Christina Hendricks: January Jones Will ‘Rock’ As a Mom

06/13/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Jeff Vespa/Getty

When the Mad Men cast begins filming the show’s fifth season, mom-to-be January Jones may be able to give her costar Christina Hendricks tips on how to play her pregnant character, Joan Holloway.

“I’m going to see her next week,” Hendricks, 36, says of Jones, 33, who is due in the fall. “She sounds really happy and excited.”

Hendricks, like costar Aaron Staton, has no doubt Jones will be a great mom.

“I know January is going to be very warm and tender,” she told PEOPLE at a Johnnie Walker whiskey-tasting in New York City. “I just think she’s gonna rock.”

She also marvels at Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, 40, and his recent slimy and comedic turn in Bridesmaids.

“He was fantastic,” she says of the actor, best known as stiff and serious Don Draper. “He’s just freaking talented, that guy.”

The actress says the Emmy-winning drama’s writers are already back at work, but she can’t predict what’s in store for the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce crew. “I have hints of things, but those often change,” she explains. “Matt [Weiner, the show’s creator] always surprises us with his stories.”

— Joey Bartolomeo

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rebekah on

why is this story/interview with christina hendricks posted here?

she says one thing about january jones and the rest of it is irrelevant to the “moms & babies” blog.

Ellen Smith on

Seems like the cast of “Mad Men” needs to constantly comment on Ms. Jones’ parenting/mothering ability, as if to give credibility to her single status. Of course they are going to say positive things – she is their acting colleague. It seems a bit forced. Why comment at all?

KC on

They probably comment because they’re asked about it. And maybe they give positive responses because January is someone they like and think would be a good mom?

rebecca on

They comment because they get asked. They don’t have to answer, but since January is their colleague and maybe friend as well, why wouldn’t they?

Eulalia on

Ohhhh Gahhhhhh.. Enough with the Hollywierd sluts already.

Toya L. on

Eulalia- If your comments on this forum are truly a representation of you as a person/mom and how your “two parent” household is being taught/ran, then I 100% can see why single parenthood is definitely the better option for some. Do you honestly think raising your child(ren) in a two-parent household with your views that they would have more of a chance of being happy and well rounded then a single parent’s child(ren)? Hmmm, to each their own.

Molly on

Ellen Smith and ‘Eulaila’ is one sad woman who is lonely and desperate for attention

Molly on

@Toya, I think her comment should be deleted. It’s offensive to all women. Rarely,do people call men ‘sluts’.

Jillian on

Ellen, I thought the same thing!

While I don’t think she’s a slut…..her opinion. Doesn’t offend me. I have seen worse on here. I have read nasty things said to other posters. Some people feel that if you get pregnant and are not in a committed relationship you are a slut. I don’t feel this way, but people do. Oh well it makes us all unique…..even if I felt it, I wouldn’t say it.

Toya L. on

Jillian- I agree but trust for every “slut” that’s not in a committed relationship and gets pregnant, there is one married or in a committed relationship that does also. Again, to each their own though.

Molly on

Of course you would defend that comment Jillian. Why are you still here? You hate celebrities and bash them all the time. It seems pointless to waste time on a site filled with people you hate.

JM on

Toya L, truly great comment! i completely agree with what you said. using the word slut is utterly disgusting, how can any self-respecting woman call another woman that, no excuse and it only shows someone’s stupidity and ignorance!

i am still trying to figure out what JJ has done to upset so many people here. you’re acting like she’s the first woman in the history of the world to be a single mother. some people are so behind the times. sad!

gina on

eulalia… i feel really sorry for your husband and children,if you have any, and i honestly hope you don’t. you are pathetic…stop wasting time on posting bitter comments and try going into therapy instead.

J on

Gina, why do you let it bother you? Perhaps you need the therapy if a comment angers you that much. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Perhaps the ill-feelings towards JJ are due to the rumor that the baby-daddy is a married man. “Slut” IMO would be justified if she was banging someone else’s husband. (And not saying HE wouldn’t be guilty as well…)

Jen on

I don’t think she is a “slut” because she is a single mom! Come’s the 21st century, people! Now..if she slept with Claudia Shiffer’s husband Matthew Vaughan, and he is the father of the baby, as the rumors go…THEN she (and he) would both be “sluts”, imo. Just saying.

namelessness on

“It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her
Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger”

Dixie Chicks

I was reading everyones comments when this song came on and I thought it was fitting. What has January Jones done to any of you that are calling her “slut”? Didn’t your parents teach you that it’s wrong to judge others? So she is a single mother, so what? Better one parent that loves you and would do anything for you, then two who could care less what happens to you. Trust me on that one. I grew up with two parents who hate each other but stayed married cause they had kids. They were always too busy fighting to give a crap about us kids. So all the more power to her for doing alone. Her baby is better off without a father, then living with one who never wanted the baby in the first place.

Helena on

Well, Jillian, you always seem to defend the most horrible comments, claming it’s okay because it’s the poster’s ‘opinion’. We all have opinions, doesn’t mean we should think and say everything that crosses our mind and that those things should be defended. To think otherwise is childish and a little twisted.

suzy diamond on

That’s a dumb statement! WHO knows that? How can anyone know that until they become a mother? It’s a learning process. What AIR-HEADS!

Bill on

The fact that she is having a baby and not married and apparently not even in a committed relationship hardly makes her a slut. This isn’t the 1950’s. As for not revealing who the father is, it’s her body and her business. She may have just gone to a sperm bank or asked a close friend to donate his sperm. Hopefully it’s something along those lines and not the result of an affair with a married guy. That could get very complicated for everyone concerned.

I also hope that JJ is not making some statement that men serve no purpose in raising a child and are nothing more than sperm donors. There are obviously good dads and bad dads, just like there are good and bad moms. While many single parents (male and female) have raised great well adjusted kids, I would still like to see JJ’s child have a strong, caring father figure in his/her life – whether it is the biological father or otherwise.

SarahJane on

To each their own. I dont think there’s anything wrong with being a single parent. I dont feel like you need to marry someone just b/c you’re having a baby. I really like JJ.

However, I do think there is a single parent epidemic in Hollywood. It seems as though every time you turn around someone else is unmarried and having a baby. Yes, a lot of these women end up marrying the man they’re having the baby with (Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson, Katie Homes…and the list goes on…) but it’s still everywhere. These people are fortunate b/c they can afford nannies and trainers to get their bodies back…but it makes me wonder…havent any of these women ever heard of birth control?

Schmoopy on

I think you’re a slot only if you sleep with a married man knowing you could get pregnant by him because no one is using birth control.

Violet on

J – her comment angers me as well and I’m pretty sure I don’t need therapy. A comment isn’t always just a comment. It angers me because it is cruel and thoughtless. Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to be mean and degrade another person. That’s called bullying.

Molly on

@Violet, I agree. People here bash celebrities too much. If you hate them, stop coming here. It’s that simple. I’m tired of seeing people like Jillian and J around here. This blog doesn’t have moderators imo

Toya L. on

I have yet to read an interview with JJ that said, “the father of her child will not be involved in its life”. Her definition of a single parent could be one that many people describe as meaning “she’s single and a parent, even if the father is very much involved.” My children weren’t born out of wedlock but being a former fornicator myself, I have no room to talk. I absolutely love being married but not everyone wants to walk down the isle. Almost 50% of marriages end in divorce so I believe it’s fair to say that if single parenting is becoming an epidemic then what about divorce rates? Whether by choice or not, if almost 50% of marriages end in divorce, then wouldn’t that make a lot of previously married people single parents too? Yes the difference could be that some children wouldn’t be born out of wedlock but the end results are still the same, children being raised by single parents.

Mariel on

Hi Eulalia!


HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not happen!

Jillian on

Toya, Glad you understood what I was saying. I totally agree with you !

JM and anonymous, totally agree with you both!!

Molly, You know nothing about me, although, you like to think you do. In your passive aggressive ways, you are a bully yourself. I have seen you call people names, insult other posters and call some liars….just because you disagree. When i hate them, i will stop coming here. You can think I hate celebrities……but would be so surprised if you knew the truth!

Helene, What I said was, that is her opinion. I don’t feel she should have said it, but I have seen worse. Insulting children is far worse IMo. Maybe in yours, it isn’t. We all have different areas that offend us.