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06/07/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Erika on

The right age to get braces is when the child has mostly adult teeth instead of baby teeth (unless there is a serious medical need). My cousin was told by an orthodontist that her son ‘needed’ braces at the age of seven, because hs teeth were crooked. Because he was her first child, she went along with it and he got braces. He had them for two years, and lost many teeth during that time, and then got them off at age 9. About a year ago, when he was 12 they found he needed them again because the first set hadn’t done anything to his adult teeth. It was a huge waste of money (paying for braces twice) and time, not to mention the poor kid had to go through the process twice! He still has braces, probably for 1 more year or so. My cousin is furious at the first orthodontist (she has a 2nd one now who put on the other set of braces, plus for her two daughters).

JM on

ha that little warbler is adorable 🙂

mary on

My poor little guy had to get braces for medical reasons. His lower jaw and teeth were over his upper teeth, A Malocclusion or underbite which caused the roots and bone in the lower jaw to start protruding. He was 7 years old. This was necessary as they were worried a bone graph would have to be performed if they could not save the lower adult teeth and jaw bone. He is now 10 and a half that was the first phase for him. They fixed the lower jaw so the braces came off this past fall. But last summer they pulled his canine teeth and the permanent teeth have not come thru yet so he must wear the upper braces till they come all the way through. The next phase and third is when he is in his teens and all his adult teeth are through he will again have braces on top and bottom this time to straighten them. I so feel for him. At one time my family had 3 children and my husband in braces. I, myself just got braces put on last May because after the age of 42 my teeth shifted, like everything else on my body and I was just told today that I get them off in August. I will not tell my 10 yr old this; this could make him feel a little bad.

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