Jessica Alba (and Jessica Simpson) Check Out Yale

06/06/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Are Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson about to hit the books at Yale University? Not quite – but the two A-listers did tour the New Haven, Conn., campus over the weekend in support of their men, who were in town for their 10-year reunion.

Alba’s husband, Cash Warren, 32, and Simpson’s fiancé, NFL player Eric Johnson, 31, both graduated from the Ivy League college in 2001.

“Yale reunion this weekend,” Alba, 30, who is expecting her second child with Warren, Tweeted Thursday. “Excited to live vicariously through all those Ivy Leaguers with fancy degrees.”

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ac on

Jessica Simpson looks RIDICULOUS in those stupid “DD” shorts of hers, esp. at Yale of all places–hey Jess, Yale is a classy place-can you please STOP dressing like white trash? You have enuf money to hire professionals to help you look better, FAST!

soph on

Too bad those Yale boys didn’t aim higher 🙂

Pix on

Since when are these two A list? Please. Also, this is a pretty funny joke b/c I can’t imagine too many people dumber than these two.

klutzy_girl on

Alba looks great in her outfit! Love the Alba-Warren family, and can’t wait to see what they name baby number two.

just sayin’ on

A-listers? GMAB!! A-listers are top tier talent like Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Naomi Watts – people who have received critical & commercial success as well as awards (not razzies).

P.S. Someone else is using my sign-on name and I can’t seem to change it. What gives?

mandii on

Jessica Simpson ALWAYS looks like a moron!

Catca on

Wow – just wow! These women are attending their husband/fiance’s school reunion and are taking a casual stroll around the campus and even this inspires criticism from other women??? I guess I’ll be the lone voice saying that it’s great their men went to a school like Yale and I hope they had a lovely weekend.

Crystal on

The Alba-Warrens look great. I love Jessica A’s outfit. Jessica Simpson definitely looks like a HUGE moron in those shorts. The whole outfit looks sloppy and completely out of place. She knows better. She just chose not to do better! SMH!

Indira on

At least Alba recognizes the humor of the situation.

Megan on

Catca…that was EXACTLY my thought when i started reading this post–I kept thinking, what did these four do to any of you? Honestly I mean it’s two cute couples attending a class reunion…I think both couples look great and YAY for both of them graduating from Yale…that’s an amazing accomplishment.

Jennifer on

I’m with you Catca, I don’t understand the cattiness among woman. They’re both beautiful women having a good time with their men. They look great and like they’re having a good time. Good for them.

Melissa on

Well everyone looks great in the photo. I am confused on why it is on this website. It isn’t the best photo of the child or Alba’s pregnancy belly.

Karen on

That IS great that the men went to Yale! I agree, Jessica looks pretty bad (& preggo?). Does her fiance still play w/ the NFL? I thought not and by the looks of it I really hope not.

RKF on

What would you naysayers like them to be dressed in? A Chanel gown with Christian Louboutin heels? A sweatshirt and sweatpants? Some Khakis and a popped collar Polo shirt? They all look like everyone else on any college campus! I see nothing wrong with any of their outfits…but, that’s just me.

Anonymous on

not even one comment about Honor?! i thought this was a celebtriy BABAY site!
Honor is so beautiful! and i love her outfit!

Mari on

Wow, a lot of the green-eyed monster is showing through here. So Jessica and Jessica are not Yale material. They showed enough determination so far in their lives that earned them more money than most of us will earn in our entire lives and they seem to be happy. You can ridicule them all you want, but that is definitely something worth.

Hea on

Is there a lot of class structure/social class in the US? Seems that way when you read these comments.

SS on

I didn’t want to be judgmental but somebody should have told jessica it’s highly inappropriate to wear any kind of shorts to a university. and i don’t think she knows better – how could she if she had never attended (or at least came close to) one?
i’m not form us so i have no idea what their husbands do or how smart they are, but that’s not the point. they graduated from yale, and that’s pretty amazing in itself.

Molly on

To those Jessica Simpson haters out there, what did she do to you personally? It seems like those who are critical of celebrities sound like these celebrities did something horrible to them personally and they hold a personal grudge against them. If you don’t know the person you shouldn’t have the right to take personal pot shots like calling Jessica Simpson a moron. Name calling isn’t that mature.

They are taking a nice casual stroll with their men and I didn’t know Yale had a dress code for walking around the campus.

Jess on

oh my god you haters need to get a life….jessica simpson can dress how she likes and doesn’t have to listen to you…i think they both look great….jessica simpson makes more money than any of you will see in your lifetime. and jessica alba is an alister

Amy on

You guys want to talk about how “dumb” these two women are, when the irony of the situation is that they make more money in 1 yr than most of us would make in 20 years.. so they must not be too “dumb.” When I read these comments all I see are a bunch of frumpy, jealous old bittys with nothing better to do then tear someone else down to make theirself feel better. Here’s a thought… if you are so miserable how about you change your life? Life is too short to be so angry all the time!!!

Jean on

What was the last decent movie Jessica Alba was in? Fantastic Four? She is HARDLY an A-Lister. All she is famous for now is Revlon ads and being photographed daily with her kid at the park. Jessica Simpson I would say at least has her fashion line and has some talent, she can sing at least. I would rank her higher than Alba but I don’t think she is an A-Lister either. A-List is like Brad & Angelina, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks. These two are B or C listers at best.

AND they prove that by wearing these trashy outfits to Yale. Simpson looks like she rolled out of bed and Alba looks foolish in that leather vest and childish sunglasses.

Hea on

Jean – Are you an A-lister?

Why is nobody bitching about the men’s chose of wardrobe? Casual jeans and a t-shirt is what most people wear. It’s plain and ordinary.

Jean on


Nope. And I didn’t claim to be.

You’re right, nobody is complaining about the men because they look fine. Cash looks nice in a polo and khakis and Eric is wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans. If the Jessicas were wearing jeans and t-shirts they wouldn’t look ridiculous like they do here.

hayley w on

yeah jessica is soooo dumb how much is her clothes line worth?? billion wasn’t it….

yep what a joke i’m sooo glad i’m not her…….

jeez jealous much kids, any ones mama teach you ‘can’t say any thing were not raised right! ‘

Lady on

Wow, some of you people are SO nasty…sitting behind your computer screens talking ____ about someone…hope that makes you feel better about your miserable lives.

Jean on

I don’t think Jessica Simpson is dumb at all. I own several pairs of her shoes as a matter of fact. And usually she looks quite nice. I just find her outfit in this particular picture atrocious.

Alba on the other hand is hanging onto celebrity with loose threads.

Jade Crystal on

Their outfits are just as casual as their partners. I think they all look great. Maybe this isnt the actual reunion and they will dress up later. Either way, it certainly is not a sin for them to dress how they want to on an ivy league campus 🙂

Keyshla on

So maybe Jessica’s shorts are a little short for a reunion – but it’s SUMMER TIME! She was dressing according to the weather and they were strolling around campus. I am sure during the actual reunion functions she dressed accordingly.

As for the comments about them being A-Listers…who cares?!?! At the end of the day they are living their own lives and are happy about it. You don’t hear them saying “oh once again that housewife is talking about me.” Fact of the matter is: they are doing what they want to do. To some people, they are A-Listers and to others they’re not. That’s the beauty of living in a versatile world – you don’t have to agree with someone else

Terri on

Since when is it inappropriate to wear shorts to a university? Everytime I go on a college campus all the sorority girls seem to live in running shorts and t-shirts. It’s like a uniform. Who knew?

I think they all look good in their own way. Congratulations to the men for both graduating from Yale. Major accomplishment.

tara on

SS where is that rule written? I work on a campus in Boston and EVERYONE around here wears shorts.

Lisa on

I’m sure Cash and Eric are LOVING IT… flaunting their trophy girls around campus. The only ones bothered by Jessica’s shorts are you women on here. If Eric were that offended, he would have asked her to wear something else.

Tams on

I didn’t go to Yale but I did go to university and let me tell you, girls and guys were dressed in some ridiculous outfits sometimes so I see nothing wrong with Jessica S. outfit.

I really don’t think Yale students are all proper 24/7 but I could be wrong.

Jean on

I don’t think it’s just that she’s wearing shorts. It’s that she’s wearing ratty looking bright red shorts with a baggy t-shirt and what looks like her boyfriend’s shirt, all with heels. She looks sloppy.

Hea on

So what if Simpson’s shorts are a bit on the short side? She has the legs for it. It’s not like they’re attending a banquet here. They’re walking around campus, yes? And Alba is in my eyes nicely dressed in an outfit that probably costs more than my monthly rent.

Jass on

As a recent Yale grad, I can tell you that what Jessica is wearing isn’t unusual at all on the Yale campus (some of my friends rocked that kinda look, sans the heels though). Actually what is more unusual at Yale is a cropped sleeveless leather vest, not that there’s anything wrong with it, but you won’t see people wearing that around there.

I will also say that other famous students/visitors do typically dress a bit (or lot) nicer; maybe since they know they will be photographed. I think they’re all fine though and I’m sad I wasn’t there to see them all!

Crystal on

Jean is correct. It isn’t the fact that she is wearing shorts. There are some really nice dress shorts she could have worn for the event. It’s the fact that she’s at a reunion and she couldn’t bother to dress for the occassion. I’m not surpised though. This is the same woman who wore a sweater without pants to go to dinner. She’s starting to look/act like white trash. What gives?

@Terri- What sorority girls or any girls for that matter wear when they are going to class is completely different than going to a reunion dressed like you are going to class. It’s in poor taste.

Tess on

Simpson looks so sloppy and like she just rolled out of bed. A nice pair of jean and a simple shirt would work wonders.

And both of them being A list? Please.

Charisma on

So what if they look “sloppy”? Has anyone here actually ever been on a college campus? Most college kids look sloppy every day! Some of ’em even go to class in their pj’s. The two Jessicas fit right in!

Jass on

Oh and I hope they got Honor the Tee that says “Future Yalie.” 🙂

Emily on

I went to Yale, and I’ve been back for reunions. There’s nothing wrong with how they are dressed. Yale is like pretty much any other college campus. There is no dress code. People don’t wear blue blazers with brass buttons, folks.

sar on

gosh do some of you people read?! they are in town for the reunion, these pictures weren’t of them actually going to the reunion itself… well at least not the dressy part of the reunion which I doubt Jessica and Cash would even be taking Honor to.

And color me confused on the person who made the comment about no shorts on a university campus… ???!! I would like you to show me this imaginary school where no one wears shorts, don’t worry i’ll wait. 😉

Soco on

Wow, I am so glad none of you women are my mother. I can only imagine you would constantly pick on your own children to make yourselves feel a bit better about your lives.

I think the Jessica’s look just fine for walking around a campus with their families. It is ridiculous that you find it inappropriate for Simpson to wear shorts, because guess what….college students wear shorts! One of my professors has worn shorts to class. When its warm you do what you have to for comfort. I’m sure that if they were going to a dinner or some banquet, they would obviously dress up a bit more, as would their husbands.

JMO on

They were strolling around campus nowhere does it say this is what they wore to the reunion! I see nothing wrong with their outfits. The only thing I’ll disagree with is the fact that CBB referred to them as A-Listers. Maybe a B-lister but an A? Jessica Alba’s had more flopped movies then probably anyone! When she wins an Oscar for a worthy performance then we’ll talk A-List 🙂

RKF on

SS- what a hilarious, ridiculous statement! Clearly you never went to school, let alone College. Um, sorry, to break it you, but when the weather permits, I’ve never seen one person NOT wear shorts in College. So, do you also assume students who go to school in, say, California wear turtlenecks, parkas, and wool pants? I wore shorts in college during Spring/Summer daily, as did the other 30,000 other students.

soph on

Seriously, all of you with your “just jealous” and “miserable lives” lines need to come up with SOMETHING NEW, my god.

Wow, Molly, how many times are you going to say “personal” in one paragraph. Lady, the hypocrisy in your comment is very amusing.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with wearing shorts. And there’s nothing wrong with Jessica showing off her legs. But an open denim shirt? Just no. At least J. Alba seems to have put some thought into her outfit.

Now commence with the “waahhhhh you’re sooo jealous!” I know that’s all you guys are capable of.

JM on

SS 🙂 are you for real? what kind of backwards university do you go to? you can’t wear shorts there? wow, glad my university wasn’t like that. they were more interested in our grades and our minds than in our clothes.

Jillian on

I wouldnt like the Jessicas outfits if they were at the park. Not my style. But I don’t care. They aren’t at the reunion and an sure they dressed appropriatly.

Soph, I agree with the jealousy comments. How bout we must be haters? Ha.. Such a joke. People need new material.

Tee on

Wow! I don’t make it a habit to comment on people’s outfits unless they are ridiculously immodest but… just wow! I can not imagine going to a college reunion dressed the way Jessica S. is dressed! Heck, I can’t imagine going anywhere dressed like she is dressed! Cutoff shorts that are WAY too short with a white shirt, an oversized man’s shirt and heels? Oh my word! I agree with some other people’s comments. It’s not just the shorts. Her overall outfit is sloppy and downright tacky. And for those of you talking about it being hot and her outfit being weather appropriate, that’s not an excuse. A simple sundress is weather appropriate and would be much more decent than what she has on. I don’t wear shorts at all because I think they are immodest and I won’t dress like that but I respect that other people do. However, there are shorts that are semi decent and those shorts that she’s weaing aren’t!

Jillian on

Tee, she is not at the reunion in that outfit. She is walking on campus. The reunion was later.

rachel on

Thanks JMO, nice to see there’s at least one other person awake and paying attention. If these two are A-listers, what does that make the likes of Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman or Halle Berry? May seem like a small detail, but it really bugs the cr*p out of me.

Terri on

Crystal, as has been noted by several other posters, they aren’t at the reunion. They were taking a walk around campus.