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06/09/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Shelby on

I disagree greatly with the article saying that Swim Lessons that should be begin at age 5. In my opinion, that is too late and doing your children a disservice. Living in Florida, I cannot imagine having a child older than 2 being unable to swim. It’s just too dangerous. Ours was in ISR starting at 10 months old and while it was hard to watch her cry when she fell in the pool fully clothed at under 1 year old and floated until she reached the side, we knew it was the best decision. By age 3 she was swimming flawlessly and by 4 was swimming down to the deep end to retrieve her dive sticks from the bottom of the pool! Every parent has to make the decision that is best for their child but I would highly encourage to look into ISR or some swim program especially for those living near water. The video below is a great example!

lily on

Shelby, I agree with you 100%!!!!!! I didn’t learn how to swim until I was ten but I had encountered a bad experience with swimming when I was around six or seven to even do it. My friend’s father was taking us to the apartment pool and we rushed ahead. We knew better to stay far from the deep end, as we couldn’t swim. There was the annoying neighborhood boy there, you know the ten year olds that always pick on the little ones… well he was bugging us and I told him shut up stupidhead or something stupid like that lol. Next thing you know, he pick me up and threw me into the deep end of the pool! I almost drowned, thank goodness for my friend, she saved my life, she put her hand into the water even though she didn’t know how to swim and helped me up… I went and told my mom and she yelled at him and his mom, his mom tried to blame me b/c I couldn’t swim, next thing you know the cops came and my mom won 🙂 Overall, my point is to teach your kid to swim asap! It was one of the most scariest experiences of my life!!!

Jen DC on

I began at the Y; the rule then (1977) was as long as I could count to three (so I’d know when to jump toward the swim coach or my Mom) and walk to the edge and jump off, I was ready. So by 10 months, I was in the pool (I walked at 9 months, and could reliably repeat 1-2-3 according to family lore).

The thing about it is, the earlier you introduce it, the more “natural” and “normal” it is for kids. They don’t have any fear of the water and will swim with joy. In Hawai’i (I was a nanny there) we had newborns in the ocean, underwater. One kid, Fletcher… By 8 months, he could direct himself in the water and BEGAN TO SWIM AROUND our outstretched arms. And then pop up and laugh at us. Brilliant.