Meet Laila Ali’s Daughter Sydney J.

06/10/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Alison Dyer

When Laila Ali and her husband, former NFL star Curtis Conway, decided to have a second child together, she thought she wanted another boy so that her son C.J., 2½, would have a little brother to play with.

“Before I got pregnant with Sydney I started paying attention to girls with their moms and I thought, ‘Oh, I want a girl,'” confesses the former boxer (she followed in the footsteps of her father, legendary boxer Muhammad Ali) and Dancing With the Stars contestant. “They are like a little mini me.”

Ali welcomed Sydney J. — the middle initial is in honor of Conway’s late grandmother Jurldine — on April 4, and already mother and daughter have established a girls only ritual.

“Because I get up so much with her, we are sleeping in a separate room,” Ali, 33, explains. “My favorite time is the evening when C.J. goes to sleep and I have her in the room and it’s quiet. We have our quiet moment together.”

And while Dad can take the lead and teach C.J. all the important things about becoming a man, Ali is excited to teach her 9-week-old “how to cook and how to be a lady” and “how to be strong but still be feminine and confident.”

Alison Dyer

For the nursery, which Ali calls “vibrant and fun” but “not too baby-ish,” the couple worked with Little Crown Interiors on the design.

The room features a pink ‘Hope’ crib from Newport Cottages (proceeds go towards breast cancer research), bedding by Carousel Designs, a glider and ottoman from SPI Baby and the nursery’s centerpiece — a black and white canvas print from of a photograph of Ali and her famous father taken when she herself was an infant.

“It’s like a light shining down on her from my dad,” Ali explains.

Alison Dyer

For more on Laila Ali, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now, and follow her postpartum weight loss journey through her video blog.

— Monica Rizzo

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Sarah on

OMG, Sydney is so cute!

jordan on

She’s so tiny 😀

I love her expression in the 3rd photo.

JMO on

she looks alot like her big brother! So cute!

Toni on

Oh what a cutie!!!!!

smiley on

beautiful mama and baby!!

sar on

Love that picture in the background of Layla and Muhammad!

RN on

What a gorgeous baby girl and family. You are truly blessed Laila. Congrats!

Jessica on

Her daughter Sydney is so cute and Laila looks so pretty in those pictures as well. I think that she looks the best that she has ever looked, it must be the new moon glow:0

Jessica on

I meant the “new mom glow” not “new moon glow” LOL

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Aww! Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s sooooo cute!

Carrie on

My gosh! What a beautiful baby! Congrats to to the entire family. I love that picture of Laila and her father. What a beautiful moment to have captured!

Rosa on

Precious! But most precious is that portrait of Laila as an infant and her Dad. Gotta tear in my eye!

KC on

She is adorable, and her big brother is probably the cutest kid I have ever seen, and she seems to take after him. Too cute 🙂

Toya L. on

Gorgeous mother and daughter duo.

NNJ on

Laila is very pretty woman and baby Sydney J is as sweet as cookie 🙂

Pat on

Congrats the family. She is gorgeous and so aware! In the last picture she is smiling for the camera just like Mom.

JulieB on

Just too precious. What a lovely family.

TB on

What a beautiful family. Her babies are just adorable. 🙂

Jen DC on

ohhh, what a beautiful girl! She does look like Daddy, though – just like little CJ.

Man, Laila is just beautiful and that picture of her and her dad is a wonderful keepsake.

Mimi on

Laila is so gorgeous and her little one is adorable! Beautiful family…and I love that picture of Laila and Ali in the nursery, that’s awesome.

TLH on

I never comment on these things, but that baby is absolutely gorgeous!!


Suzanne on

She looks very alert – What a gorgeous litle angel….. My little grandson is almost 3 months and I can’t get enough of him so I know how precious this time is. Congratulations to all the family and grandpa too..

veraroberts on

What a gorgeous family. Congrats to them!!

Emilie on

“My favorite time is the evening when CJ goes to sleep and I have her in the room and it’s quiet. We have our quiet moment together.”

I’m sure CJ will be thrilled to hear that when he’s older. Some things shouldn’t be spoken out loud.

K on

Gorgeous! I love her and her family is just beautiful!

Jennifer on

Beautiful baby….

Christina on

She looks just like her mama! Beautiful!

Lady on

Ok, guess nobody noticed the beautiful picture above her crib…..just gorgeous, love that!

Emilie…chill out, stop taking it so critical. He’s a 2 1/2 yr old boy, im sure he’s wild n she enjoys the quiet time with her new baby. Some people…smh

Brooklyn on

She is adorable! And Laila looks great!

Gloria on

So adorable!!!!

Robin on

Lovely family photos and a gorgeous baby girl!!!

sinclair on

“excited to teach her 9-week-old “how to cook and how to be a lady””

I hope she is also teaching her son how to cook–sorry, could not help it, just cannot stand the double standard. Men need basic life skills, also. It is not fair to burden one spouse with constant cooking and cleaning–unless the couple makes that arrangement because they want it that way, versus a man acting helpless and clueless about lifting a finger in the kitchen. (*Not generalizing all men, just sayin’)

Karenb on

Curtis and Sydney ought to have their picture taken the same way as Laila and her father did and then hang them beside each other. Wouldn’t that be beautiful down the road for Sydney to look at. Beautiful family.

Chanan on

Beautiful mother and daughter…and i agree i love that picture of Laila and her father in the nursery.

And @Emilie I doubt she meant any harm in that statement, i think she just appreciates the mommy and daughter time just as much as she does mommy and son time. Nothing wrong with that….just saying!!!

karen on

Just please don’t treat her like a “mini me”. She should be her own person.
A beautiful mom and baby.


EMILIE, do you have kids? if not please shut your arrogant a!@$%ss up. you will never fully understand what Laila is talking about until you experience it. She’s not saying that she love her son CJ less because she’s having some quality time with her newborn. It’s all about balance and managing your time when you have two little kids. I’m a mother of two little ones(4.5 and 2yrs)and I fully understand what that means. With all that being said, congratulation Mr and Mrs. Curtis Conway on your beautiful bundle of joy.

Dee on

Emilie and Sinclair, wow just wow, i guess she should teach Sydney how to be a man too….

Kathy on

beautiful family

Katie on

Laila is one of the most beautiful women. If she hasn’t already, she should make People’s list of most beautiful people.

lois on

cute baby. saw her in another magazine.

lois on

cute baby!

Joanne on

Your baby girl is GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful family!!

rathnawjoe on

Good Looking Family, just wish this one included CJ…. seen interviews with Laila…. very nice and SO GLAD she pummeled Frazier;s daughter who just had a Chip Onn Her Shoulder… that is why she lost she played with vengance and not for the sport…..

Rebecca on

There is nothing wrong about a mom wanting to spend some one-to-one time with her children. It is important to remember that the first child got that one-to-one time with mom/dad while growing up. I personally think it is important to provide the second child with that, too. It can be really hard to do so and it gets even harder if you have the third (or more). As a mom, I still hope to do my best to provide my kids with equal opportunities in terms of one-to-one time.

Crystal on

Emilie and Sinclair need to chill out with all the negativity! The woman boxed for goodness sakes! She’s got it covered! These pictures are absoultely precious! Syndey is BEAUTIFUL and Laila has looked the best she has ever looked so happy and content with life! I love the picture of Laila and her dad. I’m sure it’s extra special to be able to share that picture/memory with her daughter. The whole family is lovely! Best wishes!! ♥

Shannon on

Adorable baby! She looks like mama. I have two boys and am now expecting a little girl and I know exactly what she is talking about. Yes I cook and bake with my boys, but there is something different about doing it with your daughter. It doesn’t diminish the relationship I have with my boys at all. I love each of my kids for who they are and I have special things with each child that I only share with that child. Each of my children knows that they are loved.

chelsea on

Lady- Thats the picture of Laila and her father. Even though when I first looked at it, I thought it was Sidney and Curtis. Beautiful baby

Becky on

Really nice article..Beautiful baby..Love the pic in of Laila and her Dad in the background..As for her and Sydney having quiet moments, I’m sure that when CJ was smaller, she probably had quiet moments with him..Why does everyone have to read something into things that aren’t there?

Doreen Bruno on

Congratulations, she looks like your father:)

ELC on

Very sweet looking family. The picture of Laila and her dad are very soft and fit perfectly in Sydney’s room. Have years of happiness.

sinclair on

“Emilie and Sinclair need to chill out with all the negativity!”

crystal, i think u need the chill pill, thanks. this is not a positive-comments-only blog, THANKS.

Dee, learning how to take care of yourself is something that should be taught-REGARDLESS OF GENDER. Please learn some reading comprehension.

pat on




Adria on

They both look gorgeous! Best of luck to the family.

meghan on

Well said, Rebecca!


BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! I wish them happiness and love! God Bless!

Brooke on

That pic of baby Laila and Muhammad in the back is absolutely gorgeous….Love it

A. on

Awwwww, she is so cute! 😀 I love her curly hair and the little headband!

Sarah S. on

So many beautiful photos of the lovely family!! Laila seems like a very good and attentive mama.


Beautiful Mom and daughter. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Piper on

Laila has a beautiful family.

Karen on

Pretty baby!

Lotus on

I had no doubt this baby would be gorgeous! So happy for the Conway family.

Sydney is gonna love cooking and being a lady with her mama. Some of us in 2011 still enjoy being traditional. There’s plenty that’s great about being “a lady.” 😉

Ann Marie on

I’m sorry but Laila Ali speaks like a adolescent girl. Children are no one’s mini-anything. This is what causes so much conflict and strife. You have to get into it knowing full well that your child is his/her own person and that they may have traits and quirks that you may not like.

Heather on

Both mother and daughter are beautiful! I also have a daughter named Sydney J (her J is for Jane) born on April 4th (2004). What a funny coincidence! Yay for Sydney’s and Yay for April 4!

Lily on

What a beautiful baby and mother

Satin on


Amanda K on

OMG! She is so precious!

Mia on

Wow Laila and her Husband make beautiful babies….Sydney looks a lot like mommy. Laila seemed to adjust to motherhood well she looks like a natural. Oh an she is so gorgeous…such a nice glow! I’m so jealous. ******************************************

valerie l on

Laila never looked more beautiful and her daughter is a doll!

sinclair on

Lotus, if being “traditional” makes you feel like more of a woman, more power to you! I’ll enjoy my thoughtful spouse who also contributes around the house so I don’t have to do it all, thanks. There’s more to life than being defined by cooking and keeping house–but I guess those of us who have stepped into 2011 and don’t care for staid gender roles realize that. 🙂

AllisonJ on

Congrats to this family! Little Sydney is just so adorable!

Crystal on

Sinclair- I’m surpirsed you have a spouse you are so NASTY! Ugh! I hope I NEVER see you on this site again!!!

Tina on

Those two make the cutest babies!!

zay on

Her baby girl is so cute i love her!!!

zay on

I love her baby girl THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER

Grace on

The Mother is absolutely gorgeous, but not all babies are cute. A new life is precious and a gift, but not all babies have to be cute or gorgeous and not all are. I am sorry, but IN MY OPINION, this one is not.

meghan on

Yes sinclair, Laila Ali, THE FEMALE BOXER is going to confine her daughter to rigid gender roles. Please. So she wants to cook with her daughter and looks foward to doing feminine things with her. Big deal. I’m sure Sydney will be raised to kick ass every bit as well as her Momma!

ecl on

I’m with Sinclair on this one.

sat on

She said cook and be a lady (which is completely open to interpretation as to how she helps shape her daughter’s identity.) She said nothing about cleaning. I think someone is projecting here.

Cecelia on

Crystal, while you and Sinclair may disagree, the only “nastiness” I see is coming from you and your comment.



Mia on

She looks just like her dad–and their son looks just like mom.

Jillian on

Team Sinclair! Crystal, you are the one being nasty.

LynnAnne on

I notice the pic of Ali and her father hanging on the wall in the baby’s nursery. Love it! Very sweet! What a beautiful daughter, she is so blessed to be born into such an amazing family! Congrats! She looks like a star already! I’m sure she will be just as famous as her grandfather!

D on

Pretty mommy and baby! Some of you on here are petty morons who seriously need to get a life.

Crystal on

Jillian- Did you really just say “Team Sinclair?” Wow! Nice one! I am not being mean or nasty I am being truthful. She had really sarcastic and negative comments not only about the post in itself but the people who commented. If that warrants a “Team Sinclair” then I feel sorry for all of you people.

ashappyface on

she is just sooo cute, love the third picture. have a great life with her.

nettrice on

Hey Grace. Let me have some that stuff you’re smoking. That baby is beautiful.

jessicad on

Megan, hilarious! That’s exactly what I was thinking, people are harping on a FEMALE BOXER. There’s nothing wrong with teaching her cook and be a lady, girls can do it all, that’s the awesome about having a choice these days!

Mom Of Twins on

@ Emilie, I think you may have taken what Laila said the wrong way. I’m the mother of twins boy/girl, and the time you spend alone with each of them for me is PRICELESS. I can say that there is nothig like mommy/daughter time & mommy/son time, I’m sure she didn’t mean it in a hurtful way. He son will definitly understand when he’s older.

Mrs.NC on

She’s beautiful… Congrats!!! =)

Mom Of Twins on


Krissa on

I got goosebumps when I noticed the pic of Laila and her Dad in the background. Beautiful.

I agree about the mother/daughter thing.

I had 2 boys – was complete and happy and loved being a mom to boys. I was happy with 2 and wanted no more children.

We became pregnant unexpectedly and had a little girl. I was surprised at how much joy I get from her – not that I get less from my boys, but it’s different. I am very close to my mom and hope for the same closeness with all my children, but the bond is different with a girl.

I love this family and can’t wait to follow them as they grow!

sara on

Beautiful mama, gorgeous baby! Love the nursery! Would love to know where to find Laila’s polka dot 3/4 sleeve top!

Shannon on

Laila is just stunning and Sydney is so cute! Beautiful family!

Tina on

What a ka-cute baby. She lools like her dad. And Laila is drop dead gorgeous….as usual.

Adetoke on

CONGRATS Laila. you have a beautiful baby that God has bless you with…. pls take good care of her………. LUV u.

anon1 on

crystal, really the only nasty comments are coming from sinclair? what would you call this comment then, “Sinclair- I’m surpirsed you have a spouse you are so NASTY! Ugh! I hope I NEVER see you on this site again!!!” (Crystal). in my opinion the comment you made is just as nasty if not more so than any comment sinclair has made.

Piper on

Grace my whole them with comments like yours is… what is the need. The truth is Laila with probably read these because she is our blogger of the month. I think people like you are just mean spirited and will hide around the ” I am allowed to voice my opinions” crap.

Sydney is beautiful.

Anonymous on

oh, she is so precious

Rose-2 on

@RINNADE: You’re post is appalling. First of all, people don’t have to be parents to be allowed to post comments on here, so get over yourself and stop acting like the hall monitor. Secondly, there’s no need to call names and spew profanity at someone just because they have a different opinion from yours. That’s the kind of behavior I would expect from someone who is the age of your children, not from a grown woman who is a mother of two.

Brinda Matlock on

Beautiful Family!

May you all be blessed beyond this life and spend eternity together with our Creator in Paradise!

sinclair on

“Yes sinclair, Laila Ali, THE FEMALE BOXER is going to confine her daughter to rigid gender roles. Please. So she wants to cook with her daughter and looks foward to doing feminine things with her. Big deal. I’m sure Sydney will be raised to kick ass every bit as well as her Momma!”

Again, a little reading comprehension goes a long way. I am not saying that teaching her daughter to cook is a problem–my point, for those that are a tad dense, is that she (and other moms) should include their SONS in cooking, as well. My earlier comment had nothing to do with teaching her son how to be a man, breaking down every single gender barrier, etc. There are plenty of girlie things that she will share with her daughter, but there are BASIC LIFE SKILLS like cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, etc, that should not be confined to one gender. If you cannot follow this basic argument, I cannot help you!

sinclair on

Hi, Crystal..*waves*
Take it easy on the exclamation points and caps. WE CAN HEAR YOU!!!! THANKS!!!!!! LIFE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meghan on

sinclair, don’t call me dense, you bitch. Speaking of reading comprehension, you might want to give it a shot yourself. This article is about Laila’s new daughter. It is not about how she plans on raising both of her children. You don’t know what she plans to teach CJ. You are going out of your way for something irreleveant to complain about. If there’s anything I hate more than someone starting trouble for the fun of it, it’s a person who has to treat other like they are stupid to fuel their own sense of superiority. And that is you to a T.

Crystal on

Sinclair- Hello! Your last post actually made me laugh! Lol! I only capitalize certain words to emphasize my points. Anyway, thanks for the chuckle! It was MUCH NEEDED!!! 😉

RKF on

Emilie — reading comprehension problems, I see? The sentence says, “My favorite time is the evening when CJ goes to sleep and I have her in the room and it’s quiet. We have our quiet moment together.” It doesn’t only say, “My favorite time is the evening when CJ goes to sleep.” Let me spell that out for you. It means after her son goes to sleep, she is then able to have alone time with her daughter. How could that possibly be misconstrued?

Terri on

Please, could we have some moderation of comments. Are we now allowed to curse at each other?

sinclair on

*waves* Hi Crystal, again. I take it back–who am I to tell you to ease up on the excl points?!?! you were expressing sincere happiness for Laila. 🙂

Ashley on

My goodness, the commentors arguing here and on other posts sound like a bunch of 14 year old girls in a clique. You are arguing with a couple anonymous lines of text. :\ People really show their true faces on the internet when they don’t have to be accountable… If you were discussing this in real-life, you would probably think a little more about what you said before you said it. What satisfaction is there in being catty on an anonymous forum? So many people here are using what Laila said to have their moment on their soap box, not comment on the actual news article…. (PS- Don’t bother responding to this, I’m leaving…)

Rose-2 on

@Terri: I agree. Normally I’m not a big fan of the idea of moderated comments, but it’s gotten kind of appalling around here lately with the number of people who can’t seem to disagree with others without calling them a bitch or resorting to other vulgar forms of name calling.

Marcia on

I saw Laila when she was on DWTS and she seemed a little shy and reticent to be uber feminine. Look at her now! She has got to be the most beautiful black woman that God ever created. And just look at her family, all beautiful. I would dearly love to snuggle those babies. I’m kinda partial to the name Conway also. We are white Conways from Arkansas. Best wishes to your family.

mms on

Too precious! Mama and baby are absolutely beautiful!

SweetDiva on

Are people really questioning whether the most famous FEMALE BOXER of ALL TIME will have an issue conveying independence and freedom from fixed gender roles in her children?!

Her life is a living example to her son and daughter of how to triumph in a nontraditional gender role.

That said, Laila and her daughter looks stunningly beautiful. Laila is clearly in love with her new daughter and embracing her new job as a mom of 2. Congratulations again to the Ali-Conways!

Alexis on

Anyone know what middle name the J is for?

Reei on

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! The definition of Grown Ups has really changed So Sad!!!!!!!!!!!! These arguments about someone elses lives are not for real……….

Reei on

OMG!!!!!!!! The definition for Adults has really changed. Are we relly arguing about someone who could really care less about what we think?

Jen on

OMG cuteness overload!!!!! How precious!! I love it. What a beautiful girl, just like her mama. Gorgeous family!

Kathryn DiCola on

So gorgeous!! I watched Laila on Dancing with the Stars, and always thought she was so beautiful. Mom and baby are such a beautiful sight!!

Taunya Curry on

Sydney is a beautiful baby and already knows how to work the camera.

Debbe on

What a precious and beautiful little angel, I always wanted a daughter to dress girly with.

kenya on

what a cutie

Xandi on

Sydney is just beautiful (just like my baby Syndey). 🙂

Nachosmom on

Beautiful mother, father and child. Just beautiful.

annachestnut on

pretty the both

FC on

Sydney is the cutest little thing—literally! And I was wondering who the photo was of she has in the nursery. At first I thought it was Curtis and Sydney, but no, the man’s hairline and face wasn’t quite matching. As soon as I read the line about it being Laila and her dad,Muhammad. I finally figured why the guy looked so familiar, lol.

Such a beautiful family!

Crystal on

@Sinclair- That I was!!! 🙂

Ashley on

Gorgeous family and adorable baby! No joke, I have a picture of myself as an infant with Muhammad Ali that looks very similar to the one of Laila and her dad. I was born overseas while my dad was working in Saudi Arabia. Ali was there to visit some holy sites when my dad ran into him at a hotel. Ali invited my dad back with the entire family and was so gracious as to invite us all into his room. I have no recollection of any of this, but I do have an awesome picture of me being cradled by Muhammad Ali while my own sister, Laila (for real), sat watching!

Christina on

my oh my that is one beautiful little girl she is a beauty and so is her mother, god bless them all

yo on

Gorgeous family but why would you sleep in a separate room from your husband?

jax on

The mother is insanely gorgeous! WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alicia on

Hmmmm…I wonder what makes some of us think that she isn’t or doesn’t plan to teach her son to cook?

It’s never appropriate to say a baby isn’t cute. Just remark on the clothes or something else in general (but in a polite way).

Bonding time is important and that is what I received from that comment she made about when her son goes to sleep.

Apparently, people have to be politically correct when giving an article because some people sure do like to bash the interviewee…shaking my head.

I think the baby is adorable and Laila looks amazing!

beatlesrluv on

Damn, Laila is beautiful! She is up there with Catherine Zeta-Jone, Elizabeth Taylor . . . . you get it, the classic beauties! I’ll never get tired of looking (drooling) at her! Loved watching her on DWTS but was disappointed at her attitude when she didn’t win. Beauty is both inside and out.

beatlesrluv on

what a gorgeous woman Laila is! There are very few woman as beautiful as she is. Perfection! and what a blessing to have such a beautiful daughter and family she has. What a blessing!
Take care of those babies and your wonderful husband!

I on

Beautiful family! I didn’t post right away, but wanted to actually think of all the pretty women I’ve seen in my 46 years. Ms Ali has got to be the prettiest female (no disrespect to Hale Berry) I’ve ever seen (in person or media).

Jenny on

‘Ali is excited to teach her 9-week-old “how to cook and how to be a lady”’

WOW!!!!!! Sexist much? So knowing how to cook is what makes you female? And here I thought having a vagina is what made me female.

Since I can’t cook anything without using a microwave I guess I must be a male then?? This is confusing. LOL

I hope someone as strong as Laila Ali learns to be less rigid with these old school ignorant gender roles. This is no longer 1955. How ignorant of her. I’m disappointed in Laila Ali who I thought was so strong and independent.

Tracey on

It is amazing to me how some people have assumed that because she said that she would teach her daughter to cook that a)she would not teach her son also, or b)her comment was sexist because she said she wanted to teach her daughter to cook and be a lady. People, go find hobbies please! Some of you take things way out to left field. She can raise her kids however she feels. They are her kids! The article was a few paragraphs long. Surely she could not or should not of had to lay out every aspect of what she is going to do with her kids for the benefit of the reader. What we need for you “people” to do is just make sure that your kids are productive members of society. That is how you would be helpful to us all. And to the woman who was evil enough to call her baby ugly, woman up and post pictures of yourself PLEASE. There are absolutely too many beauty queens who hide behind computers screens nowadays. The nerve of you!

teena marie on


Carolyn on

Muhammad Ali sure produced some beautiful children. I once saw a picture years ago with his beautiful wife – they are both such beautiful looking people, it’s not wonder! Congratulations to this brand new little one!

sc on

its really nice to see someone who is really happy and laila is absolutely glowing! i pray it lasts!



Diane on

I think that you have a very beautiful family and I wish you all the best for you and yours. May the Good Lord bless you and keep you and your . I loved you in Dancing With the Stars . They are running reruns on the game show network and yours with one of the best shows of all the seasons. I loved watching you, you are so graceful.. Do you still dance once in a while, even with your husband.

J. on

I saw a program where grown women were just now going to their mothers asking them to teach them how to cook. The mother should have forced them to learn as children. That’s part of Life 101. Like it or not, if someone comes to your house and it’s dirty and there is no food cooked, they are going to blame the woman. Men and women should both know how to cook. I’m 60 and both of my parents knew how to cook. Laila, you and your children and husband are beautiful. Keep taking good care of them and do your thing. Love you girl!

Jenn on

I think Layla Ali is so pretty. She has this natural beauty and glow

Erin on

Good grief! Laila Ali is beyond beautiful. Just gorgeous and seems so very nice on top of that. Her sister Hana is also a beauty. Ah, genetics…….ll