parents and welcome to the World Baby boy!

Lauren on

Congrats to the new parents.

Side note – About time! It seemed like she was pregnant forever!

shannon on

I don’t think there will be a public birth announcement, nor do I think that she will disclose his name publicly. She’s kept a very low profile (at least as low a profile as she possibly could) after the Oscars. It’s her decision to share that information.

That said, I’m very happy for her and Benjamin and wish everyone well.

Whitney on

Natalie Portman changed her name for privacy, we may never know the name of her son unless it is leaked by a “friend” as it should be…. but congrats to her regardless of liking her or not (we don’t even know her so who are we to judge)

sat on

Congrats! Mazel tov.

Stella Bella on

If poor Natalie ever has a crazy stalker, the police should check SAR out first!!!!!
Congrats to them!

Sandra on

Congrats to Natalie and Benjamin on their little boy.

Not that I think SAR’s comment is acceptable at all, but you people are hypocrites. :/ Sorry to say. If SAR is right about what she i writing (I’m not saying she is, because I don’t know NP personally) her case reminds me that of Tori Spelling – and everyone is bashing her. So what’s the deal?!!

ali on

I believe the name Gabriel is a popular hebrew AND french name (he is french, right?)

Natalie’s jewish heritage is very important to her, so a hebrew name is likely.
Maybe Liam? or Zachary?

I don’t expect an official announcement from her rep, either. but maybe us Portman fans will get lucky.

I hope the name’s not too out there though, a traditional name will probably sound best with the father’s last name. Red Bull Millepied doesn’t flow well. (;

Emily on

I’m really happy for them. But I’m dying to know the birth date and the name. I felt like we waited forever for her to have her baby…so glad he has finally arrived…and I totally guessed a boy the whole way through 🙂 Congratulations Natalie and Benjamin.

tlc on

Awww SAR….if Natalie stays out of the spotlight, who are you going to harrass and stalk then? Will you move on to Angelina? Tori? or the number of other women celebs who “stole” someone’s man? (sarcasm)

You’d have a long long line of people to hate on then!!!

Conrats to Natalie and Benjamin. I bet he’s beautiful!!!!

ZaraB on

Congratulations to them both – I’ve also been dying for this announcement!

As Natalie and Benjamin are both Jewish, I expect they won’t make any announcement until the bris on the eighth day after the birth. So I’m interested to know exactly when she gave birth… I have a feeling it may have been a few days ago, as she hasn’t been seen in public for several weeks, but who knows? Would love to know who CBB’s source is though, and whether they can pass on any other info…

I think Natalie’s been quite open about discussing her pregnancy in the media, and she did make a public announcement about her engagement and pregnancy, so hopefully she will make a public announcement about the baby’s birth, and will announce the name soon!

JMO on

Guess all the boy rumors were true!! Can’t wait to hear the name. Please something semi normal lol.

AllisonJ on

Congrats to Natalie and Ben on their new baby boy! I must say I guessed totally wrong – I thought for sure she was having a girl!

Can’t wait to hear the name. Wonderful news!

Em on

Mazel tov!!!! Félicitations!!!!

Hea on

SAR is one freaky character. I sure hope the obsession with Natalie doesn’t go further than this place.

Congrats to the happy couple. I bet the baby is adorable because they sure do have nice genes both of them.

SAR on

OK…I’d like to apologize for all the mean things I’ve said about Natalie. Really. I’m in a very bad place right now and I took it out on a “safe” target. I’m not a fan of hers but what I’ve said about her was inexcusable.

Take care, everybody.

Barbra on

Congratulations to Natalia & Benjamin. Can’t wait to find out the little guy’s name.
Wow. SAR. I mean, there are celebs I don’t care for, but seriously, get some help.

Maddie on

Congrats to Nat and Benjamin! I knew it would be a boy….:)

Andrea on

Being that they are both Jewish they usually take the intial of a deceased relative. Because uncommon names are the norm right now, I’ve got money on Boaz. Daniel is nice too as is David but they may do something like Elan, Evan, or Andrew.

Mandy on

Could it be that SAR is gone?

Highly unlikely.

So happy to hear the news, hoping we get a baby name too!

fuzibuni on

SAR, that was a nice thing to say… sorry you are in such a bad place.

But to all the people who acted so outraged by SARs comment… what she said wasn’t even that bad. I’ve heard much worse coming from many of you. I think people looked forward to SARs comments on Natalie posts and just act super offended because they think it’s fun.

showbizmom on

I’m very happy for them! As for SAR, after her last comment, I feel like if there is a way for someone to check in on her, now would be the time to do so. I don’t care for your comments SAR but I hope you take care of yourself.

dunno on

SAR, I don’t understand how you think Natalie is an attention seeker when everyone else is commenting on how we haven’t seen her for a while. Where are you seeing her? Maybe I don’t want the answer to that…

Hea on

SAR – Sorry to hear that but why Natalie Portman of all the people on this planet?

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them. I’m interested to hear the name!

Cassie on

Congrats to the enw parents!

And ditto showbizmom – if anyone knows her for real (SAR) – see if she’s ok.

TGW2010 on

Congrats to the happy parents. Perhaps a story about how the relationship started reminder SAR of an event that happended in her own life. Back off everyone. We have all had a moment or two of freeking out over something then realizing it wasn’t the person we freeked out on but the situation. Best of luck SAR. Congrats again to the happy parents!

Nancy on

Poor Benjamin. Shortly after Natalie announced her pregnancy, I read an article (can’t remember where) about how this was the 2nd time he had a serious girlfriend and was cheating with the next woman. I don’t know if it was true or not but it must be difficult to be thrust into the spotlight that quickly because you are engaged to an A lister.

maritan on

Poor Benjamin? He’s been loving the spotlight.

Anyway, congrats to the new parents!

RKF on

I’m not sure who mentioned it, but a) Benjamin in not Jewish, and b) Liam is most definitely not a Jewish name, it’s Irish. In my entire existence (and I’m Jewish), I have never known another Jew to name their child a predominantly Irish name.

Eva on

Of the name is made public I doubt they will release it before the bris.

RFK: I know many Jewish people with Irish names. I believe Julianna Marguilies named her child Kieran. That sounds pretty Irish to me.

Tee on

SAR, I’m usually the first person to accept an apology and move on but you know what? You’ve made nasty comments on every single Natalie Portman post. And not just your run of the mill ugly comments, downright nasty and vile comments. I’m having trouble believing that all those comments have come from you simply being in a bad place. But eventually we’ll see another post about this baby and that will be a good test as to if you mean what you said here. I hope you do.

anon1 on

SAR, hope you get out of the dark place soon i will be thinking about you and hope for the best. while some of what you said was a bit harsh, i also feel that many of the commentors on this board have said inexusable things to you or about you. its one thing to disagree with another commentor on their thoughts and opinions but its another to down right attack people. i hope that you don’t take all the comments too seriously.

Toya L. on

I read the RUMORS but I haven’t believed in solely rumors for years. Now if the ex, Natilie or Benjiman comes forward and admits that some cheating went on, that’s a different story. @SAR, I honestly hope things work out in your favor for you. SAR isn’t the only person whose negative comments get addressed. I don’t understand how the people who address SAR’s constant negative comments towards NP, could honestly know that she was going through something vs being one of those types of people who are just plain negative or are celeb stalkers. SAR is always nice in other posts and except for the rumor had valid points about NP, it’s the way she presented them that seemed obsessively creepy.

Barbra on

Actually RKF, Benjamin is a Jewish name. It’s Hebrew. Look it up. Liam is not.

Anon on

Man, is it too much to hope that they will skip the bris and do a brit (naming, no circumcision) instead??

annachestnut on

I admire her beauty, brains and talent

RKF on

Actually Barbra, I wrote “Benjamin is not Jewish” as in the person, her fiance, NOT “the name Benjamin is not Jewish.” Obviously I know Benjamin is a Jewish name. So, before telling a person to “look it up”, you may want to actually read a person’s post correctly.

LisaS on

Other than the occasional Natalie Portman articles on CBB that I sometimes click on and read, SAR usually comes across as one of the nicer and more rational posters on here. I hope everything works out for you, SAR.

And honestly, I am no fan of NP either, but I think a baby is always wonderful news. Besides, it takes way too much energy to hate on someone, and I can’t imagine wasting that energy on a person I don’t personally know. Congrats on the new addition.

Cecelia on

Congratulations to Natalie and Benjamin on the birth of their little boy!

Fuzibuni, most people’s shock about SAR’s comments came from the fact that she posted on EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE that had to do with Natatlie acting as if she was a woman scorned. Obviously, the oddest part of it all was that she has no actual connection with Natalie, her fiance, or anyone even closely related to the two, prompting others to view her as insane.

SAR, I wish you the best and hope whatever hardships you’re enduring are solved soon.

ali on

I know that Liam’s predominantly Irish, but I could have sworn I read somewhere Liam had some hebrew origins as well. My mistake- lol.

Jillian on

I have never looked forward to SAR’s post and can have to say fuzibani, I disagree with you and have no clue how you think people look forward to her posts. Nope.

And just because a name is Jewish doesnt make the person Jewish. Just like, just because the name is Irish, doesn’t make the person Irish. Barbara, you are quite confused.

SAR on

Thank you for all your kind remarks, everyone. And for those who are skeptical: I don’t blame you. But rest assured, I won’t say anything nasty about Ms. Portman again. She is not untouchable and stainless — none of us are — but neither has she done anything to me personally to warrant my comments.

For those of you who questioned whether I was really in a dark place because I’ve been posting nasty things about her since she announced her pregnancy: yes, I really was in a dark place, for that whole time. I still am. You don’t need to know the details, but suffice it to say, my entire life has been in upheaval: financially, emotionally, and just about every other way.

Molly on

I hope things improve in your life soon SAR

Jillian on

SAR, I hope things brighten up for you. When I hit a bad time in my life, my aunt reminding me…..things can only go up from here. Try to keep that in mind and stay positive.

Angie on

SAR- you’re awesome. Keep doing what you do.

meghan on

You people are so gullible

heather on

it didn’t seem like she was pregnant that long to me.

tess on

@SAR really. she just had a baby, y r u bashing her? nothing was done wrong.

Congrats natalie and benjamin!! I had a feeling it was going to be a boy 🙂

FS on

According to Wikipedia she gave birth on June 6.

Maya on

RKF – of course Benjamin is Jewish! In Hebrew it literally means “son of my right hand” and Benjamin was Jacob’s son (you know “Jacob” – from the Bible!). Liam has also become a Jewish name as of late – in Hebrew it means “my nation”

sarawara on

Liam is the nick name for William. Always has been. Just like Maggie for Margaret, Tori for Victoria, Dick for Richard and Bob for Robert. If people want to give their kid a nick name for a name, so be it. It’s THEIR kid. But it is what it is: a nick name.

You can’t make up a Jewish name; a name can’t “become” Jewish. According to the Torah, the Hebrew language has been around for 6000 years. She could name him Eliam which means “the people of God.” But calling him Liam as a shortened form of Eliam would still be a nick name.

mozeytime9 on

I am very happy for them. I pray that the child has a normal name. I was very disappointed with ” roc and roe ” from MC & Nick.

Jillian on

Maya, RFK said Benjamin. As in her fiancé is not Jewish…….not the name. And a name can’t become Jewish. Liam is Irish.

Mia on

I really hope we hear some updates on his name soon!-and the terminology is “Hebrew Name”-not “Jewish Name” as many people use “Hebrew/Biblical Names” but do not practice Judaism.

Marky on

I think it’s sort of odd that most of you post far worse comments than SAR every time an article about Angelina and Brad is on here, yet you think it’s terrible that she comments about Natalie? I’m not saying anything ugly about Natalie; not my like and not my business, but what’s the difference, since Benjamin M. was with someone for a long time? Cheating is cheating!

Can’t wait to see pictures and hear what the baby’s name is. And I expect they had a bris…..

Bridget on

Liam is not a nickname for William (I mean, I guess it COULD be if someone wanted it to be, but not typically). Will is a nickname for William. Liam is the Irish derivative or form of William. Just like Sean is the Irish derivative of John and Seamus is the Irish derivative of James, etc.

Anne on

Congrats Natalie!

Kat on

Seriously, you are all doing the same thing you are accusing SAR of doing. Ugghhh… grow up.

Franny on

YAY!!!!!!!!!! ❤ u Benjamin and Natalie soooooooooooooooo much! <3333333333