Spotted: Jennifer Hudson’s Little Stagehand

06/13/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Robert Pitts/Landov

Another day on stage with mom!

Jennifer Hudson gets a little help from son David Daniel while serenading the audience during Good Morning America‘s 2011 Summer Concert Series in New York City on Friday.

Hudson’s next gig? Penning a memoir focused on her weight loss struggle — and success! — over the years.

The 22-month-old is the only child for the singer/actress, 29, and fiancé David Otunga.

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Alexis on

He’s so cute.

AmandaC on

I wonder if she and the fiancé will ever marry, not my business I know, but when these celebs get engaged have the baby first they seldom get married. She does look great and she def deserves all the happiness in the world!

Karen on

I agree, AmandaC…I wonder the same thing. She does look great, as does her little boy. Not sure what her hubby looks like.

lil on

Why does that baby’s hair look like that? Just cause he’s a boy don’t mean she doesn’t have to keep it nice.

sheri on

I’m sorry but that child looks like a hot sloppy mess. Those clothes are clearly too big for him and his hair clearly hasn’t seen a comb in days. I hate when parents don’t give a crap how their kids look…ughhh. I am so disappointed in her!

Miss Ann on

That baby’s hair is a hot mess. He is old enough to wear a lil boys hair cut. Also here recently quite frequently I have been reading she brings him out on stage. I don’t understand the reasoning why. Don’t they have back stage nannies and helpers? Just wondering. It is just odd to bring a baby on stage.

Meela on


Who the “heck” are you!

Disappointed in her, give me a break. Newsflash I don’t think she is living to “please” you.

This woman’s family was slaughtered so give her a break!

Yes, it is quite annoying that she keeps bringing the baby on stage to perform.

Shannon on

He is sooooooooooo cute!

Molly on

@Meela I agree. Should t people like her and Miss Ann care more about kids who are going to bed tonight starving or don’t have a home or are mentally/physically/sexually abused?

Indira on

Anne on

I get really annoyed by stories about this women. She is lovely and talented, so why is the only thing that is ever talked about is her weight?! I am so sick of it from all celebs, especially new mothers. How can people growing up in celeb land ever have positive body issues. I guess they don’t. Anyone who is even slighly above normal is always having to defend themselves, while others are accused of being anorexic, and the first article featuring a new mother after introducing their newborn is their plan on losing the baby weight. SO sick of it!!!

Elizabeth on

Newsflash: Curly hair does not get combed.

Lady on

Sheri- go find your life please & stop with your negativity!

Jen & little David both look great, she’s an inspiration!

Alexis on

As an African American, I can tell you when hair is thick like that there’s not much you can do it. Maybe she wants to keep it natural. Who knows but, who are we to judge their family.

jane on

@Elizabeth newsflash curly hair does get combed. @Alexis I’m an African American too with curly hair and my hair never looks bad. You have to learn what products to use and how to take care of your hair that’s all. My hair didn’t look crazy as a child because my mother learned how to take care of it. Stating that she needs to take care of her babies hair and that his hair looks a mess is not really judging. It’s just giving an observation and opinion.

Molly on

@Jane, it was a immature comment and I doubt you are African-American. Just admit you are wrong.

alise on

Hey Sheri, take a chill pill. Give her a break. Maybe this little boy is on the petite side and he needs time to grown into his clothes. Sheeesh. It also looks like hot day which can wreak havoc on hair. Don’t be so quick to judge.

Miss Ann on

As a black american also, this baby’s hair is not considered ‘curly’ it is considered unkept, okay ‘between stages’. Everyone on this site works with others of different races and we as ladies know when someone’s hair is combed or not. I would have a different opinion IF I had seen baby boy in other pics with braids AND this is the ‘MY mommie took my braids down to wash my hair affect’. BUT that is not the case here.

@ Molly for your information I have worked with the mentally challenged, disabled, abused children since 1999. There is nothing I have put out on this blog that indicates were my passion lies or don’t lie. You should stick to the subject at hand.

@ Jane I am glad you responded like you did.

micaki on

Her son needs something done w/ his hair. I saw her on The View a few weeks ago & she brought him out w/ her & all he did was cry & interrupt the interview. I understand children are unpredictable but they should be taught “Mommy has to work” & have a Nanny on hand when she is working. Her sister (the one whose husband allegedly killed the family) was in the audience supposed to care for him according to Jennifer. Her son looked unkempt then as well. Sorry but Jennifer needs to learn what her body type is & wear clothes that flatter her not still make her look rotund. I think her sister just goes along for the free ride & parties according to her Myspace page.

Molly on

Miss Ann, you’re not African American either. Stop lying about where you worked too. I’m not buying it. African Americans would know that sometimes our natural hair looks like that, Sorry to disappoint the people who don’t understand African hair like Miss Ann and Jane. My hair sometimes look like his. Sorry but if you two people are really African Americans, you both have forgotten what natural texture is like. Not all of us use relaxers. Deal with it

jane on

HaHa @Molly you’re kind of funny. Yes I’m African American and I’m sure @Miss Ann is too. Just because you don’t believe it doesn’t make it any less true, sorry hun. You know you shouldn’t assume either. My hair is ALL natural has been since the day I was born. I don’t have a relaxer in my hair and I don’t plan on putting one in my hair.

I understand African American hair and maybe the problem is that you don’t. Maybe you need to do a little research and understand how to properly take care of your hair. You can have it natural and good looking at the same time you just need the proper products and care.

Jillian on

Jane and Miss Ann, Your explanations make sense. I agree with you both. Molly thinks she is the Celebrity Baby Blog Monitor. She likes to tell people what they can do and when they can do it. When she doesn’t agree with what you say, she will call you a liar or sexist or something else that makes no sense at all.

SingingBanker on

As a musician, I know how loud those speakers can be. Most everyone I see that bring their kids to concerts protects their ears in some way. I love Jennifer, and think her voice is unparalleled, but she should be more conscious of what she may be doing to her son’s hearing.

Alexa on

Wow!! People stop with the negativity, I’m sure you let your kids look like little Daniel! SO all of you need to shut up! Move on with your lives, do something constructive than to judge people. Thanks to the people who left positive comments. Jen and Daniel look great!