BumpWatch: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott – Vegas, Baby!

06/09/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Expectant parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott attend the Summer Soiree, held Saturday at Azure Luxury Pool in Las Vegas.

With their third child together due in October, the reality stars are awaiting a delivery surprise. Any preference on the sex of the baby?

“No, we’re so blessed to have one of each,” Spelling, 38, tells PEOPLE. “We just want a healthy baby.”

The new addition will join siblings Stella Doreen, 3, and Liam Aaron, 4, at home.

— Mark Gray

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Karen on

I love Tori’s look here. That dress is great and she looks pretty. OK, where are all the horrible comments? Come on b!tches.

Jennifer on

Tori…you look great! I love this couple! And I am very excited for them!

megan on

Why does Dean always look wasted?

nadya on

I adore Tori and Dean!! I think she looks soo pretty as always and cant wait to see them together with the new baby.

mary on

She looks great pregnant!

Tracy on

I love this dress and the colors really suit her!

micaki on

Uhhh, since Dean has TWO sons already another girl would even it out….2 boys & 2 girls. And if you wanna “really” get specific he has HAD 2 daughters as well. All the whitewashing people attempt does not cover up the past or facts. Deal w/ it Tori/Dean fans!

Sam on

@Megan – probably because his soul mate is not what he REALLY wants, but alas, he is stuck FOR NOW. Or because he’s trying to be someone he is not and never will be. Or because he feels like a jerk for his past, which does still matter. I could go on and on and on, but, the real reason is – likely because HE IS!

Tee on

Way to stir the pot, Karen!

Sam on

@micaki – excellent post. You speak the truth and it does still matter! He’s caused a lot of pain, and trust me here, he will again. This man has no idea what he is doing, just tries to fit in day after day where he doesn’t belong. It’s an amazing story, indeed. Dean, go home and count your kids, by my count you’re on your 5th.

Sam on

@Karen. You just called me a bitch. That’s not nice. Is it ok for you to call me (and other posters that don’t agree with you) nasty names, but it’s not ok for us to comment on Dean or Tori? This is what I don’t understand from certain posters, like you.

Rose-2 on

@Karen: You’re a hypocrite. If you don’t want to see negative comments on here then stop making them.


Sam, you are a bitch. Why are you all so worried about his past? Go worry about yourself. You’re so busy worrying about Torri’s man….YOUR MAN is probably out screwing someone.

Leigh on

Tori’s right – THEY already have one boy and one girl. She wasn’t speaking for Dean, she was speaking for her biological family. If she had included Jack, people would be all over her for “taking” or “stealing” him away from his mother, since Tori did not birth him and therefore, cannot claim him when saying how many children they have. She cannot win with some people, no matter what she says. It’s too bad, because she clearly loves Jack and appreciates what a good big brother he is to Liam and Stella.

Best wishes to all of the McDermott’s that their happiness continues with the adventures they are sure to embark on when their newest member arrives!

ang on

happy birthday to stella today she is utter gorgeousness. they messed up 6yrs ago-some people seriously need a new story.

Jen on

Hey people.com… you have the right to remove comments at your discretion. I’m shocked that LALA’s comment is still posted. Oh how I miss the good ol’ days of CBB.

Rose-2 on

I can’t decide if the defensive remarks Tori’s fans keep making are more appalling or amusing – I guess it’s a pretty even mixture of both. The fact that some of you (Karen and LALA) can’t defend Tori and Dean’s actions with anything other than calling other posters profanity-laced names speaks volumes about both your character and Tori & Dean – it just proves how indefensible their actions were and also how immature and inarticulate you are. So nice try at attempting to deflect from Tori and Dean’s poor character and lack of morals by calling other people vulgar names, but it didn’t work.

A. on

I’m thinking it’s another girl! 🙂

Sam on

@Jen and Rose. Thanks! You’re both right! I miss the old days too, where no cursing etc. was allowed. It’s a double standard around here with peole like ‘LALA’ (yea, right!) and with Karen’s post. Calling names is ok for THEM but if anyone else should post anything even mildly negative about their favorite stars WATCH OUT. ‘They’ don’t see the err of their ways, they don’t get the concept, but ‘we’ do. 🙂

Rejection Reaper on

I think Sam is taking this rather personally… Could she be one of Dean’s ex’s…or could she be a woman scorned…hmmmm.

Sam on

@LALA (AKA…….), did I upset you darling? I’m sorry, you can relax now, all I suggested was that Dean is not who he pretends to be and that these two soulmates won’t last. No need for such harsh comments darling, it really is going to be ok, (just not for Dean and Tori!).

P.S. My ‘man’ is right here beside me and says to say HI LALA!! Thankyou for your concern. 🙂

Lm on

I too, thought that this was screened site. I don’t know why all these posts are allowed to go through and be posted. It is very sad that some of us just want to read about these people without the cursing and other junk that comes with it.

Sam on

@Rejection Reaper – Sam grew up in the same city as Dean and his ex wife Mary Jo. Sam enjoyed Mary Jo’s show and saw Dean on there being the best husband in the world. Sam did not like what Dean did to Mary Jo (and what Tori did to her then husband). Sam doesn’t like cheaters and Tori and Dean are the epitome for the word. Sam thinks you are obsessed with Sam.

H on

Sam also talks in the third person so… that pretty much speaks for itself.

Jenny on

Actually Dean is sunburnt (as he posted on twitter), not wasted or not any of the other lame ass ridiculous assumptions ppl have made. you’d think half these posts were from mary jo or her family the way ppl carry on…it happened how many years ago, seriously get over it.

AmandaC on

Love Tori’s dress, very happy for them!

Toya L. on

People can bring up the past in every single DM and TS post but the facts as of now will remain. Dean was a known serial cheater (according to Mary Jo) before Tori, they both cheated on their spouses, they are now married and have a family together and Dean is obviously happy and with who he wants to be with. Mary. Jo should be thanking her lucky stars, good riddance to bad rubbish!!

Karen on

You’re right. I’m sorry! 😦

Sam on

Good post once again Toya L! True too! 🙂

@H, stop switching your name to appear to be three different posters, when in reality, it’s just you. You’re really interested in me, instead of Tori and Dean. Thankyou!

Jillian on

Sam, I agree with you on your thoughts of this couple and love speaking in the third person!

Something H clearly can’t don’t because, there is no way to know which name will pop up for her! Ha!

It irks me that they don’t mention Jack, when saying who the siblings will join at home.

Sam on

@Jillian. Thankyou! How can you tell the three are the same poster? – – too easy for sure! Oh well, ‘they’ are entitled as much as ‘we’ are. to have their opinion. It’s just so funny how ‘they’ slam ‘us’ (mostly me), for slamming Dean and Tori, but then use worse language. “They’ just don’t get it. But ‘we’ do.!

I feel the same way about young Jack, never mind little Lola and what he did to her. People that have a low conscience never last where they are. Dean will wonder and Tori will be left alone to raise HER 3 (or 4) children. Dean hasn’t found the ‘love of his life’ yet, but he will. Sad.

H on

I love your theory; if only it were true! You’re right, I don’t care that much about Tori and Dean. I have watched their show about 2 times and just think they are a cute couple who has adorable kids. I have zero interest in his or her history with other spouses, just thought I would point out the universally douchey attribute of speaking in third person, which you so proudly possess.

Jillian on

The problem H, is when you initially post……it shows another name before it goes to H!

Heather on

I just want to know where Tori gets her maternity clothes. I’m due in October too and her clothes are always so cute.