BumpWatch: January Jones’ Mother Load

06/10/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Vince Flores/AFF-USA

She’s got a handful!

A pregnant January Jones shows she can do it all on her own Thursday, toting groceries and flowers in Los Angeles.

The X-Men: First Class actress, 33, is having a seemingly mundane pregnancy, she tells PEOPLE.

“I feel great. I haven’t had any weird physical side effects. I feel pretty lucky so far,” Jones said.

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Eulalia on

I am sooooo not into this trend. It makes you look quite sleazy ladies- Padma Lakshmi, Kim Stewart, Her, etc. It’s not even that these babies are being born out of welock that bothers me it’s the fact that they are being born outside of a committed relationship even. I can see the ladies that adopt or use a surrogate when they have no plans on having a dad in the picture of the child but I just dont. get. it. I guess to each their own.

julianna on

Her belly is cute, but I don’t care for the outfit. Plus she looks like I did pg, with extra upper thigh fat (saddlebags). Leggings with a longer top might be better.

Anne on

I think she is very brave for wearing white leggings! I can’t pull that off even not being pregnant. 😉 It’s a sharp look with the boots and top, and she looks great.

Jen DC on

I think she looks great.

@ Eulalia: Maybe January Jones thought the dad would be in the picture but found out when she told him about it that that wasn’t his plan in life.

Padma Lakshmi was under the (mistaken) impression that she couldn’t get pregnant. She *had* been in a relationship with her daughter’s father. They broke up.

There’s no “defense” to your allegations re: Kimberly Stewart and Benecio del Toro. But maybe they thought they were careful and the condom broke or something. We have no real way of knowing.

FYI: Every option you name would still result in a child born outside a committed relationship.

Lowo on

I think she looks pretty darn cute in this outfit. I wish I could wear something like this!

Etsy on

Funny, I was thinking that she looks smokin’ hot in WHITE leggings while pregnant! I see hips- certainly not saddlebags! I am pregnant now and look nothing like January!

Molly on

Shelooks great and Eulalia, what’s the probelm? Do you fail to realize that there are plenty of people in the world who grow up without a father or a mother and they are healthy and happy?

Molly on


julianna on

To each his own, its just my opinion, but I think that top would be cuter with a long flowy skirt.

Nicole on

Is it really cold in LA right now? What’s with everyone wearing boots, long sleeves and leggings/pants in June?

Alyssa on

I don’t get why so many people have to put so much emphasis on children having a father in their life. I’m pretty sure they will turn out to be alright. It’s better to having one loving parent who’s there for you than to not have any parents at all.

Megan on

I am going to make it my mission to come into every post about January and wish her nothing but good things and say nothing but positive–because clearly she’s done something personal to SO MANY on this site that they seem to need to just pick at every little thing…

I think January looks great–I WISH I looked that good and I am not even pregnant LMFAO I wish her all the best with her baby and I am sure she’ll be a wonderful mother -)

shalay on

I wouldn’t call single motherhood a “trend.” Things happen. Maybe her pregnancy wasn’t planned, but she’s embracing it and ready to give her child a loving life.

Nicole, I wouldn’t say it’s very cold, but there’s definitely a case of June gloom going on right now. The sun doesn’t really come out until later in the afternoon and temps are in the 60s until then.

Eulalia on

While I figured someone would come on here and defend single parenting, it really is a team sport. A single parent gets tired, cranky, over worked etc just like everyone else and the old addage “It takes a village” totally applies. If you’re out there hanging by yourself without the intimate support that a father can give the mother of the child the child really is missing out. The single parent is more likely to be disconnected, short and not as patient as they would be with the intimate support a father or partner can give. Its not limited to the birth father, male genetalia does not a good parent make but the person really needs to be there at night and in those moments when it’s down/quiet time to help out with chores, instilling morals, filling bottles, helping the baby learn to nurse etc. So it’s not that i’m pulling for a father per se but the stability, diversity and balance that a child can get from having two present parents is undeniable. The mother/father/single guardian can pay for help via nannies and private daycare or wrangle in their mother or father to help raise their child but it really really isn’t the same. There is something to be said for raising productive, successful children together, as a cohesive team. The child learns a lot by example, and in the end you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor together.

kendrajoi on

I think she looks fine but I still don’t like her. It’s obvious the father of the child is married and high profile, and this baby is the result of an affair. I don’t mind the out of wedlock thing but I do mind the adultery thing.

julianna on

I don’t know who baby daddy is or if he’s married. Its sad to think he might be single and just not want the child. But, January has been thru a lot of guys…a lot, and she’s 33 so it can’t be youth or always picking the wrong man.

maggie on

Eulalia, what is so wrong with her being a single parent. Honestly I don’t see why that’s such a crime. I grew up with both a mother and a father, and all they ever did was fight. I don’t think that was the best place to raise a kid. Also with the rates of divorce going up, maybe it’s good just to be a single parent nowadays. Whatever January does with her life, will not affect you in any way.

Aside from that, congrats January!

Mariel on

Im a single mother, and let me tell u something, its the most rewarding job that i’ve done….its a pure act of love. Theres nothing like being alone, and doing things alone 4 your child….and later 4 u. ITS HARD, BUT IS PURE LOVE!! AND I LOVE IT!!

mindy on

white pants in pregnancy? ballsy move January, I think you pulled it off

J on

Well said Eulalia. 🙂

Jillian on

My aunt was a single mother raising her child, her whole life. Was it hard…..yep? But since he was killed, she didn’t have a choice. And let me tell you….eulalia, she and her daughter lived nothing you explained. Sorry your life was so rough……but not everyone needs two parents to be happy.

RKF on

Granted I know cameras are always in her face, but she ALWAYS looks pissed off. I’ve rarely seen her smile in a picture. Regardless, I think she looks great; I almost laughed when someone above stated she had saddlebags. Where? I think most women should only *hope* their “saddlebags” look that good.

As for the nonsense about who the daddy is, I frankly could care less. I don’t think many people would condone adultery, but an innocent baby is coming into this world regardless of the circumstances of his/her conception. Oh, and being raised by a single parent was an extraordinary experience for me. I would never, ever have it another way. Generalizations about the definition of a “family” is what causes outrageous stereotypes.

diane on

Yes, it is COLD in California right now. We are 15-20 degrees below normal and very breezy weather.

Hea on

Having shapely hips and having saddlebags are hardly the same thing. I think she looks gorgeous here. I’d kill for things like hers.

Lacey on

What’s wrong with being a single parent? If she want’s to do parenting without a father, it’s no one’s business. Just like it’s none of our business as to who. My mother was a single parent of 4(husband/”father” split when we she was pregnant with me)Me and my siblings grew up fine. Being a single or unmarried parent is so the norm these days, that I’m confused as to why it’s only different when a celebrities does it.

Jen DC on

I wondered how she was wearing a jacket and boots in the summer in CA! Not as warm as over here, eh? Lucky…

@ Kendrajoi: It’s “obvious”? How, by the way she’s carrying the baby? Maybe she’s private! Maybe dad is private and doesn’t want it known that he’s opted out of parenting. I mean, I wouldn’t want anyone to know that I’d been foolish enough to get someone else pregnant “accidentally” (I am against calling any pregnancy in individuals over the age of 22 an “accident”) and then didn’t want to step up and parent.

I bring up Padma Lakshmi again: She kept her daughter’s father a secret for a long while and not because Adam Dell was married. She managed to keep it on the DL until about a month after Krishna was born.

Ashlee on

@ Eulalia: What does it matter to you if they’re single mothers or not? It’s not as if they’ll be calling you in the middle of the night because they’re frustrated and sleep deprived. These celebrities that have babies as single parents are probably in a better position then a young unplanned single parent because the celebrities probably have a baby nurse or a nanny or something. To each their own, I say if someone wants to have a baby as a single parent, that’s their choice no one elses, certainly not yours. Just because the choice to be a single parent isn’t right for you doesn’t mean it’s not right for everyone.

Also, you’re totally using the stereotype that all single parents struggle financially. I’m sure people like January Jones and Padma Lakshmi and Sheryl Crow and other celebrities who’ve made the choice to be single mothers can afford to raise like 15 kids if need be. And just because they the first two decided to carry their own children (planned or not) doesn’t make what their doing any different than what Sheryl Crow or any other single celebrity is doing. Single parenting is single parenting is single parenting. Yeah, I’m sure its an incredible amount of work doing it all yourself but alot of people wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is just my opinion but, people who have opinions on other peoples lives should probably just keep them to themselves.

JMO on

Having a stable environment for your child to grow up in is very important but you don’t always have to have two involved parents for you to have that. I grew up with parents who fought all the time. I used to lay in bed at night and cry myself to sleep just wishing that they’d stop. And sadly I believe watching my parents as a kid has affected me as an adult. I choose carefully (maybe too carefully) about the people I surround myself with. I’m also afraid of committment and just think it’s common for relationships to turn sour. However I won’t let that affect my life in terms of being a mother. I know for certain I could raise a child on my own. I’ve practically been raising other peoples kids for years. I’m not saying it won’t be hard. It most def. will be but I also can’t deny myself the right to be happy.

I really don’t think anyone truly wants to do it alone but sometimes our lives don’t go according to plan. And we have to mamke a choice to decide what is right for ourselves. What may not be right for you doesn’t mean it’s not right for others.

JM on

megan i am totally with you. people act like she has committed some crime, by getting pregnant and acting like a responsible parent and preparing in every way she can to raise the baby herself.

some people are ridiculously judgemental.

i wish her and the baby all the best!

Amanda on

The father is said to be the director of X-Men, who is also married to Claudia Schiffer. A baby as a single mother is one thing, a baby as a result of an affair is another. It’s just tacky to sleep with a married man, no matter which way you look at it!!! But, atleast she kept the baby. I believe every baby has a purpose.

I just can’t move past what a frigid ‘you know what’ she seems like. Plus all these actors are coming out and saying what a terrible actor she is, and how she’s so rude. She just does not strike me as a happy, nice person. I’d hate for her to be my mother.

RKF on

Eulalia– Unless you’ve lived in every person on the planet’s shoes, please close your mouth.

Toya L. on

@ JMO – If I changed in the name of love, then you have a million percent chance to and it’s absolutely worth it. Plus there are still great men out there. = ) – Eulalia, I get what your’e saying and in an “ideal” world where even marriage rates out weighed divorce rates that would be great. Reality is casual sex happens, relationships don’t work, marriages end in divorce, spouses die and they can all lead to single parenting. All of those situations can result in happy, well rounded children or unhappy children.

MiB on

Amanda, Matthew Vaughn has issued a statement denying that he is the father. Just sayin’

Terri on

Are some people going to continue making these negative comments about this woman throughout her pregnancy? I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m tired of the negativity every time her picture is posted.

Molly on

Amanda,you do know that celebrity rumor sites are not places to find facts, right? You are judging her based on rumors? That’s pathetic

Jillian on

Well since Matthew said it’s not true, we should believe it? I don’t believe gossip sites, but they do provide a conversation and so many times do come true. The truth will come out.

Trina on

BOOTS – does anyone know the brand of her boots? Love them (and she looks AMAZING for being pregnant!)