Laila Ali’s Blog: Three Pounds Down! My Game Plan

06/07/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Thanks for welcoming our first video blogger, Laila Ali! The former boxer and Dancing With the Stars alum, 33, is mom to son C.J., 2½, and just gave birth to daughter Sydney, now 9 weeks old, on April 4. We’re following her via video as she blogs her postpartum weight loss journey of 25 lbs. Check out her latest entry below.

— Laila Ali

(Scale weigh-in: 194 lbs.)

Hello viewers, I’m Laila Ali and this is my second video I’m posting about losing the 25 pounds of baby weight that I initially wanted to lose.

I weighed in this morning and I lost 3 pounds since our last video. Now nursing moms are not supposed to lose more than a pound to a pound and a half a week to keep your milk supply up so obviously, you know, I’m very challenged right now because I’m tired with the sleep deprivation — up all night with the baby — but what’s even harder for me is holding back.

I’m an athlete — I know how to lose weight. When I was boxing, sometimes I would lose 10 pounds in a week to make a weigh-in, so I know how to get weight off. I just have to be patient. Right now it’s about quality nutrition — not just trying to eat a bunch of calories that are full of nothing. I need good food and I need to work out.

So what’s my plan? This is my game plan:

To work out 4-5 times a week: Right now I’m doing what I call a cardio mix — I have a treadmill, a spin cycle, free weights and push-ups I’m doing for my upper body, squats for my lower body. I’ll do anywhere from 45-75 minutes depending on the time that I have in between with the baby sleeping — and also my energy level — but I really want to get at least 4-5 days a week in.

And of course nutrition is the most important thing. When I say nutrition, I’m talking about what I eat. I cook my own food and a lot of times I cook a lot of food for the week and I eat a lot of the same food so I know exactly what I’m getting. It takes the guesswork out.

A sample diet for me is: in the morning for breakfast, I’ll have a veggie omelette with spinach in it and eggs whites; then I’ll have a snack of, say, whole wheat crackers and cheese — just a little bit of cheese! — and for lunch I’ll do soba noodles — which I’m loving right now — and lean ground turkey with a little bit of soy sauce and a fresh green salad. Then another snack would be sliced apple and peanut butter, and then for dinner I’ll have fish, sautéed kale, maybe a small yam and salad. Then if I do want another snack at night, I’ll have a thinkThin protein bar which is so yummy to me, and sugar-free.

So I’m doing about three small meals and two to three snacks a day and then I make my 1,900 calories, which I need to hit being a nursing mom. That’s a lot of calories. I really would love to be doing like 1,400-1,500, but what comes first? The baby right now, making sure she gets everything she needs.

So we’re going to aim for two more pounds next time I see you — wish me luck! It’s not going to be easy — I’ve got my stepkids in town. They love to eat — they’re eating up everything and trust me, it’s not what I’m eating so I gotta cook them something separate. Then I’ve got a little toddler who’s running around and he just wants mac and cheese, or rice or pasta so I always have to have that on hand for him and it is a temptation because it makes me want it too.

It’s not going to be easy — wish me luck! — and I’ll check in with you guys next time.

— Laila Ali

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Jane on

how nice of to write what the interview was (last week there was a request from a deaf reader)

Jaimie on

It’s great that she is actually putting the baby’s needs BEFORE her own vanity (I don’t know another celebrity that would do that). Of course, every mom is conscious of the extra weight after giving birth so it’s natural to want to get back to pre-baby shape and weight. But it takes time, patience, and effort. Not starving oneself and working out 24-7. She sounds very down-to-earth and educated about nutrition, fitness, and the health of her baby as well as herself. I wish her luck!

Karen on

Great post….she’s a motivated momma! Best of luck to her & I’ll watch her journey 🙂

Indira on

Nice job people!

stacey on

i wish you the best of luck…i know it can be a challenge,especially having more than one child at home.

Chus on

It’s really great that they transcribed the interview so that deaf people are not discriminated against. I was shocked reading all the negative comments towards the person asking them to do just that. People can be really cruel for no apparent reason.

anonymous on

As a mom of two who has struggled to lose weight following the birth of my second, I find it refreshing to see a celebrity who has a healthy view of post-pregnancy weight loss. Personally, I think Laila looks great already! Keep up the good work Laila, I plan to keep following your weight-loss progress, hopefully with some progress of my own!


Good Luck and you are my inspiration. I have a 3 months and 3 weeks old baby; and a toddler at home and 10 pounds to loose. Its very y hard and I know it! Could you share with me what you used to do in order to lose weight and reach the target weight while you were training for boxing? Well, send it to my email, please. Thanks, Yanna

Rose-2 on

@Jaimie: Really, you don’t think there’s any other celebrity who puts their baby’s needs above their own? That’s quite a negative view. I think there are a lot of celebrities who seem obsessed with losing the baby weight as quickly as possible, but there are also a lot who didn’t lose weight instantly.

Sweetdosedotcom on

Hello There,

It’s so encouraging to see your video! I’m definitely excited to keep going!

Tony on

Laila is beautiful and I bet she can beat my wife up too.

Tony on

It is nice to see her taking such great care of her body.

Charisma on

Thanks for this blog, Laila. It’s very encouraging to see a celebrity mom be a good role model for losing weight while being mindful of the needs of your newborn. I have a newborn at home as well and am a former college athlete with your exact build so you are a wonderful role model for me. I’m relieved to see that you weigh the same as I do following my sons birth and have the same struggle with not overdoing it. I’ll use your menu as a base for my menu as well. Thanks again!

Gina on

Keep it up Laila, you are beautiful just as you are. Your family is gorgeous also! Thank you for being an inspiration and for putting your daughter’s health first.

EMT on

i LOVE this! i’ve been a longtime fan of laila’s–and having weight loss issues of my own, i find her blog to be VERY motivational. my question is how can we follow the blog or see previous installments??

luv ya, laila! congrats on your healthy, growing family!

Sheila on

It’s great that she has so much motivation and I admire her commitment to losing weight and staying healthy, but am I the only one who think she is pushing herself too hard? Her daughter is only nine weeks old. She’s nursing AND she also has a toddler to take care of. Why would anybody want to add onto this the stress of counting calories and hovering over the scale, hoping that the pounds have gone down?

For me, the first few months after my kids were born were just about taking it easy and enjoying my time with my baby. My body had already been through so much during the pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I couldn’t, not even if I wanted to, put it through the stress of all the exercise that Laila does.

That’s not to say that I didn’t make an effort to lose baby weight. My husband and I took lots of walks with our kids, I swam when I could find the time, I nursed, and ate a mostly healthy diet(come on now, if we can’t overindulge just a little during pregnancy/breastfeeding, at a time when nature intended for us to consume extra calories, then when?) . I didn’t gain more weight than necessary during my pregnancy, either, so that made it easier.

Baby weight takes nine months to add up. It won’t come off just like that nor should we expect it to. I don’t think that’s what Laila is doing. She’s putting her babies needs before hers and that’s great.

briana on

It’s great that she has so much motivation and I admire her commitment to losing weight and staying healthy, but am I the only one who think she is pushing herself too hard? Her daughter is only nine weeks old. She’s nursing AND she also has a toddler to take care of. Why would anybody want to add onto this the stress of counting calories and hovering over the scale, hoping that the pounds have gone down?

Maybe…..but she’s also a professional athlete. She knows herself, her body, and to excel in your sport – you have to have a drive and enjoy being challenged. I think it’s just part of her personality, and why she’s who she is. Sounds like she’s keeping true to her inner athlete while also putting the baby first!

tdt on

Thanks Laila! The videos and descriptions are very inspiring….I’m on this journey with you so Good Luck & I’ll be watching…

p.s – Your babygirl is absolutely Beautiful, Congrats!

Jenn on

As a nursing mom she should know that if she loses weight to rapidly it will release a large amount of a toxin that is stored in your fat. The toxin could be deadly to a infant

libi on

good luck! my baby weight came all off by itslef! my milk production only lasted 2 months. i did not diet or anything by 8wks post baby, i had only 10lbs from the pregnancy.

Nini on

Wow, libi, you’re one of those! I hope my body does that if and when I decide to have kids. Sheesh. For 9weeks though, I think Laila looks pretty good as she is but I’ll be checking in to see her progress. Good luck Laila, and congratulations, Sydney’s so cute!

MJ on

My baby is two weeks old now and I look forward to keeping up with this blog for motivation. Thanks for sharing, Laila and good luck!

Sojourner Marable Grimmett on

Great Job Laila! You look Great!