Tia Mowry Celebrates Her Baby Shower

06/12/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Sister, Sister star and now mom-to-be Tia Mowry celebrated her upcoming arrival at a baby shower on Saturday in West Hollywood.

Mowry’s newlywed twin sister Tamera and several of her costars from the BET show The Game were among the guests at the party at the London Hotel.

“Tia looked gorgeous and very happy at her shower celebration. She was very excited about how things turned out,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Guests at the small bash played games, tasted mini cupcakes and enjoyed a red velvet cake from the Sweet E’s Bake Shop as well as “tons of laughter,” according to the source.

Mowry and her husband of two years, Cory Hardrict, are expecting a baby boyΒ on July 3.

The couple received gift baskets and plush toys from Petit Tresor and a nursing cover from Bebe au Lait.

After the shower, Mowry Tweeted her happiness and appreciation. “Going to bed and had an amazing day,” she wrote. “Thanks again to all who came out for the shower πŸ™‚ love you all xoxo.”

— Pernilla Cedenheim

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Tricia on

While it is really great to see an expecting mom having a baby shower for her up and coming baby boy…. my comment is ” why so important for stars to have baby showers BEFORE baby arrives. God forbid any thing should happen before mom delivers or while mom is delivering “. Anything can happen. I have heard of 2 many stories of baby showers BEFORE baby arrives and something awful happens…. the baby passed away and that poor grieving mom and dad comes home 2 a decorated and well stocked nursery….. just a thought….

Sarah K. on

I don’t think it’s exclusive to celebrities – it’s pretty customary to have a baby shower before the baby arrives. I know a few non-US cultures don’t for superstitious reasons or god forbid something happen. But, in the U.S. it is definitely not something that only stars do.

paperskyyy on

I’ve NEVER been to single baby shower that took place after the baby was born…

Jazmine on

In my family and anything I’ve heard of from friends the baby shower happens before the baby is born. I wikipediaed it to see if I had been wrong all along and it said that it was to celebrate the “pending or recent arrival” so it can go either way.

anon1 on

tricia, its very common to have the shower before the baby arrives, that way when friends and family buy gifts will be ready for when the newborn arrives home.I also see the reasons for waiting until after the birth as well, i guess that would be a choice for the parents or the host of the baby shower.

Angela on

I don’t mean to be unkind, but when I first saw this picture I mistook Tia Mowry for Jackee from the 1980’s TV series 227.

Alice on

This was years ago, but I knew someone that went into labor 4 weeks early the morning of the day of her baby shower. Thus, no shower as she was in the hospital giving birth. In fact, she ever had the actual shower. As I recall, the girlfriend that was to give the shower brought the food she had made for the shower to the hospital for the new parents and the visitors who brought their shower gifts to the parents and new baby.

smiavs on

Tricia, are you from the US? I am, but live in France, and know that baby showers aren’t customary here. Maybe you’re not familiar with the tradition? Generally, in the United States, baby showers are held before the baby. That way the new parents have what they need beforehand. Besides, most new parents aren’t up to hosting or attending a party. Third trimester showers are pretty much the norm, with the exception of adoptions and multiple pregnancies (as babies might come sooner than expected).

SMD on

I’ve only known of showers to be held before the baby is born, unless the baby arrived early. Now I have heard of not having the shower or buying anything before the third trimester. Anyway, the expectant mom looks great & wishing her a smooth delivery & healthy, happy, bouncing baby!!

missnorcal on

While I am sure there are instances here and there in the USA of people having baby showers after the baby is born, the overwhelming majority take place prior to the birth. I have never been to one that wasn’t during the pregnancy. The general idea is that it will help the parents to prepare by supplying them with items that they need. Many people need this help.

Tricia on

For all those who are asking i am from Canada.. Thank you for asking…

meghan on

Angela, Jackee played their mom on Sister, Sister. I guess there’s a reason someone thought the Mowry girls would be believable as Jackee’s daughters. πŸ˜‰

tiny on

angie it is not just you. me too! i swear she looks just like Jackee!

Endy on

Trisha, not sure what part in Canada you are, but here in Ontario this is also the norm.

MollyF on

I’ve never heard of a baby shower after the baby is born. I’m going to my first baby shower this upcoming weekend. It’s to celebrate the happiness of the new arrival with family and friends.

Michele on

Anyone notice that she look like Jackie Harry who played her mom on the sitcom sister sister???

Cassie on

Ditto Endy – I’m an Ontarian as well and we always have showers before babies are born. The rare case that it’s after is if the baby ended up coming early than expected (like my nephew).

Amber-Nichole on

Congrats, Tia! Tamera’s hair is gorgeous.


OMG Tia does look like Jackee Harris from 227 and the mother on Sister Sister….that is her twin now that she’s preggers LOL.

Anonymous on

In the Jewish culture it is superstitious to have a baby shower before a baby is born.

Tee on

Trisha, often times if a “shower” is held after the baby comes, it is called a “sip and see.” Same concept, different name. But more often than not, yes, showers are held before baby comes.

What of it? on

My mom said in her generation women never had shower’s prior to a delivery – just in case something went wrong. Complications late in pregnancy are relatively rare nowadays so it makes sense it’s shifted to a pre-delivery celebration to help the parents prepare for the arrival. I’ve attended some post-delivery showers in the last 5 years so it still happens occasionally. To each his own I guess.

Shannon on

Both ladies are beautiful. So are their dresses.

Jillian on

What of it,
Not sure how old your mom is, but mine is 60 and I asked her about this post and she said everyone had their showers before the babies were born.

Even my Jewish friends/family..,,

Ann on

Often, I would even say usually, in the traditional Jewish community (which shouldn’t believe in superstition but we do things like:), there are no baby showers. Gifts are brought to the bris, the baby naming, or any other time post-birth. Perhaps I should say in large Jewish areas, namely NY. πŸ˜‰

TGW2010 on

I guess its on the preference of the soon to be parents on whether or not they want a before or after birth – shower. I don’t believe its celebrities at all. I have heard that in the Chinese culture its superstitious to brings the gifts home. Once baby is born then arrangements can be made to bring the gifts to the house. Showers before birth help the parents prepare for when baby comes. Who wants to spend days running around purchasing items needed when you’ve pushed out a child!

Amy on

In general, baby showers only take place after the birth if baby decides to come early. I was placed on bed rest the day before my baby shower at work was planned for so we celebrated when I came back from maternity leave!

Cindy on

My baby shower was held after my daughter was born but only because the original shower was canceled after my mother died.

autumn on

congrats tia i am so proud of you and your boyfriend/husband woho!

MiB on

Ann, the “superstition” as you call it is based on a reality where childbirth was very risky. I think it’s quite natural not to celebrate something your’e not absolutely sure will actually come to be, I myself don’t like celebrating anything in advance, except for perhaps a good bye party in the days before you leave. (I don’t even celebrate my own birthday two day’s beforehand.)

Besides, you don’t need to have every thing ready for when the baby arrives, the bare necessities can be easily arranged to be deliveres to the house the moment the baby has arrived and then family and friends can bring presents that add up to that. In fact, I have a decent sized and safe basement which housed jewish friend’s baby necessities until the baby was born (a cot, a matress, a couple of blankets and sheets, a diaper changing pad, some diapers, wipes and cotton wool, a car seat and some clothes, etc.). Before she left the hospital, her husband and I brought the things over to their place and set up the crib and I had already made sure the mattress was aired out and the textiles where washed.

Besides, being given or purchase things when need for them arises makes more sense since that is when you know you’ll actually need (and there is nothing that say’d you can’t research beforehand). I have noticed a lot of people complaining that the swing, wipes warmer etc was completely useless since their children didn’t like them/need them whereas others have sworn they were life savers. In that sense, checking wether the baby likes swings or hates cold wipes before you get it saves both space and money. That’s why I like the chinese tradition of little red envelopes with cash, it may feel a bit impersonal to some before you get used to it, but they allow the parent’s to figure out exactly what they need and get it when the need arises.