Spotted: Minnie Driver and Henry’s Slide Show

06/13/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Chris Weeks/Getty

They took the plunge!

Minnie Driver holds on tight to Henry Story as the pair take their turn on the slides during the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation‘s A Time for Heroes picnic on Sunday.

The adorable twosome also stopped by the 77kids by American Eagle Denim Decorating Booth.

How does the single mom balance her career and only child? By being British!

“I think being English is quite good for being a working mother. You get on with it, but it’s a little challenging sometimes,” the actress, 41, has said of raising her 2½-year-old son.

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Jen on

Aww.. they are so sweet. LOL. She is so DARK and he is so light.

Emilia on

What? I am English, in America, and have been a working mom and now an at-home mom, yet I cannot imagine what she means by “being English” helping her be a working mom…??? It doesn’t make any sense. There is no special quality that being English gives you that makes it any easier to be a working mom. I am completely confused. Maybe this was just waaaay out of context.


But, a cute photo – my own children would have been terrified on those huge fairground slides at that age! I can’t tell if Henry is enjoying it or not, haha!

JM on

Emilia, totally argree. her comment makes her sound ridiculous. your nationality has nothing to do with being good at what she claims. she sometimes strikes me as slightly airheaded.

jessicad on

He does look a little nervous, but that’s cute! Her dress looks really pretty, love that color.

rachel on

Emilia, I was wondering when someone would (finally) comment on that remark. Personally, I think it is totally ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes celeb quotes get taken out of context, misinterpreted, etc., but somehow I don’t think that’s the case here.

Hopefully she hasn’t offended any non-English working moms!

marina on

She (Minnie) shares her secret to balancing life as a single, working mom: a staunch British disposition. “You just get on with it, really,” Driver explains.
“I think being English is quite good for being a working mother. But I suppose every mum in every country is a working mother in some way. You get on with it, but it’s a little challenging sometimes.”

From an old article.

Jillian on

I still don’t get it marina; however this site rarely posts the full quote on anyone.

AllisonJ on

Little Henry is so cute! Looks like they are having fun.

Maybe on

I have not read every foreign paper, but in comparison, In the USA, the debate is huge between work mom or stay at home mom, but in England and other parts of the world moms work and it is not a great debate! I think that is what she may have been referring to. Also in the USA it tooks laws to protect Moms and family life and moms career, where in other countries it did not take laws to protect the rights of moms working!

MiB on

Maybe has a point, being a working mom seems to be much more of an issue in the US than in most other countries I know of. I have lived in several countries, and in most of them working motherhood isn’t an issue (because people know that most mothers have to work for financial reasons), you simply” get on with it” as she put it and do the best of the situation without much fuss. Also, doesn’t it allude to the stereotype of the “stiff upper lip”? Don’t fuss, just keep going!