Brooke Burke’s House Rule: Always Knock on Closed Doors

06/08/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Redbook

Balance may play a role in Brooke Burke‘s poise on the dance floor, but when it comes to parenting, the mother-of-four isn’t concerned.

“When I was a new mom, I used to think that life was going to be balanced, and I strived for that,” the Dancing With the Stars host, 39, tells Redbook in its July issue. “I gave up on the expectation that everything was going to be picture perfect.”

She adds: “Balance is a joke.”

That’s not to say she doesn’t make time for her fiancé, Baywatch alum David Charvet. She has two children with Charvet — Rain, 4, and Shaya, 3 — and two older kids — Neriah, 11, and Sierra, 9 — with ex-husband Garth Fisher, but Burke says the couple makes sure “to escape once a week.”

“So maybe on Sunday night, we’ll go out to dinner at a favorite Malibu restaurant,” she explained. “Or at home, we get the candles, the music — the whole deal — and we close the bedroom door.”

She continues, “We have a rule in our house that you have to knock on closed doors.”

For now, that’s a no-questions-asked policy — and she’s hoping that won’t change any time soon.

“Someday the kids might be like, ‘I smell the candles. I hear Maxwell playing,'” she says. “But thank God they’re not old enough to figure that out yet. I do not want to have to explain that one!”

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— Alison Schwartz

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Indira on

When is she getting married? I’m not one of those people who are “oh you two should be married if you’re going to have kids and raise a family”, not at all but she’s been engaged for YEARS. After two kids and five years of engagement it’s a bit of a joke. She looks great on the cover, I like that they covered her up a bit.

Cm on

I agree. So many celebrities are engaged for so many years it’s really bizarre. (Then some of them break up-Claudia Schiffer and David Copperfield, and Rachel Weisz/Darren Aronovsky, etc..) It really seems weird to remain engaged (ie not get married) for so many years. If they were young university students without money or jobs, I’d understand, but when you’re multimillionaire celebrities with power, perks, privileges, and a whole lotta moola? I’m not condemning them, I am only stating my wonderment…

Brie on

The reason she is not getting married is because the alimony will stop. David really doesnt work so she brings in all the money.

Lacey on

I doubt she will ever marry him. She gets alimony from her first marriage and if she were to marry again, she would lose it. Pretty greedy, if you ask me.

Cathy on

Yes,that’s the reason she won’t get married…because of child support. People get real, she earns good money if she lives in Malibu. Stop being so judgemental!

Allie-Rose on

I find it a bit innocent of her to think an 11-year-old wouldn’t know anything about sex, or at least suspect when something could be going between her parents

Lindsay on

Actually if you are in a committed relationship and appear to be married (i.e. living together, acting married) your alimony can stop so I don’t think that is the reason she isn’t married. Also, child support never stops… re-marrying never interferes with that.

Who cares if she’s gets married or not. It seems like they’re happy and raising wonderful-healthy-happy kids.

ecl on

I can’t tell if she means that they have sex while the kids are still awake. I couldn’t do that! How can you get in the mood if you know that a kid can knock on the door at any minute?!

Kelly on

child support and alimony are two different things…child support isn’t supposed to stop once a woman re-marries…alimony…sure. Who cares anyway. If they are happy they are happy..they are a gorgeous family.

jessicad on

I wish Brooke would answer the marriage question, I’m tired of seeing the catty comments come up under every post about her. A year ago people here started speculating about her alimony being the reason they aren’t married, now it’s suddenly a fact. She makes great money and would still get child support, I just can’t see that being a reason, doesn’t make sense.

Sydney on

The reason she won’t marry David = MONEY. Her ex is a super duper high roller and she’s not going to do anything to stop those alimony payments just yet.

Jillian on

You people make me laugh!! Since you know so much!! How much alimony does she get per month/year? What is her salary versus her exs?

Toya L. on

I personally don’t believe that she still gets alimony, they were only married 4 years, *one of the main things that is taken into consideration by the judges awarding alimony* and have been divorced longer than that. She doesn’t sit on her ass so I’m not buying the desire for the ex to take care of her & her fiancee and kids either.

eternalcanadian on

When did Redbook start looking like Maxim with half-naked women on the cover?

Mia on

It also seems ridiculous to be engaged for that long…but yet never marry–either make the decision to commit 100% emotionally/legally-or don’t…it can’t be in-between.

Jillian on

Why does she need to change her status Mia? I am confused…..why can’t it be fiancée? I see nothing wrong with it. As long as they are happy, that’s all that matters!!

Eternalcanadian, how is she half naked? She has a bathing suit on, which is athletic…..and a coverup. Did you want pants? Cause that’s all that’s missing! Looks mouthing like Maxim. Geeze.

Janna on

@Mia — “It can’t be in-between.”

Oh, dear! I hope you’ve phoned them to tell them that. They probably didn’t realize that they weren’t living up to YOUR rules.

@eternalcanadian — Isn’t she wearing a bathing suit?

Jennifer on

Everyone stop being judgemental!! If the kids are happy then who cares about their official “status”!!! I hope I look that good at 39 & after 4 kids!!

Stephanie on

Brooke is beautiful….

gposner on

What sense would it make to knock on a door that was already open, Brooke? Think about it.

Anonymous on

People, get real. Speaking the truth isnt being a “hater”. Money is money and alimony is very very real to these Hollywood types and the rest of the world. Of course she isnt married to Charvet because she will get her alimony cut. PLUS: If she remarried her child support will decrease because shes no longer a SINGLE PARENT. In the eyes of the law thats what she is right now. Just becaise people here are speculating doesnt mean that EVERYTHING BOILS DOWN TO MONEY.

Lily on

People must be running out of tropics…this is a rule in most of America and is not news folks…aactually it is pathetic……..

Kitty on

She’s engaged for 6 years and has 2 children with the guy. If she hasn’t married him by now, she is not going to marry him. Regardless of the reasons, she will not marry this guy.

Mimi on

I’m pretty liberal, but I do think one should be married before having kids. Kids deserve that stability. When one has kids, life should no longer be about them. That’s selfish.

Sue on

Who cares? And I wish they would replace her on Dancing with the Stars. Yes, she’s beautiful but I personally don’t believe she’s very talented.

RG on

She looks amazing!!!!!! And come on people, it’s not our business whether she gets married or not : ) Live and let live!

brooke jones on

Personally, she irritates the heck out of me. DWTS got so less enjoyable with her as co-host. If you have no plans to marry, don’t get engaged. Very simple.

Rick on

Brooke is a beautiful person, both outward and inward. However, there are many of us that feel that this person, that so many look up to, should set “good” examples and if she loves him, get married!! If not, move on.

Joanna on

How about lock your bedroom door there’s an idea. If they’re having sex while the kids are still awake that’s messed up.

Meems on

Child support does NOT go down if you are married. Just like they don’t consider the new spouse of the non custodial parent in figuring the amound the person must pay, they don’t consider the other step parent’s income either. Because ultimately those people are NOT the ones responsible for the children. And I agree she needs to go from DWTS she is horrible!

canadiank on

@Kitty: sorry, but that simply isn’t true! Just because they’ve been engaged for 6 years and have 2 children together does not mean they will never get married.

my father and stepmother have been together for 15 years (almost as long as I can remember, since I’m in my early twenties) and after being engaged for 8 years and having two babies (my little sisters) together, they were married just last year in the most romantic wedding I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending 🙂

everyone goes at their own pace… nothing wrong with that!

Brenda on

She may not want to give up the alimony, but she has two illegitimate children to consider. With two unmarried parents, they are going to grow up with a terrible label.

Erin on

@Brenda – A terrible label? Illegitimate?! Yeah, mabye if this was 1954. But it’s 2011. There are lots of kids out there with unmarried parents, and I’m pretty sure they get along in life just fine.

@Mimi – That’s not liberal.

Why in the world does anyone care if she’s married or not? Maybe they’re waiting to get married until EVERYONE can get married, a la Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Or maybe it is about the alimony. Why is it any of your business or place to judge her? Get over yourselves.

Brenda on

To Erin…….Get over ourselves? Not for a minute, if it means condoning cheap and disreputable behavior. Children deserve better than that, and that means having married parents. I agree with Mimi.

Jerry on

Only ONE night!? Mr, Charvet…what the heck is wrong with you!

liz on

it does not have to do with alimony. you don’t have to be married for alimony to stop. her ex could tell the court that she is in a serious relationship and that is enough to pull the plug.

rlt on

In California, alimony is “typically” awarded for half the length of the marriage. So if she was married for 4 years to Garth Fisher, typically she would get 2 years alimony until she remarries or is deceased. If you are married more than 10 years, alimony is for life (or again until remarriage or death). Child support does not change based on her marital status. This California family law 101.

A. on

Brad and Angelina are full of crap too! They need to be married as well. The children are worth it. That whole “waiting until everyone can get married” is not noble…it’s corny. Marriage is good business financially and otherwise. If u are so gosh darn in sync…enough to reproduce, live together,plan together…PUT IT ON PAPER! 2011 or not it still isn’t okay for all these unmarried folks to have children. There is something to be said for people and their morals. Folks can say what they want but that “live and let live” mess is for the birds. At some point we all need to admit that 9/10 when a marriage didn’t work…it wasn’t MARRIAGE that was the problem but the PEOPLE who got married…bottom line…if you’re committed enough to start a family together then you NEED to be committed enough to one another to get married! Period.

Steve on

She cheated on her first husband, plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, with David. When she and Garth married her first born was already two years old.
Garth is now happily remarried.

JD on

Ohhhh, jeeeeze. Who cares. If they are both happy and content with the way they are living, then why worry about something like marriage. They don’t need a piece of paper to show they have stability in their home.

laura yu on

I was those kids once, and i really hope she reserves some common sense. I don’t think my mom, as a single-parent, gave nearly enough attention to me than her love life. I am not impressed with this story. I get the psychological needs of single-parents, but they are in a seriously sad situation i feel.

tess on

a somwhat mature attitude in an increasingly inmature society. in our house if the kids walked in they were told mommy and daddy were making love. clear, straightforwatd and honest. no surprise they all reached maturity with a healthy outlook on sex

tjg on

Why is this any of our business?

Dee on

I was surprised in this article she makes it seems like her workouts are catch-as-catch-can when in reality according to her blog atleast she puts a HUGE priority on getting her workouts in; cardio, pilates etc. She says she works out 5 times a week for atleast an hour. That is quite a bit for a “working mother of four” as she so loves to point out lol! There are many women who can’t work out 5 days a week period. It’s great that she can but when she acts like she doesn’t have time that is not exactly true.

Jeannine on

calm down people, they got married in August – google it – there is a people article about it.