Spotted: Zuma Rossdale Sports a Sling

06/06/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

On the road to recovery!

After suffering a spill late last week, Zuma Rossdale, 2½, sports a cast, sling — and a ponytail! — while out with Gwen Stefani on Saturday.

The No Doubt frontwoman, 41, took Zuma and big brother Kingston, 5, to The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in Pasadena, Calif., where they enjoyed the sunny weather.

“He’s fine now,” dad Gavin Rossdale tells PEOPLE.

“It’s almost worse for us [as parents] … The kids are never alone and you turn your back — it takes a split second.”

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Erika on

Ohh he is so adorable! Gwen looks great too!

Sarah S. on

Poor little guy! Glad he’s on the mend and it too wasn’t serious. Scary!!

A. on

Poor guy! 😦

Nella on

Zuma is sooo cute, I hope his arm heals quickly.

Crystal on

That is the cutest saddest thing!! Happy healing Zuma!!! I love his hair!

June on

She is looking a little preggo. Maybe it is the cut of the dress… Regardless, Zuma is such a cutie!

Jen DC on

Poor pudgie! Doesn’t seem to be bothering him all that much, tho. He’s as cute as ever…

Tammy on

I know how Gavin & Gwen feel, when my son broke his arm, he was consoling me. Tellin me” Mom it’s ok. It don’t hurt.” I was a little freaked out to say the least! Glad to hear he is on the mend. Hope You Feel Better Soon Zuma!

Becky on

It’s always harder on parents when something like this happens. Hang in there everyone. Alls good. Gwen and Gavin sure know how to make some good looking kids.

Kathy on

cut the boys hair…. why do some parents want to do this to their kid….. crazy

Kyu Jones on

AH! What a great place to spend a sunny day, especially if you’re on the mend. Huntington Library gardens ROCK! Check them out if you haven’t! My fave place! ^_^

AllisonJ on

Hope little Zuma feels better soon! His hair looks cute like that.

ellie on

Poor little dude!!

Lou on

June, i agree, i thought the same when i saw the pics elsewhere!

I’m glad Zuma is ok, and hope people are less judgemental in this post that the original one about the break.


Mia on

Cute!-ponytail like his dad.

Gwen looks pregnant–I hope it’s true!

Shannon on

Poor lil guy! 😦

harley on

Aww, poor little dude. That guilty feeling sucks, regardless of the situation when your child is injured.

Luckily kids are fast healers! Next thing you know, he’ll be back on the monkey bars.

Lily on

Cute little child..and her aotehr son is cute too..always styled and clean looking

AJ on

I feel more badly about the poor kid’s hair! Get him a cute cut like his big brother 🙂 Heal soon Zuma, you’re a brave little dude!

Cilla on

He’s so cute! As a mom I know how painful it is for a parent to have something happen to their child. I have been lucky that my little girl has never broken anything but she has had to have stitches for a cut as well as several surgeries for tubes to be placed in her ears and it is scary. I almost think it is harder for the parents than it is for the child.

I am glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought she looks pregnant. lol I hope she is because it would great if they had a little girl for these two gorgeous little boys to protect as they grow up.

J on

And we’re all glad you had to bring that up to try to get it going again Lou…

Lau on

That ponytail makes him look SO much like his dad… It’s insane.

sarawara on

Saw pics of her on a yacht in Cannes last week and she is definitely not pregnant! She is ripped. That isn’t the best dress… it’s bunchy.

Mandy on

I just LOVE how everyone immediately goes for the whole ‘SHE’S PREGNANT!” whenever anyone wears a frumpy dress or they may have a small pudge of a stomach. Ridiculous.

Grace2 on

Aww. He looks like he is being a brave boy.

My boys have never broken an arm (knock on wood), but they have had stitches and other ER visits. It’s scary and could happen to anyone, but part of life. Cute little boy, though!

just sayin’ on

Mandy, ITA. What really irks me is that people seem to pick on the slimmest of the slim when it comes to the pregnancy speculation. Funny how that works.

Mary on

Mandy, I agree!

And I love his hair!!! So cute!!

Mandy on

You know if they are pregnant then awesome but these poor celebrities strive to be thin and then when they actually eat a meal and show it, all of a sudden they MUST have a bun in the oven. That is why self esteem in young girls and young women is at an all-time low. Its ridiculous that they have to think that they NEED to look like the images broadcast in all the magazines.

Its not good. Not at all.

ForeverMoore on

Zuma is old enough to tell his parents if he doesn’t like his hair and I’m sure they would probably respect his wishes. I love longer hair on little boys, they still have that baby hair and once it’s cut, it’s never the same.

Jessica on

She’s not pregnant. If you look at her bikini pic from a week ago, she disappears standing sideways.

MiB on

Maybe he wants to look like his daddy?

Lorraine on

He is so cuty! Get well soon, Zuma! Sending you a big hug from Amsterdam!

Lady on

Aww poor little man, he’s so adorable!! Feel better soon Zuma =)

Terri on

Poor guy. Gwen looks great!

Lou on

@ J

“And we’re all glad you had to bring that up to try to get it going again Lou…”

That wasn’t my intention at all. Seriously, do you really need to jump down my throat?? I don’t come here to stir stuff, at all, far from it! Look at my previous posts on other threads. Jeez.

poppy on

looks like a baby bump to me

Corrine on

Zuma looks so much like his dad with that little pony tail! Poor little guy, hopefully a speedy recovery is in his future 🙂

stephanie on

Zuma’s hair looks so cute like this.

mb on

lol Boys will be boys! What a cutie! I bet G had a heart attack when that happened. I can’t count how many times I broke my arm as a kid. Good luck little Zuma.

Jillian on

People have been saying she and Jen Gardner have been prego for over TWO years!! If and when she does, you will know… me.

Did anyone else read Nicole Richie’s article about how updating it is to be said you look prego? Or how Carrie Underwood said she wont wear loose clothes to avoid speculation? That is sad! I am all for voicing my opinion but only on things I would say to someone and I would never say, looks like you are pregnant to anyone. And I do t think many of you would either.