Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany Welcome Daughter Agnes Lark

06/08/2011 at 10:30 AM ET
Jack Shea/Meet the Famous

It’s a girl for Jennifer Connelly and husband Paul Bettany!

The actress, 40, welcomed daughter Agnes Lark on May 31 in New York City, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The actress had a home water birth only three days afterย strolling with her family in New York.

Their new addition joins big brothers Stellan, 7ยฝ, and Kai, 13, Connelly’s son from her previous relationship with David Dugan.

The couple, who first met while filming A Beautiful Mind and later wed in Scotland in 2003, confirmed the pregnancy in December.

— Anya Leon

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Jen DC on

Aww, Agnes Lark! Such a nice name.

Congrats big brothers, Ma and Pa!

rebekah on

oh my! how exciting! i love the name agnes, so classic and lovely.

Ana on

Agnes is mother Teresa’s real name…

Dona on

Thats my mothers name. Nice to hear of another baby in the world.

Tamara on

awww congrats! love the name

Jean on

Agnes Lark…I like it. At least it’s an “old name” and not some made-up ridiculousness like a lot of Hollywood is doing nowadays.

Bet she’s gorgeous!

AmandaC on

Love the name Lark! Congrats

Indira on

Lark is cool. Agnes, I’m not feelin’ so much but, good for them!

dahliadivingbell on

Yay a girl! But I hate the name Agnes, and all Ag- names in general. Just sounds so unattractive.

Brooke on

I absolutely love this name…..Agnes Lark has a wonderful ring to it.

Jessica on

Always loved Jennifer Connelly. Congrats!!!

mamaoftwo on

Sweet name-I like both Agnes and Lark! I am curious (and only asking out of curiosity if anyone knows-no criticism!) how to have a scheduled home water birth? You’d have to be induced, right?

aurora mia on

I love the old fashioned names. I have to admit that I am not crazy about Agnes…but I adore Lark. Kai, Stellan and Lark is so cute. I’m with Jean and glad it’s not a ridiculous made up name. And I also agree that I bet she’s gorgeous….tough gene pool to work with there ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

Allison on

Congratulations! Love to hear celebrities having home births!

But how do you have a “scheduled” home birth? Do they mean planned home birth? Scheduled makes it sound like an induction.

Lacey on

I usually love old names coming back, but Agnes, I do not like.

Ashley on

Ugh….sorry, just not a cute name (in my book)

Sasha on

mamaoftwo, I read it to mean it was a planned homebirth.

Corrie on

Love the name. Congratulations to the Connelly/Bettany family!

Taylor on

I find the name Agnes to be one of the most unattractive names I’ve ever heard, but it does sound nice with the middle name Lark. Congrats Paul, Jennifer, Kai, and Stellan!

Allegra on

I really dislike the name Agnes. It’s so ‘ugly’ sounding. That being said, I’m sure she’s a beautiful little girl and congrats to the family!!

Chantal on

I’m not a fan of the name Lark, but maybe that is because i’m just a simple Dutch girl. I don’t really get it.
I like Agnes. Reminds me of the Disney movie the “Despicable Me” in which the character Agnes was the most adorable Disney kid ever!

Mira on

I like Agnes. Lark, not so much, doesn’t sound like a girl’s name to me. Agnes Bettany sounds so classy!

A home water birth! Beautiful. I suspect the “scheduled” part is just sloppy writing. Somehow, I don’t think that people who go for a home birth are fans of medical interventions. But who knows…

Crystal on

I do not like the name Agnes AT ALL!! I like Lark though. It reminds me of Lark Voorhies from Saved by the Bell. However, I think it’s nice that Mother Teresa’s real name is Agnes! What a great name to live up to!! ๐Ÿ™‚

kendrajoi on

Congrats to them! But for God’s sake, let’s hope they call her Lark.

Elle on

They seem to have an attraction for Swedish names.

Hea on

I love the name Agnes. We pronounce it much softer in Swedish than you do in English.

Tess on

Wow, that’s a throwback kind of name. I’m not a fan of Agnes, but at least it’s a proper, normal name. Good for them.

AllisonJ on

Congrats to Jennifer and Paul on their new baby girl! I love the name Lark. Maybe the name Agnes will grow on me. But, hey, at least Agnes is a normal name(if a bit old-fashioned)and not something made up or just plain bizarre. Wonder if Agnes is a family name?

I’m sure Stellan and Kai will be great big brothers! They seem to have such a nice family. Best wishes to them!

Viv on

I predict the name Agnes will now start to make a comeback. I for one like it. Maybe they’ll call her Aggie? Congrats to both parents and to Kai and Stellan too!

Shawna on

Obviously they meant a planned home water birth. If you are choosing a home water birth you aren’t scheduling it. And I find it sort of ridiculous that anyone even needed to think about that, since it is so obvious.

I really don’t like the name Agnes. It just doesn’t have a pretty ring to it at all. But to each their own and congrats to the family.

Natasha on

Agnes reminds me of Angus Hamburgers

Olivia on

Aggie Bettany – so sweet! Its on my list of girls names, strong, unusual and classic x

Sydney on

Gorgeous name.

jessicad on

Awe!! Congrats to them!

KLS on

Congrats! I love this couple and I know new baby is a beauty. I do not like the name Agnes but hopefully they’ll call her by Lark instead.

abcdef on

Agnes is absolutely horrid! Honestly, that has got to be one of the least attractive and horrific baby names. I like Lark though. I sure hope she goes by her middle name.

Anyway, congrats to them! ๐Ÿ™‚

trulli on

i like them both a lot and i am so thrilled for them! a girl after two boys is so special! maybe i should try for another one, i have two boys…

Stella Bella on

I also think the name Agnes is about to make a comeback. Agnes Lark is a very quirky combo, but it’s appealing. They must be interesting people with this name pick.

stacy on

Congrats to them. Obviously they are free to name their baby anything they want. It’s better than Apple. It does remind me of an old lady when I hear the name Agnes. Aggie for short is cute.

Elle on

I think it’s a really sweet name ๐Ÿ™‚

MissMel on

I like “old lady” names. Agnes isn’t my favorite of them but I prefer it to the bizarre, trendy names. My great-aunt’s name was Clara and if I ever have a daughter I would love to use that name.

ceji on

How do you pronounce Agnes in English? It’a a french name too but i imagine you don’t pronounce it like us.

Paula on

Agnes= YUCK
Lark= very pretty

Hea on

abcdef – Well it won’t be a baby name forever.

To me, as a person who does not have English as her mother tongue, I think Lark sounds weird to say. It’s pretty, sure, but if I said it in a sentence in my language it would sound strange.

Julie on

I think Agnes is sweet and I hope she goes by Nessa.
It makes think of the Bronte novel Agnes Grey or David Copperfield’s wife in the Dickens novel. Lovely.

Viv on

@Ceji, I’m British (like Paul) and we say it “Agg-nuss”. The last syllable may be said slightly differently in the US, probably “Agg-niss”. Personally, I would love it if they called her “Aggie”. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Don’t like name Agnes at all – was my grandmother’s name, so it reminds me of a some old lady. Like her boys’ names so was surprised at this one to be honest. Nice for her to have a girl too, experience both genders. Congrats to her big brothers, mum and dad!

Amber on

Lark is very pretty.

Agnes? Not my cup of tea, but also not my daughter. It’s too old-fashioned and does not go well with her sons’ names.

At any rate, congratulations on the baby!

Simona on

Great!!!!! I’m so happy for them!!!! Congratulations!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

ceji on

@Viv: thanks, in french you pronounce “gn” like in “mignon”

Georgina on

Aww congrats! I cant believe people like the name Lark more than Agnes! Lark is a type of bird, and also in England “larking about” means messing around and wasting time, so it would be really odd to hear a baby girl called Lark to me!

I do agree Agnes is a somewhat old name, and yes I only know little old ladies whom are called Agnes, but that was the same for Ava, Lily, Violet and Daisy, (my great-aunts and grandmothers names!)However, Saint Agnes is one of the most beauitful places in the world, so if your going to be names after something, I do see the appeal of Agnes!

And it does kinda match the boys names, particularly Stellan, kitch but not too out there. I wonder if its after someone special like Stellans name.

soph on

I don’t have strong feelings about either name…I do think it’s interesting they put those two together. Agnes Bettany sounds lovely to me. Congrats to them, Jennifer’s such a talented actress.

Allison on

I agree with Millie. I much prefer Agnes over Lark. Sure, I can’t imagine a cute roly-poly baby being called Agnes, but I think it will be great for a little girl and older. I agree with others, I think it will become popular, like a lot of classic girls names are.

mary on

aww, it is cute. Aggie is a cute nickname- I approve ๐Ÿ™‚

Lyoness on

Congratulations to them!! Agnes is old school, but I like the flow Agnes Bettany. Old school names seem to be a pretty cool trend that I like.

JMO on

I’m happy they had a healthy baby girl!

But Agnes….yikes!! That was my grandmothers name whom if she was alive would be almost 80 and she was super grouchy!! So everytime I think of that name I think of an old mean lady lol ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe they’ll call her Agie which isn’t so bad. But still not that cute for a baby girl in 2011!!

Stacey on

I have to admit I’m so excited they had a girl. Agnes does fit in with the trend of “old lady” names. As others have said, I have a feeling this baby will give the name a bump, like Jennifer Garner’s Violet did. Aggie is a cute nickname.

Maritan on

I like the name. Ines is my little one’s name and most people tell me it’s great.

Congratulations and enjoy this new baby!

Zoey on

omg its a girl!! and she was born on my birthday!!! And i’m so happy for them! they are two of my favorite actors!! Kai, Stellan and Agnes are so cute together. Agnes is actually on my baby name list! So i love it!!!!!

Grace2 on

Love Jennifer Connelly! Awesome news. The name is certainly reminiscent of another era or two ago, but, I’m sure the name will grow on me, although admittedly, it reminds me of 80+ women. Friends named their latest Agnes too, which goes well with her sisters Jane and Frances, which I now also love.

Skyona on

I like the name Agnes, my grandmothers, Nessie for short. I love the name Lark though. Very pretty name.

Hoopla on

Iโ€™m not a fan of the name Lark, but maybe that is because iโ€™m just a simple Dutch girl. I donโ€™t really get it.
I like Agnes. Reminds me of the Disney movie the โ€œDespicable Meโ€ in which the character Agnes was the most adorable Disney kid ever!

– Chantal

Despicable Me isn’t Disney. It’s Universal. I agree that in that movie Agnes is very cute though!

Emily on

So happy they had a girl but hate the name.

thekeoghfamily on

Congratulations on the baby and on a home water birth – it’s the best!! ๐Ÿ˜€

MiB on

I love the name Agnes Lark. And to those who say it’s not a name for a baby, well, they can just call her Aggie, or Nessie, or Pumpkin, or Sweatheart, or Sissy or whatever they like until she grows into her name, they could even call her, gasp, Agnes because she loves that name.

I’m still a bit miffed Jennifer Connelly married Paul Bettany though, he was supposed to be mine!

Hea on

Georgina – I’d hardly say that Stellan as a name is kitch.

Lyl on

I love the name! Agnes it’s so cool and I think it’s gonna be more and more popular anyway I’m so happy for Jennifer and Paul as they are both awesome actors and ones of my favorites and wish them all the best

Kate on

I love the sound of the name…Agnes is very traditional and the familiar name of Agy (or Aggie) is very sweet…I agree in the UK it is said with a much softer tone than elsewhere, maybe why so many are not fans! I like it paired with Lark, too…the image of a little bird that has a beautiful song is lovely for a little girl.

liz on

love the name!

Stacey on

I wonder, is Agnes more popular in Britain, with Paul being British? Isn’t there a British model names Agnes Deyn? I don’t think she spells it like that though.

RachelJane on

Stacey, Agyness Deyn’s real name is Laura Hollins. Wikipedia says “Deyn’s name was apparently coined to further her modelling career after she consulted her mother’s friend, a numerology expert who advised her of the most ‘fortuitous’ way to spell the name ‘Agnes’.[8] It was reported that her mother Lorraine and sister Emily have both changed their surname to Deyn, while Lorraine has changed the I in her first name to Y.[9]” – and I’d always imagined it was a play on Agnus Dei (Lamb of God).

I’m British too and yeah Agnes seems like an old lady name, but it’s not completely horrible and Aggie is cute. Plus it fits in with the revival of old names that seems to be in fashion at the moment.

Tag-me on

Finally a girl…I am so happy for them. I am guessing it has Jennifer’s hair and Paul’s eyes….either way, I am certain she is lovely and a delightful welcome to the brood. Heartfelt Congratulations!

Mama on

Agnes? Really?

sheri on

Wow she has a child whose name is Kai as well…my sons name is Kai and I just 3 articles in the baby section where the kids name was Kai. Not such a popular name in the “normal world” but seems like a very popular name for celebs…I never heard that name before my mom actually suggested it and I liked it.

Kresta on

When I hear the names Agnes or Agatha they make me think of crabby old ladies. I could never name a sweet baby girl, Agnes.

Geri on


Stacey on

Rachel Jane, that’s a pretty interesting way to come up with a moniker, wow.

And Sheri….it’s funny, because Jennifer Connelly is the reason the name Kai is popular in the first place. The name was nowhere on the US charts and started climbing after his birth, and even more so when she got all the attention during the Oscars and mentioned him frequently. And then Naomi Watts’s son, and Coleen Rooney’s son helped it along. Watts is friends with Connelly so I do wonder about the naming influence there!

Can you tell I’m a baby name nerd? LOL!

JM on

lol Georgina ๐Ÿ™‚ that was exactly my first association. “Larking about” i just think it makes the name sound ridiculous. and i don’t like Agnes at all.

just my opinion, i am happy they are all healthy and good with their precious little one.

Sunny on

I don’t like the name Agnes, but I do think Aggie is kinda cute! I’m pretty sure they will call her Aggie for short, or maybe even Lark!

AMH on

So happy for them! Love the name. Our daughter is named Agnes after her great-grandmother. It is pronounced much softer in Swedish and quite popular.

Lucy on

I think it’s hilarious how so many posters are saying Agnes is an old lady name. Sophie is one of the most popular names right now, yet for a long time whenever I heard that name, I thought of the old lady on the Golden Girls. Now it’s a name for tons of little modern girls. Madeline sounds old too, but it’s been huge. If those fuddy duddy names can get trendy, why not Agnes?

Terri on

I like that name. It’s traditional and different at the same time.

Anonymous on


Pencils on

>>When I hear the names Agnes or Agatha they make me think of crabby old ladies.<<


Agatha is my cat's name (after Agatha Christie) and she is a pretty crabby cat, come to think of it.

Can't say I really like the name Agnes very much, and I generally like "A" names. But I wouldn't be surprised if it became the newest old-lady name that becomes popular.

Aggie on

Goodness so many bashings on the name Agnes. My name is Agnes and I am 25, but I have always gone by “Aggie.” I have always had compliments on my name. Agnes is such an old-fashion name, and I love it!

enoco1 on

my first name is Agnes; always hated it; go by my middle name. Didn’t change it legally since it’s both my Mom and Grandmom’s name. Ugh, why saddle a baby with this name…travesty

angela on

Why did no one mention the name “Hazel” when Julie Roberts named her baby this? Agnes has more history although neither name is attractive.