Meet Alexis Stewart’s Daughter Jude

06/07/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

She’s been trying for a baby for five years, but on March 8, Alexis Stewart‘s dream of being a mom finally came true when she welcomed her daughter, Jude, via gestational surrogate.

“Getting Jude was lucky,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’m happy, but this has been rough.”

And how: since deciding she was ready for a baby in her late 30s, Stewart, 45, has seen several doctors and at one point was spending up to $27,000 each month for IVF procedures and an additional $6,000 for medications.

However, after meeting her current physician, Dr. John Zhang at Manhattan’s New Hope Fertility Center, Stewart was able to cut back on the drugs and reduce her monthly spending to about $5,000 for treatments.

“This is my other job that I don’t talk about,” says the host of the Sirius radio show Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer. “But if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford it and you have time, what’s the downside?”

Donna Newman

Now that she’s a mom, the blunt and no-nonsense Stewart is content to spoil 3-month-old Jude — but in a decidedly ungirly way.

“I took ice skating lessons all winter so I can skate with her,” she says. “I want her to do everything.”

For more about Stewart’s struggle to welcome a baby and how Martha is reacting to being a grandma, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Lesley Messer

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Macy on

I thought Alexis on a girl was bad, Jude might even be worse… terrible names

Katie on

Wow, $33,000 each month?? For how many months?? So, I guess if you have the money you can just buy a baby.

I can’t imagine her daughter would like to hear about this when she’s older.

Barbie on

She’s blessed to be able to do it. She should give back on that blessing by selecting a few women that can’t have children and don’t have that type of money and helping them out. Beautiful baby!

Elena on

Beautiful picture, baby is so cute! But name Jude for such cutie baby girl hmmmmmmmmmm sounds too strong for a girl, in my opinion. And oh my god Alexis is 45 already!!!! And Martha’s going to be 70 this year (looked it up on Wikipedia hehe)! I think they both look really good!

MaryAnne on

What a lovely picture. Motherhood agrees with her. I am happy for her. It isn’t your money so what do you care? Jude, for a girl, has grown on me.

Becky on

@Katie why??? she wanted a baby so badly she did whatever she could. When her daughter is older it will probably make her feel good to know her mother wanted her so desperately. Same goes with any adoption in my opinion. Those are lucky children to know you are loved and wanted and cared for.

I feel sorry for the children that are born into families “the old fashioned way” and have never been wanted they just exist.

BTW i know an awesome girl by the name of Jude.

mel on

Why bad mouth Alexis?

Ldub97229 on

Congrats to Alexis – I think Jude is BEAUTIFUL and what a great name!!!

(To the two people who posted above me… is it ‘really’ necessary to say cruel things? And she did try to have a baby herself and was not able to. ALOT of people go through IV treatments? So because of who she is you speak like that? Shame on BOTH of you.)

Casey on

I don’t think you should judge other names when your name is Macy..Just saying!

A on

@ Katie – Her daughter wouldn’t want to hear about how much she was wanted when she’s older? Really?

Jane on

She did not “buy” a baby. Due to a physical condition, she was unable to naturally conceive, but wanted to be a mother & enjoy raising a child. Yes, she is fortunate enough to have the $$ to have costly medical treatment. (jealous??) Keep your gloomy hostile take on life to yourself. p.s. Macy! I love shopping at your store!!!

veraroberts on

If she can afford it, why not? I’m sure if a lot of us were able to afford over $25K in fertility treatments every month and we’ve been trying to get pregnant for years, it wouldn’t be an afterthought.

Congrats to Alexis and her new addition!

Elizabeth on

As someone who has gone through the IVF process, I find it extremely hard to believe that she was actually spending $33,000 each month on this procedure. Even if I hadn’t had insurance to cover something like this, it would’ve cost half that much! I’m glad everything worked out in the end for her though. It’s painful to want a child so badly and not be able to have one.

brannon on

macy and katy – bitter much? hopefully you’re nicer to your kids.

Karen on

I don’t understand the negative comments. Why would her daughter not like to hear that she spent so much money trying to have a baby? The baby is darling and though Jude is known as a male name, I think it is cute for a girl. Almost like jewel. And Judie is a cute nickname. Seriously people, at least it’s a real name!

Jennifer on

Another poor kid is going to grow up fatherless. Some of these stupid women seem to think that fathers are optional and, in some cases, even totally unnecessary. Fathers, like mothers, are so important to children. Alexis is the height of selfishness.

maria on

Such a group of haters… what a beautiful baby and a mother that obviously wanted her badly. How wonderful for Alexis to have her dreams come to fuitition.

Susan on

Being that I was raised in the Catholic faith Catholics are often taught to pray to St. Jude when your case seems impossible. Perhaps, she promised St. Jude that she would honor him if she was blessed with a child by naming the child Jude and therefore giving honor to the saint that helped her become a mother.

Anonymous on

My God, why so nasty! As she stated, she’s lucky to have had the money to finally, after so long of a road, have this beautiful child! We all would do the same, be nice!

Anonymous on

mother and daughter are beautiful .But the boy name for a girl come on people she will be teased herwhole life.

Mrs.NC on

I’m with you Becky!! What does it matter how much she spent.. She wanted that baby very bad..and Jude will know one day that you couldnt put a price on her she was wanted and her mother would spend every dime she had to get her!

Izzy on

Wow Katie, a bit harsh don’t you think? I will give you the benefit of doubt and say that you must not have children yet. Otherwise, you would UNDERSTAND why Alexis did what she had to do. Furthermore, why criticize her for something she can afford? At least she didn’t steal the money or the baby for that matter. I have two children and I love them with all my heart and couldn’t imagine life without my angels. Were I in Alexis situation with her resources, I would do the same thing.

Pinky on

She’s lucky she can afford it. Most of us just aren’t that blessed. Why insurance in our country will not even pay for my Clomid but would pay for Viagra is just something I don’t understand.

Jen DC on

I, for one, would be ecstatic to find out later that my parent/s wanted me so badly that they were willing to spend into the hundreds of thousands of dollars to get me. Is it, to some degree, wasteful (b/c of other pressing needs in the global community)? Sure. But why do we earn money if not to do with it what we will?

I think Jude’s a lovely name. Unusual enough that there aren’t a million Judes starting school at the same time, but well-known enough to stop a constant litany of “how do you spell that?”

Isabel on

There are so many homeless children in need out there, imagine what the money could have done for them. Imagine a child too weak to cry, no food, no clean water…and then think twice about this. And the name is what you are gossiping about?

New Mom Too on

The name likely has a personal sentiment to Alexis. We just named our newborn girl with a traditionally male name, Carter. It my maternal grandmother’s surname and we wanted to honor my grandmother and that side of the family AND we wanted a strong name for our daughter. We have known and do know many girls with androgyneous names such as; Ryan, Cameron, and Drew. Interestingly, it is becoming more common.

By the way, pink was originally THE color for boys because it was considered stronger than the pale blue that was used to indicate infant females. So really, why the need to apply such gender specific sterotypes? Alexis, beautiful baby AND beautiful name. Macy is a cool name too. Haters get over yourselves.

SON on

My 9-year-old daughter is named Jude. Macy, you are a jerk, and are you named after a department store? Maybe I should name my next kid Bergdorf…

Molly on

I think it’s really discouraging how people judge others on here.

I have a friend who really wants to have a child and cannot due to health reasons. Despite the fact that she and her husband have very little money, she has spent a great deal of money they do and don’t have on fertility treatments. It is really heartbreaking to watch this stuff fail for her over and over again.

My point is that a lot of people have such a want and desire to have children, they will go through great lengths to make it happen. My friend has also tried to get in the on the adoption process, but that is a long and difficult road as well.

I think we should all be a little bit more understanding of one another.

Mary on

Instead of spending those hundreds of thousands of dollars, why not adopt a child who needs a loving home and donate a ton of money to a charity or program in need?

Rae on

Oh good grief. Saying that she bought a baby is the most moronic thing I’ve ever heard. Infertility is a medical condition just like anything else. Obviously you have never had experience with it so it’s best to just keep your mouth shut since you sound like a ignorant jerk.

I’m so incredibly tired of people who know NOTHING of the pain of infertility talking about it in such a flippant way. I think perhaps you need to work on showing kindness and grace to others. I think her daughter will be moved and honored that her mother wanted her so badly that she fought against the odds and did everything she could to have a child in her life.

Saying that she’s “buying” a baby makes it sound like she’s shopping for one. Infertility treatments and IVF are a GRUELING and heartbreaking. You don’t do it for fun or just because you can afford it… do it because you want to be a parent.

D on

She’s very lucky. It’s really worth it. Tried IVF, spent tons of money, didn’t work for us. Geat New’s we are adopting an infant now.

Pinky on

@Isabel, are all of your children adopted from third world countries? Until you have been in that situation you don’t understand. Adoption is not always an easy process especially since Alexis is single. Besides we don’t know how much money she may have given to help children not everyone advertises their philanthropy.

Sara on

I just don’t understand why people need to tear people down because they happen to have money or a famous parent. And while I agree that the upper tax brackets SHOULD help those in the lower ones, I don’t think they are REQUIRED to hand out money hand over fist. How do you think they GOT that money? Sure they inherit some, but don’t you think they should save a little for a rainy day (or the inability to have children naturally???) And the “buying” of a child because she payed a woman to carry the child she couldn’t??? Have you been in her shoes? Do you know what it’s like to KNOW you’re supposed to be a mom but your body rebels? Unless you have you have no right to judge. And you know what, even if you have been there you STILL have no right to judge. NO ONE DOES! Her baby will know that her mother worked and fought to be able to have her and THAT is going to make her feel WANTED and LOVED even before she was more than a wish in her mothers heart!

chris on

YGG… go girl…! Congratulations…..

Gigi on

Beautiful baby!!

JP on

My daughter’s name is Alexis and she is beautiful. Macy, you are a hag. I think the name Jude is cute. At least it’s not a run of the mill, everyone and their dog names their kid that, name. Be nice.

Angie on

Wow… I’m always amazed at how people love to criticize and judge others… I won’t join in the forray… Instead- I’ll just say that it was a lovely story. I think it’s wonderful that Alexis shared her struggles so that others going through a similar situation might realize that they’re not alone and it shouldn’t be a taboo subject. Congratulations to Alexis and her absolutely beautiful and adorable baby Jude. May you both have a lifetime of love and happiness!

Kate on

Hmmm.. I am still wondering whether donor eggs were used for this baby. And when you wait until you’re 41 to start conceiving, you’re going to have issues!! A majority or women I know who are trying to conceive 40+ are having trouble…. women need to not put off motherhood if they can help it. I know being single makes parenthood harder but with mama Martha’s millions, Alexis should not have put her career and personal life first. Anyways, the baby is adorable and I am glad Alexis has accomplished her goal. Congrats to Martha too!

Adopting mom on

Personally, I could care less how much she spent on having a child. What I take issue with is her comment in the print article about how “most people want to have their own child first” rather than adopt. (This is paraphrased.) I can honestly say that her comment is ridiculous from my perspective and she SHOULD NOT pretend to speak for the masses.

ASH on

While I understand the thought behind the comments of using that money to adopt or help others in need, is it so wrong to want a biological child? I think not. Congratulatioins to Alexis on the birth of her daughter. What business is it of anyone’s to condemn her for wanting a child of her own much less a biological one? I’m so absolutely tired of the ‘Negative Nellys’ out there.

Megan on

@ Isabel if your so concerned about homeless children the why don’t you help them????? Why is it when celebrities talk about how much they spend there’s always somebody whose negative? Me personally i think its just jealousy. I’m sure there are plenty of celebrities that donate plenty of money to various charities.

Marie on

Those of you who have chosen to chastise other posters and then make fun of their names in kind are pathetic and should take this opportunity to reflect on why you think that sort of approach is appropriate.

RKF on

@Barbie- Sorry, it’s not Alexis’s responsibility to “give back” to women who are unable to have children. What a ridiculous concept.

@Katie- That’s just an evil statement. “Buying a baby” ??? Who comes up with these things?

@Mary- Maybe some of us DO NOT want to adopt. It’s not for everyone.

Some of you are seriously ridiculous. Stop whining, and enjoy your own life.

Anonymous on

@Katie, are you serious? I am 30 years old and just found out that I cannot have a baby without the use of IVF and thank God my husbands insurance covers 100% or I would not be able to enjoy life’s greatest gifts. Being told you cannot have children “naturally” is the most heartbreaking lonlinest place one could find themselves. Your rights as woman feel like they have been taken from you and no matter how supportive your cirlce still feel so lonely.

Anyway, it must be nice to live in a world where everything is perfect for you and you can pass judgement on others. Anyway, congrats Alexis and Jude…who cares what someones name is because I am sure in other countires and cultures people think the same of yours. Its a blessing to be given God’s greatest gifts and I wish them a happy and healthy life.

marianne on

I am with Mary on “why not adopt”.

My boss and his 2nd wife did 2 rounds of IVF and decided to adopt from China.

They now over 3 years have 2 beautiful girls.

He also has 1 adopted daughter (his 1st wife was a childcare worker) and 1 biological son. He is an advocate for adopting, if the IVF is not working, he wishes they had not even bothered.

Vanity for a biological offspring is still high and the docs are only to willing to keep you motivated and spending.

I also hate to think of the longterm effects of the meds that have been taken for IVF therapy.

She should now look at adopting and not having an only child.

Cathryn on

As usual with posts relating to fertility treatments, people feel it is their right to stick their noses in and judge. People have the right to spend their money however they wish to and shouldn’t be made guilty for their choices, especially when their choice is to have a much wanted and loved child. Think of the money spent on expensive houses, cars, vacations. Do you lecture those people about how they are spending their money?

If you are blessed enough to be able to conceive children naturally and easily, consider yourself lucky – but don’t judge others who struggle with it and need medical help. They’re not hurting anyone and it’s really none of your business.

Allegra on

Get off your high horse Mary. Not everyone is “into” adoption and I can’t understand why people decide to force it on others.

I don’t like the name Jude for a girl but I’m still very happy for this woman finally getting the baby she’s always wanted!

Shannon on

Good for her but she always seemed extremely selfish and self centered. I guess it’s no surprise that she had to go this route.

RKF on

To each his/her own Marianne. “Vanity for a biological offspring is still high…” Sorry, vanity has nothing to do with it. So, now women should feel guilt for wanting their own children? I will never apologize for saying, I’d never adopt, as I would never feel the same attachment to a child that wasn’t biologically my own. I am allowed that right, so stop pushing adoption. Many people aren’t interested.

Anthony on

I’f you do not know the process of what she went through to have this baby and the personal reason why she had to chose this procedure do not comment. They are a beautiful family and most of you are just mad that you will not be part of the stewart empire. Keep acting jealous and as for the name it sound very powerful “The Jude Stewart Show” Sounds like a winner to me with the ratings. Keep dreaming people you may one day be like a stewart but first you have to work for it instead of commenting on 3 month old babies names

Allison on

Wow Marianne- don’t you have a whole lot of judgments in you. There are lost of reason beyond vanity of why people do not want to adopt. How about you mind your offspring and lets others worry about theirs. Also having and being an only child is not a bad thing at all.

Robin on

So many haters…#1 Macy; Alexis & Jude are not your family so you have no say in the names. BTW Alexis is way more a female name in the US than male. #2 Katie; every child would be proud to know that their mother is loving and wanted them more than anything. #3 Jennifer I hope your husband never promises you forever and then leaves you and your children high and dry. I think a child that knows their parent or even same sex parents love them and are there for them could have an advantage over a child who feels one parent left them unloved. Congratulations to Alexis & Grandma Martha, baby Jude is beautiful.

Cathryn on

@marianne “Vanity for a biological offspring is still high” WTF are you talking about? People who suffer to have a biological child are not doing it for vanity. They do it because they desire to have a biological child, something created between them and their husband, a child that they carried and gave birth to. The urge to have a child is a biological urge and VERY strong for some women and it is VERY difficult for them when they have troubles. Just quitting IVF, just adopting, or just giving some money to charity is such a simple little answer for those of you out there that have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!

Pinky on

@ Marianne your bosses story is a great testament to his life not yours or others. Do you have children are they adopted?
Personally my hubby and I are dealing with secondary infertility. Our insurance covers nothing and as we pay almost the complete cost of our insurance to begin with we can neither afford IVF or adoption at this point in our lives. At some point once we have fixed our finances and insurance I think we will personally adopt, however, to each his own.

Ann on

I was able to get pregant and have a fairly easy pregnancy. With that said, having my son has been the best experience of my life. If I could not have had my own children I would do the same. Being able to have a baby is not what makes you mommy, loving that baby every moment is. Congrats to Alexis!

James on

How cute, she bought a baby!

Hea on

Congrats to her and the baby is beautiful! If you can afford it, why not get the treatment that you need to achieve your dream? I only wish more people could do it.

marianne – I for one would love to adopt but I cannot afford it and I doubt I’d be allowed. It is a very difficult process. Adoption laws are different depending on which country you live in.

NNJ on

Macy…would you be just happy looking at this cute adorable baby instead of spitting at her name?

jojogojo on

From Wikipedia:

On November 29, 2010, it was announced that Stewart had hired a surrogate mother and was expecting her first child in early March of the following year. On March 8, 2011, Stewart’s daughter, Jude, was born. Stewart explained she named her daughter after SIRIUS Satellite Radio host Rude Jude.

Marlee on

Stunning picture. Both Alexis and her daughter look beautiful. I love the name Jude. I think it is really pretty, and a bit unique.

Pat on

Obviously a much wanted child. Congratulations to all of the family. The haters need to find something else to complain about.

Angi on

A baby born healthy and wanted.That is a very good thing!

Martha on

Thank you RKF – you summed it up brilliantly! Congratulations Alexis on a beautiful baby (and a beautiful name!). You have been trying hard for so long, I am so happy for you (and my namesake, your mother, Martha!)

Gail on

My grandmother’s name was Julia and my grandfather always called her Jude. I think it’s a lovely name for this beautiful baby.

Christy on

@katie… the comment you made just goes to show how uneducated, ignorant and plain stupid you are. I dont need to insult you any further than that as you have done a good job with that on your own.

Congrats to mom and baby!

Sam on

Boy there really are IGNORANT people on here!

I have a sister named Alexis, have you EVER heard a boy named Alexis.

Also, she did everything she could to have her own biological baby and had money to do so don’t bash her because you don’t have the money she has!

Congrats Alexis on a BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY baby girl Jude!

Haters who know nothing about people personally they talk about, keep hating!

Linda on

People have to quit expecting people that have money should be giving it away to others. They don’t have to if they don’t want to. It’s not their responsibility to help the world. Just like all those charities. A person could go broke very quickly if they give to everyone that asks for money from you. I can’t even go to the grocery store without someone asking for a donation, and I can’t even guess how many phone calls I get on a daily basis from someone asking for money. Martha’s daughter doesn’t own anyone anything. She is fortunate she could do what she did to have a child and I am very happy for her.

MissMel on

My grandmother’s name was Judith and she was always called Jude, so it doesn’t seem odd to me.

@Jennifer: I really wish people would stop assuming a child can’t grow up feeling loved, cherished and important without a father. My parents were married when my brother and I were born but my father was never there for us emotionally, even when he lived in the same house. When my parents finally divorced and my father moved out I felt no sense of loss because I still had the one parent that would have given her own life for my happiness. There are plenty of successful people who have been raised by single mothers,including actors,Olympic athletes and politicians.

Kelli on

Jesus, what is wrong with some of you people? Such haters.

Jennifer, unfortunately, some of us have not been lucky enough to meet someone to marry and reproduce with. You apparently have, so you should count your blessings, and not tear people down for their decisions. Generally, I find that women who tear others down for having a child without a father do so because they themselves don’t have the educational and/or financial resources to care for a child on their own.

Karen P. on

I really don’t care how much money she spent on IVF, what she put her body through trying to have the baby or the baby’s name. Those are all her choices. I have listened to her radio show on Sirius and caught her TV show by the same name when it was on Fine Living channel and my only concern is how mean-spirited & critical Alexis seems to be about almost everything. I sure hope she’s not like that with her daughter. I hope she appreciates the gift.

Suzy on

147 million orphans in this world would have been taken care of with her 37k a month, why not adoption? adoption should be for everyone. I’m sorry, i have a hard time being excited about the thousands of dollars and the obsession with being pregnant. An adopted child is just as “natural” and she still would have been a mom.

dawn on

How wonderful for her. I am a big believer in telling your children “their story” and Jude will get to hear how hard it was on her Mom, but how she never gave up. As for the name Jude, well it wouldn’t be my first choice. As for people making fun of it for her whole life – I don’t think so, not in the celebrity world with kids named Apple, Kingston, Zuma, Honor, etc. I think Tommy and Susie sound odd in that crowd.

maryann on

I think the baby is beautiful and wish the new mother well.

Kevin on

Congratulations to all of them. The baby will have a wonderful life and grandma now has another heir to leave some of her wealth too.

Rev. Meg on

Jude is a beautiful baby with a beautiful name. There is a powerful saint who carries that name who is the patron saint of difficult cases. Regarding adoption, I feel it is a personal choice. My sister is adopted and I have two cousins who are also adopted.

Kelli on


Once again, it is not Alexis’ job to save the orphans of the world. It’s her money, and she can do with it what she chooses.

Cindy on

Yes..and Macy is a great name? Do you like being named after a department store that sells underwear?

mg on

Sorry, Babe…rough is not having the thousands of dollars at your disposal to buy a baby. Cry me a river.

Indira on

I don’t believe that IVF doesn’t have long term effects on a woman’s body. I am not saying, I wouldn’t do IVF if I had to but, I really wonder what this does to a woman’s health in the long run. Especially after YEARS of attempts, it doesn’t sit right with me.

Also, some people have it in their hearts to love a non-biological child. Some people don’t. My boyfriend was ADOPTED himself and, he says he wouldn’t be able to. Not everyone can adopt and, at least some people can be honest with themselves. It may be a hard thing to admit.

Joy on

I am just happy when someone completes their family in the way that is best and most comfortable for them. I do think, though, that if someone is truly interested in being a parent, then a biological child is not the only option. There are many of us who are willing and capable of loving children who are not biologically related to us. Many people do not want a perceived ‘broken child’, but in fact it is the biological parents/family who usually caused the child to be without family in the first place. If you are only capable of loving your biological offspring then I feel sorry for you.

Michael on

I am very pleased that she has wanted to be a mother badly enough to try everything. I am pleased that she seems willing to let her baby find herself oneday without molding her into the fairytale princess blind baby girl. She is going to be real and practical. Jude is a very unique name that does not carry any pretense with it. This is her biological baby, and will be a strong person as is she and Martha. Much love to her and Jude, and good wishes to “Martha”

Twin Mom on

Simply put, adoption is not for everyone. Being a mom, carrying a child to term is something most women take for granted…unless you’re unable to do so. Why should I be denied the opportunity to have my own biological child when the technology is out there to help me have one? My three children would not be alive if it weren’t for that technology and I thank God every single day for my children and the doctors who helped me have them.

Be happy for her. Be happy she had the money to make her dreams true. But don’t begrudge her because she didn’t become a Mom the way you think it should have been done. Becoming a Mom is a very individual journey and not everyone has to travel the same road to become one.

Kelli on

To all the commenters who flippantly and callously use the tired “why don’t you just adopt” comment in response to anyone enduring heartbreaking fertility treatments, you should practice a little empathy and self-education. It is not vain to want a biological child. It is not vain to want to experience the miracle of pregnancy. This is something I yearned for since as I was young and endured 6 rounds of IVF to do so and I would do it all again. Also, it can take years and tens of thousands of dollars to adopt a baby; they aren’t just handed-out at Costco.

KarenB on

So when little Jude gets older and if she doesn’t like to be called “Jude” she can always have it pronounced as “Judy”.

anonymous on

I’m not a fan of Martha Stewart or Alexis, and I could say a lot about the obsene amounts of money spent (but hey, she can afford it), but I can’t say anything bad about this picture. What a beautiful baby Jude is, and what a beautiful picture.

Lacey on

It is sad and pathetic the way others harbor such hatred for people they don’t even know. No matter how she did it, who she is doing it with currently, or what happens in the future, we should all wish congratulations to Alexis (side note: I’ve NEVER heard of a boy named Alexis) and Jude and their family. I wish them all love and happiness…as we all should to ANYONE who has a healthy, beautiful child come in to their life.

The hate in this world is disturbing…grow up people!

Bren on

I am soooo happy for her. And why in the world she should feel compelled or obligated to give back by picking women that are unable to conceive and pay for their fertility treatments?????????? She can do whatever the heck she wants to do with her money. After all, she earned it and owes nobody but herself and her baby NOTHING!!! Congrats Alexis!!

banana on

It is so frustrating to hear all these people criticizing fertility treatments. Do you have any idea what it’s like to watch every friend around you get pregnant and start a family? To see how happy and full their lives are. And then to go home, month after month, year after year, to your husband that you love so much and so desparately want to start a family with, and continue failing month after month? It is a pain like no one can understand.

Adopting isn’t “that easy” regardless of where you live or what the laws are. Adopting involves grieving over the biological child you will never have, the genetics you will not pass down, the dream of seeing your first ultrasound, seeing a heartbeat, raising a family with your dimples and your husbands curly hair. Sometimes you don’t get over that, and adopting shouldn’t be a second best solution, you should be adopting when you’re ready to feel that you will love that child just as much. That is not vain or selfish – and if you have kids you have ABSOLUTELY not right to criticize someone going through fertility treatments. Your dream is a reality, so you can’t possibly understand.

When I was first diagnosed with decreased ovarian reserve and told I would be in premature ovarian failure by 31 I thought I would never go through treatment; if it didn’t happen “naturally” I didn’t think I would be willing to do treatment. But as the time went on and we didn’t get pregnant, we tried IUI. But that didn’t work so now we’re giong to start IVF. You can’t possibly understand how it feels unless you’ve been there, so try being compassionate instead of critical. And anyone who says “if you can’t afford fertility treatments, you can’t afford a baby” should stuff it… Did you have to buy a $15,000 crib for your baby? Bet you would have made it work if it was the only way you could have the baby (and family) you’d dreamed about since you were a little girl.

Alexis on

Uh, Macy? MY name is Alexis. Exactly how is that a bad name for a girl? Idiot.

Terri on

Congratulations! This baby will be treasured! It took 5 long years to conceive my son, and I never forget how blessed I am to have him. I know that he is a miracle. Although he is 9 now, and tests my patience, I never forget it. Sometimes I think it is too bad that everyone can’t know the heartache of not being able to have a baby. I feel like it is a privilege to love and raise my child and I don’t think that everyone feels that way about their children. I’m happy for Alexis and Jude!

JenLaw on

Congrats to mom!! Yeah, lots of trolls today. I think it’s wonderful and Jennifer, I’m embarrassed to share a name with you. I do divorces all day. It is a breath of fresh air that this woman who obviously had her knight in white satin get lost in the forest, was at least able to be a mom. Lucky lady. God bless her and her daughter.

Heather on

What a beautiful baby!

Katie on

Its 2011. I think we all need to remember, especially as women, that we have choices. Why drag someone else down for their decision on such a deeply personal matter? There are so many ways to form a family. Ultimately a safe, nurturing and loving environment in which to raise our children is what we’re all after…isn’t it? Each one of us has an opinion, educated or otherwise. Why don’t we try setting a positive example for our children. Enough with the negativity, we should be focusing on supporting one another, building each other up. To each there own, after all! What’s right for you, might not be right for the next…we don’t fit into one mold, neither do our children. Teach love. Teach acceptance…there is room for us all. CONGRATULATIONS to Alexis and WELCOME baby Jude, you are clearly loved!

Courtney on

Having had trouble getting pregnant, I can relate to what she has gone through. It is truly a blessing to be a mom and I am thrilled for the family. Jade is a wonderful name because that is what the parents wanted. How exciting to see a child so loved. Some criticism on here just shows how unhappy some people are in their personal life.

Lily on

Good for them, beautiful baby….I DID not know she was a lesbian until now…………..

Lisa N on

@Katie: obviously you either have no children or have not had any trouble getting pregnant. She “bought a baby”, what a childish and nasty comment. You don’t know what pain it is to keep trying and trying to have a child and continuously be unsuccessful. We are lucky that this medical science exists to help people like this know the joy of parenthood. Grow Up! and get some respect about yourself!
Lisa N

Mrs. B on

“Why not adopt” is a such a stupid thing to say to someone you don’t know. You should adopt first and than give advise to other people and not give examples with someone you know. Every mid class family can adopt, just stop living in 2000+ sq f houses, change your cars every 3 years, buy tons of stupid clothes and you can do as much good for these kids as someone rich.

Our first child is adopted never consider IVF. Since than we have 2 felt adoptions and we finally decided to look into IVF. So according to Katie I’m buying my kids either way…

Congrats to Alexis! Jude is a pretty name for a beautiful girl.

In my country there is a saying that is not the name that makes the person but the person is who makes the name:)

Sara on

Congrats to the happy mommy! Once you stop thinking about Jude only being a boy’s name, you’ll realize how pretty it really is. My hubby is Palestinian and his sister named her little girl Jude. At first I thought it sounded odd, now I love it. It’s like hummus, you might not like it the first time you try it, but you grow to love it :). Enjoy your day ladies!

Judy on

My name is Judith, Judy for short, Jude for shorter. 99% of the people I know call me Jude and even some I only deal with on the phone. I don’t mind at all, there are a lot worse names out there to be had. This little girl is very lucky to have a parent who really wanted her and loves her very much. I also take exception to people who think a single woman shouldn’t have a child. My daughter was raised by me alone and without the father who did not want her and has chosen to have nothing to do with her. Why in the world would I want this man to be a part of her life? Until I became pregnant, he was a loving and caring person but obviously didn’t want anything to upset his apple cart. Alexis and Jude will do just fine, with the help of Grandma of course!

Robin on

I knew from my teen years that I would be d@nm lucky to ever conceive a child naturally. I have NEVER understood the “wanting biological offspring” mentality. Genetics do not make the bonds that hold people together. I don’t understand IVF, at all. And I’m one of the women who would “benefit” from it! Ever think mother nature is trying to tell you something if you can not conceive on your own?

Kyle on

As a woman named Kyle I love this name! While I didnt always love my name growing up I love it now. It was incredibly formative in my growing into a strong and confident woman.

Suzi on

There’s people that have money and there’s people that don’t. The have nots want so much to find fault with those who have. Be happy in your own life and leave the jealousy out. By the way, I don’t have any money either, but I’m happy for her. It’s her money & her business. Also, don’t you think she paid that gestational woman a pretty penny?

Maggie on

Lily – What? She’s not a lesbian.

To those who are saying you’ve never known of a man named Alexis, if you read this blog regularly you have – Alyson Hannigan’s husband Alexis Denisof.

Jude is a beautiful baby girl.

Pam on

It’s funny, we have one person on here criticizing Alexis for choosing to be a single parent and another criticizing her for waiting until she was 45 to start trying. There’s just no pleasing this crowd! Congratulations to Alexis and Jude as being a parent has been my greatest joy. I was told I wouldn’t be able to have children and miraculously, a few years later, turned up pregnant with my daughter and 4 years after that turned up pregnant with my son. I am SO thankful that I didn’t have to face the struggle of infertility treatments and have enormous empathy for those who do.

Pinky on

@ Lily FYI (taken from Wikepedia) “Stewart married John R. Cuti, a lawyer, in 1997. Cuti served as a trial lawyer during Martha Stewart’s ImClone stock trading case, alongside her lead attorney Robert Morvillo. Stewart and Cuti separated long before Martha Stewart was indicted in June 2003 but were not divorced until mid-2004, after the trial was over”.

Anonymous on

banana…well said…thank you!

Sam on

My daughter’s name is Jude and it suits her. If you don’t like the name, don’t give it to your child but please do us a favor and keep your nasty comments to yourself.

belladonna on

I just hope that her daughter has a better personality and not so mean and BLUNT like her mother. Both Alexis and her mother Martha, act like they are so much more superior than others. Martha too, has made some very harsh remarks against others in the past. Being brought up POLISH, should have gotten more in touch with their ROOTS and not belittle people.

God made us all equal – you just came into money and opportunities because of your mother, Martha. Plain and Simple!!

audrey on

This is great.To jennifer about there being no father. Mt daughter father is` not around and not by my choice most of these “fathers” don’t want to be around.Yeah having two parents is ideal, it don’t happen in the world today.She Will make a wonderful parent, just her, Iknow I do.Stop jugdeing her or anyone till you walk a mile in there shoes.

Jenny on

@Banana…very well put. I agree wholeheartedly. I’m in a similar situation as you and I wouldn’t wish fertility issues on anyone.

Aine on

Really?!?! Shame on ANYONE who posts negative comments. We are talking about a new little wonderful life. Is Jude’s right to be born and live any less than any other child’s? The sad facts of our world is that there are children who are not cared for or even loved. There are children who go to bed every night hungry, sick, abused, etc. There are children who die everyday from preventable and curable illnesses. Unless everyone is ready to stop having babies and only care for those that are already born…then this will ALWAYS be the case. It is not Alexis Stewart’s responsibility to fix the children of our world. Maybe the next time some of you naysayers go shopping, try buying an extra bag of groceries, clothes, school supplies, baby necessities, etc. and drop it off at your local food bank or donation centre. Perhaps you just might turn your frowns upside down! And may everyone who wants to become a parent find their way to their children no matter what way that is. Good luck and God Bless to all. And a HUGE congratulations to Alexis, Martha and sweet little Jude!

Jeannette M. on

I too don’t see anything wrong with her spending her money in the way she deems fit. It doesn’t effect my life in any way, and another beautiful baby has entered the world.

As for the whole ‘everyone adopt’ gang, adoption isn’t for everyone. You guys should really stop acting like saints and judging people who don’t want to. It’s really none of your business what goes on outside of your family as long as it isn’t bothering you.

Personally, I dislike Jude (and all other masculine boys names) on girls. My opinion, I’ve always wanted a son called Julian/Jude. But hey, not my life. It’s not ruined my views on the name.

stacey on

I don’t know if it’s my screen or my eyes, but that baby’s forehead looks elongated. Scary elongated. So pretty baby not so much. don’t lie to be kind. Her name is cute and she’ll be wealthy and spoiled like all other Hollywood brats.

patty on

Do I like Martha? Not really but I admire her for being able to change some and she has said she would not have only had 1 child if she could do it over. Alexis had help from Martha according to the interviews I have seen and read over the years and if it is what they want to do with their money who the hell are you to tell them how to spend it? Don’t buy a Martha product if you don’t like her but LEAVE THE CHILD IN PEACE AND GOD BLESS- ANY BABY IS A MIRACLE NO MATTER HOW IT GETS HERE!!!!!

Josie on

Why diss her choice of name? Why diss her paying the money? It’s her daughter to chose.

Congratulations on your beautiful little lady. May you have many wonderful times together.

Pinky on

@ Stacey it’s your eyes. You are looking at the babies forehead and her round bald head. That is not just her forehead. That’s how babies look.

Whatever!Fan on

These were my thoughts when I saw this picture

1) Wow. They both look gorgeous.

2) Oy. Look at all those sharp edges to baby-proof!

mommytoane on

@Katie, your heart must be stone. What child would NOT want to know that mommy wanted them SOOO BAD that they tried EVERYTHING to have them? What child would not want to know exactally how loved they are?

For the name….Jude is adorable for a girl!!

stacey on

I know how babies look…why not choose a photo that compliments you? or disguises unflattering features such as BIG FOREHEADS. nothing wrong with my eyes. I was trying to be gracious.

siss on

Congratulations to Alexis and family! What a beautiful little girl. Children are such a blessing, no matter how they become part of our lives.

RKF on

“Ever think mother nature is trying to tell you something if you can not conceive on your own?” WOW, Robin, you are a disgusting individual. Clearly mother nature erred in her ways when allowing the conception of someone who could verbalize/write this.

Pinky on

Well Stacey I guess you must be a model and your kids as well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Jen on

Congratulations to all the mothers who are able to recieve the GIFT of motherhood after going thru the hell of Infertility. Until you travel the road – and get the injections and suffer the heartache – You dont have a CLUE. Beautiful baby!

Christine on

Congratulations Alexis & Jude (Martha, too)! You’re all beautiful!

heather on

your judging others for being judgemental and mean yet your doing the same thing. look in the mirror.

Hillary on

I just became pregnant through IVF after trying to 3 yrs, I am young and otherwise healthy and still had to deal with this struggle. It is an amazing gift in this day and age that we can have a child through other options besides the natural route…nobody should judge anyone else for their choices, unless they know this kind of emotional pain and struggle. It is not easy, and takes a toll on every aspect of your life when you are trying to conceive and nothing works. Give Alexis a break. I am not a millionaire, just had good insurance and state mandates that cover these costly procedures. I am lucky. And now my husband and I are thrilled we have our first child on the way.

Pinky on

I agree with RFK, Robin’s philosophy makes no sense, “Mother nature trying to tell you something….” So does that include all modern science then too. I.E if you are ill or dying with an ailment like cancer that is just mother natures way of telling you your not wanted? We have medical advancements for our benefit. To argue that because you can’t get pregnant easily means you aren’t supposed to have kids is insulting and small minded.

Pinky on

FYI RFK was quoting Robin everyone. I know I read it off at first too and thought she was saying that comment. She was not she was quoting Robin.

Pinky on

@ Hillary what insurance do you have and what state mandates that they pay? Bags can be packed and I can move, lol.

Jude on

Macy there is nothing wrong with the name Jude I am proud to have it and I get many complements on it. I was named after the beatles song “Hey Jude” what were you named after a “dept store”? I don’t see how yours is much better. Congrats on the baby Alexis. 🙂

Yvonne on

Like you I tried for several year with IVF to have a baby and was eventually successful and now have a beautiful baby girl. I’m glad for you. The love you have for your child is like no other love. Congrats

Jeralin on

There is absolutely nothing wrong with her spending what she did to make her dream come true; and Jude–awesome name—Beatles tune—‘Hey Jude’….. as long as the little girl is loved—her home is where her mom is; Bless them both;

Jude on

Excuse me a Macy but my name is Jude and I get complements on it all of the time. It’s unusual and there are not a million of us out there. At least I can say that when people say my name they don’t think of a dept store that sells underwear!! I was named after the Beatles song and I am love it keep your negative opinions to yourself ya hag! Congrats baby Jude and to mommy Alexis!!!

TJ on

If I had that much money, I would do everything I could to have my own child. Adoption isn’t for everyone. Good for her. I do wonder if she did an anonoymous sperm donor or some guy she knows??

Rae on

Robin – You are a hateful, horrible, ignorant person. I can’t believe that someone would say something so vile.

Felicity on

Jennifer, not having a father is not always a bad thing. Believe me, I would have been better off without mine. Sometimes not father is better off than one that is a reluctant one, one that is abusive, or later leaves, etc. etc. She made a choice that is best for her and her baby and I am sure the two of them can have a happy life – and who’s to say that a father won’t come into the picture someday when the time is right? Don’t judge someone’s life when you don’t even know them.

lex on

I’ve never replied on this site but I just wanted to say something. To all of those saying how Katie was rude/disrespectful with the “buying a baby” comment- technically it’s true, although it’s not something a lot of people like to hear or think it’s very tacky to say. When you adopt a child you don’t just pick them up free of charge. My brother and I were both adopted because my mom was unable to have children. When people find out we’re adopted we sometime say “and then Mom and Dad bought us.” People look at us weird, but that’s just how our family is. We know they love us.

Bev Scenna on

The baby is beautiful, but Alexis’s pictures have been HEAVILY retouched. She’s pushing 50 and sure doesn’t look like that in person. Her personality is angry and bitter, especially towards her mother, her father, she has broken off complete contact with. I feel sorry for this little baby and toxicity she has been born into.

lala on

What a beautiful baby girl!! Congratulations!!

shazam on

She took Ice skating lessons before the baby was born so they can skate together…really?

Jo on

First, Congrats to Alexis and Jude! Second, as someone who has had to deal with infertility, for you haters out there – if you haven’t had to walk the walk, don’t try to talk the talk. You have no idea of what you are talking about. As for adoption, do you really have any idea of how expensive it is? Or how complicated, time consuming, or how heart breaking it can be? It can also be wonderful, amazing, spectacular and a wonderful way to build your family. As someone adopted I always expected to adopt. But as a single person, who waited too long for her shining prince, who apparently got lost along the way, the chances of me being picked (yep, its like the dating game) were slim, the cost was prohibitive and the potential for heartache too high. I’m not getting any younger and I deserve as much as anyone else the gift/blessing of being a parent. And to the person who equated infertility as being hint that you shouldn’t have kids…shame on you. Its a medical condition, not a punishment for anything. And I didn’t buy my baby, I just payed the extra medical costs associated with my medical condition to become pregnant. I was lucky, it worked. Best wishes to Alexis and Jude and to anyone who dreams of being a parent!

Bev Scenna on

@bev scenna, Why does she look so air brushed? It’s called having 100% control over what photos they can publish before agreeing to an interview. And just for the record, what she had is called a “gestational surrogacy”.

And YES, it’s a well known fact that Alexis Stewart is not a very nice person. Just ask Tim Gunn.

d on

Gestational surrogate = modern day slavery

D on

Katie, you’re just an idiot. I would think her daughter would feel so special because of how desperately her mother wanted her and did what she did to have her. Isabel, you are an idiot too. So instead of this woman spending all this money trying to conceive her own baby she should have just donated it all to someone else’s instead?? Moron.

Allison on

I don’t get why infertile people need to become responsible for random, unwanted kids and are not entitled to have their own kids with fertility assistance. The people who are selfish are the women who are having unprotected sex with random men and dumping off a bunch of unwanted kids. Adoption is great for those that wish to adopt. But infertile women certainly can try to overcome their medical issues to have a kid, and they aren’t obligated to take on the responsibility of some random kid someone didn’t want.

Cynthia on

@D, how is gestational surrogate= modern day slavery? Please explain your view, I don’t get it.

anonymous on

I’m glad people told @Katie she was wrong. It’s awesome that she wanted a child so badly. Glad she finally was able to make that dream come true. Having children is an incredible blessing!

meghan on

“As for adoption, do you really have any idea of how expensive it is? Or how complicated, time consuming, or how heart breaking it can be?”

As complicated, time consuming and heartbreaking as years of IVF?


OMG, did anyone see the children’s name on the right of this page?
CAYMAN???? aka In the crocodile family….How about SPARROW, Nicole
Ritchie’s son??? Imagine growing up in Beverly Hills with a name like that??? They better move to San Francisco or Provincetown Ma.
My name is Marta, no H, my daughter is Jennifer and her daughter is Alexis, yes Alexis. My doc tor’s name is Alexis, and he is greek. So what is the problem? Jude is cool.
Good luck to all

Lauri on

I can’t believe how negative and insensitive people can be…so many rude comments. Congratulations to Alexis and her beautiful baby, Jude!! (I love the name!)

Alyssa on

D, seriously? Surrogacy is no where near what slavery was. These women aren’t forced against their will to carry someone else’s child and they aren’t physically and mentally abused, or even killed. They volunteer to do it, for their own reasons and are paid for it. What a wonderful thing to do for someone who unfortunately can’t carry their own child.

Terri on

What a beautiful picture.



Red Skye on

What a beautiful baby,and the name is so unusual for a baby girl.What happen to good old “Amy,or Anne”.Easy names to spell and to remember.Best wishes to them both.

lkn on

Is Alexis married? Where is this sweet baby’s daddy? I hope she her mother didn’t intentionally deprive her of a father.

Kelly on

#1…love love the name!

#2…beautiful baby…beautiful mommy

#3…having faced the heart wrenching world of infertility/recurrent miscarriage…if I had the money to do what she did I would do it in a heartbeat!!!!!

tori on

By the time Jude grows up half her class in school will have been brought into the world the exact same way. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.

I’m very happy for Alexis and Martha. Jude is beautiful baby with a lovely name.

Paige on

Where in this article does it say anything about her being a lesbian? Seriously people, just because a woman decides to have a child alone does not make her a lesbian.

Maya on

Wow – gorgeous genes in Martha’s family (both Martha, Alexis and baby are beautiful).

Most people want at least one child that’s genetically theirs – it’s only natural and I can totally understand Alexis.

Daria on

So pleased for you, Alexis! Love and blessings to you and baby Jude! We’ll miss you on Whatever, with A&J. Sad about that!

Paige on

It states in another article she named the baby Jude after a radio host for SIRIUS

Angel on

The furniture in the background is nice… I wonder if Martha designed those items herself:)

AllisonJ on

Congrats to Alexis on her new baby girl! Jude is a cutie!

molly on

What a gorgeous picture! I love the name Jude for a little girl- I wish them happiness and luck!

Shannon on

My husband and I went to hell and back to have our daughter- no amount of money was to great to pay for her and I would do it all again. Most of you haters are just jealous!

You have no idea what it’s like to deal with the heartbreak of infertility, and the years and years of trying with no success and what that can do to a person. At least my child knows we wanted her, which is more then I can say for other children. I see the way that parents treat thier children and it makes me sick. I treat my dog better the some people treat their kids.

Rhonda on

If you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!!!!!!

Inkthoughts on

Dear haters, St Jude is the Patron Saint of Lost Causes. Perhaps that’s this baby’s namesake, as they may have thought pregnancy was a lost cause. I’m happy for all of them, and I pray you ridiculous people give better examples to your kids than you’re giving online.

I second Rhonda Infertility is a nightmare, and God bless everyone who struggles with it. If some have the money to make the struggle easier, then it’s a small consolation. Be kind, ladies. People in this position would trade all their money (and sometimes do) for the blessing of a child.

Cee on

She screwed over a few surrogates financially and emotionally before finally getting one pregnant. I’m glad she finally is a mother, that’s a dream any person should be entitled to but she is not a good person.

Louise on

@Katie –
Why wouldn’t this child want to hear that? It’s surely an excessive amount of money to most people, but you are talking about the successful daughter of Martha Stewart, so I would imagine that money was not so much the issue. People build their families in different ways and when money IS NOT an object you might have different options open to you than others may not. Right or wrong, the child was VERY MUCH wanted and is clearly very loved…I would imagine knowing that your mother worked and worked and worked for you for years would only serve to help you appreciate life a little more and not take it so much for granted.

I am the mother of one child via egg donor and have another child, who was a very unexpected surprise, on the way. We lost many pregnancies and children along the way and I absolutely expect to tell both my children how much they were desired and wanted and how special and loved they are. There is no doubt in my mind they will be happy to hear it.

Sheri on

Why not “just adopt”???? Because “just” has nothing to do with it. In my state, a birth mother has 6 months to change her mind. Six. Friggin. Months. Imagine going through all the paperwork and all the money (yes, they cost a lot–adoption isn’t free) to adopt a baby, bring him/her home, love and care for said baby and then have that child taken away….and I’m adopted. Bring on the fertility treatments. Or as I like to tell people who ask me why I “just didn’t adopt”… first.

Kim on

Who on earth are these people telling someone they should adopt. IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. The audacity (and ignorance, probably stupidity) of some of these people is astounding.

Jo on

I’m from New Zealand and have grown up knowing many women by the name of Jude! For all of them though it is a shortened form of ‘Judith’.

dholmas on

I congratulate Alexis on her daughter. Personally I have never been able to have children. It was a risk either way baby or mum. People complaining and saying she should have adopted are missing the point. It is expensive no matter which you go. An adopted child is still your own as you had the choice of making that decision. In my opinion she did what was right for her.

eternalcanadian on

So cute! The term “gestational surrogate” means the egg was from Alexis or a donor (not the surrogate) and the sperm from a donor, right?

Sage on

Robin- So I should go to a cancer patient in say, although drugs could help you…maybe mother nature is trying to tell you something.Oh even better someone a child that needs a transplant…. ask them why even bother maybe mother nature is trying to tell you something. Someone who just lost their baby…um maybe mother nature was trying to tell you something.

I just wanted to say that your comment came off a bitchy, heartless and rude. People like you may be turning others off the way you talk about adoption.

It is my right to decide how I want to create a family and you want to know something… no way is the wrong way.

Louise on

@Jennifer (and others who are concerned about “fatherless children” – You really think this child will somehow be damaged by not having a father? Do you have any idea how wanted and loved and adored she is and how lucky? It is no longer a perfect world out there, and her family will be far more stable than most.

@Mary – what a ridiculous, hurtful, ignorant comment. Unless you have a household full of adopted children, you have no right to pass judgement. It is not the primary job of the infertile to adopt all the children in the world. Adoption is its own special calling and to suggest it is somehow an “easy” choice is truly obtuse and naive.

@Robin – what ignorant, unsophisticated, lame drivel. Do you also suggest to people with cancer that mother nature is just trying to tell THEM something? What an idiot.

Jen on

Alexis did NOT name her baby after the SIRIUS host people.. she clarified that immediately. She is also atheist so the name Jude has no Christian or biblical meaning to Alexis. Ok, so she’s not the nicest woman around-nor is her mother. Expecting Alexis to adopt is just plain silly. She is entitled to become a parent just like anyone else. She’s not on public assistance and has the financial means to care for this baby. Alexis and her mother paid for all of the IVF treatments with their hard-earned money.. let it be. However, I dont understand why she initially denied the NY Post story about using a gestational surrogate, the truth came out afetr the baby was born. Oh well!

Kat on

After all she went through to get that beautiful baby then she named her Jude? poor kid 🙂

Rachael on

What a beautiful photo…I like the name as well. BTW, I think there are some extremely bitter people in this world. When you can’t look at a photo of a new mom and her baby without responding with hatefulness and unpleasantness…yes, you are an extremely bitter person.

Jill on

Did Alexis just get fired from Sirius Radio? She announced today that Friday would be her last day. What’s behind this?

Heidi on

So so so happy for her. I tried to have a baby for 5 years also…no baby in the end. It is a huge loss when all you have dreamed about doesn’t come true. Thank God I have a husband who literally is my soulmate. We fought and cried and after 5 more years I don’t sob when I see a pregnant woman or a newborn anymore. I can’t do baby showers or baby shopping but I have moved on. I wish her and her gorgeous Jude the best of everything in life!!!!

JM on

Ha i have a little Jude but he’s a boy so for me it’s a little weird to hear it on a girl. but it’s a lovely name (well obviously i would say that wouldn’t i?) and one adorable baby!

The Truth on

A sincere congrats to her, she clearly has a lot of love to give a baby. Another thing that is clear was her drive to make Martha a grandmother and any cost. Ive read her story while she was trying the IVF years ago.

The thing that feels off is when a person like her strains and suffers and does whatever it takes to concieve naturally, spending probably close to a 1/2 a million. It seems very ego driven, such a lack of thought or care for the countless adoptable children that need love and a family. While at the same time I understand people have the freedom of choice, and to concieve naturally is a very important thing for some people.

This money could have saved lives to impoverish places that need basic health care for children and mothers, but it’s something you would imagine never crosses this woman’s mind. Ive seen and heard her on her show, interviews etc.. she is very cold, egocentric and unapologeticaly self righteous. This is what happens when your mother doesnt want to accept anything less than perfection. I love me some Martha but cmon she isnt exactly warm and maternal.

Anyways, not trying to hate at all I can just see why this rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

This baby will have a very good life, and that is always in the words of her grandma “a good thing”.

Min on

Good grief. What a bunch of judgmental people here. Why the need to comment on the life of someone else, their choices to parenthood and what they name their baby completely allude me.

kate on

I don’t know if any of you have read the full story in PEOPLE magazine, but Alexis is gross; I am so glad she has the money to buy a child but it’s unfortunate people like her are allowed to have children, as this baby is clearly an object to her. She also bad raps adoption in the article, as she clearly feels like her genes are so special they must be passed along. PUKE

Leslee on

Gestational surrogate is a term for a woman that agrees to essentially to “babysit” the fetus that is transferred to her. The embryo can be the biological child of the intended parents, one of them or neither of them.

A woman might not be able to carry her child to term but has excellent eggs and a partner that has non-viable sperm, necessitating a sperm donor. A woman might have eggs that are not viable but a partner that has viable sperm, requiring an egg donor. Both partners may have issues and require a donor for both eggs and sperm. A potential single parent would require a known or anonymous donor of sperm or egg, possibly both.

Gestational carriers are not biologically related to the child but are caring enough to carry the pregnancy with agreement to relinquish the child to those contracting the pregnancy.

meghan on

is she a lesbian?

Louise on

@Meghan who asks if adoption can be “As complicated, time consuming and heartbreaking as years of IVF?”.
In a word, yes. I have witnessed the pain of adoptions that fall through at the last minute, or even days, months or years after the adoptive parents have brought the child into their arms and home. One isn’t more heartbreaking than the other, and neither is easy.

When all you want is to build your family and you are unable to do so, the pain is beyond comprehension. Those of you who flippantly suggest adoption is a “cure” for that pain need to stop talking, stop judging, start educating yourselves and try to find a little more compassion in your hearts.

Amy on

While some of the comments about Jude’s name have been extremely rude, commenting back about Macy’s name is just as bad.

Anyway, I wonder if any of the people complaining about Jude being a boy’s name have any idea that it was originally a feminine name?

Me3 on

St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes, which is probably how Alexis felt about having a biological child.

Lily on

The whole idea that she “bought” her baby is a ridiculous notion. Do you know how much it costs to raise a child? Yet no one is telling parents that they’re “buying” their children by raising them, right?
Do I think she should have disclosed how much she was spending monthly on IVF? No, that’s personal, but some people feel really comfortable sharing that sort of thing. In the end, what does it matter? It’s not our business.
Wishing you nothing, but happiness and blessings on your daughter Alexis. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

barbara on

Mazeltov and best wishes. Now you can really enjoy your life!!

Patricia on

You should be ashamed of yourselves! Instead of being happy a woman who struggled to have a child was able to have a child by WHATEVER MEANS .. you are sitting in your homes or places of work or wherever you are talking about her like she killed someone! Shame on you! THe baby is beautiful!

K on

Adoption is NOT a humanitarian issue. The minute you think you are “saving” some little baby, that baby is in trouble.

Holly on

How can IVF cost that much? That doesn’t seem correct. Try the insurance plans, where you pay about $36,000 and get 3 regular cycles and 3 frozen cycles.

Ginger on

Wow, if she truely wanted to be a mother as bad as she says there are other avenues. There are tens of thousands of kids in foster care that would love to have a mom! Or straight domestic/international adoption!

I can’t imagine spending all of that money. So sad. However it’s her money and her business.

I don’t get having kids so late in life. Poor kid will think her mom is her grandma.

terri on


infertility is unbearable. i did 3 rounds of IVF before i decided to stop abusing my body and mind. we decided to adopt a baby and were blessed beyond our wildest dreams with our newborn daughter. for all of you women who can get pregnant when the wind blows, do not judge those of us who can’t.

Gaia and labans mom on

I honestly don’t see how I could reconcile spending 30,000 dollars a month on fertility treatments. I don’t know why she felt that was worth reporting to the public. I am not her doctor but it really bothers me when women wait until they’re late into their child bearing years to have kids and then, want to talk about their struggle to concieve. We all know a woman’s ability to conceive spirals downward after 35. More and more women are *depending* on fertility treatments! Its insane. I understand that not every one has the finances to have a child but, this was doubtfully alexis’s situation.

Waiting to have a child that late in the game is a gamble, where would she be without medical technology??? I’m probably on my own here and that’s fine. For me however, I’m in my twenties and since puberty I’ve understood that we women are born with short window of time to work with. A 34 year old unable to concieve to me is sad, someone who made the decision to put their right to motherhood at risk… eh. I have a hard time sympathizing with her, especially someone as unpleasant and privileged as Alexis Stewart.

Becky on

To all of you who are being so critical of her spending HER money to try and have a baby, I say this. Just shut up already. If you didn’t have difficulty having your babies, you don’t have a clue what those of us who want to be a Mom will do to reach that which was easy for you to do. Unfortunately I will never know what it feels like to have a little one cry Mommy to you. We didn’t have the resources to keep trying, and then @ 40 I had to under go an emergency hysterectomy. And then other health issues crept up that stopped us from adopting. Not being able to be a Mom when you always thought you would be, well, let me put it this way, it leaves a hole in your heart. So, to all you who want to be so frickin negative, just go away already.

N Smith on

As a woman who has done IVF, the amounts she is quoting are no where near accurate. It is substantially less….one IVF treatment including medication is approx $10,000.

Natalie on

I never comment on these articles, I simply read them for entertainment, but the amount of money that woman spent is disgusting. I feel sorry for that child.

Catca on


There is such a long list of parents around the world (mainly the U.S., Europe and Canada) who would like to adopt and are having difficulties in their own countries because there simply are not many available babies. 3 years ago the wait in China was around a year, now the wait is so long it’s currently about a 6 to 7 year wait with uncertainty to boot as China could change it’s regulations. Babies from Russia and Romania tend to be ones with medical issues which requires the adopting parents to have extremely good medical insurance and they better be getting it from a large corporation. If they are a small business owner and they adopt a special needs child, good chance they’ll lose their insurance. Africa is getting more popular but they are still ironing out their processes and there are issues with corruption in many of the international countries. Older children are waiting to be adopted, but these children are often damaged goods in terms of their mental health and while it would be wonderful to help them, you’re taking on a huge challenge that despite your best efforts may not work out and could even be bringing a child that is an actual danger to you and your family into your home. Adoption is no cakewalk and there simply aren’t warehouses of available babies and healthy older kids needing homes. People make it sound like this is some simple easy thing – it’s not.

Should Alexis have started fertility treatments sooner as some have suggested? Perhaps. But maybe she does value fathers and was open to meeting Mr. Right but he never came along. Maybe that’s why she waited until her late 30’s to start the process. Women who choose to do this are not degrading the value of fathers and are not being selfish. It’s not a perfect situation, but how many people do you truly know are happily married couples in completely stable relationships? Compared to a couple who have a child and get divorced, she is offering stability which means a lot to a child. It sounds like she’s got a good support network as well and probably has male figures in her daughter’s life. While fathers are important, having one in the picture does not automatically equate to a perfect situation. The quality of the parenting is far more important than whether one of the parents has a y chromosome.

Toni on

Why in the world do they allow comments….

Congrats to Mom and Baby – any and all Moms and Babies

Marie on

What a beautiful photo! I am a first time Mother @ 45 as well.
What some people do not understand is everyone’s life does not evolve perfectly, money or not.

IVF should be available to all that would be great parents if they cannot naturally conceive.

Congratulations to them both.

stephanie on

first off on the whoe case of IVF. if thats the ONLY way you can conceive then do it. i have a cousin whos been trying for 6-7 years to get pregnant the natural way and its not working. and theyeve looked into IVF and thay cant afford it so their only other option is to adopt.

And for those who think that its wrong for the mother to take the father away… how would YOU feel if the father of YOUR child didnt care about that baby.. didnt do anyting to help take care of it… do u think it right to keep the father in that babys life?? or if the father is abusive… you need to think before you judge the single mothers… i PERSONALY am a single mother. and im glad i am. i dont need a dead beat dad taking up my time to spend with my son. we got into fights over it nearly every day and i was tired of putting my son in that situation day and night… SO BEFORE YOU JUDGE OTHERS… MAKE SURE YOUR LIFE IS AS PERFECT AS IT CAN BE BECAUSE NOT EVERYONES IS.

Lidd on

Why not adopt??? I am a single mother of a healthy, beautiful adopted baby girl. There are so many children in this very country that desperately need and certainly deserve a loving home.

Leelee on

Wow! I try not to read the comments sections because it always makes me angry and kind of confused as to why there are ALWAYS people who are so negative and judgemental no matter how positive the story. I think it’s wonderful that Alexis was able to have such a beautiful healthy baby girl after going through so much pain and hardship to get there. If I couldn’t conceive and had the money I would most likely do IVF too as I think most people would and a lot of people do just that. Good for you Alexis. Jude is a great name for a girl, why not? Plenty of names are now unisex that I’m sure originally were considered one or the other. And to the person who said Alexis is a boy’s name? Last I knew it was unisex but I think it is primarily a female name. I have met far more women named Alexis than men. Congrats to the beautiful family. Don’t listen to the haters which I’m sure you don’t…they’re not at all significant.

Macy on

@Casey: at least mine in a feminine name, can’t say the same about your awful masculine name.

@SON: maybe you DID want a SON, considering you nameed your daughter Jude. Poor kid.

@Robin: yes, it is more popular because of dumbass parents like your own that give girls boy names. You belong to that category sweetie…

@Sam: considering how high the name Alexis still is for boys in the US, even after decades of trying to feminise it, YES there are plenty of boys named Alexis dumbass. Do a little search and you’ll find its a BOYS name, and is a boys name everywhere in the world.

@Alexis: because its a BOYS name dumbass, try doing a little research on your name before making any comments. Stupid woman.

@Cindy: or the other way round, the department store was named after the name. Did you know the name Bentley is actually a proper name before it was used on cars? Probably not considering you’re stupid.

@Lacey: maybe you should GET OUT more. And obviously you wont hear many these days considering how much parents have feminised the name in the US. Thankfully people elsewhere are much more respectful of boy names and it is still seen as masculine and would be perceived as super tacky on a female.

@Kyle: ridiculous post. Yes i’m sure your name made you confident…

@Jude: yes its a great name… on a BOY. On a girl its silly, tacky, masculine and NOT cute at all.

Jess on

@Becky “She wanted a baby so badly she did whatever she could”. Not exactly. She didn’t want ANY baby, she wanted a “perfect” baby. As an article back in 2007 quotes her, “After testing the embryos for Down syndrome and other anomalies, the doctor will try to transfer the healthy ones, she said. “I’ve had two transfers, they haven’t stuck . . . If there are no healthies, I try to let it go immediately, because you can go crazy. Crazy.” She probably could have been a mother years ago had she been more open to what God was giving her. Just think about all of those “unhealthies” she got rid of. And I wonder what the criteria for “healthy” were? Perfect Chromosomes? No autism gene? No hereditary cancer link? No obesity gene? Blue eye genes? It’s a wonder any of us make it into the world anymore. “Getting Jude was lucky”, she says. Lucky for Jude that she actually made the cut. Or maybe not…poor girl has some MAJOR expectations to uphold.

Carol on

The baby is beautiful, but Alexis’s pictures have been HEAVILY retouched. She’s pushing 50 and sure doesn’t look like that in person. Her personality is angry and bitter, especially towards her mother, her father, she has broken off complete contact with. I feel sorry for this little baby and toxicity she has been born into

Jude on

Well, personally I like the name.. LOL my best friends have always called me that.

Jude on

On a boy? That’s your opinion.

Julie on

I have listened to Alexis on the radio for 5 1/2 years. I have heard her go through the struggles of infertility and finding out how many eggs made it one month and then no eggs making it the next month…Alexis is a person, she has her moments but after listening to her for years I have found her to be a very kind and generous person. She also has a great sarcastic sence of humor that not many get so they label her as “bitchy, heartless and rude”

She is a Good person and I am so happy for her and baby Jude, she will make a great mother.

For the record Alexis is not a lesbian, and she has male friends that can be the “Male figure” in Jude’s life, but to be honest I really don’t think that matters with a girl.

Megan on

Congrats to Alexis! Any woman has the right to have a family any way she sees fit and Jude is a gorgeous baby who’s sure to be well-loved.

That being said, the comment earlier in this thread referring to a child put up for adoption as “some random kid someone didn’t want” is pretty insensitive and a sadly common attitude. These children are just as precious and deserving of a loving family as those who are lucky enough to be born into one. No, not everyone must or even should adopt, but families created through adoption are just as “natural” as those created biologically.

Molly on

Enough of the nae calling people, to Alexis and to the posters on this site. Why even bother with the name calling? Yeah, Katie was wrong, but some of you are being a bit cruel, IMHO. I wish there was a moderator here to ban those who get personal.
Jude is a unique name for a girl, but I like it. And the picture is cute.
I’m getting tired of all the nastiness here. There really needs control with the comments here. I don’t understand why People can’t get Facebook Connect or something that would show people’s real identies. I think people like using anonymousness names so they can spew the hate.

Kate on

I am trying to conceive right now at 38 and let me tell you, it is harder to do conceive after 35-not impossible, just harder and I have no fertility coverage on my medical plan. Do I wish I would have done it sooner? Yes, but I was waiting for Mr Right to come along, trying to date, and financially, I’m still trying hard to survive but I have woken up. Alexis knows she is lucky to have mama Martha paying for all of these treatments and IVF but dayimmm, she had all the means to support her child(ren) and even after being married, she decided to wait until she was 40 to start conceiving. Not sure about that.. I certainly would have done this sooner had money not been an issue. Eggs get old-that’s a fact. 40 year old eggs do not fertilize as easy as a 25 year old’s. Each woman is different. When females are born, they already have all of the eggs they’re going to have.. and they age as you get older, just like everything else. Alexis was on Oprah 3 years ago telling women to watch their biological clock.. atleast she has warned other women to be aware of this. I am not judging her for doing all of these treatments and I even wonder if she used donor eggs, but she has a child now and seems happy. Congrats to grandma martha too.

Sierra on

@ katie ~ obviously money CAN’T buy money. i guess you didn’t get that. she didn’t carry the baby after all the money she spent. with all the money this girl has at her fingertips she chose to try to have a child ….would you rather her sit on her money? stick it up her nose? party in vegas and buy shoes? further…the fact that her daughter is alive to “hear” that she spend this money to have her speaks for herself..she’s ALIVE! i don’t get your comment. you seem ignorant to me.

Kylie on

what a gorgeous child. very happy for her and i love jude for a girl! ever heard the song hey jude?? totally ok for a girl!

Irritated with Idiots on

@ Katie,
Only a classless moron would make a comment like that. What she did is completely normal and common. She didn’t go buy the baby. Do you understand what surrogate means? Because of her infertility problems, having a baby was not an option, so she had her egg implanted in another woman so she can carry the baby to term. It is still Alexis’ baby. It seems to me that you a very close minded idiot in denial. It’s idiotic people like you, who probably are one of those teens who gets knocked up as soon as they open their legs that make comments like these. Hey, word of advice, EDUCATE YOURSELF, BEFORE YOU OPEN THE TOP LIPS…….

Rebecca on

Wow, women are such hens. You know, in the olden days people who couldn’t have children didn’t…its a traditionally old-school point of view and since it worked and we didn’t have a trillion people in the country and women didn’t keep popping out children to stay on welfare…sometimes old-school was the best way. But you cluck and moan at some people for expressing their opinions…Jude was named after a dj on Sirius who is a royal pain and wow, how great is that?? As for knowing your gramma had a fortune and was able to fund your mom’s IVF treatments, its a little too much information for a kid to know but heck, such is life. Martha and alexis are a curious couple of women, Alexis hates her father because she didn’t appreciate Andy wanting to live life without being yelled at. So she x’d him out of her life. Martha – being the Mother of the year that she is wholeheartedly endorsed this behavior. That – to me – is wrong. Jude deserves a father. Men make a good impact on women, especially women who are so insanely self-involved. But I’m sure substitute fathers will have to do because Alexis obviously wanted to continue the line. And for those of you who want to badmouth Andy Stewart, you are just ignorant. He is a very nice man and a very honorable man. Martha – outside of her ego being crushed – should have at least given back the name don’t you think but to encourage her daughter, and subsequent granddaughter to disregard men so easily…its just irresponsible. But I know, its her right and her choice and Mom has a huge pocketbook. I don’t care about the name…I feel badly for the child. Wow, am I bold to have an opinion here that is just inviting you shrews to comment —?? GO FOR IT!

Molly on

Congratulations to Alexis. Jude is cute. To the judgmental people whining about Alexis’ choice for HER OWN BODY AND FAMILY, Shut up.

LisaS on

I’ve only seen one interview with Alexis a while back on Oprah with her mother and I didn’t think she seemed at all bitchy. And if I were her daughter, I’d be so happy to know that Mommy wanted me so much she did everything and anything to have me.

Anyway, this picture is just so sweet and heart-warming. Alexis looks happy and content (and so young!–I would’ve taken her for a woman in her twenties) in this picture…looks like motherhood agrees with her. And Jude is just gorgeous. Look at those blue eyes! Beautiful picture of a mother and daughter.

Andie on

When you have a child, boy or girl, you get to name that child. Nobody else does. It is the very first gift you give to your child. No matter which name you choose, somebody else has to tell you why that name is horrible. Too plain, too unusual, too weird, too common, too long, too short, too girly, too masculine, too hard to pronounce…and the list goes on and on and on and on and etc.

ENOUGH! If you want to call your boy Mary or your girl John, that’s your choice. You can name your child what ever you like. Call him Speed, Lion, Jacob, Ethan or Junior. Call her Nevaeh, Pixie, Isabella, Ava or Beth. But the last time I checked, this was an article about Alexis Stewart’s baby girl; not YOURS! She chose Jude and I am certain that this little girl is already a wonderful ‘Jude’ and her name suits her perfectly.

Why all the negativity for such an innocent life?!?! I wish that everyone could try to see the good in the world that is staring them right in the face, instead of always having to pick apart things to make some nasty comment as if they are Ms/Mr High and Mighty. Really – what ever happened to just being happy for someone else who is obviously over the moon about finally being able to have that child they have tried for so many years?!?! It is heartbreaking to me that not everyone who wants to be a mom can and I only wish that anyone who truly wants a child could have one.

With that, I say CONGRATULATIONS to Alexis and Grandma Martha and WELCOME beautiful sweet Jude!

Traci on

Wow – unbelievable that some of these comments are down right mean. It’s Alexis’s baby so she can name her whatever the H*** she wants. I think she’s a beautiful baby and I love her name.

Congratulations Alexis and Grandma Martha. Jude, you’ll have a wonderful life full of love.

Tara on

My granddaughter was just born in May and she was named Alexis….and shes a natural beauty 🙂

erika on

I just hope she is actually present and understands how quickly they grow up, you know, since rich + celebrity usually equals lots of nannys doing all the raising of the children. But beautiful baby!

MollyF on

The last comment from Molly wasn’t from me. From now on when I post I’ll be MollyF so nobody gets confused. *lol*
And Andie, love your name btw, I totally agree with what you said. 🙂

AW on

Anything about the father? I would rather have spent the money on adopting children. I don’t want to introduce new children in this day and age, would rather adopt children who are already here and need parents.

Mari on

I see no harm in spending a lot of money to conceive a child.

Last week we had a report on tv about a millionaires daughter that creates perfumes for 140000 Dollar for a bottle (regular perfume size) and she named a couple of their clients (amongst them were Katie Holmes and Goldie Hawn). Now that would be something I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on. But STILL it is NOT my money and the people should be able to spend the money they earned on whatever they like.

Kelly on

How many of you were taught “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”? I could start listing names, but I don’t have that much time. When people work hard for THEIR money, it is THEIR decision how they spend it. We are not here to judge. Can’t you just read the article and be happy for her and the beautiful baby that she has been blessed with. Congratulations Alexis! Your baby is totally beautiful. May she always be the joy of your life

Louise on

@Jess – why don’t you zip your lip and educate yourself. PGD is not about making the “perfect” baby, it’s about increasing your chances of getting pregnant with a healthy embryo, which becomes harder and harder as you age. I can attest that simply because you have diminished ovarian reserve does not mean you CAN’T get pregnant, but it means your odds are much, much smaller. When women do PGD they can rule out any number of chromosomal problems that could cause a variety of pregnancy complications. More often than not, the “unhealthies” that you speak of are not healthy enough embryos to even progress as viable pregnancy, much less become a healthy baby.

chrissylynn2587 on

why is it selfish and how is a child going to have such a horrible life just because they do not have a dad?

My son does not have a dad, I know gay male couples who have kids and they will never have a mom so are there children and my child going to have such a horrible life? We live on a farm, we have a 24 foot swimming pool, a hot tub. large trampoline, 4 wheelers, jet skis , we go on vacations every summer so please do tell me where my son has a horrible life? He pretty much has everything a kid could possibly want, I can not name a single thing that he has asked for and has not got.

Why don’t you think about the kids who are sitting in foster care with no parents at all thinking nobody wants them or how about the kids who are abused everyday by there parents?

Every year kids are adopted by a single parent , my mothers friend adopted twin girls a few years back. She was unable to have kids and she tried for many years to find mr.right with no luck and she was nearing 40 and finally gave up and decided to adopt, she was really hoping to marry and then adopt but she wanted to adopt before she got old, in her family most of her relatives have died in there 60’s so that is something she took into consideration. She now has two 9 year old twin girls and is now actually engaged. You never know what is going to happen in life, yes people may be single when the adopt or have a baby but that does not mean they are going to be single the rest of there life. My moms friends 8 year old twins call her fiance dad and he treats them like his own and he has a 12 year old son

Al on

Katie – who commented at the top of this thread – you are an ignorant woman and should educate yourself. Opinions are like a$$holes though, everyone has one, although in your case you might have two. Dumba$$

BEC on

Macy, you need to relax a bit, OK?? This is a comments thread where people can express and allowed to agree/disagree etc. No need for hostility. We ALL now know you don’t like the name JUDE on a girl and thank you for your opinion.

There are a ton of people posting here with problems that cannot be solved and that’s for a higher power to deal with them.

I have had IVF due to medical issues (elevated insulin) which was news to me as I was always healthy, don’t drink, smoke, and not overweight or underweight. I started to conceive at age 33 when I got married – didn’t have a baby till 38. Took a LONG time to figure out the issue as well as expense. As each month goes by and you have to cut a check and watch your resources drain your energy, soul and everything inside of you drains too. I understand how she must have felt trying each month and having it come to nothing. She started a bit late and one thing I remember is she wanted HER eggs to be used and not anyone elses.

I had one cycle of IVF after a year of IUI and injections that failed. It was the last thing I tried before adoption. It worked and I got my baby. The rest of the eggs I had as there were 12 left from the procedure I donated so that other infertile couples can use them. I asked for only one child and got it and kept a promise to myself to give a gift for getting a gift. I adopted my second child. Two blessings and I am content. I did not want to do IVF again.

The people here who harp on IVF or “she should have adopted a baby etc.” I sincerely hope you never have to walk the path of infertility. It will change you and you will understand what it’s like to want something SO bad and cannot make it happen and the tough choices you have to make. The road is hard on so many levels…I can’t even begin to explain.

I often thought about how it would be to just conceive naturally as most women do but it was not my path. I don’t regret my choices. I feel SO happy today at 41 with two beautiful children I thought I would never have.

Kristy on

Beautiful baby.

Geez, all the bad comments on here. It’s just a name. It’s not your babie’s name so chill out. Everyone here sure have time to badmouth ppl. Whether she spend too much money on getting a baby or not is her problem, her money. If she wanted to adopt or not, still her problem. Why so much input. There’s no rule book as to what u should and shouldnt do in regards to having a family. Adopting a child does not end homelessness for children in the world.

Rebecca on

Hey Kelly, last time I looked Alexis didn’t make the billions her Mommy did. If Mommy doesn’t mind her spending $27,000 a month on treatments than so be it but please don’t award this woman any medal of valor.

Now as for not having a dad — Dads are essential to normal women. They are. Men have a pragmatic nature whereas women are emotional. The mix works and before the advent of medical science, women didn’t seem so arrogant as to downgrade the importance of men in the process. Men also can help teach little girls that men are not the prize and you shouldn’t sell out your own gender just to hop into bed with a married man..few single women really have that concept grasped. Men also teach sons that you don’t react to every single situation with emotion and worry about feelings because sometimes it really is okay to go pee in the forest. Women are not so perfect that they can create perfect children.
Names are relative.

Army Widow on

Really Jennifer?? I am stupid or a moron because my husband was KILLED in Iraq when i was pregnant,He died fightng for your and everyone’s freedom…the freedom that allows you to spew such idiotic hatred..People like you make me sick..I am glad you have the perfect Beaver Cleaver family of the 50s..well guess what “lady” times have changed..lets just hope that you are never in the pososion to have to eat your words…

Lori on

Good for her!

To the person who commented that she was selfish to bring a child into the world without a father-I did it the old fashioned way and brought my daughter into the world WITH a father. Yet his descision was to abandon his daughter like so many other fathers. So I am raising her on my own. Not every man deserves the title of father. Seems like more and more fathers today are ditching the responsibilty of fatherhood and I think it’s a disgrace. Some children have no choice, nor do their mothers.

BEC on

@ Banana – my sentiments exactly. I know it ALL too well. Thank you for posting and sharing!

meghan on

Because macy critisizes every name announced. She’s not giving her opinion, she’s bitching just to hear her own voice. And perhaps because she calls everyone stupid and dumbass?

Nicole on

Apparently I am abnormal, because I have “walked the path” of infertility and I still see IVF as excessive and unnecessary.

Lauren on

Clearly, Alexis Stewart rubs people the wrong way– she seems to be a distillation of all the qualities people dislike in Martha Stewart, doesn’t she? She probably should just try to steer clear of the media, since (even if she is not meaning to) she stirs up alot of negative emotions in people. There really is no reason for her to be talking to People magazine about her choices, and I think we can all agree that we wish she would be a little classier about her choices of words.

Also, bravo to whoever retouched those photos. Holy airbrushing, Batman!

Jenn on

Hopefully her beautiful baby will treat her mama better than Alexis treats her own mom. 🙂 Just a thought…

BEC on

Macy is picking on everyone too. There is a difference between giving an opinion and leaving it at that and vehemently attacking people with her absolute reason why she dislikes Alexis and Jude for girl names. My daughter’s name is Kyle and so what? That’s what we named her. It is certainly better than what most people name their kids after household appliances or products. A woman at my job has two daughters – one is named Essence and the other Loreal. Now that’s silly.

She’s busy listing the names of people she feels she needs to address who questioned her and it’s absurd and hostile. It’s understood that she’s not a fan. Next.

BEC on

To some people it’s not excessive and unecessary.

Suzanne on

I would like to comment on Katies comments on buying a baby I think that is a terrible thing to say and to comment, yes good for her she can afford to pay for the IVF treatments, myself I tried for 10 years doing cycle after cycle of IVF to conceive a baby thankfully I am the proud mother of three very healthy boys now. And yes I would have paid millions if I had it to get pregnant and have my own child. Honestly, I think every person should have to go through the want of having a baby then maybe people wouldn’t take their children for granted. I thank God every day for my three blessings, and why shouldn’t Alexis have a baby when there are people out there that have children that don’t want them and end up abusing them, this little girl I am sure will have a wonderful life. And will know how desparately she was wanted. Congratulations Alexis on your beautiful baby and enjoy every minute with her

Charlotte on

Congratulations Alexis, baby Jude is gorgeous! Btw, I have a granddaughter named Harper so I’m thinking Jude is pretty mainstream!

Sarah K. on

In defense of Jennifer, she did not say anything about situations where the father left, died, etc. She was talking only about mothers who decide to get pregnant without having a father involved (e.g. sperm donation). So, all the widows and single-moms who were abandoned are getting mad at Jennifer for nothing because she was not talking about you. The decision to get pregnant knowing there won’t be a father in the picture is 100% different from becoming single after you get pregnant. It’s comparing apples to oranges so relax.

On a different note, (I know this is going to get jumped on) but the decision to have a baby is usually “selfish.” Choosing to get pregnant or choosing to adopt is usually because you WANT a baby, not because the baby wants to be born. By definition, that is selfish – not wrong, but selfish. There’s no way you can say that you planned a pregnancy because you were doing the baby a favor. Obviously we’re wired to instinctively want a baby. But we make that decision because of what we want, not because of what the baby or world needs. I wonder how many people here planned a pregnancy for a unselfish desire (except surrogacy).

E on

I am a woman and my middle name is Jude. St. Jude is the Patron Saint of lost causes and desperate situations (St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital) and yes he is a man. My mother was in a difiguring car accident as a teenager and prayed to St. Jude to heal her. In return, she named her first born (me) after him. Whether Ms. Stewart chose to name her daughter Jude for similar reasons, or because she simply liked the name makes no difference. It’s a beautiful name, a strong name with honorable character behind it, and from some of the posts I have read here, this little girl is going to need it!

Kelli on

Sarah K,

I guess since I’m thirty and not married, I should just abandon my hopes of becoming a mother because I am choosing to not settle for any loser, just so I can say I’m married. Not everyone has Ozzie and Harriet’s life. I have a doctorate degree in physical therapy and make a six figure salary ON MY OWN. I can assure you and Jennifer, that if the time should ever come that I have a child on my own, he or she will be well-cared for, well-adjusted, and well-loved. If you want to rag on someone who shouldn’t be bringing kids into the world, how about start with the women who squeeze out kids, just to get more welfare? On another note though, I agree with your second paragraph. Very well said.

Also, to Rebecca, I’m not sure if your comment was directed at me, but your theories on emotional vs. pragmatic are not true across the board. I am much more pragmatic than emotional. Thankfully.

Andie on

To Army Widow – if no one has told you today or even lately, I am so sorry that your family, your unborn child, you and your husband had to pay the ultimate price for my freedom. THANK YOU is just not enough and I pray that your family can heal from such a terrible loss. Please don’t let blindly ignorant people affect you. But I sense that you are already too strong and too smart for that to happen. God Bless you and yours – I am certain your husband is proud of you.

Ella on

Alexis is a mega bitch, anorexic beast! Did you ever watch her co-hosted show “Whatever Martha!”? She revealed her true colors as an arrogant, spoiled brat. Now I see that she wanted a baby, stomped her feet, threw a glass of white wine and went out and paid for one — like shopping for handbags at Burgdorf’s. Ugh! I honestly can’t imagine her being a very good mother.

Ella on

It is the right of any woman to have a child (on her own or partnered) or not have a child. It does not matter if there is a father, although having a partner seems much easier for all. So many women have children with husbands who bail out on fatherhood or are not good fathers — or the couple gets divorced anyway down the road. If you are a woman who wants a baby and don’t feel like waiting on the perfect husband and father, than you are entitled to have that child on your own by any safe means necessary.

Jude on

I’m a female in my 20’s named Jude. I have never been teased about it and to me it sounds as feminine as June or Jade. Phonetically they are very similar and nobody would question whether the latter two names were female. And doesn’t everyone know that the gender associated with names is merely a social construct anyway? I can’t believe people still get so emotional about this!

Welcome to the world baby girl, Jude!

Nancy on

Well, there’s a cautionary tale for all the women who are waiting…and waiting…and waiting to start their families. Most of us don’t have more than thirty thousand a month to spend on trying to have a baby.

Mona on

Beautiful baby girl. Congrats Alexis!

gina on

macey…honey…get a life…i mean really now, was it that important to you to answer to EVERYONE who happened to disagree with your post?you said your opinion,other people said theirs, that’s the way it goes in these blogs.lighten up!

Kikia on

Even though I’m happy for her, i wish that baby had a father, i have too many friends who had to grow up without fathers and they are incredible jealous that i have one that i love and loves me. I think Alexis was being selfish by deciding to have her own baby without a proper father because when Jude is older she will really want one.

Stacey on

Major photoshopping done to the pic. Good grief, not sure who is responsible for this. Alexis certainly doesn’t look that phenomenol in person.

Vanessa on

What a gorgeous baby!! Alexis looks over the moon. As a fellow first time mom (my daughter is 6 months) I’m very happy for her! I know how lucky my husband and I are that we were able to conceive naturally and am grateful for my little girl every second. I wish everyone who wanted a baby could have one.

Laura on

If your body doesn’t get pregnant, it is obviously telling you something. IVF is evil. It goes against nature. Listen to your body people.

Dana on

@Isabel – There’s always ONE who brings up the poor unwanted children when trying to decide how OTHERS should spend their money. How many homeless, hungry, unwashed kids are YOU supporting? And what makes you think the child’s mother doesn’t donate to worthy causes? You’re the worst kind of gossip. Get over yourself.

Sarah K. on

Kelli, sorry but I think I didn’t make my post clear. I never said I agreed with Jennifer’s point of view. I just thought that some people were attacking her opinion based on things she didn’t say. My only point was that Jennifer was not addressing mothers who were not single-moms by choice. I stand by my assertion that choosing to have a child alone is completely different from landing in a situation where you’re a single mother. That being said, I too would rather be a single mother than not a mother at all.

TS on

Those of you making the nasty comments and comments about adopting, etc, really don’t know what it is to want a child and suffer from infertility. I have been trying for over ten years to have a baby, and if I could afford the IVF, I would have done it gladly. I have adopted, and I love my children and don’t treat them as “adopted” but I still yearn to experience a pregnancy and see a child with my features and personality and will not give up trying. Please don’t criticize if you have never been in an infertile person’s shoes.

Sarah K. on

Laura, does that mean you don’t take medicines ot won’t undergo surgery? If you really believe that medical intervention is evil, I sure hope that you never need a doctor…

Geka on

Did i miss something? I thought i read that Martha’s worst day of her life was her daughters wedding because Alexis wore a pant suit …. Either way, really like the name, cute baby; health to both of you.

Rebecca on

Hey this is to the woman who made the reply to my comment that she was selfish to bring a child into the world without a father…guess what baby?? You chose him. Martha encouraged her daughter to ostracize her own father to soothe her hurt feelings – totally irresponsible. I read the comments on this – women are truly amazing now – you guys throw yourselves at married men, you admire celebrities over people who actually do something with their lives and you defend anyone with money. Alexis is not entitled to be a parent, its not an entitlement. Parenthood is not for everyone. Quite simply, if Alexis couldn’t have a baby maybe that was Mother Nature saying – “Wow you aren’t a very nice person and you are kind of old…why don’t you focus your energy on something else” but since Alexis’ mommy has more money than G*d she could just buy her IVF. For those idiots who tried to be analogous to cancer…Mother Nature might indeed be telling that cancer patient its time to go because according to medical science there is no cure for cancer so all you are doing is falsely extending a life. You don’t know what pain or what other organ failure or symptoms you might induce by just taking medicine because its there. Isn’t it amazing though, because women want what they want – all should be thrown out the window because women want what they want. While some men are suited to be fathers, are all women suited to be mothers?? I mean, after all they are “entitled” to it…

Tea on

Beautiful name and baby. Jude is better than Apple or Moon. I don’t know a single person by the name of Jude, so seems like a good pic. Alexis is also a nice name. Best of luck.

Jay on

A baby is supposed to be conceived from the love between a man and a woman. Her baby was basically bought and purchased. Whose the daddy, a sperm bank? Tons of foster children need adopting, I don’t think carrying on the Martha Stewart gene was all that necessary. Give a child who already lives a great home instead of prefabricating and purchasing a baby.

Monkey94 on

I think the birth of a child is an awe-inspiring event in a mother’s life. Having the knowledge that you may have problems giving birth. We all have to hike down the road weve been given. Sometimes, its frustrating when you have a happy loving family ready to take in an innocent miracle and society and judgements can interfere. Alexis chose this path and she is no less a woman then anyone else. By the way the gestational carriers should get a standing ovation for their heartfelt desire to help families in need. God Bless to All of You

Cher on

The name is Jude is awful. Sounds like Judas.

Molly on

Jay in case you didn’t know since it appears that you have no idea that it’s 2011, families no longer just have to be a mom and dad.Also plenty of children, some who are now teenagers are conceived in this same way. Science is not evil. Learn and accept. Btw, not everyone wants to adopt. Learn to accept that as well. Right now you sound clueless about the world around you

Amanda N. Johnson on

Saying ‘I feel sorry for the children that are born into families “the old fashioned way” and have never been wanted they just exist.’ Many of these children are just as wanted as children who were born after a struggle with fertility or adoption. I don’t feel ‘sorry’ for any child who is loved.


Jude on

Cher my name is Jude and I get tons of wonderful complements about it. R u really in any position to say anything about names being bad? Yours is not faboulous by ANY means. Keep rude comments to yourself.

SW on

This woman had a child for all the wrong reasons. I hope she realizes it’s more than just having a baby…it’s about being a parent. I am sure this baby will be loved and cared for and I wish them both all the best.

Robin on

To all the women who posted their well wishes and lovely uplifting comments YOU ROCK!!!!

To those who felt the need to be trash a babies name or how she was brought into this world….. GO AWAY AND COME BACK WHEN YOUR HAPPY!

d on

Jude is a horrible name for a girl. WHAT WAS ALEXIS THINKING, COME ON NOW!!!!!!!!!! =(

Mia on

Jude is a boy’s name-it’s not soft or feminine.

Judith/Judy is fine–but not Jude.

Molly on

@Robin, that’s a nice thought but sadly I don’t think that will happen 😦

anita on

Saint Jude is the Patron Saint of miracles and desperate cases. We all wish nothing but the best of blessings to mother and daughter. Alexis has never looked so beautiful in photographs as she does with her daughter. Alexis radiates happiness.

Competitive_Gymnast on

Congrats Alexis and baby Jude and Martha.
If you don’t like the name, don’t use it. the end.
Alexis probably could give two craps what we think.
Adoption is a wonderful thing but it’s a personal decision and IMO tearing people down for not adopting is really kind of pathetic. If you have or plan on adopting I think that’s wonderful but it certainly doesn’t make you superior to others. Just like conceiving a child through whatever means necessary does not make you superior.

Danielle on

Alexis and Jude may not be the most traditional names but they are beautiful. To each his own and I’m happy Alexis chose a name that most people wouldn’t.

How dare you mock someone who spent so many years trying to make their dreams true. You obviously have no idea how difficult or hurtful it is to hear a doctor say you can’t have a baby without certain treatments. I’m 20, I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and for the rest of my life I have to take Metformin to insure that I will indeed have baby in the future. The treatments may have cost a lot of money but she selflessly used her money and time to make God’s most greatest gift and for that she’s blessed. I understand she could have adopted but adoption takes anywhere from 5 to 10 years and why put a dream on hold?

Jen on

Beautiful picture.

I dont care for either Martha or Alexis Stewart (hopefully she’ll learn from her mother’s seeming coldness and parenting mistakes), and I dont necessarily agree with her spending all that money to conceive when she could have adopted (she seems kind of spoiled), BUT I also am not in her shoes and if that’s what she wanted, then good for her. The baby is wanted and loved…and thats all that is important.

Jane on

I’m putting the Bill Crosby curse on Alexis: hope Jude turns out exactly like Alexis.

Katie-Lynn on

People stop judging . ! . She wanted a baby and she did all she could to have one. We should be writing happy comments instead of cruel ones. She went through a very painful experience and we should show support. Adoption is very hard for single women to do. And this baby may not have a father right now but she may later in life. Parents do not always have to be blood at all. My oldest sister and I happen to have too seprerate biological dads but once my Dad married my Mom when my sister was three my dad adopted my sister and no one even found out that she had a different “sperm donar” (a joke between my four siblings and I) till she was 18 and she did not care to even meet her biological father.

I think its amazing she didnt give up even though I know this process must be very hard and challenging. And thankfully she has money to pay for all this, but does that mean we have to knock her down because she is rich? One parent can be just as amazing as two I know that for a fact.

And everyone has there own opinions on names. I have choosen different names for my kids to. It just makes her daughter more unique.

I am so happy for you Alexis and I bet you will be a great Mom. ! .

Bill on

I just hope the baby is nicer than the mother and grandmother. Cute baby! If I had her money, and I wanted a baby that badly, I would do the same thing. She is very fortunate.

somewonwhoknose on

Please correct use of the word “infertility” to describe someone in her late thirties who is having trouble becoming pregnant.

The correct term is, “waited too long”.

It is a natural fact of life that fertility declines as one ages and perhaps ignorance and using incorrect terms such-as, “infertility” for a natural biological fact is what causes the problem?

Linda on

Alexis, beautiful picture of you & your daughter.

Shame people have to come on here and trash her & Martha, get a life losers.

kasiola2003 on

Jude is a terrible name? I guess you never heard The Beatles song “Hey Jude” refers to a female.

Elise on

I think mother and daughter are both beautiful, love the names, love that she was able to get her miracle. I know what it is like to want to physically know and feel your own child being born and I commend her on not giving up. People would be slamming her if she had spent that money on adopting or spending it on charity. People who don’t have what she does will have always find a way to be jealous of that. I do not understand why they can’t just see this story for what it is, a beautiful mom and her beautiful baby who are both healthy and very happy.

Shay on

Congratulations Alexis!

T on

Lovely photo of family. People stop hating! As long as you have haters then you doing something right! Its not your responsibility to take care of mom and baby. Thats her blessing. Beautiful baby and name, she will be loved and well taken care of.

meghan on

kasiola2003, Paul McCartney wrote Hey, Jude for Julian Lennon.

Bc on

A baby is a blessing.

hette on

I am mortified at people’s hateful comments on here, and cannot fathom why others can’t be happy for a mother and her child she desperately wanted. Like Alexis, I struggled with infertility – had seven miscarriages, failed IUI & IVF’s, then my sister-in-law volunteered to be our gestational carrier. We welcomed our son, JUDE, in February 2009. Everyone’s path to parenthood is different and we should all be respectful of others’ paths. And hey, JUDE is a great name! 🙂

Christine on

I am very happy for her and her baby, a baby is truly a blessing. I don’t know why people care what other people name their kids.

I do wish though more people who are unable to have children would consider adopting and use some of that money towards all the parentless kids out there. I have 2 adopted children in my family who are the most loving, wonderful children. They were foster care to adopt when they were born, so the process did not take long (unlike 5-10 yrs for “normal” adoptions).
It breaks my heart to imagine them in a foster home somewhere without parents to love them and yet that is a reality for so many children. We are so incredibly blessed to have them in the family, and love them no different then if they were related by blood.

Kristi on

My issue is with the print article where Alexis states that everyone wants their own child versus adopting. Clearly the irony of her statement was lost on her since she repeatedly spews venom about both of her biological parents, has no relationship with her biological father and the most passive-aggressive relationship with her mother that I’ve ever read about.

You think that she would clearly understand that the contribution of DNA does not necessarily create a close parent-child relationship or make an individual a good parent.

cheryl on

I cant believe all the hateful things people say! If you are willing to spend rediculous amounts of money to have a child, and you can afford it, go for it. I had my daughter at 19 and I would never trade one single minute of that, she is the best thing in my life and thank GOD I could have her. If I had to wait until I was 45, I would never have had any, had a hysterectomy at 21 so good for her. We should be happy for people getting what they want, not slamming them for it. That baby is a blessing to her, too bad Casey Anthony didnt think the same way!

cheryl on

oh, forgot to add one more thing, my daughter was born on June 7th when everyone posted these hateful comments, the best day of my life. Thanks to my daughter, I have two beautiful grandkids, a boy and a girl and they have brought nothing but joy to my life!

Kate on

I think the reason so many people have left such unkind comments is because Alexis has created a completely unlikeable persona for herself. Nearly everything that comes out of her mouth is rude, condescending and offensive. You know when someone makes Martha seem warm and fuzzy there’s something going on. Also, she is brazen about the money she spent on fertility treatments — not her money by the way but Martha’s — and never once does she say that she wants to be a mother but only that she wants a baby. I think people are reacting to her “I deserve this so I’m going to buy it” attitude. And she does sound a lot like a spoiled child stomping her feet so mommy will buy her a new toy in the toy store.

I personally believe she is a woman with psychological issues — she’s quite public about taking medication for this — who is trying desperately to create the mother-child relationship she says she was deprived of with Martha.

And, for what it’s worth, I have no problem with how someone chooses to create a family be it with fertility treatments, a surrogate, adoption or anything in between. Those are deeply personal choices that all get you to the same end.

For Jude’s sake I hope Alexis can learn to shut her mouth and instead focus on her new daughter.

Emily on

IVF is not the right choice for everyone. But, neither is adoption! Why all the haters on here? I’m happy for her that she was finally able to become a mother!

Catherine on

Macy, is it? I hear that name everyday! NOT!! quit being such a jealous hater. Alexis is a beautiful name & so is Jude. Jude was a patron saint actually. But Macy, except for Macy’s Department Store that sells anything & everything possible which u probably do as well, who the hell names their spawn Macy? go away hater!

Gingersnap on

In the Catholic tradition, St. Jude is known as the patron saint of impossible cases. I can’t see Alexis praying to him, but maybe she did, and then named the baby after him. A stretch, but could be! Of course, there’s also the Beatles’ song “Hey Jude.” Yes, at least it’s a real name, and not something trendy and meaningless.

abbyabbyabby on

Hi – I love the name Jude and the photo is beautiful. I really have no idea who alexis is but wish her well — the photo with that beautiful baby’s sweet face drew me in. best of everything to you alexis.

jude on

Wow, I’m really surprised by the reaction to the name Jude. I’m 51 and was name Judith but I’ve been called Jude my whole life by my family and friends. No one calls my Judith. Lots of girls named Judith or Juditha are called Jude.

jude on

I’m really surprised at the reaction here to the name Jude. I’m 51 and was named Judith at birth but always been called Jude by family and friends. Many girls name Judith or Juditha were called Jude for short just as Jennifer became Jen and Stephanie became Steph or Samantha became Sam etc. Sure it’s a boy’s name as well but so is Ashley.

liz on

Hey Macy – being named after a depatment store does not make you the ulitmate arbitrator in assigning ratings for names.

It’s all subjective. Personally, I like the names Alexis and Jude.

Don’t like you…

Babs on

Although I think that Alexis has a bit of an “uppity attitude” (like her mother), I do like her and am glad that she was finally successful at becoming a mother. Jude is a fine name. Yes, it’s known for traditionally being more of a boy’s name, but it can also cross into being a unisex name. Good luck to her and her new daughter.

Carewon on

Congrats!! For what ms. Stewart did.
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Goodluck for all who struggling for own child

rabbitlover on

I agree with you Barbie what a generous thing that would be for Alexis to financially help some other women who are also trying to conceive.

Actually wouldn’t it be generous if the ultra rich celebs all decided to help others who are less fortunate? After all many wealthy celebs yammer on about the greedy Republicans, yet they don’t seem to open their wallets to help others themselves. And as that they have money constantly coming in they certainly can afford to help others in dire need of financial help, it’s not like they will suddenly go broke; it might mean one less extravagant vacation, or one less super expensive car, or one less piece of priceless jewelry, but what does that matter when helping others is our soul purpose to be on this earth anyhow and they could change others lives for the better in the process. I just don’t get tightwads and selfish people, they are so alien to me.

And another generous thing to do would be to adopt a child, perhaps a special needs one who would never want for anything and imagine the life that child could have being Alexis’s child and Martha’s grandchild, but I don’t know of too many wealthy and famous women like that, except for say Mia Farrow. Mia has a heart of gold. She adopted special needs children ensuring they will have very nice lives and never be in dire financial need.

Oh and Jude is gorgeous! Lucky Alexis to have her biggest dream fulfilled, not everyone is so blessed like that.

Eilin on

The problem I have with her fertility treatments is that if she hadn’t waited so long to decide she was “ready” to have a baby, she wouldn’t have needed them. If you average $20k a month for 5 years, that baby cost her $1.2 million. If she had started earlier, she most likely would have had little trouble. She told Oprah it was almost too late because she was so busy living her life and having a job, etc. What is so bad about being a mom that you have to put it off to *live your life*? My life is being a mom!

Irwin on

More tried and true method: find a husband, conceive, and bam! – same outcome, by design.

laurel on

For what it’s worth, while the name Alexis has crossed over to the predominantly feminine side in the US (fueled in large part by Dynasty in the 80s), it originated as a masculine name and is still exclusively so in other cultures. So no, people who point this out aren’t “ignorant” simply because you may never have met a male Alexis. Jude, which also started out as a masculine name, had periods of use as a feminine in England. I don’t personally care for either, but at least they’re correctly spelled names with history.

Adoption is very difficult, expensive, and precarious nowadays, which makes it less realistic an option than it once was. However, I would caution anyone determined to give birth so they can see their own appearance or personality in their child that these are unwise expectations. There are no guarantees. I look nothing like either of my parents, though I am their biological child. My husband, who is adopted, shares many of his (adoptive) parents’ personality traits, and found he has very little in common with his birth parents, though he resembles his birth mother physically. However you bring a child into your family, it’s best to anticipate it as a unique person connected to you by the most important common bond: love.

Karrie on

Congratulations to Alexis! It’s truly a blessing to become a mom!

For those of you who are critical – It strikes me as odd that you cannot be happy for someone who is obviously happy. It is none of our business how Alexis spends her hard-earned money, what she names her child, if there is a father figure, or why she chose a gestational assistant over adoption. Can’t you just be happy for her and little Jude, who is obviously loved, secure, wanted, and a priority in Alexis’ life?

Alexis on

@Macy What’s wrong with the name Alexis? that just so happens to be my name… elaborate please.

Nori on

It is a wonderful thing to conceive a child. The name is irrelevant. A name is a name only. Incidentally, the name Jude means – praised, praise. It’s a great name. Now in the Bible I do believe somewhere there is a passage about not tampering with nature and to respect one’s own body. That is the only fallback I have with the whole thing as a Christian. The baby and mother look happy and healthy and the baby is beautiful looking.

Ann on

She took her egg and did ivf and another woman correct me I am not sure .