Spotted: Dave Grohl’s Lil’ Rock Star – Violet!

06/11/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Craig Barritt/WireImage

Blue eyes, blue dress, blue headphones — blue belle!

While attending the 2011 KROQ Weenie Roast in Irvine, Calif. on June 4, Dave Grohl gave his color-coordinated girl — daughter Violet Maye, 5 — a bird’s eye view of the day’s festivities.

The Foo Fighters frontman, also dad to Harper Willow, 2, with wife Jordyn, says fatherhood has opened his eyes to a whole new world.

“When you have kids, you see life through different eyes. You feel love more deeply and are maybe a little more compassionate,” Grohl, 42, said.

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Piper on

Violet is beautiful ad has the prettiest blue eyes!

Maryanne on

Wow. What a beautiful little girl!

sandrah on

Aww, I haven’t seen Violet in so long! She’s gorgeous! And you’ve just gotta love this adorable daddy-daughter-moment 🙂

Pencils on

Beautiful little girl, and very smart to have the headphones on, but why is a five-year-old wearing thong sandals with a heel? Little girls should wear sandals or shoes that are securely attached to the foot so that they can run and play, not walk carefully so that their shoes don’t fly off. They have the rest of their lives to wear those kinds of sandals. She’s not at the beach or pool where it’s sensible to wear flip flops, and she’s not playing dress-up. Little girls are losing their childhoods inch by inch, and this is just another way. Let little girls play like children, don’t hold them back for fashion’s sake! And if the answer is “she picked them out,” too bad. Kids choose inappropriate things all the time, it’s why they have parents for guidance.

Jen DC on

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this celebrity kid. Man, she’s grown – and so adorable!

lifeasahouse on

she is beautiful!

Stella Bella on

I see a lot of her mother in her. Very pretty little girl!

Lau on

I love Dave so much! Violet is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful celeb kids. Great seeing pics of them =)

Daisy on

Such a cutie! She is beautiful!

Ashlee on

Dave Grohl must be one of the coolest dad’s you could ever have.

ForeverMoore on

I love this man! What beautiful babies he makes! Years ago I was backstage at a No Doubt concert in LA (I was such a rabid fan that someone came up to me and gave me passes!) and backstage we saw Mr. Dave Grohl himself…he walked right past me and brush my shoulder. I begged my mom to ‘accidentally’ push me into him (yes, my mom is super cool and we go to tons of concerts together!), she chickened out but if she hadn’t maybe I would be Mrs. Dave Grohl today LOL 😀 Such a lovely memory

Kresta on

What a gorgeous little girl.

emily on

Violet is one pretty little girl.

Mira on

Wow, Violet is stunning! I like Dave Grohl a lot, he always comes off very genuine and smart in interviews.

Brooke on

Violet looks like a little supermodel. I think Dave Grohl is one of my favorite people in music…he just seems like such a cool cat.

alicejane on

Wow – all of a sudden she grew up! I’m pretty sure the last time I saw a picture of her she was 2, and I would have sworn that was a year ago, haha! She’s absolutely beautiful.

Mia on

I think she looks just like him!-but a pretty/girl version w/- her mom’s coloring.

Daisy on

Aw she’s gorgeous.

IMO the “heel” on those shoes is nothing compared to what some kids wear. Making a big deal over nothing there, Pencils.

E on

Aww, she’s cute! I bet he’s a great dad 🙂

meme on

Very cute little girl.

Pencils– they are just flip flops — give it a rest!!

Sus on

Dave Grohl, one sexy rockstar dad! 😉

Elizabeth on

she’s gotten SO big! last time i saw her she was a cute little bald headed little baby. 🙂

ekoorb on

Wow, Pencils, calm down! Flip-flops are fine! They are doing her no harm. I’m sure if they bothered her she would have told him. You are WAY too critical. You need to be put on medication if you get worked up over what kind of shoes she is wearing! Chill out. Geez.

Anonymous on

pencils, you’re a retard.

Me on

@Pencils, flip flops with a thick sole like that (not really a heel) are much more comfortable to walk on than flip flops with a thin sole, you should try it out! Kind of like walking on a little mattress. And I agree with you that lots of kids grow up fast these days, but I really don’t think Violet is, she looks totally normal for her age.

JM on

lol, controversy over flip-flops. hilarious! the things some people find to worry about.

one a separate note it seems like she suddenly shot up. a pretty little girl!

Lauren on

Violet looks exactly like Jordyn (minus Jordyn’s red hair) and is really gorgeous. Love this family and the Foo Fighters.

Jennifer Chew on

I rather see a 5 year old girl wear flip-flops with a thick sole, than a 5 year old girl wearing high heals like Suri Cruise does.

Jillian on

I see nothing wrong with these shoes or Suri’s shoes…..since there is nothing that says either shoes will harm their feet, except the made up theories of picky posters!